Chris Conley nearly jumps out of Lucas Oil Stadium


We don’t know if Georgia wide receiver Chris Conley is going to turn out to be a great NFL player, but we sure do know he’s a great jumper.

Conley’s vertical jump was 45 inches and his broad jump was 11 feet, 7 inches. Both are the best ever for any wide receiver at the Combine. (Conley’s broad jump was seven inches better than that of Bills receiver Marquise Goodwin, who was an Olympic long jumper.)

Conley had a good day on all the workouts. He also ran a 4.35-second 40-yard dash, which was tied for the third best among receivers, and he did 18 reps of the 225-pound bench press, good for fourth among receivers. He’s a great athlete.

Chris Conley is putting on a show,” Mike Mayock said on NFL Network. “I don’t know much about him on tape because he’s off the radar a little bit, a lot of these teams should do their homework on this kid.”

Conley had 36 catches for a team-high 657 yards and eight touchdowns at Georgia last season despite playing through a shoulder injury. Heading into the Combine he was viewed as a good but not great prospect, but this performance will have teams taking a closer look.

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  1. Wow. I’m not a Combine guy is the end all be all, but Conley’s athletic performance combined with how he played during in injury-compromised season in the premiere conference in college football is definitely worth taking major note.


  2. MDS, could it be possible to know where he is projected to go in mocks and what his mesurables are? Height, weight, etc

  3. Mayock said he didn’t have Conley on his (draft) board. Might find a place for him on it now.

  4. jucam1 says: Feb 21, 2015 5:36 PM

    MDS, could it be possible to know where he is projected to go in mocks and what his mesurables are? Height, weight, etc

    NFL Draft Scout had him in the 7th rd-rookie FA range, as the 37th WR and 281st player overall. DraftTek don’t have him in the top 300 players on their board.

    As for the measurements, according to NFL Draft Scout, he’s 6’2″, 213lbs. I couldn’t tell you how big his hands are, though.

  5. Keep in mind, the Vikings drafted Cordarrelle Patterson after a fast 40 time and the guy ended sitting on the bench after 2 years, still unable to figure out how to run a route.

    The point being, combine numbers don’t necessarily reflect football value. Just ask Spielman after he traded away 3 picks to move up in the draft to secure Bust Patterson.

  6. There is always one guy that has an excellent combine and some team is wow’d by it…with Al Davis being dead it wont be the Raider’s doing the reach this year (unless Mark and that terrible hair cut runs the draft then anything is possible)…..someone will do it…Cleveland?

  7. I’m a UGA fan, but Conley was a good WR for the Dawgs. I didn’t think he’d do anything like that at the combine. Put on a show like that and you’re going to jump way up the draft boards. His interviews will be off-the-charts, too. Smart kid with a cool personality.

  8. whatjusthapped…but Pattersom>>>>>>>Harvin said all the Vikes fans.

    Probably moved himself up to 4th through 6th round status with that performance.

  9. Impressive but the combine don’t always tell the whole story of a players career. Bruce Campbell was a combine warrior but ended up being nothing for my RAIDERS.

  10. He’s worth a flier in the 4th or 5th round. Hint, hint Lovie.

    I watched him at UGA and despite a very average passing attack, he stood out, even when injured. With a Winston type hitting him in stride from the slot with VJ and Mike Evans, he could rack up some serious numbers at the pro level.

  11. He didn’t lack production, so much as targets. 20TDs on 117 career receptions with a nearly 20 yard average backs up the explosiveness.. so he’s a legit deep threat. What we don’t know is if he can be coached up to be an all-around receiver. He’s 6’3″ 205. I’d say he compares favorably to Martavis Bryant from last year. Long, lean, big time deep threat, needs over all polish. I think he worked himself into the 2nd round with that workout.

  12. he’s mediocre.. a great athlete, but not a great football player.. maybe worth a late round flyer as a project

  13. Before the combine, Conley was viewed as a 7th rd-rookie FA. After the numbers he put up in the combine, at best, I can see him maybe moving into the 6th-7th round.

  14. In the end… Whether he makes it or not… He’s a far superior athlete than any genius posting here..what a bunch of bitter old men.

  15. Prior to the combine he was projected as 7th round or UDFA. Now, he’s put himself in the first three rounds IMO

  16. I think the kid sky-rocketed his stock. Previously viewed as a possible UDFA, I think he goes in the top 4 rds. A team that will be patient in his development is getting a helluva athlete.

  17. The Bears drafted that guy that could jump out of the shallow end of a swimming pool. Sadly, it turns out that at no time during the course of the 4 quarters of a football game does anyone ever need to jump out of 2~3 feet of water and so he was never seen again. True story.

  18. Every year some little known prospect “puts on a show” at the combine and more often than not they end up being exactly what scouts thought they were before the combine in the pros, which is a bad thing for the team that reaches for them.

  19. Nofoolnodrool says: Feb 21, 2015 6:53 PM

    @Stew48, thanks you are sharp for someone having followed football since the 40’s. Makes you …..? Lol

    Makes him 80-85. Your point?

  20. jucam1 says:
    Feb 21, 2015 5:36 PM
    MDS, could it be possible to know where he is projected to go in mocks and what his mesurables are? Height, weight, etc

    59 4
    You’re online as you just wrote this out…

    Took a few seconds… he’s 6′ 3″ and weighs 205lbs

    His hometown is Dallas. He went to North Paulding high school.

    He averaged 18.3 yards per catch this past season.

    As for when he might be taken, he was a good bet (before doing this today at the combine) to go undrafted per articles I found on Google.

    No updates yet as to his new projection based on his combine scores/drills…

    but he was a low round pick at best and had a good chance of not being drafted coming into the combine.

    This is per the Sporting News… “experts even have Conley unranked and projected to go undrafted.”

    We’ll have to see how the draft projections go after the combine, for everyone, not just him as there will be many new mock drafts once the combine is done…

  21. Where are the home team executives? Aren’t they hosting this event?

    Is Irsay in hiding?

    Any sightings of Pagano and Grigson at the combine since Grigson’s “I can’t answer any questions” press conference? Normally when a guy changes his story, is caught in outright lies (and implausible statements) and keeps pointing the finger at other people, the media are on him like a cheap suit.

    I only saw the photos of Belichick with Rex walking around Lucas Stadium like he owned the place while Tom Brady week played on NFL Network.

    Do the investigative reporters see any clues in the above?

  22. Don’t know if this kid will make it as a receiver in the league or not, but if he doesn’t, with his size and abilities, he would make a killer DB. He has the size to pound people as a safety, speed to roam the field, timing and hands to grab the ball and WR knowledge to anticipate routes.

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