Report: Giants to tag Jason Pierre-Paul if they can’t reach long-term deal


Giants coach Tom Coughlin said last week that the team is “convinced” they want defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul back for the 2015 season and that the “goal” is for Pierre-Paul to play for the team until he retires.

In an ideal world, the Giants would secure a deal with Pierre-Paul that takes care of both those things. With a March 2 deadline to use the franchise tag fast approaching, however, the team may need to make a choice about how to proceed if they can’t agree on an extended deal.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, they’ve already made that choice. Schefter reports that the Giants will use the franchise tag to ensure Pierre-Paul remains in the fold if they haven’t agreed on a multi-year extension by next week. That would cost them about $15 million for the 2015 season and allow them to continue talking about a longer agreement until July.

Pierre-Paul has had some ups and downs in the last few years on the field to go with some injury concerns off of it, but he had 12.5 sacks in 2014 and is still just 26 years old. That makes it easy to understand why the Giants will do whatever it takes to keep him off the market as a free agent.

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  1. That’s funny the guy doesn’t deserve to be paid among the top 5 hot dog vendors yet alone defensive ends.

  2. Good player. If they think he’s that important, fine, but I wouldn’t consider him a top 5 guy at his position.

  3. As a Giants fan, i really haven’t seen enough to justify a huge contract for this guy.

    A great 2011, dreadful 2012 and 2013, and then a boom last year when they got to the soft portion of their schedule.

    Seems like they are still looking at him as what might be as opposed to what he has proven to be

  4. @bitw – it’s takes a good year plus to recover from back surgery. Ever think that he FINALLY started working himself past that injury after the mid point of last season?

  5. frankfortschooldropout says:
    Feb 23, 2015 8:02 AM
    But he shouldn’t play the ‘tag game’ with the Giants as Dez should with the Cowboys, right Florio?


    Florio supports players over owners. That’s understandable. He supports his own (Florio’s) interest. That’s what most people do. Players are more important sources for news media, and players are more tempermental than front office personnel, so Florio’s interests align with players over owners. I expect Florio at some point to write a post saying that Jason Pierre-Paul should follow Florio’s advice to Dez Bryant and play the “franchise tag game” to get more money out of the Giants like Florio wants Bryant to seek more money from the Cowboys.

    For fans, interests align with owners. I pay for tickets. I pay for ESPN and the NFL Network. I pay my cable network to have CBS, Fox and Florio’s NBC employer. I would like to pay less rather than more. The more cost pressure from higher player salaries, the more fans like me have to pay. If costs rise too much, then I will switch to other entertainment besides the NFL. If that means giving up NFL football on NBC, CBS, Fox, ESPN and the NFL Network, that’s fine with me. I already stopped following MLB and the NBA several years ago.

  6. Pierre paul only shows up during a contract year. If they tag him on a 1 year deal, they’ll get something out of him because he’ll be playing for his 2016 contract.

  7. Giants are stuck with this guy, period. He gets picked at #15 mistake #1 .Only played two years at DE and at small school.
    His best year 16.5 sacks is long ago, he factor in back surgrey shoulder issues and bad teams in 2014 and his 12.5 sacks are discounted. To boot, he takes plays off and gets out of position many times.
    Reese has no choice now, but if he can play {under Spags} all 16 games with his skill sets, then and only then is he worth maybe 10-11M.

  8. First of all, he is the best run stopping DE in the NFL. His pass rush skills are still very formidable but, I agree, not top 5 elite and the money comes to the sack artists. He’s close but not quite top5.

  9. He should come win another Super Bowl with the Pats. He owes us one. We all know the Giants are 2-time Flukerbowl Champs so JPP should come play with a consistent winner and greatest DYNASTY of all-time.

    #18-1 Just Made Things Sweeter

  10. He’s solid against the run. The Giants are rubbing up against the cap more than I thought they were. Everyone talks about Pinkie Manning’s cap number, but Eli is counting for 19.75M this year. As it stands, they don’t have enough to pay JPP’s tag.

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