Nelson Peterson mentions three teams as potential destinations for Adrian

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Officially, the Vikings can now speak to running back Adrian Peterson. Unofficially, it sounds like multiple teams have been talking to someone.

On Thursday, Adrian’s father, Nelson Peterson, told Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press that the elder Peterson has heard “rumors” of three potential destinations for Adrian.

“I’ve heard rumors, Arizona,” Nelson Peterson told Tomasson. “I’ve also heard the rumors of Indianapolis and the Colts, going there with a quarterback the caliber of [Andrew] Luck. I’ve also heard the Cowboys, coming back home with the Cowboys, behind that offensive line that they have.”

Nelson Peterson didn’t say who he heard the rumors from. All three teams make sense, and they mesh with rumors that have been making the rounds in league circles for the past few months.

Regardless of whether Adrian ends up in Arizona now, Nelson has strong feelings about where the Cardinals currently would be if they’d taken Adrian eight years ago.

“Arizona had the opportunity to draft him and they didn’t,” Nelson Peterson said. “They had an opportunity to take him in 2007 with the No. 4 pick and they went and picked Levi Brown. If they would have taken Adrian Peterson, then [quarterback] Kurt Warner would probably still be playing and they probably would have numerous Super Bowls.

“Can you imagine [Adrian] with Kurt Warner and with Larry Fitzgerald in his prime? Oh, man, Arizona would probably have a couple of Super Bowls by now.”

With Adrian turning 30 next month, the window toward being a key piece of a Super Bowl contender is closing. Before he leaves Minnesota in search of a team that may be on the doorstep, he needs to ask himself whether the Vikings may be laying the foundation to get there, sooner than later.

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  1. “Can you imagine [Adrian] with Kurt Warner and with Larry Fitzgerald in his prime? Oh, man, Arizona would probably have a couple of Super Bowls by now.”

    Dad… Please shut up..

  2. I think the Colts would be the most dangerous team with AP on it. Andrew Luck is really, really good. Not sure if Carson Palmer or Tony Romo stay healthy for a full 16 game schedule again. And the AFC a much easier conference – especially the AFC South.

  3. If he went to the Cardinals they would be tough to beat. Just build up the O-Line.

    Cowboys he would run wild, and Colts would sure be fun as well.

    Either way I am excited for AP to tear up the league next year.

  4. It is pure revisionist history to say the Cardinals should have drafted Peterson. They had just signed Edgerrin James to a large deal, Leonard Davis walked and signed a huge deal with the Cowboys and they desperately needed OT help. Levi Brown made perfect sense at the time. It’s another thing that he was a terrible player but hindsight is 20/20.

  5. Pffft Arizona — the Vikings had Adrian, Christian Ponder, and Percy Harvin in their prime.

    Multiple Super Bowls were predicted .. by the Vikings brain trust around here.

  6. Arizona, Ha! — the Vikings had Adrian, Christian Ponder, and Percy Harvin in their prime.

    Multiple Super Bowls were predicted .. by the Vikings brain trust around here.

  7. Yes the foundation is very much being laid in Minnesota for a SuperBowl run this year or next. The D will get better. The O will be better with AD playing and 2nd year of Teddy. Teddy already is the 2nd best QB in the NFC North.

    Our overpaid DE wanted to go to a winner and stepped down to Chicago.

    If it gets to the point after a lot of talking Vikings feel they have to trade AP they will get the most out of it AND if they feel that AP has really done a number on them they just might return the favor a deal him to a real winner like Jacksonville, Titans or New York Jets or Oakland.

    Here is to hoping that AP and the Vikings work it out. He will certainly get paid more in MINN than anywhere else.

    One last thing. FIRE GODELL !!! FIRE GODELL!!! FIRE GODELL!!!

    NO MORE dictatorship rule.
    NO MORE reactionary decisions.
    NO MORE disrespect for players and cities.
    NO MORE 3rd grade bullying attitude.
    NO MORE false sincerity on issues.
    NO MORE hiding behind the shield to protect his poor leadership.
    NO MORE making the NFL the laughing stock of the major sports when it comes to leadership.

    NO MORE show this man the way out owners.

  8. Trade him to AZ. The Cards are close. They have an awesome head coach and Fitz will be in the mix. Who’s gonna be the QB though? AD will make any QB look better. What are the Cards willing to give up?

  9. In my unbiased opinion (really) I’ll tag the Lions as a sleeper team if Suh doesn’t get signed.

  10. The only time AP ever got close to a Super Bowl he suddenly developed a severe case of fumblitis in New Orleans, so forgive me if I conclude his father is full of it.

  11. If Adrian Peterson is going anywhere it’s Dallas. It would be the one thing that could justify letting Demarco Murray go. Even if Peterson went to the Colts their defense would still be a joke and Arizona could be a decent destination but A.P has already talked to Jerry. Bottom line is it will either be Minnesota or Dallas that A.P. winds up at.

  12. “he needs to ask himself whether the Vikings may be laying the foundation to get there, sooner than later.”

    Lolz what a laugher. The Vikings won’t sniff the playoffs any more this year than they did last year.

  13. This is the man who taught Adrian Peterson it was ok to use a switch as discipline/punishment for a child.

    Anything he says should be taken with a grain of salt and most likely dismissed!

  14. Arizona would be nice, but the Cardinals are still trying to make some cap room. Colts seem more likely than any other team because of Andrew Luck and having Peterson in the backfield will fill the void the Colts offense has lacked for the last couple of years. It also helps the Colts playoff success compared to the Cowboys.

  15. As a Cowboys fan, let me say this……


  16. Do the Colts and Cowboys suddenly have $15 million in free cap space? NO? Then Peterson isn’t going there.

  17. OK, red flag for any team considering any player: do you occasionally hear from their father about their prospects or situation. If so, don’t hire them.

  18. Too bad Minnesota drafted him and he ended up with 1 playoff win across his entire career (so far)! Such a wasted talent…but that’s what happens when the worst organization in the league drafts you. We’ll all be saying the same about Teddy Bustwater in a few years!!

  19. Why is Nelson Peterson even in the headlines? Didn’t AP say that he was raised in the enviroment of getting whippings? Since he was it would of started with his father.

  20. Ever since the drama started in September, I’ve been upset with the Wilfs for their failure to champion their franchise’s face and the US Constitution by defending the legal process & rights (that all of us have) and not letting the social media lynch mob and Roger Goodell’s blatant lack of leadership dictate Peterson’s future and standing.
    Don’t get me wrong, he did a bad thing, but I believe that a court of law (and the prosecutors) determined what the best way to punish the behavior was.
    At that point, the matter should have been settled, Adrian should have issued a more formal and forthright apology while also taking some steps to ensure better parenting practices, and he should have been allowed to play football again. Instead, Little-Man Goodell continued to inflict his tiny thumb on the situation and applied, as a judge’s ruling today confirmed, an erroneous suspension.
    All the while Zigy and Mark Wilf stood by with their hands in their pockets and let this happen. I kept asking myself, “Why?” It finally dawned on me. A year and a half or so ago they were found liable of fraudulent behavior in New Jersey in a sort of racketeering scheme. It was news for a day or so (at least nationally). No word from Roger Good-ol-boy on any retroactive application of punishment for something that happened before any NFL policy applied to the Wilfs.
    Pardon any hypocrisy (I recognize that I am making an accusation using a social media platform) and if a court of law or other reasonable proof can be provided that my accusation is unfounded, I will rescind my accusation and wholeheartedly apologize to the Wilfs, but I believe that the reason the Wilfs refused to defend Adrian and continued to let Roger Badell assert his commissionership on the situation is because he made it clear to them that they owed him a favor for not dishing out punishment for the racketeering scheme. I further my conspiracy theory with the claim that Kevin Warren’s promotion to COO is nepotism for letting him play the scapegoat as the person who didn’t want Peterson to return last year.
    I understand why people are so upset with Peterson for what he did. I am a father and would never switch my child and couldn’t imagine ever drawing blood. However, I also have taken the stance that Peterson was naive to how wrong something like that is and believe that he’s beginning to understand that just because he was raised that way doesn’t make it right. All-in-all, I believe Adrian and believe in 2nd chances. Furthermore, I believe the public’s knee-jerk, social media behavior where everyone seems to sniff the 1st fart they smell and decide that the person ate cheese is becoming one of this generation’s downfalls and think it plays a big part in this problem.
    Peterson has no leverage in a trade: No one is going to pay him what the Vikings are contractually obligated to pay him and they have him under contract for 3 more years. Likewise, I believe Zimmer’s and Spielman’s public comments that they are fully committed to keeping him. He only gets traded if the Wilfs can’t convince him they’re sorry … and at this point, especially after another “throw-Adrian-under-the-bus” statement today, maybe a trade isn’t all that unlikely after all.
    Keep Calm & Adrian Peters On
    ‪#‎Skol‬ ‪#‎VikeGang‬

  21. Adrian, stay with us in MN. Take a shot at something nobody has ever done…win a super bowl that you host!

    It’s a slim chance, as any team winning the super bowl is, but we’re closer than any team has ever been. We have an amazing foundation that’s going to improve in this draft.

    Achieve the impossible for the first time in history!

  22. 1. Adrian’s dad needs to STHU. It’s getting old.

    2. The Vikings have problems at OL, WR, LB, FS and no sure thing at QB. Plus, if AP is gone, you can add RB to the list. They are a LONG way from contending for Super Bowls. With GB in their division, they’re going to be doing nothing but struggling for wild cards for the next 5 years.

  23. Nelson needs to acquaint himself with the the fact that: (1) the Vikings solely control where AD’s playing for the next 2 years; and (2) a soon-to-be 30 year old running back with a surgically repaired knee isn’t highly sought after on the open market regardless of whom he is.

  24. If I’m the Vikings (I’m not, I’m a guy named John) I simply ask Adrian “Are you going to play for us?” If he says anything other than “Yes”, I send that childish bastard to Jacksonville for a 5th Rd Pick. If Jacksonville says No, I literally work up the Draft Order from 1-10. If everyone says No, then Adrain stays. Truthfully, I am an one of his biggest fans, but I hate entitlement.

  25. Is Adrian’s Dad the guy who raised him with a switch? Nice parenting role model…
    Has someone got some ductape for this guy or is he the auctioneer?

  26. Through all of this listening to AD, his dad, wife and even mom I have come to one conclusion. Education has not being emphasized in that family now and for awhile. #SilenceIsGolden

  27. The answer is later. Much much later. 60 yrs and still waiting for that first championship. But hey, they always win the preseason bowl. Gotta count for something…

  28. So he’s saying that the Cowboys, who don’t want to spend a lot of money on Murray, will now want to spend a lot of money on Peterson?

  29. Wheres he going to go without the Vikings getting a haul in return for him? He’s under contract, the ball is in their court. If he doesn’t want to play with them then he’ll be forced to retire or pay fines for not showing up. There is nothing he can do. So if anyone wants him they’ll have to anty up. The Vikings don’t “need” to cut him for salary cap reasons. And no team anywhere is going to pay him 12+million this year.

  30. Wait was it suggested in that last paragraph that the Vikings might get to a Super Bowl before the Cards? That’s funny!! Before the Colts, or Cowboys? That’s ridiculous!

  31. I don’t think he has any inside information. Those are the same three teams everybody talks about as potential trade partners. Hopefully, they’re all interested and we can get a bidding war going.

  32. Bye, bye Vikings. It’s better off. Vikings got a great new coach, new defense and looks like a very good quarterback in the making. I thank Adrian takes away from all of them. Get some legit receivers instead and Reggie Bush.

  33. The Vikings are definitely laying the foundation for a Super Bowl contender. This year would be a little early, but they should be really good in 2016. I just wonder if having Adrian on the team would slow the progress down. He may play well this year but it’s all downhill from there. I’d prefer getting a high draft pick or two for him this year and getting a lot of extra cap space, which will fill some holes a lot faster.

  34. He will have no choice in destination unless he wants to stay in MN. Vikes will pay more than anyone else and if he demands a trade he is finishing his contract for an AFC cellar dweller of the Viking’s choosing.

  35. I am Adrian Peterson’s biggest fan but I would take the Cardinals first rounder for him right now. As long as they paid his whole contract. Take BPA at #11 and then get Melvin Gordon or a top MLB at 24th overall (Arizona pick).

  36. He just said he had heard rumors that is not in the slightest an inside point of view; if he said he heard something about those teams maybe but saying he heard rumors is just the same as all of us.

  37. I can assure you that the Kansas City Chiefs are not one of the three teams.
    They already have the leagues best RB in history and he is a future HOF.
    In addition, the Chiefs organization has too much class to bring in someone like Peterson. The Chiefs simply do not accept the kind of person that Peterson is.
    Lastly, Peterson would know he isn’t welcome from day 1. The leagues best fans would show Peterson what they think of a CHILD ABUSER.
    The Chiefs want brave men on the team, not cowards that beat children

  38. The Cowboys don’t need another aging back with a high salary….go get a young rookie to run behind the best line in football. At this point anyone could rush for 1000 yards behind those beasts.

  39. Doesn’t this guy ever shut up? Too bad AP’s kids won’t ever have a Dad so close, what with all having different Moms and separate living arrangements.

    Seriously, if the Cowboys can’t afford Murray, how can they afford AP? Is he going to play for peanuts, just to show the Vikings? Bad news though for Justin Forsett. He just got shoved down the list. If Indianapolis signs AP, it takes one of the big cap money teams off the table.

  40. So, basically what we’re seeing is, if you want to win a Super Bowl you have to leave Minnesota; but it’s a great place for one last payday before you retire. Got it.

  41. they might make it again but they will NEVER win a super bowl, skolllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  42. Can’t blame dear old dad for wishing. All 3 teams are better than the Vikings.
    Arizona: Just freed up some cap space & have almost 7 million available for 2015. Peterson is due to make $13 million is salary with Minnesota. So is he willing to take a 50% pay cut as things currently stand? I don’t think so.

    Indianapolis: Have already cut $10 million off their cap for 2015 & will have about $40 million available to spend! But they’ve been burned recently on a high-profile RB trade (Richardson) and might not be willing to give up much in terms of draft picks for an RB on the wrong side of 30.

    Dallas: Already has a stable of their own free agents they’re trying to resign & if they can’t afford to pay Murray, what makes them think Peterson will come any cheaper? The Cowboys have about $14 million in cap space currently but still have to pay Dez at the very least if if they don’t keep Murray or any of their semi-talented free agent LBs. Peterson is not a likely landing spot unless Jerry reverts to his old ways.

  43. Both Petersons need to shut the hell up. Hes under contract with the Vikings, Nelson. He can play for the Vikes or tender his retirement a la Barry Sanders.

  44. I cant imagine Jerry being foolish enough to drop the leagues leading rusher who is a young stud for a guy who while im sure is still great, but is also on the backside of his carear…. right? Right?? RIGHT????

  45. Those are big words from the father of the guy who fumbled away his best chance at one with Brett Favre!

    Nelsons memory must not be very good.

  46. I consider the Cards my NFC team and man that would have been awesome to watch with Warner, Fitzgerald and Peterson.

    But out of three I’d think they’re the least likely. Can’t decide if the Colts or Cowboys are more likely. Both are really good fits though.

  47. Colts make the most sense. He could win a Super Bowl next year with that offense, provided they can make some moves on defense. Getting Suh would be a good start.

  48. Man. Wish we hd him on m’PACKAS too! Would probably help MY GUY ROGERS, who seems to be falling off his game the last few years. Lacey is fine, but no ap. Rogers needs to throw less at crucial times so we can hang on to win big games. Good qb but I don’t trust him anymore. GO PACK!!


  49. I get the feeling that Nelson is enjoying his fifteen minutes of fame.

    Nothing like a good game of “if’s and’s and but’s” to generate a little more attention to yourself.

  50. I heard rumors that his dad heard more than rumors. But thats just a rumor.

    What a joke. This guy lost a step two years ago. Ya he has yards because they run him 40 times and twice in that span he breaks one for 30 or more. It add’s up. He ain’t what he used to be.

  51. “Can you imagine [Adrian] with Kurt Warner and with Larry Fitzgerald in his prime? Oh, man, Arizona would probably have a couple of Super Bowls by now.”


    No. He would have fumbled them away like in the 2009 NFC Championship

  52. Of course, Vikings will win Super Bowl soon with or without AP. We can sense it’s coming, especially with Zimmer’s defense. It will be extremely good starting this year and forward.

  53. Of course, Vikings will win Super Bowl soon with or without AP. We can sense it’s coming, especially with Zimmer’s defense. It will be extremely good starting this year and forward. Defense wins Championship!!!!

  54. It’s got to be Dallas right? They haven’t re-signed Demarco and they’re not tagging him. It’s getting down to crunch time. You don’t think Jerrah was at least waiting to see how AP’s court case worked out.

  55. All of these Nelson Peterson stories make me think of the scene from Scary Movie where the girls are walking and notice the news cameras. They talk about getting on tv and one of them says, they only want to interview the most ignorant person they can find. Then it cuts to “Shorty” (marlon wayans) getting interviewed saying stupid stuff. At this point Nelson Peterson is Shorty…

  56. Not sure why we are listening to Nelson Peterson for insight. I don’t think I’ve heard anything from him in ten years. Now, all of a sudden, he has the inside track into his son’s career?

  57. You would almost think that Nelson Peterson owns the rights to AP, not the Vikings….although it’s possible he is traded, my gut tells me he stays in Minny, especially with that contract…no one in their right mind is touching that…

  58. I can hardly believe it, Nelson Peterson sounds as delusional as any Viking fan. To suggest that if Arizona had only drafted his son along with Kurt Warner would have resulted in “numereous Superbowls” is the height of delusion.

    BrINT Farve is twice the Qb that Warner ever was and his son played with him for two years, how did that work out? Oh yea, his son fumbled three times in their only NFC championship game and didn’t even make the playoffs in their second season together. But then again, it was the Vikings so we have to factor that one in.

  59. He heard “rumors” from idiot reporters that have nothing better to do than speculate about nothing. As if this guy has a clue to what’s going on. No one is going to trade something worthwhile for a 30 year old running back. The Colts GM is dumb enough, but has nothing to trade since he already gave up a 1st rounder for plodding Richardson. He’ll be on the Vikings next year. Watch.

  60. I think his leaving the Vikings is already a foregone conclusion. Peterson’s actions damaged the Vikings team (reputation, paying him not to play) more than anyone including Adrian himself and now he says he feels betrayal… I think it is incredibly short-sighted of him to do so. If he doesn’t want to own his part in this, then I think the decision has been made in his head. My only hope now is that the Vikings turn this into a deal that yields them profitability on the field and not one in which they are basically giving him away and getting inadequacies in return just to move on. I trust they will be smart enough to retain him if they cannot make this a good trade.

  61. Dallas and Arizona are in horrible cap situations and neither can afford AP. Colts have the room and that would definitely be intriguing. But if it comes down to money, AP can probably make twice as much in Minnesota if he stays there. I guess we’ll see if that bridge has been burned or not. $13mil can mend a lot of fences.

  62. I love when people say Dallas can’t afford them. They are wrong, Dallas can afford AP. They are choosing not to pay Demarco Murray the type of money Adrian Peterson would want. But you would be foolish to think Jerry wouldn’t try to capitalize on paying AP during the last years of Romo….FOOLISH!

  63. Lots of times, you get rid of an expensive ego like this and you end up much, much better for it. Vikings might be at the point in the curve that if they don’t trade him, they will suffer in two years miserably and not have a SB to boot.

  64. I don’t really care where the Vikings trade Peterson, if that where to actually happen. At this point I would welcome the draft pick or player in return and his $12+ million in cap space. I’m tired of hearing about AP and his hurt feelings, good reddens. He rushed for 1,200 yards his last full year. In 2014 there were 9 RBs who rushed for 1,100 yards or more. He’s not what he was 5 years ago. I’d rather focus on our young team and build around Teddy, not some washed up child abusing, pot smoking, arrogant player.

  65. Everybody say its in the Vikings hands, Because Peterson is under contract. Yes in a sense they do have the say so where he goes and if he goes, But on the other hand. You don’t want a disgruntle player like Peterson in the locker room. Players will start to side with him on how bad Management treats their players when they are needed the most and this could cause their better players to leave Minnesota when their contracts are up. Hey if the treat a guy like Peterson like this, How do you think they will treat me. So if they cant work out their difference’s. They will trade Peterson. They don’t want to poison the locker.

  66. I would trade him to Dallas for a 1st, 2nd and 6th round this year, a 1st, 2 – 2nd’s and a 3rd next year and finally another 1st round the year after.

    It’s not like it hasn’t been done before…..

  67. The Iowa Barnstormers, The LA Kiss and the New Orleans VooDoo…………….

    The destinations for AJ Hawk and Brad Jones

  68. PEOPLE who want to see AP traded.

    Green Bay, Detroit, Chicago, Dallas

    An improving D and improving Teddy (already the 2nd best QB in the NFC North) and AP.

    A good draft a good off-season, if the injury bug does not hit too bad (especially in thin areas) the Vikings are certainly in the mix for the play-offs in 2015.

  69. Cap space for the Cardinals will not be a problem. They will have plenty of space. They saved 13 mill re-structuring Ftiz, they will restructure Dockett or release him, they released Ginn with is another 2.5 shaved off, they are going to restructure Palmer, which could save another 7 mill. Yeah, they are gearing up to go all out this FA.

  70. Why would Green Bay want the abuser gone? Since Favre left the queens had won 1 game against the Packers since 2010 regardless what he did in a game. Having a contract 2x as big as any teams rb helps everyone in the division out. Taking money away from other potential players because the vikings overpaying like they did with Jennings is a blessing to everyone, please bring him back.

  71. I really wish people would shut-up about how such a talent is going to waste, because he hasn’t won a Super Bowl. Go make a list of players with talent that make the Pro-Bowl year after year who are on teams without Super Bowl victories.

    The Vikings have had a bad time as of lately, but when AP was with them toward the beginning they were one decent QB away from a Super Bowl team for a few years.

  72. It is Adrian Peterson and Jerry Jones utmost desire to have AP be a Dallas Cowboy…imagine the publicity and non stop ESPN and NFL network blabbering there will be. Imagine the network ratings. That is what this league is all about. Cowboys already get the ratings..Adran Peterson deserves t be on a media darling team instead of a NFL outpost wasteland. AP and Cowboys. AP wants it…Jones wants it..the NFL wants’s happening.

  73. It is Adrian Peterson and Jerry Jones utmost desire to have AP be a Dallas Cowboy…imagine the publicity and non stop ESPN and NFL network blabbering there will be. Imagine the network ratings. That is what this league is all about. Cowboys already get the ratings..Adran Peterson deserves t be on a media darling team instead of a NFL outpost wasteland. AP and Cowboys. AP wants it…Jones wants it..the NFL wants’s happening.

  74. puckthafatriots says: Feb 27, 2015 10:18 AM

    Luck, Peterson and anything resembling an NFL defense gets me excited.

    You could have all of those and your still getting banged out by the Pats 64-3 next year. Book it

  75. “behind that offensive line that they have”

    This is kind of why Jerry and the Cowboys have leverage in any negotiations with Murray.

    RBs know that running being a big, strong OLine makes their job easier and means they’re likely hitting DBs instead of DLinemen or LBs.

  76. “Do the Colts and Cowboys suddenly have $15 million in free cap space? NO? Then Peterson isn’t going there.”

    You’re right, the Colts don’t have $15 million in free cap space. They have over $40 million. Look it up.

  77. zygizag says:
    Feb 27, 2015 12:24 PM

    PEOPLE who want to see AP traded.

    Green Bay, Detroit, Chicago, Dallas

    An improving D and improving Teddy (already the 2nd best QB in the NFC North) and AP.
    Fourth best best, actually. Stafford had the same amount of INT’s, 8 more TD’s, the same rating, but made the playoffs.

    Teddy isn’t even better than Cutler. Cutler had 14 more TD’s and 4 more INT’s, a better rating and a better completion percentage.

  78. Just release him…he has a right to start over. Maybe he should just retire….then demand his release so he can go anywhere else..then unretire to a real contender.

  79. Peterson might have 1-2 good seasons left. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Falcons take a shot at another pro bowler who is running on empty.

  80. OK. Think the 17-7 half time deficit to the Patriots in the AFCCG. Now imagine that being the FINAL SCORE instead of the 45-7 blowout!

    Anything’s possible if you dare to dream!

  81. fluffy19 says: Feb 26, 2015 11:51 PM

    Arizona might have had a few Super Bowls, unless of course, Adrian fumbled 3 times in the NFCCG and blew their best chance.
    This is the only comment here that makes any sense. The guy is a great RB, but he had one shot at a SB and gagged in epic fashion.

  82. For all the Dallas fans/commenters asking why Adrian’s name keeps coming up instead of an arguably younger more talented back in Murray, I have two words for you: Jerry Jones

    Don’t be surprised if the old goat, overpays AP to get him in Texas, where the whopping a child is just what you do.

  83. What’s daddy talking about? Kurt Warner made it to the most recent SB. That slow, awkward walk holding the Lombardi with the fake half-smile on his face was priceless.

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