Browns’ 2015 helmet to be “brighter” orange, feature brown facemask

The Browns revealed a series of minor logo and helmet changes on Tuesday, with two alterations to their helmets of particular note.

The Browns’ helmets will continue to have an orange crown, but the orange will be “brighter and richer,” the club said. Also, a rendering of the new helmet shows a brown facemask, not the gray facemask of a season ago.

The club’s logo lettering has also been changed to a plain block styling. Previously, the lettering had stenciling.

The Browns also have a new logo for the “Dawg Pound,” the nickname for members of the club’s fan base.

The Browns’ most anticipated design changes are still to come. The franchise will present redesigned uniforms for 2015 on April 14.

Finally, in other Browns uniform news, the club’s old-school elf mascot will now be one of its secondary logos, Browns president Alec Scheiner said Tuesday, according to Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon Journal.

[Logo courtesy of the Cleveland Browns.]

94 responses to “Browns’ 2015 helmet to be “brighter” orange, feature brown facemask

  1. Damn… they prob paid consultants full price to revamp their logos/unis too…. really… a brighter orange and brown facemasks?

  2. If the headline didn’t enumerate the changes, I never would have been able to say I saw anything different.

  3. Such anticipation struck weakened by just changing the facemask from white to brown.

    And an “elf” as the secondary logo is purely comical. It used to be the “dogs of Cleveland”; now it’s the “elves on Lake Erie”. What used to be the” dog defense” is now the “leprechaun leap”.

    And I suppose uniforms that will look like ghetto wall art with block-lettered grafitti.

    Just say it ain’t so!

  4. I didn’t think the Browns could find a way to do things any more perfectly than they already do and then, bam, slightly brighter orange helmets.

    Haslam….you’re a genius.

  5. They need to change their name to the bulldogs and rep the dawg pound. Makes no sense your called the browns yet your logo is an orange helmet.

  6. Word on the street is that the highly paid designer consultants recommended more tasteful colors and schemes, but the homeless guy/consultant told them that an even brighter orange was the way to go.

  7. Leave it to the Browns to promise change but deliver the same old crap.
    Not quite. “Brighter and richer” crap. Like after eating a couple of Flying J chili dogs.

  8. The new helmet looks good. I like the brown facemask. As a Browns fan, I’m used to subtle changes to the classic look.

    The only think I’m bummed about was the lead up to this. I was expecting something really new and different. And I was open to it. Instead of announcing there was going to be a change, they should have just announced the change, because the change is relatively minor.

  9. After seeing the rousing success of the 2014 Tampa Bay Buccaneers and their newly redesigned jerseys, why wouldn’t Haslam spend money on this?

  10. How does a person get the job as the “consultant” who designed this? Keep things pretty much the same but use a brown face mask thats it! Now write me that check!

  11. as a lifelong die hard Browns fan I approve of the change .

    Nike has ruined more unis with the matte finish and all the outrageous ugly looking unis ..glad they didn’t screw up my beloved Orange helmet .

    get the on field product straightened out and ..LOOK OUT !


  12. In their defense, they did say that they were unveiling UPDATED logos and not NEW ones. And they’ve released a statement saying that the uniform changes would be more drastic than the logo changes.

  13. The article doesn’t mention the other HUGE part of the helmet change: In a side-by-side comparison, the brown strip on the new helmet appears to be 1/3 to 2X the width of the old one. Woo Hoo!!! NOW I’M EXCITED!!!!!!

  14. The most boring city in America with the most boring franchise name continues with THE most boring logo update and uniforms ever. The City of Sadness continues to earn it’s nickname.

  15. I’m a Browns fan, and this doesn’t really excite me one way or the other. If they messed with it too much fans would be mad. If they did THIS, which is very little, they have to say something, I guess, so that people know they did something.

    What I would’ve liked would be for them to try to distinguish their uni from Cincy’s a little more. I would’ve gone darker. I guess “brighter orange” may be something that makes a difference. Probably not.

    As someone said, they probably paid a consultant millions of dollars for this.

  16. Can someone explain to me why the Browns would want to preserve and celebrate a look that has represented abject failure for 50 years?

    They maybe failures but they haven’t cheated yet…..something to think about Patricheat fans.

  17. …..also, starting QB, Johnny Manziel will be sporting brighter, richer red cheeks and nose, and his shoes will be curled up on the front.

    All kidding aside…I have always loved the orange helmet. Classic. I’m not a browns fan, but they should stick with the classic unis, and just find some way to freaking win. I know…easier said than done.
    Cheers, Brownie fans! Good luck!

  18. laces out says:Feb 24, 2015 12:05 PM

    when was the last time a uniform/ logo change was for the better?

    I can only think of one, and I’m not saying that I like the newer look, but the original Buccaneers
    uniforms were awful!

  19. They wanted to make more significant changes, but the rights to use the likenesses of the Three Stooges was cost prohibitive.

  20. So in addition to screwing up the draft every year, now they cant even get a helmet and logo change right. Lmao.

    I mean you cant even make this stuff up if you tried.

    First of all the gray facemasks were just idiotic and now the brown ones are just as bad. Why not white? You know the last time the Browns were good.

  21. Heres 2 ideas pick one:

    Add new logo to the helmets on both sides with a dumpster on fire with red yellow and orange flames. Click thumbs up for this idea.

    Second idea scrap these ugly colors and start new with new name and colors you know people would want to wear.

  22. Seriously? This is what the front office and personel are focusing on? This is like deciding to put a new roof on a condemned house! And they raised the season ticket prices to pay for all of this. They know that the loyal fans (and I am one) will pay the money because we love our team but the decision making is ridiculous here. And quit telling me we have the lowest ticket prices in the league! Of course we do, we are the worst team in the league! If they trade both first round picks for Mariotta I will be livid!

  23. 69goatboy says:
    Feb 24, 2015 11:14 AM

    “So, there I was with the Browns as they raised the Lombardi trophy.” ~ Brian Williams
    Yeah, he said he went 29/30 for 445 yards and 6 TDs.

  24. As a non-browns fan and self-appointed uniform policeman, Do you really want drastic changes to what I consider to be an awesome old-school uniform, Browns fans? Have you seen the Jaguars abominations? What about Tampa Bay? You like that mess? I think the uniform and logo re-designs that are happening are absolutely AWFUL. The best one I’ve seen is when the Bills went back to the old style logo and nice clean looking uniforms. Maybe I’m just old-fashioned….

  25. “They maybe failures but they haven’t cheated yet…..something to think about Patricheat fans.”

    You mean like illegal texting to coaches from staff watching the game in a skybox filled with HD displays?

  26. I’m going to hold my judgment until the jersey comes out. Please Almighty Spiritual, do not let them copy the design of the Pittsburgh Stealers bumble bee throw back jerseys.

  27. The Browns should be more concerned with developing a winning team rather than try to change the look of a losing team,putting lipstick on a pig makes them no less a pig.

  28. Still they pander to the old boring fans that love the old and boring. It’s like pandering to the old man who doesn’t like garlic powder, oregano, basil, salt & pepper…then you realize he can’t taste anything. The Broncos went drastic with their change – we need to go drastic. I’m tired of the boring. #GoBrowns

  29. New look, same losers.

    I guess the thought of having a brighter pumpkin helmet is going to take their minds off the 1st round QB sitting in rehab.

    Last place, and looking stylish..

  30. Perhaps Jimmy Haslem’s second finest moment as the Browns owner. The best was receiving the text from Johnny Football and instructing his GM to draft him.

  31. So basically a Tennessee native and graduate, who has a dad who is a huge financial backer to UT and brother who is governor of Tennessee, decided to change the colors to UT colors and the dawg pound to look similar to the animated pictures of smokey.


  32. As a life long Browns fan, this news just makes me wanna cry. Not that they’re messing with tradition, but that this is all they have to report about the team along with Johnny Rehab.

    I’d be waaaay more excited if the news said part of the change included a new owner! Throw in the front office and I’d be delirious!!!!

    I agreed that that when they came back they should have just dropped the Browns stuff and became the Bulldogs and start anew… the days of Paul Brown are gone forever. Surprised Art Modell didn’t do that back then when he canned the genius and set our destiny.

  33. How many people would have totally missed that any change had occurred without this announcement?

  34. Nofoolnodrool says: Feb 24, 2015 12:15 PM

    They maybe failures but they haven’t cheated yet…..something to think about Patricheat fans.
    Actually, they did, they got caught, the GM admitted it and apologized. I guess you were so distracted by the Steelers Super Bowl run and subsequent parade that you missed it?

  35. Why is everything so difficult for the Browns?

    If you can’t figure it out, just call OSU for help. Maybe they should just replace the entire organization with the one from Columbus.

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