Byron Jones obliterates the Combine broad jump record


Never in the history of the Scouting Combine had anyone broad-jumped 12 feet. Until today.

Byron Jones, a cornerback from UConn, had a 12-foot, 3-inch broad jump this morning, shattering the old record of 11 feet, 7 inches.

That’s an insanely good broad jump — so good that it might be the best broad jump in human history. The standing long jump is rarely performed in competitive settings and hasn’t been an Olympic event in 100 years, so it’s hard to find reliable records for it. But Wikipedia lists the world record as 3.71 meters, which would be 12 feet, 2 inches.

Bills receiver Marquise Goodwin was an Olympic long jumper, and he broad jumped 11 feet, 0 inches at the 2013 Combine. Beating an Olympic long jumper by more than a foot in the broad jump is just insane.

The 6-foot-1, 199-pound Jones also put up a 44.5-inch vertical jump, which is just half an inch away from the best vertical at this year’s Combine. Although Jones wasn’t viewed as a great prospect heading into today, he is causing eyebrows to raise and jaws to drop this morning. NFL teams are surely taking notice that they’ve got a freakish athlete on their hands.

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  1. For a corner back, that particular kind of athleticism is important. Closing ability, vertically contesting……

    If he can hone his technique, the sky is the limit.

  2. You don’t draft athletes, you draft football players. Drafting athletes, more often than not, leads to busts.

    See Eagles 2014 first round pick, Marcus Smith.

  3. Good size, unbelievable explosiveness, but none of that matters if he doesn’t have smooth hip rotation, a great 3 cone time, solid football instincts, and an insatiable appetite to study the game.

    All that being said, I bet a lot of coaches rushed back to look at his tapes again, and whoever picks him might be willing to reach a round and take a chance.

  4. you could say that he murdered the Combine, but being that he went to high school in the same town as Aaron Hernandez, maybe that’s not the best way to put it

  5. That will come in handy if he ever has to jump 12 feet while you know, actually covering a guy…

    Snark aside, thats still a damn impressive bit of athleticism and you gotta tip your cap to the kid…

    (Okay snark back on) I demand he be drug tested…

  6. With those kind of numbers, he’s worth a flyer (pun intended) as a special teams add even if it turns out he can’t play CB worth a lick.

  7. That’s awesome.

    If him and Megatron are standing still on the hash marks and need to broad jump toward the sidelines on an out pattern, this guy should have a leg up (see what I did there?)

  8. That’s why he’s also projected as a top-3 pick in the upcoming National Sackrace League draft.

  9. That makes the previous record holder even more impressive, considering that Jamie Collins is a linebacker and weighs 55 pounds more than this dude. No wonder Collins is an off-the-charts playmaker now…

  10. I get they want to see guys doing things to show how athletic they are but doind a standing broad jump? What else can they do? maybe an egg toss to show how good their hand/eye coordination is?

  11. From October 24, 2014 on

    STORRS, Conn. — Connecticut cornerback Byron Jones will undergo surgery on his left shoulder and miss the remainder of the season.

    Coach Bob Diaco says the Huskies senior captain has a history of shoulder problems and was injured during the first half of Thursday night’s 31-21 loss at No. 18 East Carolina.

    His (perhaps) fragility cannot help his draft prospects.

  12. All these combine results for what really? A bunch of Ooh’s and Ahh’s at atheltic ability, but what happens on the field is far more important. Usain Bolt would have the fastest 40, but put pads on him, throw him a ball with a CB in his face, and what’s he worth now?

  13. Great stats and effort, but how many times have we seen combine workout warriors do nothing much at all in actual games ?

    Still, those are good enough so he’ll probably get a shot based on athleticism if nothing else.

  14. The vertical is much more important as far as explosiveness, in so much that any of these tests are significant in the overall rating of a player. I heard a scout with the Bears say that the Combine does 2 things. 1) gives medical and interview chances on all the guys in one place, and 2) is a check/balance to the game tape. If a guy times faster/slower than what you saw on tape, it warrants an extra review to determine whether you have a workout warrior, or it is an issue with field awareness and diagnosing on the move.

    Kid just got himself a lot of extra tape reviews. Might move him up a round or 2.

  15. I’ll be glad when these guys finish trying out for the Olympics so we can get back to some football.

    It’s great the guy can jump but can he cover Antonio Brown, Dez Bryant, or the Gronk?

    Instead, I guess next we should check is curling skills.

  16. His explosion is unquestionably outstanding. More relevant are his shuttle drill and three cone times. Those measure not only speed, but also the ability to change direction.

    Changing directions fast allows WRs to get open; conversely for a DB it shortens the time they are open.

  17. It is an impressive human accomplishment. It does not mean the guy will be a great player. Combine records books are filled with names that didn’t sniff greatness in the league. And the Hall of Fame is filled with guys who were middle of the pack, at best, in the Combine.

  18. All this snark… I mean, c’mon. It’s not like some GM is gonna move him from from a 6th rounder to the top of their board, give him millions guaranteed and plan on him starting from Day One.

    What very likely MAY happen because of this, is that rather than walking on as an UDFA, he now gets the protection (such as it is) of a low-round draft pick and if he can stick for a few years – even as only a special teamer – he makes a better living than he would have in a “regular” job, plus a players’ pension.

    What’s wrong with just being happy the kid did well on a huge stage and pulling for him to translate it into a roster spot somewhere?

  19. The combine is stupid and meaningless. But a 12’3″ broad jump is freakin insane. I think he just made the USA Track & Field teams board.

  20. I wish somebody would actually do some analysis on the stats captured. Do pro-bowlers tend to be in the top range of combine statistics? How about a breakdown per position. Perhaps we will learn the importance or lack of importance of each drill per position. It is too bad the best and brightest minds don’t go into sports. Apparently no one has thought of doing analysis like this.

  21. I loved what Bruce Arians said about the combine, “It’s basically worthless other than the interviews. I put my faith in what they did on tape on game day.”

    I agree 100%

  22. I can jump 14 feet from the couch to the bedroom to get some pants on when the wife brings home some church ladies during sunday afternoon football games; and I do it with a beer in my hand and not spill it.

  23. OK now let’s see what he can do with full pads, a helmet and in a game.
    And what doest this jump have to do with any of that?
    If they were running out of ideas, why not put in an obstacle course instead?

  24. And let’s not forget how everyone was going nuts over Michael Sam and Timmy Teabag before they even played one game.

  25. Check out all these wise football sages here at PFT…

    Ah but can he cover elite NFL receivers????

    Who the hell cares!! From a standstill this young man jumped farther than anyone in human history.

  26. packmanfan says: Feb 23, 2015 2:08 PM

    And let’s not forget how everyone was going nuts over Michael Sam and Timmy Teabag before they even played one game.


    Michael Sam?! Cmon man. He tanked his Combine and fell to the 6th round. He only got drafted because of his tape, he hurt himself badly with his slow 40, and weak reps at 225….

    Tebow may be the greatest College Qb of all time. He just couldn’t throw a short or medium pass with any accuracy, or read a defense or take a snap under center, or…. etc…. (but, I hope my boys grow up to be like him)

  27. Nice job. No one’s heard of the guy, but now we have. Yeah yeah, tape, but at least his name is out there now for scouts to take an extra look. That’s all you can ask for. Rarely do teams now take the most athetic guy from the combine.

  28. Lot of hate for a guy who did something really impressive. No one is saying it will translate to football success, but if you can’t respect what the kid did then you’re a hater.

  29. This guy was buried deep on the draft boards after transitioning from Safety to CB at beginning of year & then loosing most of 2014 season to a Shoulder Injury. A lot of talent is overlooked as a result of injuries. Scouting notes reflect promise…so he may have just jumped himself into Round 5 or 6.

  30. Long jump and broad jump are two completely different events with different skill sets. Long jump, and high jump, are the conversion of speed to the leap, whether for distance or for height. High jumpers verticals are less than shot putters when tested simply for upward explosion. So, please, stop making a big deal about someone out leaping a long jumper in the broad jump.

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