Cardinals release Ted Ginn


The Cardinals will have Larry Fitzgerald back in a receiver group that also includes Michael Floyd, John Brown and Jaron Brown, which means they didn’t have much use for a veteran wideout set to make $3.25 million per year in 2015 and 2016.

Ted Ginn added some value as a returner, but that wasn’t enough for him to keep his job. The Cardinals announced Monday that they have released Ginn after the first year of the three-year deal he signed with the club.

Ginn had 14 catches for 190 yards for the Cardinals in 2014 while playing the fifth-most snaps on offense of any wide receiver. He averaged 19 yards per kickoff return, the lowest mark of his career, and returned one punt for a touchdown during the regular season.

Ginn also had a costly fumble on a kickoff in the team’s playoff loss to the Panthers, but his special teams skills will still likely be his best route to a job with another team for what would be his ninth NFL season after entering the NFL as a first-round pick of the Dolphins in 2007.

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  1. Should’ve never left Carolina! Had gained a good rhythm going with Cam and followed the $$$ towards obscurity!!! He could be a perfect compliment to KB.

  2. Larry Fitzgerald’s original big contract was the kiss of death for this club. They couldn’t afford a quality QB after that.

  3. never seen a player shy away from contact more than Ginn. He would turn straight for the sideline and run 30 yards for no gain if it meant he wouldn’t get tackled. A serious waste of God given talent.

  4. The TD vs. the Giants was a game changer in the right way for the Cards. Nearly every other decision he made in the return game was not.

    I’ve never seen a player with as much alleged speed as Ginn trot out of the end zone like he was on quaaludes, typically starting 7 years deep and winding up at the 15 (or worse).

    Don’t go away mad. Just go away.

  5. He was terrible on special teams this year. He called for fair catches when no one was within ten yards of him. He played scared all season long.

  6. No surprise. Other than his ONE PR TD, he was atrocious on special teams all year. He was basically the #5 receiver after the Cardinals found a gem with Smokey in the 3rd round & after Jaron brown improved in the offseason.

  7. I knew I shouldn’t buy into the hype of Ginn when he was signed in AZ, but I did….ugh.
    Ginn was a decoy at WR, but Kickoffs he was horrible. He’d catch the ball 9 yards deep in the end zone and run it out. Rather than getting the ball on the 20 we often got it at the 15 or worse.
    I’m sure another team will be a sucker for his “speed”
    I saw this cut coming last week

  8. Ginn would have some value if they still returned kickoffs. Goodell probably has his sights set on punt returns, too, so return men are a luxury teams can’t afford.

  9. Maybe the Jets…when Ginn was in Miami Ginn singlehandedly beat them once (the game in 2009 he returned 2 kickoffs for TDs, in 2009 also he caught a 63 yrd pass from Chad Henne by beating Darell Revis, and he did the same thing in 2008 only it wasn’t a TD (a 40 yard pass from Pennington)…Ginn may been a wasted first rounded but he sure knew how to beat the Jets. Plus he’s familiar with Todd Bowles…got a feeling he’s gonna go after former Dolphins…

  10. Cleveland…he’s a Cleveland kid and they really need a return guy not named Travis Benjamin who sucked on returns last year.
    Besides, if the Browns cut him, he’ll go right to work at his dad’s Ginn Academy.

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