Mike Adams: I want to stay with Colts


Safety Mike Adams made it to the Pro Bowl for the first time in 2014 and the 11-year veteran said that playing in the Colts’ system had everything to do with that trip.

Adams said that he’s thanked Colts coach Chuck Pagano and defensive coordinator Greg Manusky because “they let me play” without worrying that a trip to the bench will come if he makes one bad play. It’s little surprise, then, that the impending free agent told Mike Florio on Wednesday’s PFT Live that he wants to stay put in 2015.

“I want to stay a Colt. I want to end my career there,” Adams said. “I want to call it quits there. Obviously it’s a business and they have to make a business decision as well as I do. I hope they do everything in their power to keep me. I’ve been reading the news, they got a lot of money left over there.”

Pagano said at the combine last week that he fully expects Adams back with the Colts. Indianapolis has already released LaRon Landry and Sergio Brown is also set to become a free agent, so Adams’ departure could leave the Colts with a lot of work to do in their secondary this offseason.

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  1. Maybe it was Mike Adams who noticed deflated balls, just like D’Qwell Jackson.

    Oh, wait a minute. Jackson never said the ball felt deflated.

    How did that rumor start? Who leaked that error to the press?

    Surely not the Colts! We know they never lie! Just ask coach Pigano.

    He said that kind of lying would be


  2. Grigson’s name will always be tied to “deflategate” and its his own doing, likely prodded along by Irsay.

    A franchise that should have Andrew Luck as its brand instead has Irsay and Grigson.

    Colts fans can kid themselves all they want but any other business would can a guy like Grigson and move on to the company’s best interest.

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