Money the most overlooked factor in Adrian Peterson drama

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Much has been said in recent days and weeks regarding whether running back Adrian Peterson will continue to play for the Vikings if/when he’s reinstated.  Fueling the speculation that Peterson may not be back are comments from Peterson suggesting hesitation to return, quotes from his father regarding a perceived lack of support from the organization when Peterson tried to return to football after resolving his legal case, and an altercation between Peterson’s agent and a Vikings executive (which may have been overblown).

Lost in the what-will-Adrian-do drama is the one factor that routinely is the biggest factor in matters of this nature:  Money.

The Vikings owe Peterson $12.75 million in 2015, with his 30th birthday looming.  What other team would pay him that much, especially after giving up whatever the Vikings will want in picks or players?  The more he’s worth financially, the more he’s worth in trade.

And so in the same way Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch may be leveraging uncertainty to shake plenty of money from owner Paul Allen, the guy whose exploits are verbally chronicled by a different Paul Allen could parlay these odd circumstances into an assurance that he’ll get every penny he’s scheduled to earn, this year and maybe next year, when he’s due to make $14.75 million.

It’s easy for Peterson to muse about getting a fresh start.  It’s harder to seize on that fresh start if the fresh start entails a lot less cash.

What about Peterson’s perception that the Vikings, through recently-promoted COO Kevin Warren, worked with the league to keep him from playing in November or December?  It’s easy to understand Peterson’s frustration; in lieu of fighting the charges pending against him in court, he accepted a plea deal in the hopes that it would get him back on the field last season.  It’s entirely possible that someone in the league office decided in September that Peterson wouldn’t suit up again in 2014.  If that’s the case, the Vikings weren’t participating in the making of decisions about Peterson; they were simply (and wisely) going along with the wishes of the league.

Peterson eventually may see it that way.  Making it easier for him to do so could be the raw dollars-and-cents differences between what the Vikings would pay him to return, and what another team would pay him to leave.

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  1. Guy is a duchebag. His sons testicles were bleeding than others tried to justify that it’s part of “black culture”. Go away.

  2. The Vikes are holding the cards here…..They will decide where Mr. Peterson plays next year, not the other way around people.

  3. I have made mistakes also! Not as severe as his, but everyone deserves another chance after he’s paid his court sentence! Packer trolls, remember Mark Chumara!!!!

  4. He’s a PR nightmare. No other team will pay him anywhere close to that if he was traded or cut. And the Vikings would be fools not to try and get his pay way down this year.

  5. as a vikings fan i like AP, but no other team will pay what he’s due, ($12.75million) including the trade bait they gotta give. which ultimately means he’ll be a Viking in 2015 with a restructured deal

  6. They will cut him. No RB is worth $25 million over the next 2 years. Especially not a RB over 30 years old.

  7. The Vikings would be Foolish to not Pay Him! He is the Real Deal and has 5-6 Great Years left or More! Truth is that he will be a key piece in future Super Bowl Wins!!! Skol Vikings!!!

  8. If you look back on every Adrian Peterson thread you’ve had since last season there are hundreds of comments that say this. It’s only been overlooked by the media for some reason, I guess.

  9. Adrian has to understand what he did was wrong and simply stop playing the victim card. You may not want to be in Minnesota but with what you will be getting paid you should stay because no one else will even come close to the dollar amount you want. AP, as a Viking’s fan myself I think you’re an amazing running back and a model citizen, you made a mistake and you have to understand the reality of it. Instead of acting like a selfish brat you should be thanking the organization for paying you last year (your full salary) and wanting you back this year. #SKOL

  10. This has been exactly my point all along, the Viking fans are clamoring for the child abuser’s return, all the while failing to take into account he will count $15 million against the salary cap. $15 million can get you a number of other players on the FA market once you get the prospective FA’s to overlook they will not be playing in any meaningful games in Dec and Jan. After all, that didnt’ seem to stop Craig Jennings.

    Recognizing that the Vikings will likely be paying double over what he might get on the open market, you might figure Peterson would stuff leaves in his own mouth, zip it and come to camp.

  11. No one is going to pay ANY running back $12+ million ever again. Peterson holds no cards here. No one is going to trade a lot for a 30 yr old RB, even him. No one has that kind of salary cap space. Peterson can’t retire, as he would have to pay the Vikings $1.5 million in bonus pay. I doubt with his 7 baby mamas, that he has the cash laying around. His best option is just show up and play.

  12. If anybody would stop and think about what this sick coward did to a little boy, money wouldn’t mean squat.
    1. Strip down a little boy that just turned 4 years old. He stands up to about your lower thigh.
    2.Make him cry and shake with fear.
    3. Go break a branch off of a tree.
    4. Strip all of the leaves off of that branch and stuff them into your little boys mouth. Through the tears and snot.
    5. Start wailing on the little fella until his legs are bleeding and you’ve ripped open his scrotum. Your little boy is probably not even screaming any more. He is probably just quietly sobbing and wondering what this world is all about.
    6. Now that you’re feeling like a man, maybe snort some blow, have a little sex party, and maybe even knock up another woman. Can’t have enough kids. They are great to have around.
    AP makes Ray Rice look like Man of the Year.

  13. I don’t get the part about Marshawn Lynch “shaking” money from Paul Allen. Paul Allen has nothing to do with how much money is paid to players, nor even which players are signed. That’s up to John Schneider with Pete Carroll input.

  14. The Vikings should just part ways. You can’t have a RB that is almost 30 counting $15.4M against your salary cap and expect to have a team with a lot of depth. The Vikings stand to save $13M vs against the cap if they release him. He only counts in $2.4M in dead money this coming year and none after that. No running back should be counting that much vs your cap. Let him walk. As a Packer fan I hope they dish out the money.

  15. of course, lost in all this is that his case was not “resolved” – he is on probation. One slip up and he is back in court in Texas…you do the math.

  16. Start to finish, how could AP handle this any worse than he has? If he simply was contrive and apologetic, the state of MN would have embraced him emphatically. Without full contemplation, and maybe only counsel of his wife, he quips to an ESPN reporter on how he wasn’t fully supported. Seriously, you have to pay, at least in face, penance for your mistakes. That is all it takes. Just man up and understand the world you created. Make this adversity yours.

  17. And considering the stance that Radisson took in their sponsorship with the Vikings, it is about more than Petersons contract as well. The cap money is first and foremost, and the leverage the Vikings have here, he almost has no choice to take any “restructuring” deal the Vikings offer and then play out the year.

  18. The Vikings are saying they want Peterson back, but I’m not buying it. And, I don’t think he wants to play there either. The good news is that money always flushes out those who are bluffing.

    If I were Adrian, I would go back to Minnesota with a big smile on my face and tell them how happy I was to be back. Then, when they ask me to take a pay cut, I tell them to get bent. At that point, the Vikes have to make a tough choice. Do we cut him and get nothing for him when he signs with Dallas? Do we try to trade a salary that no one will go for? Do we just pay him?

    AD should just play it cool and either collect a huge paycheck or, more likely, force the team to do something they don’t want to do.

  19. Lol. Everyone saying he shouldn’t be in the nfl for what he did But if he decides to join a certain home team just watch those fans all of a sudden love the guy.

  20. I am glad that Lynch is with the Seahawks and while AP is a great talent, he is no Lynch…..Sure, Lynch is weird about press coverage/interviews….He is devoted to helping kids in his home town, he is a great teammate that has their loyalty and he gives the fans all he has on the field, each and every game……

    To compare his efforts to secure an extension and deservedly more pay as the king pin of the offense of the Seahawks to AP’s situation is just unfair…..There is no comparison. If asked which of the two you wanted on your team, I suspect most everyone would go with Beast Mode…….

  21. You make money coming in LAST in this League.
    Why have a problem child ?

    Bad apples are tolerable when the powers that be have jobs in jeopardy. No jobs to be lost in Mn for a few years.

    Thus…adios AP….

  22. The Vikings have had only 1 winning season since 2006. AP needed Lord Favre to get their only playoff win since the 70’s.

    Since it’s a fact that you can’t win when AP is on the field, why on earth would you want to keep him?


    Kids (is)

  23. How about AP comes to the Eagles.
    How sick would that backfield be, McCoy, Peterson and Sproles….
    I know it won’t happen, but damn, that would be a nightmare for any other team, except you know, the fact that every play, would be, well, a run

  24. I am certain all of this back & forth is posturing by Peterson, and his blood sucking agent. That said, there is no way I’d pay him 12 million plus to play next season. If he thinks he can get that much elsewhere, let him try.
    As a Vikings fan, I’d like to have him back. But I wouldnt play the game he is playing to manipulate the team. He is seemingly forgetting the Vikings are a TEAM & its not all about 1 player.
    Offer him a fair contract, and go with that. The Vikings have stood behind this man. Not every one would have done that.
    As of late, he really hasnt shown team loyalty.
    Firm but fair.

  25. What Vikings need to know is he as good and does he still have the desire to play if yes pay him. Adrian you were a bad boy it’s not the Vikings or anybody else’s fault but yours.

  26. There is no drama, as a Minnesota Viking 4life, simply put-if Adrian Peterson no longer wants to be here after all the Minnesota Vikings organization and the Minnesota Vikings fans have done for him……………leave, and don’t let the door hit you on the way out…

  27. The Vikes could easily pull a Barry Sanders vs the Lions here. There will be no trade. You will not be going to Dallas. You either play for us or we will accept your retirement.

  28. Time for the Vikings to move on. We aren’t winning this year and he’s not part of any long term plans. Bridgewater has to be the man in Minnesota now. Build for the future.

  29. As a Viking 4life since 1968 after eveything the Minnesota Vikings and the Minnesota Vikings fan base has done for Adrian Peterson, if he wants to leave-leave. Adrian Peterson was paid millions and millions of dollars to stay at home and contemplate why it’s wrong for a grown man (one who is pound for pound one of the strongest men in the world) to beat on a four year old. What were the Vikings supposed to do Adrian? You and whoever does your thinking for you need to leave town, you were a hero and you had life made-now your just a royal pain in the ass……..

  30. Marshawn Lynch “shaking” money from Paul Allen. Paul Allen has nothing to do with how much money is paid to players, nor even which players are signed. That’s up to John Schneider with Pete Carroll input.

    Last I checked, Mr. Allen signs the checks!

  31. I see posts that says the Queens has the leverage and AP will have to restructure and play, I see it as AP has the leverage; he tells the Queens which teams he’s willing to restructure for and they deal with those teams only. If not AP doesn’t restructure the Queens would have to either pay him or cut him and get nothing. The Queens are on the hook with that contract not AP.

  32. These domestic issues are an incredibly complicated thorn for the NFL and the teams that have to deal with these players.

    Both AP and Ray Rice went through the legal system and came out with results which were unsatisfying, it seems, to the general public. As a husband and a father I’ve never hit my wife or my kids, so in that sense I don’t find either of these guys to be the victims of anything.

    But I also don’t feel that they should be banished from the league for one incident. Redemption is a far more powerful and positive force, to me, than finger wagging and hypocritical moral judgement.

    So, I’m fine with these guys getting a second chance and being on a short leash. I hope they’ve learned their lesson and are better people, husbands, fathers, for it.

    Having said that, the NFL has to get on this and figure out how they’re going to handle these situations moving forward. Guys shouldn’t just be held in limbo because Goodell is afraid to make a decision because of public backlash.

  33. What no one is talking about is the fact that team sponsors started to threaten when it looked like Peterson was going to be back on the field last year.

    That’s when everyone (the league and the Vikings) started to panic and went back on their word.

    The question to be asking is – how are Viking team sponsors going to react this fall if Peterson is back on the field??

  34. Money has not been overlooked. What has not been discussed much is a lack of fan support for AD. The latest Star Tribune poll shows fans supporting getting rid of him 51 to 49 percent

  35. They will trade him and he will agree to restructure. He will get more signing bonus this year and next and three/four years out. its all about capturing the next two years of cash…

    2015 9.0 mill 3 .5mill signing bonus
    2016 8.0 mill 4.5 mill signing bonus
    2017 10 mill 2.5 mill signing bonus
    2018 15 mill 1.5 mill signing bonus

    12 mill in signing bonus plus each year is doable 4 year can be voided that how he gets his second year in his pocket for sure. and a team that can swing it.

  36. The Vikings need to part ways with Peterson. Take the money saved and give it to players with expiring rookie contracts (Harrison Smith). If you can trade Peterson, trade up and get Gordon and Parker. We all know Spielman likes to trade and take multiple players in the first round. You get rid of a headache in Peterson, get younger and pay the players that are the future of the organization. GET IT DONE!!!

  37. With all due respect, I don’t think anyone paying attention to this has been overlooking the salary Peterson is due if he returns to the Vikings, and how big an issue that is.

    In fact, I’d be willing to bet that’s what Ben Dogra and Rob Brzezinski ended up getting into a heated argument about.

  38. The Vikes can afford to pay AD his full salary this year and I think they should, the threat of him in the backfield will take a lot of pressure off of Bridgewater. If it looks like he’s doing downlhill then after the 2015 season they can address the RB situation.

  39. I thought this would be easy. I am going to ramble on this subject, but please bear with me. As a lifelong Viking fan Adrian is the best back we have ever had. I put him actually only a few ticks above Robert Smith who ended his career way too early and shocked the world when he did so. However what Adrian did off the field cannot be ignored. I am a man that forgives people because none of us are perfect; however the way he has handled this whole situation as well as his antics that he is doing now show me that he has not learned anything from this and flat out doesn’t care. At a time when he should be humble and apologetic he is coming out and blaming the organization for not sticking by him and playing the poor me card. It’s hard to respect anyone that goes this route. The organization stood by you and heck was even going to play you in week 3 until all corporate partners said they would pull their contracts. The organization moved you to a never used commissioners exempt list when they could have flat out released you and you would have suffered the same fate as Ray Rice.
    As an organization that has more than 1 hole to fill they cannot spend a huge portion of money at one spot. If Adrian was serious about winning a championship and staying in Minnesota he would restructure his contract so they can fill more holes and he will still get PAID. But after all I mentioned above I don’t think he cares. Good luck wherever you go but I think with or without him we are going in the right direction.

  40. I don’t think either the league or the Vikings wanted to see AP back last year. The league was still reeling from the Ray Rice scandal, and the Vikings had already lost sponsorships, and would likely have lost others had AP made an early return last year.

    AP should know and understand this. The NFL is an entertainment business, emphasis on the latter word. You don’t make decisions that cost you money. AP should know this.

    He should know that beating your kid when you’re a high profile player in a high profile business is bad for business, among other things. He should know this.

    What seems to be lost in all this is that AP doesn’t see this whole situation is his fault for beating his child. He should know this. But he doesn’t.

  41. I think the Vikings are stuck with him. He’ll never be the same. His attitude will be in the toilet.

  42. AP is coming back! From the Wilf’s – Spielman – Zimmerman, they will all have a talk with AP and things will be back to normal! Money is the thing that is keeping it all together! AP knows that he won’t get paid the money other teams will pay as to what he is paid now!

    The rift between his agent and vikings brass is just a smokescreen! Venting right now and will make up later!

  43. He wouldn’t get half that amount from another team. At that price I’m surprised the Vikings want to keep him. He was slipping even before he got suspended.

  44. From purely a football point, bringing him back is an easy decision. AP staying is an easy decision for him as well.

    You can’t trade him right now. No market, plus his salary. You can afford the salary cap hit. You bring him back for 1 year and see what he does. If he tanks (doubtful), you release him next off season. If he does outstanding (he will) you either restructure his contract or look for a trade. He will have redeemed himself and actually have a market for trading.

    If you’re AP, you mumble and grumble that you don’t want to restructure (they all do it). But you play your best this season to show the world you are still the best. Then, if you really want to, you demand a trade.

    I honestly don’t pay attention to the fact he’s turning 30. He is not your average RB. He is a freak of nature when it comes to athletic ability. Nothing, and I mean nothing, would indicate he can’t play another 3-4 years.

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