Ravens begin process of trying to get Ngata to take a pay cut


We noted a couple weeks ago that Ravens defensive tackle Haloti Ngata may have to take a pay cut if he wants to stay in Baltimore this season. Now the Ravens have begun the process of trying to get Ngata to agree.

Ed Werder of ESPN tweeted this morning that an unnamed source told him the Ravens have made a “very good offer” to Ngata. Presumably, that means an offer that the Ravens view as “very good.” Presumably, Ngata disagrees with the characterization of the offer as “very good” or else Ngata would have agreed to it already.

Werder also notes that Ngata is 31 and was suspended four games last season, two facts that the Ravens are surely pushing as they attempt to explain why one of their best players of recent years should have to take a pay cut.

If Ngata were to play the 2015 season under his current deal, he’d make $8.5 million. It seems unlikely that the Ravens will go for that, which means Ngata would get cut if he refuses the “very good offer” the Ravens have made him.

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  1. He will come over to the Right side and join the patriots…….bring on the new Football year… Superbowl 50 will be Tom Brady’s number 5!!!!

  2. Ngata to the Pats for league minimum; just for the honor to play with Brady. Money means nothing to him when offered the chance to play with the acclaimed greatest human of all times.

  3. Bears need a fat guy for the nose in the 3-4. There’s going to be a market for him. He can still play. Maybe not 8 per year, but it will be there.

  4. Doubt he’ll end up a Patriot. Outside of the fact that like most Ravens he hates the Pats, they’re not going to cough up 8 mil a year for Ngata. Some other team will overpay him.

  5. One would hope that Martin Mayhew is paying very close attention to this situation which could be a sensible Plan B if the Suh situation doesn’t play out favorably.

  6. Great player. If the Ravens offered him anything less than 5 million per year he should ask to be cut / traded.

    Sure he isn’t a high profile pass rusher but still a very solid player. When I first read this I thought his tag would be closer to 10 million, 8.5 million is not crazy money for a guy of this caliber.

  7. As with every raven who is getting on with their career, from Suggs to Lewis to Ogden, they all restructured their contracts to remain Ravens. No one is indispensible and if he wants to stay a Raven he will do what Suggs did. If not then he can walk. for the Flacco bashers, Flacco’s contract has been very cap friendly and as that increases, no doubt Flacco will restructure. That is how teams can afford to keep key players unless those players want to go, then they are free to go.

  8. Before anyone starts, I’ll clear up any misinformation. Joe’s cap hit has nothing to do with Ngata’s. Joe’s cap hit for this season is the 15th highest among QBs. A relative bargain.

  9. Have to think that Ngata leaving the Ravens would be a blow to their defense… Suggs and Dumervil were invisible in the playoff loss to the Patriots, but Ngata showed up.

    Also have to think that there would be other teams out there willing to cough up 8.5M for his services.

  10. @xinellum – Good points! The only thing that I disagree about is players “wanting” to leave. It’s the other way around. The Ravens keep every player they want, if they think they are worth the price.

  11. “Before anyone starts, I’ll clear up any misinformation. Joe’s cap hit has nothing to do with Ngata’s. Joe’s cap hit for this season is the 15th highest among QBs. A relative bargain.”

    I am sure you will appreciate that I let you say that before I started.

    It is not only about cap hits. There has to a sense among the team that players are treated equitably, not equally.

    Flacco’s contract not only wasn’t equitable within the team, it required the Ravens to cut guys and to demand others take pay cuts so he could make top dollar.

  12. Love all you fans of other teams comments. Ngata, is great, when fully healthy. Problem is, he rarely is fully healthy the longer his career has lasted. He has been injured quite often last few years. He tried playing lighter, still got injured and pushed around some. Tried heavier, still got injured. Makes me wonder whether PED have him breaking down.

    At 31, with his best years way behind him, he is not worth anywhere near $8.5. My guess is the Ravens offerred a 3 year extension, total of around $12-14, with $1.5 to 2. signing bonus this year to make this year’s total around 9 to 9.5 this year alone. This deal would get his average number down to $4.5. Last 2 years would pay him a couple mil per season.

    He’ll always be in my Ravens HOF for breaking Ben’s nose on national tv.

  13. Besides just wanting to stay a Raven, I see no reason why Ngata would take a pay cut. He would have his choice of other teams that would pay handsomely for his services.

  14. Why would anyone want to live anywhere near that garbage city of Baltimore? Run while you can Ngata…

  15. It would be worthwhile for the Steelers or Bengals to overpay a little, as they would be doubling down on the Ravens loss.

  16. Not that big of a problem for the Ravens. Tim Jernigan is ready to step in if Ngata doesn’t restructure his contract. Plus, they will then have money to resign McPhee or Forsett.

  17. The fact is Ngata has the highest cap number, 16M, on the Ravens. There’s no way the Ravens can let that stand. The Ravens are pretty solid up the middle in their defensive line. While I’m not sure he’s being offered a pay cut (as was mentioned), his contract has to be restructured to reduce the cap hit.

  18. Oh, and to the Pats and Steelers fans, please check your team’s salary cap situation before making remarks about your team acquiring any free agent. Only the Saints are in worse shape, salary cap-wise, then the Patriots and Steelers. If Ngata goes for more money than the Ravens can offer, then look for him to sign with Colts or Browns, who have money and a coaching connection (Pagano and Pettine).

  19. The play the Ravens got when Ngata was out was better than expected. Ngata is a great player, but with the Ravens tight against the cap he will restructure or he will be gone.

    Having said that, I expect him to get his 8.5 this year. Look for a new contract where the base/bonus is 8.5 and the remaining years are long to allow a spread of the bonus.

  20. Ryan Clark is in my all time HOF for knocking McGahee into 2020. We went to the bowl and won it while he rehabbed.

  21. no way does he take less…maybe the same spread out….but he knows he will get paid by another team if the Ravens want to play that game

  22. A playoff team like the Packers could use him.
    He doesn’t have to sign with teams that have cap room and few wins.

    The Ravens have to be careful on this and suggest a trim and not a haircut.

    You don’t appreciate what you have until it is gone.

  23. I can’t come up with one single good reason for him to come to Cleveland, but I should would like to have him.

  24. Interesting that the Pats and Ravens should be having a VERY similar situation regarding their top interior defensive lineman’s cap number of $8.5MM. Both will be trying to get their player to take a significant pay cut. (say half) Both seem unwilling at this point.,

    Vince is 34 to Hali’s 31 so that is a significant difference. On the other hand, except for that single Achilles injury, Vince has been the more durable player. Vince managed to play about 74% of the teams defensive snaps. He played well, but not to the elite level of previous years.

    His play certainly doesn’t justify that $8.5MM cap number. If something isn’t worked out, he will be released after 6/1. I’m not qualified to evaluate Ngata’s play, but judging from what I’ve read, most Ravens’ fans seen to see a similar kind of drop off.

    It would be interesting if both guys ended up playing of the other’s team next year. Probably for the money that would have kept them on heir own teams. I think it would be a good thing for both teams to let see what their market will bear, and THEN come back.

    They BOTH have to know that neither team can sustain that cap number not matter how great their past play has been.

  25. What good are these contracts? Teams use these big numbers as leverage to get players to sign and then don’t wind up paying it out in so many cases. I am surprised the players union doesn’t make this a priority to change when the time comes.

    The game would change completely if contracts were fully guaranteed and were for appropriate amounts of time. Todays contracts are little more than a documented gentlemen’s agreement.

  26. If was one of these guys I would try my luck somewhere warmer get away from the frozen north, it might be better for their bones and extend their careers if they still have the passion for their craft. Both these men are a credit to their clubs and will always be treated like kings when they came back to visit their old stomping grounds.

  27. The Ravens have been a very good team for a long time making multiple playoff appearances so I’m not going to question how they go about their business. However Ngata shouldn’t take a pay cut. He still can make very good money on the open market.

    If the Ravens were to cut him I believe they take a cap hit of $7.5 million. Right now he counts $16 million against the cap.

    So yes they save a lot by cutting him but Nagta can still command a nice 3 or 4 year deal on the open market and he walks away with that $25 million signing bonus from the Ravens. Additionally the Ravens will still need to replace Ngata so they may not save all that much by cutting him.

  28. I love all the turds who take zero time to look at the contract structure of Flacco but mouth off about it.

    Ngata, not Flacco, is the Ravens highest cap number this year. Flacco’s contract was ALWAYS written as a three year deal with this year being the last of those three. It 100% WILL be addressed after this season. The Ravens are not going to pay him a base of $18 million next year. Flacco’s $14.5 cap number this year is lower that Ngata’s $16 and just over Webb’s $12.

  29. 1.) Those that don know, its not the 8.5mil he gets this year thats the issue. Its the 16mil in cap space his deal takes up.

    2.) Restructuring/extensions are not really pay cuts. Just lengthening the contract to lower the cap/year hit while ADDING money. He’ll get additional guarantees and in the end he’ll make MORE then his current deal.

    3.) Not ideal, but the Ravens can live without Ngata. B. Williams and T. Jernigan can hold it down. With 8mil in cap savings its possible moves could be made to find aditional replacements in FA.

    4.) Flacco cap hit has little impact on the team. Its not massive or outrageous compared to qb’s around the league. Counting flacco’s CURRENT deal we still project near 50mil in cap space 2016 season. (That will change with FA’s signings & draft but not by much unless oz acts uncharacteristically this offseason)

  30. is this guy worth paying? he expects us all to believe he took adderall because he was feeling sluggish bc of home life and balancing it? i call bs! he had to be having problems in his own game he recognized that were glaring enough he had to take an upper to keep himself able to play at an nfl level. everyone says its for focus etc. yea right. it gives you an inner surge that keeps you going even if you dont feel like it. gimme a break. this is going to be his tenth season. it seems completely possible hes running on fumes at this point.

  31. They’ll convert his salary into bonus money on a new 3-year deal and he’ll make $15 million over the next 3 years if he plays all 16.

  32. Work it out Ozzie

    Pittsburgh’s defense went down hill when Casey Hampton left. Never been the same.

    Same thing will happen to B’More.

  33. I’m sure this has nothing to do with the fact that the Ravens have to pay Flacco a cap hit of $28.5 million next year and $31 million the next in what Ravens fans are convinced is his “team friendly” contract

  34. You’re right joesixpack it has nothing to do with Flacco’s contract. This is this year, next is next. Everyone knows his contract will be restructured next offseason just like every team does every year with franchise players. Get a clue.

  35. Work it out Ozzie

    Pittsburgh’s defense went down hill when Casey Hampton left. Never been the same.

    Same thing will happen to B’More…………………………Except the Ravens have Jernigan and Williams. Jernigan will put up Aaron Donald numbers or better.

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