San Diego mayor responds to potential Raiders, Chargers stadium in L.A.

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It’s become evident that the Chargers are tiring of waiting for a new stadium in San Diego and are putting pressure on the city to get something done soon or risk losing the franchise. That pressure was increased substantially Thursday night with the revelation that the Chargers and Raiders are working toward a jointly built stadium in the Los Angeles suburb of Carson, Calif.

The Chargers applied pressure earlier in the week with a pointed letter directed at the city’s stadium task force. That gesture was met with a response from San Diego mayor Kevin Faulconer taking issue with the “divisive” tone of the letter and offering a one-on-one meeting to Chargers owner Dean Spanos.

After the breaking news of the Chargers/Raiders plans, Faulconer issued another statement Thursday night.

“It’s now abundantly clear that while we have been working here in San Diego to create a plan for a new stadium, the Chargers have for some time been making their own plans for moving to Los Angeles,” Faulconer said. “This would amount to abandoning generations of loyal Chargers fans. Despite this news, we are going to continue our efforts to develop a viable stadium solution.”

The Chargers have been hoping to replace Qualcomm Stadium for a long time. Without a solution in sight, they clearly have felt the need to apply some urgency to the situation in the joint venture with the Raiders near Los Angeles.

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  1. That’s what the politician of SD get for BSing the Chargers and the city for over ten years. In that time those same city leaders told The Spanos family to kick rocks and use your own money not the tax payers, while the leaders of our city 1) bankrupt the city 2) never fixed the pot holes, 3) crooked mayors, 4) sex scandals, 5) “next Dirty Mayor up” (what’s the count…6-7 mayors in 13 yrs?) 7) tried to pass a BS convention center proposal, oh and 8) stuffed their own pockets with a shady pension increase. So far that’s #8 shady things things our city leaders have done. We will lose our team, comic-con and soon we will lose both bowl games…. Possibly our Aztec FB team too. BTW, when the Chargers do leave town guess who will pay for the upkeep and maintenance of that dump called the Q? Yep. The tax payers!

  2. this back-and-forth, he-said she-said between teams and cities is getting ridiculous. nfl should be in there and either fund it or help negotiate until a deal is done. the teams and fans dont want the teams to move so wtf is the hold up? commish probably has enough bankroll to build a stadium himself and create his own friggin team

  3. The Chargers have wanted a new stadium since the NFL left L.A. Built in 1967, expanded in ’84 and ’97, it’s been in need of replacement for some time.

    Chargers back to L.A., their original home? Sure. Rams return from St. Louis? Okay. Raiders? Would rather see them stay in NoCal.

  4. You snooze… you lose…. now that the Raider’s are also a part of this and supposedly the land has already been bought…it must have a little more truth to it then idle threats that the team has been making.

    Good By SD. Looks like a one hour drive up the coast for the fans that still want to see ‘their’ team.


  5. Yet the city has been working for years with nothing to show and they want to imply the Chargers are abandoning the fans? That’s rich

  6. If Oakland, and San Diego can’t come up with stadium deals for their teams by the end of 2015, then why not?

  7. There is a solid argument that if a billionaire owner wants a new stadium, then he should pay for it himself and not make the taxpayers.
    In Miami, Stephen Ross is paying for the $400M upgrade out of his own pocket. In Foxboro, Robert Kraft paid for his new stadium out of his pocket. Why does Dean Spanos deserve special treatment? This is a shakedown and the San Diego mayor should not have to give expensive gifts to billionaires.

  8. The Carson property is a toxic waste dump/landfill. It’ll take a few years just to clean it enough to get it shovel ready. It’s why Kroenke didn’t buy it and why nobody’s bought it up till now. Spanos and Davis got it on the cheap just to apply pressure (because the NFL would no doubt be just fine with two AFC division rivals sharing a stadium, right?).

    I hope Oakland and SD do come up with some stadium solutions, though, to keep their teams. Any NFL owner who begs for tax money has no shame, no pride. Spanos and Davis are two clowns who deserve nothing–but I hope their teams stay put.

    Seriously, toxic waste dump. C’mon man…..

  9. Faulconer, set down the weed and get a deal done. Now. As a San Diegan and Chargers fan, I want my city to figure out how to get a new stadium built. Qualcomm sucks. Trust me: San Diego will lose far more than a billion dollars if it loses the Chargers. The Chargers are a huge part of San Diego.

  10. This would be another turf war the Chargers and their fans would lose too.

    No rings and no hope.

  11. How many years do they have to wait before they deem the situation hopeless? How many years would you wait?

  12. I think it’s clear that the NFL prefers if the Raiders and Chargers move to LA. I have a feeling this whole time that Stan Kronke has used this Rams to LA move to leverage a purchase of the Denver Broncos. Things will get interesting by next season.

  13. Why do they ‘need’ a new stadium.

    Ok Qualcomm is ugly and not first class, but most people live or work in less than ideal circumstances. Not everyone owns a new house or works in a new office.

    A shoutout to all teaches and health workers working in less than ideal 50 year old buildings who make it work. ‘

    The Chargers could spend 10 million a year easily on stadium renovations slowly making upgrades no problems.

  14. Everyone thinks they know exactly what will happen with the LA situation, why I remember a few years ago hearing NFL expert Mike Florio on STL airwaves stating that he knew for a fact that Stan Kroenke was buying the Dodgers and moving the Rams to LA over THAT weekend. I still don’t believe the Rams are going anywhere but the St. Louis riverfront.

  15. And everyone laughs at Mark Davis and thinks he’s a dummy. Congrats to the Chargers and Raiders for quietly working on this proposal.

    They seems to be doing this whilst keeping ‘city hall’ involved. This puts the biggest dent in Kroenke’s plans.

    And forget worrying about rivalries and who’s in what division. Who knows what the NFL will look like in the future. One thing though, if this gets up you can be sure the LA market will contain the Chargers and the Raiders.

  16. Its the same old story… wants new stadium. drags feet….team threatens to leave… drags feet….team has had enough and REALLY makes tangable plans to leave….city drags feet….team makes a 99% a commitment to finally leave….city , says holy sheeet, we better do something!..hiq could they do this to OUR city and fans!…lol, ita a wobderful dance we NFL fans know all to well.

  17. So which of these teams actually wants to move and which teams are just bluffing to get the voters to pay for a new stadium? I think it’s pretty clear that the Rams want out, the Chargers have the most to lose from another team getting into LA, the raiders I honestly believe just want to get a new stadium, anywhere.

  18. So the Chargers and Raiders with buy their own land and privately fund their own stadium in LA, but will only accept a taxpayer funded solution in their existing market?

  19. Typical politician-speak at work.

    The alternative statement could have read:

    “We are tired of having our arms twisted by the Chargers and the Spanos family, who have the means, but obviously not the wherewithal to build their own stadium here in San Diego.

    “The City has limited resources and we believe it is more important to focus on schools, roads, and municipal services than to provide a facility used 12 times a year for games for which average citizens will never be able to afford the ticket prices.

    “We’re happy to continue to talk to the Chargers but will not let the team dictate through intimidation and threats.”

  20. Our mayor here is a basket case!! He was doing this for political gain and the Chargers just pulled his card. Instead of saying they are going to put every foot forward to keep our Chargers in town, he pretty much is playing the finger pointing game. His intentions of building a new stadium were as probably falsified from the beginning.

  21. Yeah….15 years the city has been blowing the Chargers off about a stadium. Now it comes to a head. The NFL has outgrown SD and it’s “small town” politics. Bravo Mr. Spanos. Best of luck.

  22. What is the fascination with Los Angeles? If two different teams have relocated there only to leave town again, it’s clearly not a paradise for NFL teams?

    This whole thing of billionaire owners demanding that taxpayers build them new stadiums or they’ll pick up their ball and go find new taxpayers (suckers) has got to come to an end. Goodell needs to show some leadership here.

  23. Proper response from the mayor: “As you can apparently afford to pay for half a stadium without government help, I see no reason why you can’t afford to pay for the rest. You have proven that all you are doing is trying to blackmail the people of San Diego to foot the bill for something you can afford and we can’t.

    “We love the Chargers. But we don’t love being coerced. I wish you the best of luck in your new home.”

  24. This is why I’ve come to hate the NFL. Billionaire owners trying to extort a new stadium out of a community that can’t afford it. Say what you want about the Patriots, but Bob Kraft built Gillette Stadium/Patriot Place with his own $$$. The other 31 scumbags should follow his lead.

  25. The Raiders DO NOT work with the Chargers… if that is the case, Mark Davis needs to sell the team.

  26. belichickrulz says: Feb 20, 2015 9:19 AM

    Say what you want about the Patriots, but Bob Kraft built Gillette Stadium/Patriot Place with his own $$$. The other 31 scumbags should follow his lead.


    Follow his lead? You mean pay off the commissioner so he’ll look the other way while you cheat to win championships. If anyone is a scumbag, it’s Robert Kraft.

  27. This is all BS. Its just using LA as leverage to get the stadiums finalized in their respective cities. First it was LA, then San Antonio, now LA again. Desperation by Mr. Davis. These teams did take notice what has happened to the Whiners when they left SF, right?

  28. If one was in the NFC this would work out well.However one isn’t so this is a stupid idea.

  29. ProFootballRealignment says:
    Feb 20, 2015 3:30 AM
    Wow…. Could there be THREE teams in L.A. soon?
    Let’s hope not. 10 % of the leagues teams in the same city is completely unnecessary. I can see the argument for 2, since NY has 2- but let’s not forget, for as big as LA is, its metro area is still 10 million less than NY’s- it’s almost half the size. NY is just that much bigger than everywhere else in the country.

    Plenty of other cities out there (Portland, San Antonio, Oklahoma City) who are hungry for a team and would be more deserving of getting one than LA getting multiple teams- especially 3.

    This is all not to say that I don’t think any of these 3 fanbases deserve to lose their franchise, and I truly feel for them that their city refuses to step up to the plate.

  30. I love my city of San Diego, but the politics (corrupt as hell) ruined it for us and our city. Last time i checked, the last Superbowl in S.D. brought to our town almost 500 million. I think a stadium will help out getting (3) SB’s in 12 years. Do the math crooks…

  31. American millionaires and billionaires are always – always! – looking for government handouts, buyouts, and tax credits. Then they turn around and say the poorest of the poor are lazy and immoral for seeking government help with housing, food, health care and hospice. It’s sickening.

  32. I’ve been to 13 stadiums. Qualcomm is not the best, we all know that. It is old, but still it was not that bad. We are talking about a lot of money here, you don’t build a new stadium just for fun (unless your name is Jerry Jones).

    On the other hand, the Raiders do need a new stadium. The Coliseum is by far the worst building I’ve ever been to… worldwide… and, trust me, I’ve been to some creepy places…

  33. Kevin its been 14 years and 9 proposals, you need to face the fact that this is how business works in the private sector…the Chargers only want you for a free piece of real estate and some tax dollar…just like all you want from me is my property and sales tax revenue.

    I still hate you for ending drinking on the beach…Tool!

  34. Building a new stadium puts money in who’s pocket. Not mine. In fact who besides the business owners in this town get the money. San Diego is built around cheap labor from Mexico. I did the math and it adds up to the rich get richer not the tax payers. Any question watch the traffic reports on the morning news there is a reason 805 and 5 north are always a traffic nightmare. Oh and a trolley that takes the workers from Mexico to downtown and other business areas around San Diego. Whose idea was that. Please tell me who’s getting that money for having a Superbowl here. BTW the Chargers signed an agreement to play at the Q so live up to that agreement or pay to leave. I agree with all the posts that say put up or shut up Spanos. Remember these are the same clowns who got rid of Bobby Ross.

  35. I have attempted to contact both the Mayor’s office and Mark Fabiani on my idea for the location for a new Chargers Stadium. These attempts have fallen on deaf ears.

    I believe that since I have not been contacted, the fate of the Chargers leaving San Diego (I was born here) has ALREADY been sealed. They have been here in SD for 50 years and to see them leave without even listening my ideas solidifies their desire to leave.

    I hope that I am wrong and they DO contact me. San Diego WILL never be the sameIt will be better.

  36. jshawaii22 says:
    Feb 20, 2015 2:45 AM
    You snooze… you lose…. now that the Raider’s are also a part of this and supposedly the land has already been bought…it must have a little more truth to it then idle threats that the team has been making.

    Good By SD. Looks like a one hour drive up the coast for the fans that still want to see ‘their’ team.


    Try 2-3 hours without traffic. Then add-in LA and NFL-style traffic and probably looking at 5 hours at a minimum.

  37. The raiders suck even the organization knows that, they don’t know how to draft or have a winning season. Chargers should get a new stadium it will also give them a bigger market and fan base since it’s been growing.

  38. As much as I hate the Raiders, it doesn’t compare to how much I hate politicians. In my honest opinion, I would love to share a stadium with the Raiders, it will only add to the rivalry.

  39. I am no fan of Spanos, but I don’t blame him for this. The Q is a complete dump and everyone knows this, but the citizens and politicians don’t want to anything about it.

  40. Proper response from the mayor: “As you can apparently afford to pay for half a stadium without government help, I see no reason why you can’t afford to pay for the rest. You have proven that all you are doing is trying to blackmail the people of San Diego to foot the bill for something you can afford and we can’t.


    That is BS, Spanos doesn’t have that kind of money. His net worth is completely tied to the team. He has to have public funding to build the stadium.

  41. Those that want to HELP, are denied because the work history that person has, does not allow them to even be heard.

    If you have a desire to stay here Mr. Spanos, then you TRULY need to hear what I believe IS the solution.

  42. 1. This is not just a city of san diego problem it’s a county of san diego problem. Fact is that the majority of the fan base (75%) lives out side of the city and in San Diego, Riverside and Orange county. Explain to me how it would be fair for the residents of the City to obsorb 60% of a stadium that will cost at least 1 billion.

    2. According to the former mayor the day the Chargers move to LA the value of the team goes up from 800 mil to 1.1 bil.

    Taking this into consideration Chargers fans that go to games ~40K get ready to be like all the transpants you hate and watch the game on TV.

  43. Ok Mayor Faulconer and Mr. Spanos, here’s my final offer . . .
    1. Whatever % of the new SD stadium cost taxpayers agree to pony up is our basis. For sake of illustration let’s say 50%.
    2. Contractor will be mutually agreed, and all build costs shared 50/50.
    3. SD county buys & owns the land and permanant facilities, while Chargers buy & own non-permanent equipment (weights, medical, etc).
    3. SD covers maintenance, while Chargers pay for any non-maintence related improvements.
    4. Security costs split 50/50.
    5. Parking and food/beverage managed by mutually agreeable contractor, and profit plot 50/50. Chargers pay for luxury box furnishings and take 80% of profit with SD taking 20%.
    6. Revenue from football rentals (colleges, bowls, etc) split 50/50. Revenue from non-footbal rentals
    100% SD take, subject to no NFL schedule issues.
    7. TV and merchandising revenue is 100% Chargers
    8. Chargers get local sales tax abatement for first 5 years.
    9. Chargers accept 15 year lease with pay SD rental of $100 per year for first 5 years, then $500K annually thereafter.
    10. Location will be current Qualcomm Stadium location, built over three off-seasons, one half in year one, then half demolish Qualcomm and build second half of new stadium, then third year tear down remaining half of old Qualcomm.

    Unnacceptable? Move to LA.

  44. You can tear down the “Q” and build a nice outdoor stadium for under $800 million.

    The LA stadium will cost over 1.7 billion. Spanos and the other 31 crooks who split 12 billion annually on just TV revenue alone could easily cover the costs without ripping off the SD taxpayers who’s city is just now climbing out of financial mishandling.

  45. Been Charger fan since the early 80`s until recently only watched the Chargers on TV. For the last 4 yrs. been able to attend games. Upon my 1st visit to Qualacum was wow how old & out dated it was. 2ndly and most importantly I was more amassed I sadly disappointed as to the fan base of the 7 games that I`ve attended in the last 4 yrs. there is usually 1/3 to half the stadium is other team fans. WOW that is so sad, so to me it`s not like the Chargers have that loyal of a fan base in SD anyways. So I don`t see a new stadium in SD changing that. So as a loyal Charger fan & having to travel 2300 miles to a game I don`t care where it`s at, just get a new stadium. Taxes in Calif. are some of the highest in the world, millions of you live in the area so you have accepted it. But just think what it`ll do for you when the Chargers are gone. You`ll find out how they helped your economy. 14 yrs. is a long time should be able to see with the teams around you how they have or will flourish> Arizona, 9ers.

  46. Robert Kraft did not pay for upgrading Gillette stadium. He got state funds look it up. He did probably get some personal financing but I bet mostly state funds

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