Packers expected to ditch their old-school alternate uniforms


Maybe the Packers will ask their fans to switch the yellow wedges of foam cheddar on their heads for a slightly brighter yellow cheddar.

Yeah, never mind, that’s crazy. Who would ever sucker a fanbase with a stupid marketing ploy like that?

While the Packers probably aren’t ever going to mix it up too much, some change in uniform could come this year.

According to Jason Wilde of, the Packers’ five-year window for wearing their ugly (my word, not his, he’s nice) throwback uniforms is over, allowing them to create a new alternate third jersey.

While it’s unclear if they’ll just slide it one block over on the Pantone chart like the Browns did yesterday, no one is expecting the league’s most traditional franchise to undergo an extreme makeover.

They haven’t changed their basic look since the mid-1980s, but there are signs they’re planning to ditch the old navy blue Acme Packers jerseys and mudhole brown pants, which they’ve worn as alternates since 2010.

League rules allow teams to choose alternate uniforms for five-year blocks, and the Packers have put the blue jerseys on the clearance rack at their team store.

Teams can wear alternates up to three times a year, though the Packers have only worn them once per (thankfully).

Hopefully they don’t get too far afield — someone in the league needs to look normal, we’re talking to you Tampa Bay — but there will doubtless be enough of a tweak to sell more gear.

Which, of course, is the only reason teams have alternate jerseys to begin with.

56 responses to “Packers expected to ditch their old-school alternate uniforms

  1. Obvious marketing ploy aside, I’m a fan of alternate uniforms. I think each team should be allowed to have three uniform variations, and even helmet color variations.

    The NFL has gone to a more monochrome look in the last 10 years or so, where teams will wear all white or all dark, which I think is boring. Let teams be more creative.

  2. Why the surge over the past ten years or so in throw back unies, unless, of course, it is part of NFL 101, i.e., maximize revenues?

  3. Beyond selling more gear, this move is probably additionally fueled by the rule saying players can only have one helmet. The Packers used to wear awkward dark brown on top of these old ones.

    So the new alternate will probably fit in with the yellow helmet/green facemask.

  4. Please, dear God, someone convince the Steelers to give up the ugly bumblebee throwbacks. They’re worse than anything the Packers wore.

  5. I didn’t think the Packers’ alternate uniforms were that bad. Not as bad as the Steelers, what with their striped shirts and square numbers, which is probably the ugliest alternate unis around. Of course, the best looking alternate unis are the Patriots’ original red-white-blue unis with the white helmet with Pat Patriot on it.

  6. the Packers old school uniforms will still better than the purple they wear across the river, skollllllllllllllllllllllllll

  7. I didn’t mind the alternates. Never change the classic traditional jerseys, but for the alternate do something like Oregon’s just once a year. It would sell big.

  8. They won 8 of their Super Bowls in these uniforms. It was quite a scene dissing prohibition and dancing the Lindy..

  9. Speaking as a non-Chargers fan, I think the league should mandate that the Chargers wear their their throwbacks every game.

  10. They may not be pretty but they are not ugly. They are a way of honoring the past, like when people could call Washington the Redskins without someone getting butt hurt.

  11. Yeah, never mind, that’s crazy. Who would ever sucker a fanbase with a stupid marketing ploy like that?

    I know it’s a rhetorical question (Packer fans won’t know what that means), but the answer is obvious and has to do with “stock”.

  12. 1. The old jerseys aren’t ugly. I find them bold, striking, and classic.

    2. The jersey design is a major piece of NFL history, dating back to 1929, that modern fans get to see on the field thanks to them being the Packers alternates.

    Is there any group of sports journalists with more disdain for the history of the sport they cover than football writers? If we could adopt one thing from the culture of baseball, I would vote for the reverence for history.

  13. Nice jab at the Browns’ pathetic attempt of a marketing ploy yesterday. You almost don’t notice a change – I mean they didn’t even bother to use a Revolution or Schutt helmet. Sadly, you know they spent millions on that change, which they could have simply paid off my house and I’d have been find giving them the same thing.

    The Packers could use a nice alternate uniform. The Packers haven’t had a big change to their uniforms, and alternate uniforms are a great way to change without actually changing.

  14. Some say the jersey aren’t ugly? They’re not hideous like the ones the Steelers wear, but they are indeed ugly. Just because they’re a “major piece of NFL history” is doesn’t mean their easy to look at.

  15. Hey trolls, selling stock is NOT suckering the fan base. Everyone who bought that piece of paper was well aware that all they were doing was making a donation to their publically owned team. We know the deal even if the lesser evolved folks in this section think something sordid was going on. Its not like in MN where we are being forced to partially fund a new stadium, we chose to make the donations.

  16. I would love to see them “throw back” to long-sleeved jerseys, grey face masks, and black shoes. And as long as we’re at it, the original “G” logo on the helmets. What a visual feast that would be.

  17. I think the alternates are awesome, but agree it doesn’t work as well with the yellow helmets.

    If they have to make a change, something from the 40s or 50s era would be a nice change of pace.

    It’s nice to be able to cheer for a team with such an awesome history.

    #13xworldchampions #rebirth #restoreorder

  18. …..the 60’s uniform were the absolute coolest….they epitomized the tough, blood ‘n’ guts Lombardi packers….especially the face masks…

  19. I am a fan of the throwback uniforms worn by the NFL teams. I even like the awful ones that the Steelers and Broncos have worn. In case you forgot, teams started wearing the throwbacks during the NFL’s 75th anniversary season. I like that some teams have kept wearing throwbacks each year. As for Green Bay’s Acme Packer uniform? I liked it. The big problem for Green Bay in changing their throwback jersey is that Green Bay hasn’t changed their uniform much since the 60’s. You have some minor changes like removing the “G” from the sleeves, change of the stripe on the pants and the time in the 80’s when there was no “G” on the helmet, otherwise you have to go back to the Blue/Yellow(Gold) uniforms of the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s.

  20. I think this is ridiculous, apparently the author of the article doesn’t seem to understand those uniforms were worn as a tribute to championship teams and players from the past. That’s a GREAT tradition that the GREATEST FRANCHISE should continue and NOT for the fans but to recognize and honor those great players of the past title years!!

  21. “Yeah, never mind, that’s crazy. Who would ever sucker a fanbase with a stupid marketing ploy like that?” – DG
    The "stock sale" was pure brilliance. What'd the Packers haul in – $67 million? Smart on the part of management and a way for a fan to contribute to continued success for their team.

  22. I thought it was a fun third jersey. It’s not like they weren’t a part of the Packers history (they obviously were) and it was nice that they were willing to share that history with people who may or may not know about it. One of my Packers jerseys is the blue and yellow jersey which goes along with the green and white, and yellow and green jerseys that I have. Will be sad if they don’t use them anymore!

  23. Pack fans should hope that alternate players come pre-filled into those alternate jerseys. Maybe they’ll get a batch of good players possessing some sort of mental and physical stamina.

  24. The Packer uniform with the gold circle on the jersey front is from circa 1929. Those Curly Lambeau Packers won three NFL championships in a row, 1929, 1930 and 1931.

    In the 1950s, they seemed to change uniforms and color schemes nearly every year or at least every other year, probably to try to stimulate fan interest, because those Packer teams were pretty bad.

    In the 1950s, they seemed to alternate between a medium green and old gold, to a dark green and white, to a dark blue and gold–until 1959. White jerseys were usually worn to provide contrast but were not required.

    George Halas refused to have his Bears wear anything but their traditional Navy Blue. I still recall a game at the old City Stadium in Green Bay when both teams wore dark blue jerseys. The Packers had gold helmets and pants, and the Bears had dark helmets and white pants.

    Not long after that, television and the League required one team to wear white.

    The problem the Packers have in changing the present c. 1929 throwbacks is that the next era in which they were any good was when Lombardi got there in 1959 and changed the uniforms to basically what they still are now.

    I hope they keep the Acme Packers theme, even if they can’t stay with the brown of the old leather helmets.

  25. A photograph is the only way a Bears or Vikings player would ever see the front of Nelson’s Packer jersey. Their players are accustomed to seeing him from behind….a lot…while running as fast as they can.

  26. Since it’s not a rule that the alternate jersey has to be a throwup/throwback, I hope theytry a modern design. Maybe put some black accents on both the jerseys and pants.
    Glad there was a Packer story today so that Teddy, Crown, Fariani and others had a reason to live.

  27. Green Bay’s throwback uniforms weren’t bad, the Steelers throwback uniforms were bad.

  28. My big complaint with the leagues throwback uniforms is that both teams don’t wear them in a game. You see the Packers wearing their uniforms against some team wearing modern day uniforms. To get the real ‘throwback’ experience, both teams should be suited up in their classic threads. Then it would look more like an old-timer game…

  29. Duffynmu–SOME teams won’t have throwback uni’s to celebrate past champions ’cause they ain’t had any. Packers didn’t wear’em just to show past colors–they wore them as a tribute to PAST champions, something ALL teams should do–the League champions their historic past including great players and teams, what better way than present teams wearing those colors and uniforms? And some uniforms might cause problems if BOTH teams wear’em if the colors are similar enough to confuse differences. Of course-nobody could mistake those old “bumblebee” uniforms of Steelers–but unlike too many others–I thought they were great as alternative for a game each year.

  30. I actually liked the ACME throwback, representitive of a team that was undefeated if I remember correctly. But it just seems like they always played really well in them, but then again, they always wore them at home where they play amazing anyways.

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