Michael Sam wants to try out for NFL, but may dance instead


Michael Sam insists he wants to continue to try to make it in the NFL, and wanted to attend the new veteran combine to try to create that chance.

At the same time, he might have created himself a scheduling conflict.

According to TMZ, the former Rams seventh-round pick has signed on to be a part of the next season of Dancing With The Stars.

Work on the show’s 20th season begins next month, and filming begins March 16.

That’s a week before the league’s inaugural veteran combine, which will be March 22 in Arizona.

He said he’s hoping for an invitation, so it’s unclear if his decision to trade his cleats for dancing shoes means that request has been declined, or whether he’s simply hoping to work around his television schedule.

46 responses to “Michael Sam wants to try out for NFL, but may dance instead

  1. DWTS pays $100k per episode as the contestant advances.

    Better money than being on a practice squad.

  2. Do you give the PFT censor a head’s up before you post these kinds of articles, or do you just do it and then laugh at all the swearing coming from his office? In any event, my condolences my friend!

  3. At least Tim Tebow could play before he started his media career.

    Tim Tebow should have been picked up by arizona.

    If Michael Sam decides to go Dance with the Stars he can kiss his football career good bye.

  4. All dancing jokes aside, if you want to be a football player, be one. Do what every other guy who gets passed over time and time again does. Work. Stop listening to your PR manager who’s telling you that you need to stay relevant. You want to know how to become relevant? Work.

    If you want to be famous, keep doing what you’re doing but know that what you’re doing is one of the main reasons you’re not a going to be a football player.

  5. When you have as little talent as this guy does, you’d better be willing to commit 100% to football if you want a team to show interest in you. I don’t really watch the show, but I have a feeling you need to be spending a lot of time dancing to have a chance on it.

  6. Makes perfect sense to me. The NFL is his dream and he will do whatever it takes to make his dream a reality, including DWTS. I get it. I just don’t understand why everyone else doesn’t see the link crushing tackles and dancing. Just like lifting weights.

  7. He keeps proving me right when I said he’s more concerned about being a celebrity than an actual quality NFL player. It all begin with his “look at me!” interview stating his sexual preference when no one cared.

  8. How is he a “star”??

    Or is he going to be one of the professional dancers on the show? That would make more sense

  9. Dancing with the ‘Stars’? Well, he is not a star football player, or even a famous one.

    Just what is Sam a star of or famous for?

    Rhetorical question. I already know the answer. He has an emo-attention complex. I’m getting ready for a Sally Fields moment when he breaks down on DWTS sobbing, ‘You like me. You really like me.’

  10. There is no way the NFL would decline to invite him to the veteran combine. No way. I think this tells us what we already know. He is interested in being a star, whether it is on the field or off of it.

  11. Direct quote from Sam: “…I will continue to push myself every single day and do whatever it takes until I can earn another roster spot.”

    Then why note hone your skills in another league? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with going to Canada or exploring minor league options in the U.S. This gives you the opportunity to further work on your craft while giving scouts and GMs a lot more tape for evaluation purposes. I’d love an explanation as to how appearing on DWTS gives you better odds of snagging an NFL roster spot that getting more football experience.

    This is similar to what Tebow did. He couldn’t make it on an NFL roster, and refused to swallow his pride and work his way up the ranks. That’s fine. I support both Tebow and Sam in the decisions they’ve made. But they shouldn’t be surprised when NFL teams don’t trip over themselves to sign you or come to the conclusion that fame is more important to you than football success.

  12. With all his side show antics he can’t understand why he can’t get a try out…AZ Cards were desperate for a pass rusher all last year as were many teams and the circus that comes with him isn’t worth it!

  13. “I just wish you guys would see me as Michael Sam the football player, not Michael Sam the gay football player,”

    *Plans Oprah documentary/reality show*

    “Like every player out there working to make a team right now, my focus is on playing football to the very best of my ability”

    *Goes on Dancing with the Stars*

  14. I’ve always pulled for Sam, but I can’t say he’s always given me the impression he was “all in” on the NFL.
    He had a reality show lined up before he even stepped on the field last year, and now this. Can’t say I blame him for trying to cash in, however if he’s trying to sell himself as being “all in” for the NFL, this isn’t the way to do it Sam.

  15. Gotta love it. Dancing with the stars will push it as having the “first openly gay NFL player” dancing, then people see his age and start wondering how long he played? By week 3 they will ask if he isn’t in the league because he’s gay rather then because he chose to dance rather then work out and practice. Thus trying to put more pressure on the NFL to force a team to sign and start this untalented hack

  16. Dude would not have been drafted if he hadn’t played the “gay” card. All this political correctness led to a team wasting a pick.

    Kid never should have been offered a chance to be in the NFL because he simply isn’t good enough.

  17. Oh I get it he is a “Star” because he was on the Dallas practice squad for a few weeks and the helmet has a…….

    Go ahead and dance dude cause football ain’t calling you.

    Maybe you and Tebow could do a show on the NFL Network say Sunday mornings at 3am…….the fans would come a running…..

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