Jameis Winston says he welcomes scrutiny of his character


With the unnamed scout brigade already doing its thing, Jameis Winston knows he can’t escape the scrutiny.

In fact, he says bring it on.

Winston told Peter King of TheMMQB.com he’s happy to answer questions for any team wondering about his off-field issues, which might be the only thing standing between himself and being the No. 1 overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft.

“I love it,” Winston said. “I welcome it. They’re really going to find out the type of person I am. Character is not about what you do when you’re around people. Character is what you show when no one is looking. I believe if they do a hard, hard investigation into Jameis the person, they will find out that I’m a good guy.”

That responsibility is going to fall mostly on Buccaneers General Manager Jason Licht, who has the keys to this draft with the No. 1 overall pick.

Licht admitted that Winston’s conduct is an issue to be examined, and that it was going to make his job much tougher over the next two months and change.

“Bad guy or immaturity?” Licht said. “I’m leaning toward the latter.”

Licht raved about the football ability of Winston and Oregon’s Marcus Mariota, knowing he can take either one he wants. But while Mariota’s a cleaner prospect in terms of character issues, he’s also not the same kind of dynamic passer Winston has proven to be, which will give Licht plenty to work through.

“But I’d be lying if I said I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about the off-field stuff,” Licht said. “It’s always in the back of your mind. We’re people too. We have wives and daughters and bosses to answer to. And at the end of the day we will do the kind of due diligence the likes of which I don’t believe the Bucs will have ever done. This decision is going to affect so many people and their families. We’ve got to get it right.”

Which is why they’re going to research this one closely, and why Winston better not be lying about welcoming the scrutiny.

73 responses to “Jameis Winston says he welcomes scrutiny of his character

  1. Red flag after red flag after red flag. Jameis is lucky that he’s not in jail for raping the girl, but he’s a good footballer and he’s got a great big smile for the cameras.
    His agent has scripted everything and Jameis remembers his lines like he remembers his X’s and O’s. I still think he’s a very big risk.

  2. Jameis: hi I’m a good guy. I raped somebody but I’m young and I made some mistakes that I can’t own up to because I’m Jameis and I can throw a football. I’m a good guy!! Me me me me me me me……..

  3. “Bad guy or immaturity?” Licht said. “I’m leaning toward the latter.”


    I think it leans more towards the talent. If he didn’t have the talent you’d be telling people that you couldn’t take the risk that he’d continue his bad behavior.

    It’s like being rich. Rich people aren’t crazy, they are eccentric. Only regular people get put in instituations.

  4. What do you expect him to say, “please don’t ask me about my off-field issues”? And a lot of guys are still immature at his age but they don’t do half (if any) of the crap that he did. Due diligence indeed. There’s tons of red flags out there regarding this guy. Make or break moment for the Bucs. If he turns out to be a great QB and model citizen, they’re geniuses. If he flames out, they’re morons.

  5. “I love it,” Winston said. “I welcome it. They’re really going to find out the type of person I am. Character is not about what you do when you’re around people. Character is what you show when no one is looking.

    Uhhhhh….did you forget that when no one was looking you got accused of rape?

  6. If football doesnt work out he always has music He could call himself. Publix enemy #1. Whats worse is all the people who look the other way … School … Police who do work for boosters…..

  7. So raping a girl, shouting obscenities about women and stealing crab legs should show how great his character really is! I definitely would want this model citizen representing my team….NOT!!

  8. That’s because he doesn’t know what he’s in for. Someone goes through your past with a fine tooth comb, they’ll dig up stuff you had forgotten about or considered irrelevant.

    That’s like saying he welcomes an audit from the IRS. Even if you’ve done nothing wrong, no one wants to go through that.

  9. Please remember that every word out of his mouth was carefully scripted by his agent or pr guy and should not be automatically accepted as sincere. Manziel followed his script perfectly last year as well,

  10. Whats he going to say? “Oh god, please dont actually look into my character any further, it will only get worse!!”

    Its a job interview, of course he’s lying.

  11. I’d be much more concerned with 18 INTs in 2014 than anything.

    He put FSU in the hole with poor decisions pretty much every game last season, but for whatever reason no one is mentioning that.

  12. After one rape charge and the revelation that a 2nd woman needed counseling after “gods knows what the hell you did to her”…. I might be avoiding “scrutiny of my character”.

    Just sayin’

  13. So giving this guy millions of dollars will make him more mature,trustworthy and work harder ?? Ok , Got it …

  14. Dear Lovie Smith,
    As a long time Bucs fan, I implore you to draft Jameis Winston with the number one pick of the 2015 draft, as it will most assuredly guarantee your firing on or before Jan 4, 2016.

  15. Winston said he plans to win the Super Biwl next year. He’s a guy like Manziel who has no idea what the transition to the NFL means and how hard he’ll have to work to play well.

  16. The same personality that was screaming at his coach in the bowl game, for everyone on national television to see.

    This kid does realize he’s not fooling anyone, right?

  17. Bucs need to trade this pick. Stick with glennon, and get an offensive lineman or 2. The defense is set, just give glennon and Martin some time and the bucs will be good.

  18. With all due respect to Winston, he needs to realize that the better answer here would have been to own up to his idiocy, and admit that he’s got a lot of growing up to do. Daring scouts to “bring on the scrutiny” with his track record just isn’t smart.

    Character is who you are when other people are around AND when they aren’t around. How Winston treats other people reflects his character, whether he likes it or not. So whether it’s stealing from a grocery store, yelling obscenities in the midst of his fellow classmates during lunch, or something worse, Winston needs to realize that his track record is damaged, and he needs to fix it.

    I’m sorry, but if I was an NFL GM, I wouldn’t touch this guy with a ten foot pole. He’s a disaster waiting to happen, and his comments here just reflect the fact that he hasn’t owned up to his “immature” (to be kind) behavior. There are plenty of other QBs in this draft with the potential to be quality NFL starters. Winston is NOT worth the risk.

  19. Stealing crab legs while knowing he’ll likely be a high draft pick…..smart as a bag of hammers

  20. I actually think he’s able to change. People deserve 2nd chances and he seems like the type to prove others wrong.

  21. Jameis Winston is a known thief. I wonder how that’ll be handled in the locker room. That’s something guys have ZERO tolerance for.

  22. It would be a major shock if Winston doesn’t wind up on a police blotter within 2 years of entering the NFL.

    He has proven he gets in trouble time after time in the past. Adding a few million dollars to his bank account will only enable him to get into more serious trouble in the future.

  23. It isn’t like the guy cheated the rules of the game by deflating balls to give himself an advantage. Now that would be a bad reason to draft him.

    Oh wait…never mind…maybe New England will draft him, in which case it won’t matter.

  24. Did he or did he not rape that girl….?

    I just see him being like RG3… Good when the teams doing well… Trainwreck when faced with adversity…

    This dude won 95 percent of all the games he played right? Hows he gonna handle the media scrutiny of a couple 3-13 seasons?

  25. Based on his track record, I wouldn’t trust anything Winston says. He’s a hell of a physical talent, to be sure, but seems to have a faulty moral compass and has hardly been a model citizen. Draft him at your own risk, for his background indicates that he tends to play fast and loose with ethics, the law, crab legs, and women. Also, he will no longer have the FSU administration and the Tallahassee police department available to cover up for his alleged “indiscretions.” Good football player? Undoubtedly. Good human being? The jury’s still out on that one. The Bucs better get this one right, or they’ll be very, very sorry.

  26. “Character is not about what you do when you’re around people.”
    Ya.it kind of is. you got suspended for making an A$$ of yourself on the cafeteria table, with a whole lot of people around. (character flaw)
    “Character is what you show when no one is looking.”
    Ding ding ding, you got this one right. Except that you got caught stealing when you thought that no one was looking.(character flaw)
    you might want to be careful inviting scrutiny here brah

  27. Rapist. Sexual assaulted a woman, authority and people in power hid the crime for football reasons only. Good job America. In NFL, money and egos are first and manners and character are dead last.

  28. Again you guys are speaking about this guy as if he has real odd the field issues like being a known partier and drug user. The worst thin about him is his immaturity, but he can grow from that.

    As for the whole rape allegations, it has been proven through science that the accuser was lying and if anything, trying to extort money from a potential future NFL star (more stories have come out to support this as well). So go ahead and continue on your crusade haters to knock a 21 year old kid down (because I’m sure you were perfect when you were 18-21) because he will prove you all wrong!

  29. Character is not about what you do when you’re around people. Character is what you show when no one is looking.

    Actually, it’s both. I don’t care if you’re an awesome dude when you’re home alone if you’re a bad guy when you’re around people.

  30. Um, should be enough that he can’t say, “unequivocally the latter” in choosing between bad guy and immaturity.

  31. I’m more worried about all the times he threw into double and triple coverag. It’s his onfield decision making that scares me. I have no video of any off-field stuff, but plenty of game video.

  32. I think Winston is the more polished player on the field. He does have some immaturity issues but there are also some genuine character concerns. The Bucs have a problem if he is the pick even if he walks the line. He has a history and will become a target. Any woman alone with him could cry sexual assault and it would instantly be believable and subject Jameis to the potential exempt list until it gets sorted out. I think the league has refrained from slapping that tag on guys who haven’t been formally indicted but would Winston get that same level of restraint considering his history? Maybe, maybe not. Big Ben got suspended after the second accusation even though the first was shown to be a consensual encounter and a money grab by the woman who felt slighted. Winston is the better QB right now but if the Bucs pick him, good luck with that.

  33. Some people on here have a personal vendetta against this kid. What happens if the teams do their due diligence and find out Winston actually is not the boogie man?

  34. Character is also something that shouldn’t be assumed unfavorably sans proper understanding of the truth of who he really is. He’s opening himself up and inviting the opportunity for these teams to see what he is all about. Rather than guess at his character and be at risk of making incorrect interpretations of what they’ve heard, they should just accept his challenge and actually get to know him. He seems to be extremely confident that his character will check out, and often times when somebody is clamoring for a chance to prove their claims it’s because they know they have the goods and hold the cards to back it up.

  35. The way he waltzed around that grocery store you can tell he was trying to get away with something..

  36. If I own an NFL team, I tell my GM; “your job is riding on this. Draft Winston and he fails or has character issues, I fire you”.

    So, how many of you are willing to put your job on the line when it comes to Winstons character?

  37. So immaturity is better than just being a bad guy? Immaturity is not an excuse, it’s a character trait. You’re legally an adult, act like it.

    I’m sure the Browns have a lot to say about the flaws of “immaturity.”

  38. “…. if they do a hard, hard investigation into Jameis the person, they will find out that I’m a good guy.”

    This statement has me a little concerned because he speaks about himself in the 3rd person. Generally (not all the time) this is a sign if dissociative behaviour. That can mean that the pressure is getting to him and there is a mental breakdown OR that there is a genuine Sociopathic process going on where he sees himself outside of himself. That would make his so called “immature” actions justifiable in his mind and allow himself to not be held accountable for any of his bad decisions.

    It is also just possible he is Narcissistic believing himself to be far superior.. that is NOT the same as confidence as some are calling it… having a person like that on a team of ADULTS and not still impressionable college kids will end up badly

    If he is experiencing a temporary psychosis because of the pressure then he can get Rx treatment for that.

    IF however he is actually a sociopath (and that doesn’t mean a cold blooded killer for those who want to blow it out of proportion) that is a different story. If I were on the the Bucks staff I would certainly want a psychological evaluation before I draft him.

    Sociopaths have a difficult time dealing with reality and the consequences of their poor decision making process.. but I think Mike Florio can ask a professional about this to make it clear for everyone.

    To be clear… I am concerned by the way he referred to himself in the 3rd person ~ that does not mean he has any psychosis ~ but it should not be ruled out.

  39. Winston is indulging in damage control. What happened , happened. He needs to meet with the Commissioner and be told what is expected of him, that if he doesn’t meet those expectations, he will b disciplined AS if now, I think h’s going to have to convince a GM to take him. It’s possible that his stock in the draft might drop given his baggage, which is worse than Manziel’s. Then again, he looks like he’s a better QB. All things being equal right now. I’d take Marriota!

  40. I won’t pretend to know who the better prospect is, but it seems like the whole Winston vs Mariota thing is about who would be the better player day one, where the consensus seems to be Winston because Marcus would need a season or two to learn the offense. But it seems like ignoring red flags and going for a home run is more about a coach keeping his job than about the long term benefits for the team.

  41. Tampa Bay has a choice between a very very talented qb with huge character issues and a very talented qb with no character issues. Being a lousy franchise, the Bucs will select the former because they are oblivious to the concept of risk versus reward.

    Charming combine interviews notwithstanding, if Winston’s career is derailed by scandal who is going to be surprised? New England and Seattle can afford to take such risks, but if Tampa Bay gets this wrong they will wind up with the number one pick again next year.

    Bad teams should err on the side of caution.

    In any event, the best player in this draft is Leonard Williams, and you rarely go wrong selecting the best player.

  42. Love all the detectives and psychiatrists on this board. “he raped a girl” said everyone who never bothered reading the reports. Winston was only investigated twice, once by a proceeding that a temp president made up to get more feminist cred (seriously, check her hubbys political donations). State attorney has a soft spot for FSU? Please. Guy is actually known for being a hard ass with FSU players. His report shows someone more concerned with grades that a supposed rape where she changed her story multiple times (which is why some evidence was missed). So what do you have left? $30 shop lifting and having a BB gun where it wasn’t illegal to have a BB gun. Ooohh, scary.

  43. Only on PFT can you be accused of something, and your accuser change the story multiple times, have 4 or 5 different guys DNA in her underwear and people still claim that you raped someone. He is guilty of being immature and that’s it.

    Idk what happened but all of a sudden every football player that’s get’s accused of something must be stoned until proven inncent, and even one innocence has been proven, you must still spread lies to get a thumbs up or 2. Pathetic. I would have more respect for you if you said…

    “Hey im going to post false information about Jameis Winston to get a few thumbs up because I know the majority dislike him anyway..thanks in advance guys”

  44. “Love all the detectives and psychiatrists on this board. “he raped a girl” said everyone who never bothered reading the reports. Winston was only investigated twice, once by a proceeding that a temp president made up to get more feminist cred (seriously, check her hubbys political donations). State attorney has a soft spot for FSU? Please. Guy is actually known for being a hard ass with FSU players. His report shows someone more concerned with grades that a supposed rape where she changed her story multiple times (which is why some evidence was missed). So what do you have left? $30 shop lifting and having a BB gun where it wasn’t illegal to have a BB gun. Ooohh, scary.” -mykpfsu

    Spot on. The only positive outlook about Jameis on this entire page. Everybody turned into lawyers and police officers the minute they saw the headlines but as ‘mykpfsu’ noted, the only major case against him was 100% fluke. Yes, he is young and has made a few questionable decisions. And so have the rest of us when we were that age.

    But after what I saw during the combine and interviews he gave, I am truly impressed. I am a Tampa fan and have been split on Mariota and Winston until this past weekend. There is no doubt that Mariota is gifted. He torched the 40 yard dash, jumped for the stars on the vertical…but these traits dont necessarily matter running in a Dirk Koetter offense. Winston was extremely accurate on the majority of his throws at the combine and his leadership showed even when he wasn’t on deck.

    His 18 interceptions last year at FSU doesnt scare me like most. He took chances – I dont mind that. He also led more comebacks then I can count. The kid knows how to play when the lights are on. I know this sounds strange but Mariota’s 4 int last year scares me more. The screen game and Oregon concept played to his abilities. I cant hate that but I didnt see Mariota take many chances. Watch the career highlights of these two. 90% of Mariota’s are running plays. 90% of Winston’s are passing. The latter is the style that Tampa plays. On the flip side, Chip Kelly will be drafting Mariota and I would imagine he will do pretty well in that system.

    I like Glennon a lot but I dont think Tampa can pass on Winston. He will make this team better immediately. Good coaching and a good mentor (D Brooks) will put his face on the franchise for years. Now if we can only get some o-line help….

  45. a rapist and a thief look at his pattern of behavior

    now you’re going to give this guy millions of dollars and have him be the face of the franchise?

    how stupid can the Bucs be?

  46. Jamarcus Russell
    Vince Young
    Josh Freeman
    Brady Quinn
    Tim Tebow

    1st round drafted QBs who faded away quickly…. Winston will join this list within the next few years… So much hype for one so overrated!

  47. If not for a crooked local police department, powerful booster program with DEEP pockets, and a lying school administration more interested in the notoriety and money from a BCS championship than protecting women, Jameis would be in jail.

  48. Since when did one of these ‘character issue’ players actually pan out? Yes, Dez Bryant seems to have mellowed his act, and Dennard was a starter on the Patriots up to last year, but beyond that, the pickings are slim. He’ll slip down to the tail end of the first round, be the third QB selected, and then complain about having to sit for a few years behind someone who has actually won a playoff game, not just talked about it.

  49. I don’t know Jameis Winston but I really dislike him. He’s a thief and rapist. We live in America where thievery is not tolerated. Our country was built in the most purest of ways. Shame on Jameis and all other dishonest athletes. We live in the most honest and purest of countries.

  50. Tampa Bay Buccaneers select the hunting ground, from Florida State University. It’s a done deal, Winston will be a Buccaneer.

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