Chris Culliver somehow emerges as a top potential free-agent cornerback

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Before, during, and after 21 coach and G.M. interviews at the Scouting Combine for PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio and Pro Football Talk on NBCSN, it’s easy to pick up a few tidbits about a few things.

Here’s a tidbit many may see as a surprise:  There could be a very significant market for 49ers cornerback Chris Culliver.

A third-round pick in 2011, Culliver perhaps made the biggest headline of his career when talking about homosexual players prior to Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans.  He also made an even more unfortunate headline during the 2014 offseason, following an auto accident with a bicycle and the alleged use of brass knuckles to threaten a 15-year-old witness who tried to keep Culliver leaving the scene.  Culliver has since been sued for the behavior.  (In between those two events was an Instagram misadventure that resulted in the 49ers handling the situation internally.)

Culliver started 14 regular-season games in 2014, snaring four interceptions and 14 passes defensed.  He missed all of the 2013 season with a torn ACL.

Culliver has landed at No. 45 on the PFT Free Agent Hot 100, but the chatter suggests maybe he should be higher.  Given the obsession over off-field issues that threatens to damage the draft stock of incoming rookies, it’s hard to imagine Culliver cashing in as a free agent.  But with the ongoing proliferation of the passing game, guys who can cover pass catchers will continue to be at a premium, with or without the brass knuckles.

Somehow, Culliver has escaped the NFL’s newfound affinity for paid leave when players are merely accused of violent crime.  Any team that signs Culliver needs to be confident not only that they won’t end up paying Culliver to not play until his pending legal charges are resolved, but also that Culliver won’t be suspended without pay, eventually.

46 responses to “Chris Culliver somehow emerges as a top potential free-agent cornerback

  1. Haha he threatened a 15 year old with brass knuckles. I live in Philadelphia and let me tell you he would be a huge star here if that’s what he’s up to.

  2. Anybody who actually watched the niners play last year saw how physical and competitive Cullliver is on the field. May have been their best defensive player. But of course the sensational story is “somehow” he is a top FA corner. Hilarious.

  3. Miami needs corners badly , but with the team now being so focused on being politically correct , there’s no way they’ll touch Culliver with a ten foot pole.

  4. Threatening anyone with brass knuckles is illegal. Threatening a 15 yr old girl period, means this guy is scum. I hope my team doesn’t sign him. Why hasn’t the NFL suspended him?

  5. This is a problem with nearly every free agent class at a certain position. If the draft for cb’s is loaded with questionable characters or it is a weak class then the free agent side will be over valued. Personally Culliver got burned a little in SB XLVII a couple of times by Boldin and Jacoby Jones. As a Raven’s fan-no thanks!

  6. This is part of the NFL discipline problem. You have guys like this and Rolando McClain who never get suspended, while other guys are getting suspended at will for seemingly minor infractions

  7. As a 49ers fan take him. He should bring his brass knuckles on the field, for a bigger corner, he’s not a great tackler. Another 49er with off field issues they could be without. Don’t be surprised if 49ers go corner in first round

  8. No, thank you. If I’m signing a guy to a multi-million dollar contract, I’d rather go with the slightly lesser player with a good head on his shoulders than the slightly better player with his head up his arse.

  9. PFT had 6 CB’s ahead of him on the list and it seemed like a good spot for him……Read the article three times to see why the headline of him being the top CB? Don’t see anything of substance other than CB’s are a premium, which we already knew and that PFT seems to be hearing scuttlebutt that Culliver’s stock is rising, despite the reservations.

    Don’t believe the disinformation coming from everyone. Coaches/GM’s use it to deflect and try to hide true intentions and the Agents are selling clients and trying to increase their commissions.

  10. Hard to believe, but that’s the nature of markets. It’s not so much about you, but the competition for your services too. Must be a light year for free agent DBs.
    Overall, he is gifted physically: big enough to not be dominated by WRs for contested passes, and fast enough to keep up with the jack rabbits. Good against the run too.
    His off the field problems should keep the price down enough to where Baalke makes a good offer.
    Baalke drafted him in the third round (where some experts thought it was a reach) and is loyal to guys he drafted.

  11. Jim Fraidbaugh passed on Richard Sherman for this worthless piece of trash.

    Ya, and Sherman did play for ole Jim in college, and wasn’t drafted until the 5th round…oh, and your current GM Baalke was in on the decision to draft him…

    Go Hawks

  12. Even though Sherman has played well I don’t think he is a guy most 49er fans would want actually. Wilson, Lynch, Maxwell,Chancellor, Bennett yes.

    No to Sherman, Baldwin, Earl Thomas: talk too much, drama queens

  13. “Chris Culliver somehow emerges as a top potential free-agent cornerback” – Not that there is anything wrong with that.

  14. “Even though Sherman has played well I don’t think he is a guy most 49er fans would want actually. Wilson, Lynch, Maxwell,Chancellor, Bennett yes.

    No to Sherman, Baldwin, Earl Thomas: talk too much, drama queens”

    Yeah, who on Earth would want Sherman or Thomas. They are only the best Cornerback and Safety in the league. The 49ers fans you speak of can have their fill of quiet, middle-of-the-road players. Hawks fans are fine with players talking big if they can back it up on a regular basis. Sherman and Thomas both back up their talk with huge play.

  15. It’s because he’s actually a pretty damn good player

    His behavior and his health (2 ACL’s) are the concerns

    He was easily the best corner we had as Cox’s play dipped as the season went on and Brock took the year off with his hammy

    Culliver is physical and can play man coverage and the constant dearth of quality CB play will make him a commodity

  16. The 49ers are unlikely to re-sign Chris Culliver, because Culliver may be suspended for as much as half a season by Goodell. Niners have 2 very good corners right now, in Dontae Johnson and Tramaine Brock. If they want to pay what Culliver is likely to get, they may as well go after someone like Kareem Jackson of the Texans or Antonio Cromartie of the the Cardinals. Niners also have 2 rookies as backups and they have Jimmie Ward returning to play nickel. They may even let Perrish Cox go and simply bring back Chris Cook to play cornerback as a reserve.

    The Sea Squawks may need to re-sign Byron Maxwell, or they may go after free agent Walter Thurmond. If they have to start Tharold Simon opposite Richard Sherman, then they may not even win their division next year, and the 12th man won’t give them an edge in the playoffs.

  17. Parish Cox is the man. I think Dontae Johnson is going to end up being a solid player. With Reid and Bathea the secondary will be fine. Crabtree and Brooks will be gone so they should have some cap space and a solid D next year.

  18. Let him go. He never contests passes and only intercepts them when they’re thrown 5 yards from the intended receiver which is where he always is.

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