Mariota is fast, Winston is not


It’s still up for debate who’s the best quarterback in the draft, Marcus Mariota or Jameis Winston. But Mariota locked down the title of the fastest quarterback in the draft today.

Mariota ran an excellent 40-yard dash, clocking in at 4.52 seconds. That was not only the fastest of any quarterback this year, but the fastest of any quarterback since Robert Griffin III ran a 4.41-second 40 in 2012.

Winston was significantly slower, finishing his 40 in 4.97 seconds. Winston has never been known as a runner, so he wasn’t expected to put up a fast time, but that’s even a little slower than expected. (Winston was barely faster than the fastest offensive lineman, Ali Marpet, a 307-pounder who ran a 4.98-second 40 yesterday.)

The 40 time is such a tiny part of a quarterback’s evaluation that it’s highly unlikely that these times will have any real impact on the Buccaneers’ decision with the first overall pick. But to the extent that Mariota and Winston are competing, Mariota won this round.

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  1. If you put some Twinkies or Chocodiles out at the finish line Jameis woulda shave a couple of seconds off to propel him into the top spot.

  2. Yeah, cause its not like through injuries Oregon was at times starting 3 freshman on the offensive line or anything.

    What is your point? Winston is better just because of sack totals??

  3. The 40 time is one of the most OVERRATED things at the combine for NFL QBs.

    What was the 40 time for these QBs ?

    – Tom Brady
    – Peyton Manning
    – Dan Marino
    – Drew Brees
    – John Elway
    – Jim Kelly
    – Warren Moon
    – Brett Favre

    Im sure they were slow and I think they all did OK in the league

  4. What does this mean for the success of each at the QB position? MAYBE that Mariota is fast enough to switch to another position if he can’t play QB in the NFL.

    That’s about it.

    Doesn’t Tom Brady have the slowest 40 in the NFL?

  5. This year, Winston took 272 snaps from under centre – Mariota took 5. They are completely different players and only one is a pro-ready QB.

  6. I’m really surprised this fast spread offense QB thing hasn’t completely died yet. They usually never pan out. Of course Winston has a slow 40 time, if anyone even watched a Florida St game they would know that Winston’s game isn’t built on athleticism because he is a POCKET PASSER in a PRO style offense.

    Winston can go through his progressions, Mariota cannot.

  7. Timing a QB in the 40 yard dash is like testing an offensive lineman’s ability to make free throws. What a waste of time. Probably why Tom Brady lasted until the sixth round. He ran about 5.3. I think Peyton Manning is still running.

  8. This is from Daniel Jeremiah:
    Snaps under center this year
    Winston 272
    Mariota 5
    Mannion 536
    Petty 48

    Considering how often a quarterback is required to run 40 yards in a straight line wearing shorts and a T-shirt, I find the above stats a bit more interesting than their 40 yard sprint time at the Combine.

  9. The 40 for a QB is the most overrated drill of the entire combine. Winston showed he was superior as far as the throwing drills went. Mariota did his thing too but Winston is ready to play yesterday.

  10. Small hands, slow 40 time, well I guess that spells doom. Can we get the Browns to commission another QB study, so they can take the wrong guy again?

    Jameis is playing 3 dimensional chess, while haters talk about his weigh, which was actually less than Mariota’s. But don’t let facts get in the way.

    Right now it’s Winston vs. Winston. The Titans are on the clock.

  11. But Winston killed the interviews, the white board interviews, and the passing drills. Other than that, he’s not doing that well, lol. Guys’ going to be a stud.

  12. Tom Bradys and Peyton Mannings don’t grow on trees. Teams without a QB only have so many options available to them. If the QBs coming out have athletic speed or mobility, then try to use it to your advantage.

    It’s probably a lot easier these days to find the next Russell Wilson than it is finding the next Tom Brady or Peyton Manning.

  13. Maybe not fast, but Winston has the size and agility similar to Roethlisberger. He’s hard to sack.

  14. Neither will look as poised as Teddy Bridgewater did in the pocket down the stretch last year… that bad pro day may be the best thing to ever happen to the minnesota vikings.

  15. Just because there is a draft doesn’t mean that any QBs are worth a damn. Look at 2002 and 2003. From those two drafts, only Carson Palmer was even adequate. The rest were either complete busts or lifetime second stringers. This draft reminds me of the 2002. David Carr was taken #1 and Joey Harrington was taken #3. This draft could very well look the same in a few years.

    Neither one of these guys is worth a number one. It doesn’t matter how bad you need a QB. To invest the money and draft position for either Mariota or Winston is bad business. Take someone you know can play.

  16. jacobslatter says:
    Feb 21, 2015 1:21 PM
    If you put some Twinkies or Chocodiles out at the finish line Jameis woulda shave a couple of seconds off to propel him into the top spot.

    62 18

    me thinks you meant a couple of a tenths of a second. even lowering his time by one second would mean an all time record low of 3.97 seconds in the dash and two seconds as you said would put him at 2.97 seconds.

    Oh, no need to put those things in front of him to entice him, what slowed him down was having those things, along with crab legs stuffed in his pockets…

  17. Seems as though QBs playing for top schools never pan out because their play is elevated by superior offensive lines and WRs. When they move to the NFL where the defenses are much better and their offense is about the same as most teams, then they are exposed.

  18. Both players will get a chance, but I can’t believe either one will have substantial success in the league. Winston appears to be too dumb to run an NFL offense, and Mariota has never huddled up and called a play. Mariota has more upside because he’s smarter and more athletic, but QBs who have played in that type of college offense have generally not been successful in making the transition to the NFL. Look at RG3, Manziel, etc.

  19. Off the field issues aside Winston is the better pro prospect by far in my opinion, but I personally wouldn’t want my favorite franchise risking the future on either player. I don’t think either is worth a top 10 pick.

  20. Every year they overhype QBs. And every year those QBs are drafted in the first round. And every year we see them fail. Neither QB is a Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck, or Ben Rothlisberger. Mariota and Winston are in the same boat as Johnny Manziel, RGIII, Jamarcus Russel, or Vince Young.

    Marcus is immature and will not all-of-a-sudden start watching film for hours. He will party like Manziel. Great QBs have to work at it. Winston has never had to do that and will not start now.

    Mariotta is a product of a deception offense (see every other Oregon QB) who benefitted from playing against amateur athletes. Once he played a good defense (OSU) he couldn’t do anything and he’ll see that every Sunday in the NFL. There is no more playing against guys who will not make the NFL.

  21. Both of these guys looked good at the Combine today. I would hope that they both get drafted to teams that will put them in offences that can maximize their talents. If someone like Mariota gets drafted to a team that doesn’t set up the offence for him it will be a waste of some real talent.

  22. I’m happy my team has a franchise QB.

    And Cleveland fans: DO NOT BUY another QB jersey if they draft a QB. WAIT UNTIL HE PROVES HIMSELF. Anyone who purchased a Manziel jersey is a complete moron.

    I heard the browns are getting a mascot this year. I guess after 15 years of being an expansion team, they’ve run out of ideas. Is it going to be that little fairy/elf often associated with the browns? Great mascot. A fairy.

  23. If you were watching NFL Network when they were running Mike Mayock did say that the 40 doesn’t mean much at all for the QB position. He basically said it’s kind of a measure of athleticism if anything. I’m sure the scouts feel the same way and are probably real happy if you can get under 5 seconds. But the speed difference between these two guys doesn’t really mean a thing.

    Just like yesterday when the Offensive Lineman were running, Mayock noted that what the scouts really want to see is their 10 yard split because you’re rarely going to see an O Lineman running 40 yards in a game. But that first 10 yard speed speaks volumes when measuring those guys. Marpet, the pride of D3 Hobart College had the fastest 10 yard split also at 1.74 seconds.

  24. Winston has higher potential as a pocket quarterback.

    Mariota is an athlete playing quarterback, similar to Ryan Tannehill.

    Both guys can be successful in the league.

  25. RGIII probably runs a 6.8 these days after the beating those twig legs have taken over the last couple of years

  26. Most of the really bad teams have really bad Olines. Its pointless for them to spend a high draft pick on a QB until they have an Oline to protect him.

    The game starts with the line, not the QB. Doesn’t matter who you have back there if he doesn’t have time to function.

  27. Meh, how fast are Peyton Manning and Tom Brady? Most useless stat for a QB is his 40 time.

  28. For all the money spent….NFL teams are morons. Who cares how fast a QB runs, unless that is what you are using him for. Stop bringing in coaches who have a game plan that doesn’t fit the team, and bring in coaches to fit the team, or a team to fit the coaches (warning, 3+ year turnaround). It drives me crazy, this isn’t even basic math. I could coach a team!!!!

  29. What was the wind speed and relative humidity though? C’mon man if we’re going to parse lets parse.

  30. Sure, if you’re a future hall of fame pocket passer, speed doesn’t matter.

    These guys are probably going to need some speed.

  31. bishoplanky says: Feb 21, 2015 4:34 PM

    For all the money spent….NFL teams are morons. Who cares how fast a QB runs, unless that is what you are using him for. Stop bringing in coaches who have a game plan that doesn’t fit the team, and bring in coaches to fit the team, or a team to fit the coaches (warning, 3+ year turnaround). It drives me crazy, this isn’t even basic math. I could coach a team!!!!

    Well then you should definitely circulate your resume – teams are paying 5 million a year to guys whose coaching experience is limited to commenting in anonymous chatrooms.

  32. For people to say the both QB’s are going to be a bust are the same people who don’t take a risk. Of course the safe bet is to say they’re going to busts, but it also means YOU don’t have the guts to say if they’ll make it.

  33. The only guaranteed franchise QB in the draft over the past decade was Andrew Luck. Everyone else was a risk and had negatives coming out as a prospect.

    If you sit and don’t draft a QB because he’s not perfect in some way, then you will never draft one.

  34. These days it seems like a lot of the quarterbacks who get drafted early end up being busts or average. Almost all of them are runners and running qbs have proven to be overrated, especially on bad teams.

  35. Let’s face it. Langford is the real steal of the draft. Not these two QB’s.

    Mariota is gunna be a Brownie.

    & Winston is last year’s Brownie Qb joke. He’s all side show.

  36. 40 times is one of the most useless events done at the combine. put some pads and helmets on these guys and do the tests.

  37. Can some please call out Rich Eisen for over-doing his 40 time shtick? He’s the guy who breaks out his vacation VHS everytime you come to his house. “Who wants to see me Bungee Jump?”

    He even makes the silhouette of himself sprinting as his corporate logo. It was a nice bit the first couple of times, but drawn out over 10 years…

  38. The Marpet player mentioned is a D3 player from Hobart and apparently opened lots of eyes at the Senior Game and now at the Combine, could be a fun story

  39. Did anyone notice the interview Rich Eisen did with Cowboys Coach Jason Garrett, on Saturday, on NFL Network. It was refreshing to hear Garrett, speak highly about quarterback, Mariota than Winston. Then I read on the Dallas Morning News, website, that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, sees Romo, playing quarterback for the next 5 yrs, as quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. Jerry, also stated, that he was comfortable with Weeden, as backup to Romo. My question is why, would Garrett be attending the quarterback drills, if Jerry, stating the company line? Is this a smoke screen or will the scernaro the Cowboys jump to number 19, from number 27, to draft Mariota, to be Romo backup?

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