Dr. James Andrews says Todd Gurley’s knee is ahead of schedule


Georgia running back Todd Gurley is doing well in recovery from a torn ACL, according to the doctor who performed his reconstructive knee surgery.

Dr. James Andrews said reports that Gurley declined to have his knee checked at the Combine were incorrect, and that team doctors have been given all the information they need about Gurley’s recovery.

“I heard some fuss that Gurley wouldn’t let teams examine him and that’s just totally misleading,” Andrews told ESPN. “The team physicians I have spoken with who are there — and I have spoken to a bunch of them — were all happy about what they saw. I mean, they’re smart enough to know you can’t have 32 teams pulling and tugging on a knee just 3½ months removed from surgery. But the doctors I spoke with said he looked great and I’d say he’s probably six weeks ahead with his recovery.”

Andrews said he gave Gurley a checkup just before he went to Indianapolis, and Gurley is doing well.

“Gurley’s quad muscle is way ahead of what you would expect even at this stage and that’s vital to a good recovery, as you know,” Andrews said. “The Georgia trainer, Ron Courson, did a great job the first six weeks post-surgery and then Todd came here [at the Andrews Institute in Florida] and I was very happy before he left for Indianapolis. He’s been running on a treadmill, running underwater, he’s never had any swelling.”

Before suffering a torn ACL, Gurley was viewed as a likely first-round draft pick. Andrews sounds confident that Gurley is still going to be that kind of NFL player.

14 responses to “Dr. James Andrews says Todd Gurley’s knee is ahead of schedule

  1. He said the same about RG3 too look how that turned out Time to retire Doc. Time for Shady Acres Retirement home at one time you were the best sports doc out there but I don’t think you are having the same credibility you once had

  2. What ever happened to Doctor – Patient confidentiality, teams shouldn’t have to report injuries, nor should they be disclosed to the public. The NFL is disgusting.
    Appears to me Dr. Andrews is helping Gurley’s cause, not harming it. Can’t see why anyone would be upset by this.

    Nice attempt to demonize the league though.

  3. RBs like Gurley should really consider sitting out their 3rd year and just concentrate on getting ready for the pros. This injury will cost Gurley a lot of money and for what? Once you have your draft status solidified there is no point for guys like him to risk injury so a few people can get rich.

  4. All NFL injuries are rehabbed at Lake Wobegone … where all the kids are “above average” … and all of the injury healing processes are “ahead of schedule”.

  5. And with the 26th pick The Baltimore Ravens select Todd Gurley… maybe

    Last time we took a rookie RB coming off an ACL things worked out quite well. Let’s do it again !

  6. I tore my ACL surfing, got a gnarly vertical scar on my left knee to prove it. If you rehab right? The Human body is capable of absolutely incredible feats. Look at AP 2012 when everybody said he was done. I mean, you can feel it, I think it might be scar tissue you just gotta shred up but I’m not a Dr.

  7. These injuries aren’t that big of a deal anymore, the Patriots aren’t afraid to take a chance on a guy like this. Just last year they drafted Easley in the first and he had two bad knees (of course they got next to nothing out of him, but first round picks are long term investments).

  8. @buckybadger Well most of these players actually want to play football for their respective collegiate teams, it’s not often you see injuries like this happen to a top player at their position. Plus you also have to think that sitting out a full year doesn’t help them develop at all and could also hurt their stock if another player rises during the year they sat out. Teams would also be pretty hesitant to draft a guy with their first round pick who sat out and question his character.

  9. And with the 26th pick The Baltimore Ravens select Todd Gurley… maybe

    Last time we took a rookie RB coming off an ACL things worked out quite well. Let’s do it again !


    Your Ravens are going to have to trade up very far to get Gurley, my friend.

    If you want a rookie RB with knee issues take Ajayi, he’ll be there at 26.

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