Jaguars sign former Texans third-round pick Brennan Williams

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The Texans didn’t get anything out of 2013 third-round pick Brennan Williams before releasing him last year, but another AFC South team is hopeful they can get a better result.

The Jaguars announced Friday that they have signed Williams to join their group of offensive tackles. Williams needed to have microfracture surgery on his knee in 2013, wiping out his rookie season, and the Texans cut him last July while he was still less than 100 percent.

With many more months of rehab, Williams is likely back to full speed or as close as he is going to get at this point. Given how long it has been since he’s played football, Jacksonville can’t count on Williams holding down a regular role in the lineup but he may be able to work himself into the mix for one over the course of the offseason if all remains sound physically.

Williams was one of two 2013 third rounders to leave the Texans without playing even one regular season game for the team. Defensive end Sam Montgomery was also cut loose and the team has also gotten no regular season appearances from fourth-round linebacker Trevardo Williams, sixth-round offensive lineman David Quessenberry, sixth-round wide receiver Alan Bonner and sixth-roudn defensive tackle Chris Jones, who has played 31 games and won a Super Bowl ring with the Patriots.