DeAngelo Williams angry Panthers didn’t come to mom’s funeral

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When the Panthers did the inevitable and told running back DeAngelo Williams they planned to release him, it set the stage for a possible wave of good feelings for the franchise’s all-time leading rusher on his way out the door.

Williams, however, took the opportunity to complain that the Panthers didn’t appropriately support him last year at the time of his mother’s death, creating an awkward and bitter end to their relationship.

During an interview with WBTV’s Molly Grantham (a local news anchor who worked with him on past breast cancer events), Williams said he was stung by the Panthers’ lack of support, other than the immediate condolences of General Manager Dave Gettleman and coach Ron Rivera.

“That was the end. That was it. Nobody came to the funeral,” Williams said. “The owner didn’t reach out. He didn’t say anything. Never talked to me. Nobody upstairs ever talked to me. The only two people who ever said anything to me was coach Rivera and Dave Gettleman. . . . There’s nothing that coach Rivera and Dave Gettleman can do to me that will make me mad or make me hate them because in my darkest hour they were there for me. . . .

“I was upset with Carolina, because the last five or six years during October, [my mom] was celebrated, but then when she was no longer here — let’s move on. [I was] very disappointed, . . .  it stung to know that a place of business that you’ve worked for, you’ve bled, you’ve played through injuries, you’ve done everything you possibly can for this organization to be successful, and then upon your darkest hour, they let you, handle it by yourself.”

Panthers owner Jerry Richardson wrote Williams a letter at the time, but Williams remained angry about what he perceived to be a snub. That rift with the organization was part of the reason he stayed away from doing interviews this year, furthering what had always been a difficult relationship for Williams with the local media.

Richardson has traditionally been there for players, most recently flying to Charles Johnson’s grandmother’s funeral. Of course, when Richardson’s son Jon passed away in 2013, Williams wasn’t among the players in attendance at that funeral, such that calling the roll is appropriate.

But for all the support and promotion the team gave Williams during his mother’s fight with breast cancer, he apparently didn’t feel it was enough, clouding an otherwise positive career there.

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  1. If his moms funeral was local then yes, he has a point and there’s no excuse, IMO.

    You don’t need to hang around, just pay your respects and leave.

  2. Wait they paid him millions of dollars to play through injuries and stuff right? What is he rambling on about?

  3. Maybe it was a simply oversight and he should focus on how the Panthers celebrated his mom instead of who came to her funeral. This doesn’t fit the M.O. of the Panthers.

  4. As a Panther fan who respects DeAngelo I am just going to wish him well. But without getting into the drama of who did or did not do what, it has been apparent that his heart has not been in the game and he had retreated from any team leadership roles several years ago.

    Steve Smith being released shocked me but gradually I came around to understanding why it was done. This move is a no-brainer that everyone saw coming. Not necessarily due to his performance as much to the ridiculous contracts that Hurney gave DWill and Stew which have cap-cuffed this team for years. But his performance and age are clearly a factor also.

    We now have a GM that won’t hang onto players or overpay players. In other words the Panthers now have a “Bad Cop”. And Championships are coming.

  5. Welcome to the working world, DeAngelo, where employers generally don’t care for or about their employees (you know, the ones who make them money).

  6. He has some gall calling out the Panthers ownership for not showing up for his mother’s funeral when he didn’t bother to show up for the funeral of the owner’s son. He should keep that kind of stuff to himself.

  7. Ordinarily I would say get over yourself, but if the Panthers were using his mom for years to make it seem like they really care about breast cancer victims, then didn’t really do anything to acknowledge her passing, it kind of makes it seem like they were just using her as a public relations ploy.

  8. DeAngelo does have a point and a right to voice an opinion especially if Executives did attend other family funerals. However, this could be an oversight on Richardson’s part. He is easily one on the most philanthropic Owners and a genuine nice guy, unlike the major majority of ther rich, inherited fools.

    As for Mr Williams, get completely healthy and see you in a Miami uniform (hopefully) running angry like Steve Smith does for the Ravens. No better way to get even with your your gripe.

  9. Is he serious? I may be mistaken but doesnt the Head Coach represent the Panthers? I guess I should be upset the CEO of my company didnt give me a card when my mom passed. Good grief!!

  10. I would classify it as sour grapes. He’s angry that his Panthers career is over and now he must look for another job. Parting ways with your employer is never an easy thing to do. He’ll get over it.
    To say they were “using his mom” seems cold. Yes the NFL encourages support for breast cancer victims and I believe the Panthers showed support for one of their own. If DW is angry about that, where was his respect when the owners son passed ??

  11. After all the years, it is too bad it has been reduced to this. Yes the ownership should of supported, especially in his time of need. DeAngelo not going to the owner’s family funeral is a little different but I can understand where everyone is jumping on that one too.

    As for the Panthers, I do like the way they are being ran now. Getting rid of players when their prime has passed, reminds me of Bill Walsh and more recently Bill Belichick, they have a knack of releasing players when it is time. Walsh never had to worry about overpaying, no cap, but Belichick is a master at that too. It seems the Panthers are moving in the right direction, the only thing better would be to get a few draft picks instead of outright cuts but they probably did try and with DeAngelo’s contract, impossible.

  12. The Panthers organization does not strike me as having much integrity. Keep this in mind… Riley Cooper did not piss off Jason Avant but the Panthers did. Avant is a classy dude and the only thing negative I’ve ever heard about him came out of the Carolina Panthers mouths. I recall Steve Smith being bitter. Seems to be quite a pattern here.

  13. So sorry to hear about your Mom and the lack of interest by your employer. We still love you in Memphis and you are always welcome to come home. You are a classy man and we are honored to have had you play for the U of Memphis.

  14. DG apparently has his own take on this story. I read another article that provided details that made me much more sympathetic with Williams. Not sure this is a fair depiction of the situation.

  15. Goes back to an old saying….

    Some things are better left unsaid… This is one of those times.

    We are only getting one side of the story. I think the Panthers organization probably has done a lot for Dwill and his family over the span of his career.

    Losing a parent is hard, I lost my dad last year but I didn’t expect my employer to attend his funeral. May be a little different being the Panthers are a smaller business but if Jerry Richardson wrote a hand written letter, I’d say that has more meaning than a text or an email as Jerry Richardson is from a different era.

  16. Obviously Williams is not happy with the decision. I cant say I would act much different.
    He had a good run. I think he will mesh with another team well and have over 1000 yards and 10 touchdowns.

  17. Obviously Williams is not happy with the decision. I cant say I would act much different.

    He had a good run. I think he will mesh with another team well and have over 1000 yards and 10 touchdowns.

  18. Let’s not jump to conclusions…like it or not, D-Will’s mother died during the draft. While the draft isn’t more important, it would be the equivalent of asking all of your bosses to attend your mother’s funeral during financial reviews (insert important business meeting/ conferences)the NFL is a business…I’m sure if this happened in June, it’d be a much different story. And, let’s not forget all that Jerry Richardson did for Greg Olsen and his newborn baby when he needed heart surgeries…Richardson provided his private jet to the Olsen’s and even went to Boston to make sure they were getting the proper medical advice. Olsen even named his kid after Jerry Richardson, so obviously, Richardson does care about his players. And, also, don’t forget about Thomas Davis and how the Panthers remained loyal to him after 3 ACL surgeries in 2 calendar years…there was no guarantee that he would come back. They kept him under contract anyway. Name me another franchise that would do that. Sour grapes? Don’t know, but we’ve only got 1 side of the story.

  19. Seattle did it for one of their draftees who was diagnosed with a disease.. So he could get medical benefits. But other than that, dont hear about stuff like that going on. I lost both parents (luckily, doctors saved my brother) but I never assumed my co-workers and bosses would come to their funeral.
    They did express their sympathies when I returned to work. That’s all I expected though. Maybe he was expecting a little more from the team. I can see both sides. Heal and try to move on DW! Obviously your fans care 🙂

  20. Meh… my guess is this is largely misplaced emotions at losing his mother too young. I cannot imagine how tough that would be. I’m guessing a few years down the road, he might have a different perspective.

    All you people trashing him in the comments are cold, man.

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