New Jersey officials considering bid for college football title game

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MetLife Stadium hosts an NFL game every weekend, and dodged a weather bullet when the Super Bowl came to town.

So why not the college football national championship game?

(Other than, you know, Greater New York-New Jersey isn’t really a college football hotbed.)

According to Matt Murschel of the Orlando Sentinel, New Jersey officials are considering a bid to host the championship game.

Of course, the College Football Playoff is trying to draw in big markets for the 2018-20, sending out requests for proposals to multiple cities.

They won’t confirm all the cities who were sent requests for bids, but Orlando, Jacksonville and Miami have confirmed interest. Indianapolis and Minneapolis have previously mentioned interest, offering domed stadiums to offset the cold weather.

Dallas hosted the first title game of the new college system this year, and Arizona (2016) and Tampa (2017) have secured the next two games.

But apparently emboldened by the NFL’s good luck with the weather, they’re willing to try colder climates, in the eternal quest for more money in a sport of unpaid interns.

9 responses to “New Jersey officials considering bid for college football title game

  1. Yes, because everyone wants to freeze their arse off to watch two college teams play at night outside in January

    They played several bowl games this year in cold, wet weather at various locations and in at least a couple of those games they had literally no more than 20% of the seats filled. And Jersey in January is gonna be a hell of a lot colder than those sites were.

  2. The last time weather affected a Jets or Giants football game is when the Vikings played at Ford Field. That game was supposed to be indoors at the Metrodome, but the snow had other ideas.

    Between two NFL franchises, MetLife Stadium could have a roof if they felt it was needed. Nobody bats an eye when they play there in December, or even January if they’re lucky. It’s only an issue when people are fishing for drama.

  3. @newjerseygiants, if you build a new stadium with (or refurbish a stadium by adding) a retractable roof, the NFL has strict rules about when it should be closed. The Jets and Giants both felt a roof would negate their cold weather advantage late in the year against “warm weather” and dome teams, and the return on the investment of a roof would be too little.

    I went to many games in Giants Stadium in November, December, and January (including the Flipper Anderson playoff game) – one game in particular in December of the late 70s, everything that could fall from the sky, did… rain, sleet, snow, and ice pellets. Was it comfortable? No. Was it football? Yes.

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