Domestic violence charge dropped against Junior Galette


On Thursday, a civil suit was filed against Junior Galette by the same woman whose accusations of domestic violence led Galette to be arrested and charged earlier this year.

The civil suit remains in place, but the criminal charges have gone away. Kenner, Louisiana city attorney Mike Power told the New Orleans Times-Picayune on Thursday night that the charge has been dropped after interviews with witnesses cast doubt on the woman’s claim that she was a member of Galette’s household.

“This confirms what we have said from the beginning about Junior Galette’s actions and character,” Galette’s attorney Ralph Whalen said in a statement.

Galette and his cousin Terrance Banks had both been charged after police were called to Galette’s house on January 5 and the charges against Banks have been dropped as well. An attorney for the woman said that the decision to drop criminal charges would not impact the decision to move forward with a civil suit.

23 responses to “Domestic violence charge dropped against Junior Galette

  1. Isn’t it amazing how all these charges against so many players are going away?

    It must be magic, either that or payoffs.

  2. Standard money grab but some low life.
    I’m surprised this doesn’t happen more than it does. These guys are marked as big money targets.

  3. Unlike in a criminal case, in a civil lawsuit, both the Plaintiff and Defendant must testify and be subject to cross-examination – so you actually get a more complete picture of what really happened. In the majority of cases, the Defendat will opt to settle before Trial to avoid greater exposure and liability.

  4. This is why it is imperative to wait until all facts are flushed out and the investigation concludes before the NFL imposes any penalty against an accused player. Only in instances where the facts are irrefutable – video proof or admission is it acceptable for the league to act prior to the legal system vetting out the accusation and rendering judgement.

    Most of the guys are guilty when accused, but some are not. The defense of those who are falsely accused is vital.

    Glad this guy proved his innocence and the system worked.

  5. This is gonna get worse before it gets better…

    The NFL, greedy lawyers, young men with too much money, and ladies who see abused ladies get paid off….

    This is only the beginning…

  6. Prosecutor came out yesterday and said after talking to all of the witnesses (five), there was no basis for the charges (translation – SHE LIED).

    So there never should have been charges, which means no arrest, which means this never happened.

    She tried to extort JG with a letter indicating she wanted $2M to make this go away or she would file suit and hang out all the dirty laundry.

    In addition, the police in Kenner came out and said that the things she alleges in her civil suit were NEVER told or discussed with the police or given in any statement.

    I live in Louisiana, big story here.

  7. It seems the NFL’s domestic violence policy may have had the unintended result of placing a big red and white target on the players backs and a new weapon in the gold – digger arsenal, in addition to the league’s fair desire to curb domestic violence involving its employees.

    Sounds like JG is lucky he had 5 witnesses. WOW!

    The reason these are difficult cases and the courts often have divergent results in these cases is that often these are private party only witness situations that devolve into he said – she said. Cases like Ray Rice where things are caught on tape are very rare.

  8. If Hardy gets suspended, this guy has too… right? Maybe niether should be suspended and the NFL should let the legal process run it’s course before they ruin players careers and seasons for fans!

  9. This is simply another gold digger attempt to fleece an NFL player. But it should also be a warning at all players regarding who they associate with. Bringing home a dancer for a titty bar to entertain your guests might seem like a good idea…but it leaves one wide open to frivolous lawsuits like the one this skank just filed. Watch your back gents!

  10. wryly1 says:

    Unlike in a criminal case, in a civil lawsuit, both the Plaintiff and Defendant must testify and be subject to cross-examination – so you actually get a more complete picture of what really happened.

    Unless of course the Plaintiff continues to lie through her teeth so no you don’t learn what really happened. But I’m sure she’ll get paid anyway.

  11. Yet another gold digging woman. Next season, the NFL needs to air public service announcements about gold digging women, not the stupid domestic violence ads.

  12. Goodell still has to suspend Galette just to appease the domestic violence crowd. Can we get somebody that cares about the sport in that position?

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