Jeff Fisher: Competition committee will look at “numerous proposals” to expand replay

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Earlier Friday, we shared some comments from Lions General Manager Martin Mayhew about proposed changes to what can be reviewed via replay in future seasons.

Mayhew wants coaches to be able to challenge penalty flags thrown by officials if they believe that no penalty has occurred and he’s not the only person who wants to see replay expanded into this area. During his Friday appearance on PFT Live, Rams coach and longtime competition committee member Jeff Fisher said there are “numerous proposals” in that area that the group will look at when they start their meetings next weekend.

Fisher said that “if we go down that path is be very specific on what’s reviewable and what’s not,” something that Mayhew addressed in his comments by saying he’d like the replay option to exist only after a referee has thrown a flag. The committee will eventually decide whether to recommend a change to owners, who would then vote on a possible change to the system.

Fisher said that the committee will also be looking at issues involving taunting and sportsmanship as well as an annual look about the rules governing what constitutes a catch while adding that he felt player safety rules appear to be “real good.”

18 responses to “Jeff Fisher: Competition committee will look at “numerous proposals” to expand replay

  1. The only reason Jeff Fisher is on the competition committee is to stay relevant in the NFL. He’s certainly not been relevant as a head coach in the league for quite some time..

  2. Why is a guy who has a vested interest in rule changes on the Competition Committee? Last year’s PI rules made a joke of the game and he was the one who pushed it because his crappy receivers couldn’t get open. Get the guy off the committee or rotate the position.

    He’s an utter mediocrity as a coach.

  3. Can someone tell me what Jeff Fisher has done to get such an important position on the competition committee? It was he and Polian’s rules changees that created the Flag Football league we have to endure in the first place.

  4. And here we sit, with the league STILL trying to define what makes a catch a catch. Pathetic. But at least they can define which celebrations make them squirm.

  5. Are things going well enough in St. Louis for this guy to be moonlighting as head of the competition committee? Get back to work damn it and put all your focus where it needs to be. On the Rams!

  6. So will refs let more close plays go if they are concerned that the calls will be overturned?-That would be a nice unintended consequence given the number of flag fests we’ve had recently

    Or will they throw flags on close plays hoping for a challenge so they will be able to get it right?

    Only saving grace about challanging penalties is the limited number of challanges a team gets.

  7. Long overdue..I have a hard time understanding how you can use replay to decide if you need to move a ball 6″ but cannot review a 60 yard pass interference call that will have a much larger impact on the game than a first down spot that may be off 6″.

    Plus these out of shape officials trying to run side by side with DB’s and WR’s with world class speed and make a split second judgment call on pass interference was committed or not is absurd.

  8. The only reason Jeff Fisher is on the competition committee is to stay relevant in the NFL. He’s certainly not been relevant as a head coach in the league for quite some time………………………

    I agree, I have never understood why this guy is considered a great coach..

  9. How is it that the architect of “Bountygate” is the head of the competition committee? Never mind that he is the most over rated coach in league history.

  10. MORE REPLAYS?! As if the game isn’t already ridiculously slow and filled with commercials. At this point, I’m just waiting for a congressmen to produce a bill that would ban youth football, effectively putting a ticking tock on the NFL and football in generals demise. At that point I think I am going to move out of this country.

  11. They should eliminate all replays and help save this league. Expanding replays which is actually expanding advertisements would be the final nail in the National Flag League.

  12. What kind of league, in any sport at any level, purposely takes that Dez Bryant play OUT of its rulebook? For any reason, whatsoever? A clean, safe – and definite – electrifying, game-elevating, spectacular feat of the sport’s game? The thrill inside every friend and opponent who saw that I-will-not-be-denied catch, that yes-we-WILL-win-this-game catch, is exactly what sports and competition are all about. The very thing people engage in sports in order to experience. There is no sports entity with any kind of credibility that chooses for any reason to remove that action from its league. The NFL has gone lame. SEC, anyone?

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