Jameis Winston doesn’t rule out playing baseball

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So much for quarterback Jameis Winston saying all the right things.

The former Florida State quarterback, who told Charles Davis of NFL Network over the weekend that the 2013 Heisman winner “didn’t even get coached up like I should have got coached up” in preparation for Scouting Combine interviews, sounded like a guy who hasn’t been coached up at all when it comes to talking about playing baseball in the future.

Asked by Peter King of TheMMQB.com about the possibility, Winston opted not to use the kind of football-only absolutes that coaches and General Managers would like to hear.

Right now I am focusing on football,” Winston told King. “This is the first offseason I’ve ever had where I can focus totally on football.  I am loving this, being a quarterback every day. . . .  Anything that keeps me busy helps me.  I love baseball.  I love football.  Playing both was the best of both worlds.”

So would he ever play both sports professionally?  The right answer would be, “No.  I’m a football player.”  To his credit (or to his detriment), Winston opted for something closer to the truth.

“I can’t speak on that,” Winston said of playing both sports at the same time.  “It always has been my dream, but I’m just playing football right now.”

It’s always been his “dream” to play both sports as a pro, but he realizes it’s wise to be circumspect at a time when he’s expecting a football team to select him to be its franchise quarterback.  And so “right now” the focus is football.

How long will “right now” last?  Until he’s drafted by a team he perhaps doesn’t want to play for?  Until he encounters true adversity in adapting to the NFL?  Until he realizes that he lacks the raw athleticism to thrive against NFL-caliber competition?

It’s unclear whether he has the ability to thrive in pro baseball.  In 2012, the Texas Rangers made Winston a fifteenth-round pick as an outfielder.  In 2013, University of Miami baseball coach Jim Morris dubbed Winston a potential first-round pick in both football and baseball.

So what happens if/when Winston is drafted by another Major League Baseball team?  “Right now” he’s focusing on football.  Perhaps something else will cause him to focus on baseball.  Which could set up a team like the Buccaneers, who wasted the No. 1 overall pick in 1986 on eventual baseball player Bo Jackson, to ultimately waste a pick on Winston.

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  1. It’s always fun to listen to players speak when their agents aren’t writing statements for them or telling the word for word what to say.

  2. If for some reason he was drafted by the Browns, I could see him playing baseball instead.

  3. If baseball and football didn’t overlap it would be at least open for discussion, but even overlooking OTA’s and summer camp…there’s just not true “free time” to be a baseball player.

    Then factor what that additional strain can do to the human body. Ask Bo. He knows…

  4. Yeah, I’m sure Peter King thinks of Winston just like he did Cam Newton. Real unbiased source.

  5. This is the only time Bo Jackson and Jameis Winston’s names will be uttered in the same sentence.

  6. Jameis knows baseball. Jameis knows football. Jameis knows ……… Jameis, you don’t know DIDDLEY!

  7. Are there any good or above average QB’s in the NFL that have been total losers in college?? In fact, are there any starting QB’s in the NFL that were losers in college? Just wondering!

  8. Russel Wilson is technically playing both baseball and football, that won’t stop anyone from saying he’s a $100M+ QB right?

  9. I would think that the demands and expectations of playing QB in today’s NFL would completely rule out a dual pro career in baseball for Jameis Winston. He would likely have to pick one or the other and stick with it to have an opportunity to be truly successful at either.
    Likewise, it would strain credulity to believe that ANY NFL team would select him with the #1 overall pick in the draft…or use any high pick on him for that matter…if they cannot be assured that he will give his undivided attention and devotion to becoming the best NFL QB he can be, to the exclusion of any other sporting endeavor?!

  10. my god…this is not a story…..

    major reach here….i know its slow time for football stories but sheesh, telling this kid what he shouldve said and shouldnt have said when he said nothing wrong, is pretty eh…..wasteful.

    move along, nothing to see here…

  11. This dummy has just cost himself being picked #1 overall. No GM is stupid enough to pick someone that high if he is not “all in” in a football career.
    Knucklehead…. Tampa Bay, please avoid this guy like he is the bubonic plague!!!!

  12. Dude……You had a nice combine. Apparently, you impressed many people with your football knowledge. With that said, SHUT UP JAMEIS!! Stop talking. You can only get in your own way at this point. Top 3 pick sir. Stop messing it up. Nobody wants to hear, see or think about you playing baseball. Damn it!!

  13. Any Russel Wilson comparison is stupid. Wilson has proven he can play QB in the NFL and didn’t have this baggage coming out of college.

    Until he can read an NFL defense, he’s just hype. Best thing he could do right now is shut the hell up except in private.

  14. Yes, because guys like Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders were such failures because they also played baseball…oh wait. If a guy has enough talent to spend his own time, aka the off-season, playing another professional sport, more power to him. Regardless of what team owners, fans and now apparently sports bloggers think, you don’t get to own players. Their free time is their free time. Don’t like it? Don’t draft him. Someone will and if he ends up in the same tier of players as Elway or Bo or Sanders, be ready for us to call you stupid for passing him up until the NFL closes up shop.

  15. The FSU fans believe he is good enough to play football, baseball, basketball, and compete in tack and field all at the same time. Kinda reminds me of the Tebow fans a few years back.

  16. I’m far from a Winston apologist, but he’d obviously be lying if he said that it wouldn’t be a dream to play both sports professionally. There are more than a few legitimate red flags with this guy; I don’t think GMs will be focusing on Peter King’s gotcha! journalism come draft time.

  17. barsfordays says: Feb 23, 2015 3:50 PM

    This is making a story out of nothing. “No, I’m a football player.” Seems pretty clear-cut to me.
    if you could read, he didnt actually say that.

  18. Surely the Bucs aren’t such fools as to take this guy 1st pick… If so, it will say a lot about their lack of morals and character values…

  19. Too many guys want to be the next Prime or Bo.

    Those guys were once in a generation guys and they weren’t QBs.

    There isn’t even 32 competant NFL QBs in the world, there’s no way someone could play two sports at that position.

    This sounds like the Drew Henson story.

    Winston better show he’s committed or he will drop like a stone in the draft.

  20. willycents says:
    Feb 23, 2015 4:23 PM
    The FSU fans believe he is good enough to play football, baseball, basketball, and compete in tack and field all at the same time. Kinda reminds me of the Tebow fans a few years back.


    Except unlike Tebow, Winston has actual talent and skills.

  21. Marcus Mariota doesn’t rule out playing volleyball, saying “It’s big in Hawaii.”

  22. If the Bucs select Winston, the best thing would be for MLB to gift wrap Jameis to the Rays. It would be great for that city. It would be good for both leagues from a marketing angle. He would own the city.

  23. Rule of thumb: If you’re too stupid to prepare properly for a job interview, you’re too stupid for the job.

  24. Jameis….Apparently you had a nice combine and impressed some important people. With that said, shutup. You are going top 3 if you can manage to stay out of your own way. Nobody wants to hear,speak or see you talking baseball. Lock it up!!

  25. And people wonder why players hate talking to media and when they do, they just give stupid cliche answers.

    Be honest for once and the media will do anything possible to turn it into a negative.

    There is NOTHING wrong with what Winston said. I’m sure his focus is 100% on football right now, but is there any person in the world who wouldn’t want to be a star in two different professional sports?

  26. There was nothing wrong with what he said. If he would have said he will play football and drop baseball, I suspect this piece would have speculated about his sincerity. He could opt to go to baseball later but the team can put a clause in his contract that would allow them to recoup money if he does. The only real issue is if he chooses not to sign and go to baseball like Bo did. He said up front he didn’t want to go to Tampa and would play baseball instead if they drafted him. Winston has made no such threats. They might wind up wasting a pick but would still retain his rights if he figures out minor league baseball pays jack squat. The Bucs can exclusively negotiate with him prior to the draft and move on to someone else if they have that fear.

  27. he really isn’t that great at baseball. I predict he will fail at QB and bounce around for a couple years only to sign a minor league deal in baseball until finally going away for good when he fails there. Cannot believe the hype on him. There must be a lot of FSU fans that keep talking him up.

  28. Well cc sabathia showed up to Yankees camp at 305, he’s had a great career playing out of shape. There’s a lot more starting pitchers than quarterbacks, this isn’t really the dumbest thing jameis has said.

  29. It’s a lot of kids’ dreams. Nothing wrong with a little honesty creeping in to the proceedings.

  30. Over the weekend, Winston implied that he is of strong character and has already proven it. Those who think that Winston should have lied, including Florio, should recognize that being truthful, even when it may not be your best interests, is indicative of strong character.

  31. Nice to have two possible future sports careers. Everyone knows baseball is a possibility for Winston, just like it is a possibility for Russell Wilson. Best wishes for his future, either way.

  32. John Elway didn’t want to play for Frank Kush. Kush ruined Art Schlichter’s career by playing his ASU alum Mike Pagel instead. Elway was a bright young man with options from MLB, the USFL, and NFL. He also had a degree from Stanford. Too many options to go play for Kush.

  33. Sadly, he failed to hire an adviser / PR type person to help him navigate through these waters, starting with the combine, talking to the press, etc. This guy needs an adult in his life for guidance.

  34. If he has true MLB potential he’d be smart to pursue that if he can. You know, so that he can do stuff like walk normal and remember his address when he’s in his 40s.

    But there’s no way he can do both in this day and age. Bo was a RB, Deon was a CB. Being an NFL QB requires far too much prep work these days. He couldn’t just walk off the baseball field and be an effective QB.

  35. I could have sworn… wasn’t it when he was talking to Mooch, he said he was done with baseball? I definitely remember something to that effect…

  36. he’s not good enough to make it to the bigs, so he’ll stick to football. if he threw in the upper 90s or hit .340 at fsu as an outfielder this might be a story. but he’s a low 90s relief pitcher with a below average curveball and an average slider and barely broke the mendoza line at the plate…he hit like .160 in 2014 and .210 for his career. i’m not saying the kid isn’t a great athlete, because he obviously is, but dude will be a football player, period.

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