NFL appeals ruling in Adrian Peterson case

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Like the Ray Rice grievance process, the NFL lost the legal challenge in the Adrian Peterson suspension.  Unlike the Rice case, the league has the power to appeal the Peterson ruling.

“[W]e believe strongly that Judge Doty’s order is incorrect and fundamentally at odds with well-established legal precedent governing the district court’s role in reviewing arbitration decisions,” the NFL said in statement released to PFT.  “As a result, we have filed a notice of appeal to have the ruling reviewed by the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals.  In the interim, Adrian Peterson will be returned to the Commissioner Exempt List pending further proceedings by appeals officer Harold Henderson or a determination by the Eighth Circuit Court.”

It’s unclear how Peterson’s placement on the Commissioner-Exempt list affects his ability to speak to the Vikings about topics such as returning to the team when his suspension ends.  Peterson previously was scheduled to have his suspension revisited by the league on April 15.

It’s also unclear whether the appeal will be expedited.  The new league year, which opens the windows for trades, launches on March 10.

52 responses to “NFL appeals ruling in Adrian Peterson case

  1. If he’s on the commissioner’s exempt list, that means he isn’t suspended anymore. The NFL made it very clear that being on that list wasn’t punishment but being suspended is punishment. All that list means is he doesn’t play in any games, he stays on the roster, and he doesn’t count against the player limit. To me, that means the list is meaningless in the offseason and the Vikings should be able to talk to him.

  2. Regardless of how you feel about what he did, the league is bungling this. Again. AD took responsibility, took his punishment with class. The league has no clue what they’re doing…

  3. I seriously dont even want to watch the nfl anymore they’re such sickening people. The nfl is quickly becoming only fun for gambling and fantasy football

  4. Wow that PA victory didn’t last too long, they already lost when trying to fight whether or not AP could stay on the exempt list.

  5. Goodell & his lawyers are playing better clock management than Mike Smith showed. This appeal gets at least 30 days and likely a hearing or two. By then, AP will be past the April 15 date the league set for his re-evaluation. League wins this round even though they lost.

  6. If he gets reinstated he basically gets off free. No punishment at all for whipping his son while pretty much getting another year added to his career. If you think getting paid to do nothing is punishment, you’re out of your mind.

  7. I used to think boxing had the most corrupt organizations. Not anymore. The new undisputed champion of corruption is the NFL.

  8. I’m hoping enough people are like me and plan on constantly trashing Goodell during the entire opening night of the draft… already took off work the day before to stand in line for tickets and will damn sure be bring in a Fire Goodell sign because this dude needs to go

  9. AP’s culpability completely aside, Goodell and the NFL are screwing the Vikings as much as AP with this decision. If he’s on the exempt list and if he remains subject to the contact limitations and restrictions, the Vikings (and AP) will remain handcuffed all through the most important part of free agency, and probably through the draft. Basically, the NFL and Goodell are using the appellate process to continue the suspension. I’m tempted to drive to Chicago just to boo loud as I can every time that dimwit steps to the podium to announce a draft pick.

  10. the nfl is running itself into the ground. all that money baddell is making has turned him into a arrogant prick. but then he always was a lawyer

  11. I hate what the guy did, but it’s gone too far now. The NFL is creating their own PR nightmare. If they’d just reinstated him, they’d have looked a lot better. Honestly, maybe not most but a large number of these guys are self-entitled punks who will be a never ending black eye for the league under their current disciplinary rules. Just give them a second chance if it’s reasonable. Otherwise you don’t have a league in 5-10 years.

  12. This is beginning to look like a personal vendetta. Like it or not, he’s had his day in court and will fulfill any legal obligations.
    Continued harassment paves the way for a law suit against the NFL.

  13. I sincerely hope AP and the Vikings sue the crap out of the NFL for at least 10 years worth of Goodells pay.

  14. The modern day NFL, is like a privileged rich kid, probably seeds sewn by Goodell’s upbringing with his US Senator father, each using money to avoid taking personal responsibility for their own inadequacies!

  15. I think it’s time for the players to go on strike, it might be the only way to get the owners attention and get goodell fired. His ego doesn’t allow him to be rational. Mark Cuban is looking like a genius every time goodell opens his mouth.

  16. thejuddstir says:
    Feb 26, 2015 6:15 PM

    I think it’s time for the players to go on strike, it might be the only way to get the owners attention and get goodell fired. His ego doesn’t allow him to be rational. Mark Cuban is looking like a genius every time goodell opens his mouth.

    As much as I hate the idea, I think you are right. The NFL is abusing its power. They don’t believe the rules apply to them.

  17. dammit Goodell, does this dude really have no insight into how petty and ridiculous he makes himself and the league office look with nonsense? I mean, this guy sets up a rigged process to get the results he wants, imposes a new policy retroactively, is told he can’t do it, and it’s still not over? He bs’d the system to keep AP off the field and now he’s using the appeal to screw a potential solution where he is traded or back with the team. Dammit goodell- the definition of oblivious

  18. Why does the NFL insist on dragging this out? It’s ridiculous that they ever used April 15th as the date for reinstatement. Any sane, rational human being would hold reinstatement interviews the week prior to the league calendar year begins and issue decisions prior to free agency. The NFL obviously loves to screw with it’s teams, players and fans.

  19. Perhaps the NFL is afraid of a lawsuit and the only defense they have is to get this ruling overturned.

  20. Yup I knew it, I had to have known Goodell would try to get back at Adrian Peterson somehow. I don’t think Goodell is going to be in power much longer if he keeps this up he’s pissed off his biggest ally in Kraft and he keeps on messing up how to handle serious cases like Ray Rice, Greg Hardy, Ray McDonald, etc. I don’t condone what Peterson did but he’s had enough punishment time to reinstate him and let him live his life.

  21. Do you guys think it’s possible to love professional football but hate the NFL? I mean damn, I go to about 3 or 4 different websites every freaking day just to garner the smallest amount of new, relevent info regarding all teams. It seems like nowadays the front page of these websites are littered with straight garbage about litigations, sexual assault, domestic violence, drugs etc….I enjoyed football when it was trivial to know about players personal lives.

  22. whynotjustadmitit says:
    Feb 26, 2015 6:52 PM
    I said years ago that the league will find a way to get back at AD for the “modern day slavery” talk. This is it yall.


    The NFL is indirectly proving his point in the process.

  23. figures, the judge lays out a common sense narrative as to why he overruled the NFLs actions..and they just completely ignore it and put leave him on the exempt list. lol whats funny is, this will only help AP should he decide to sue the NFL over their actions with him this year.

  24. This is a classic situation for the NFLPA to go to Judge Doty for a preliminary injuction. He certainly feels that the NFLPA will prevail on appeal, the loss to AP is immediate and irreparable, and the balance of harms certainly tips in AP’s favor – the NFL would really suffer harm only to their ego and arrogance.

    I also suspect that an injunction would encourage the NFL to expedite any further proceedings and eliminate stalling.

  25. Not surprisingly, the NFL is too naive and/or stubborn to just cut its losses and just move on.

    I’m not sure who runs their legal department but this new vs. old discipline policy thing could have been avoided if Goodell had just issued Peterson a harsh suspension under the the old policy. The old player conduct policy did not specify a minimum or maximum amount of punishment for a particular transgression. Therefore, Goodell could have justifiably given Peterson the same suspension without creating or referring to a new policy.

  26. I think it’s time for both the players and fans to say enough is enough with this buffoon. As much as I would hate it, it’s time for the players to strike and it’s time for the fans to make their feelings known by closing their wallets to the NFL.

    I hope at the draft, that every fan that goes there chants Fire Goodell every time he steps on that stage. I can’t even enjoy this game anymore with this idiot in charge.

  27. Appeals go rather slowly.

    I don’t know why Peterson even appealed the original decision. Now the NFL appeal of the appeal decision could take at least 6 months maybe a year.

    During that time the vikings pay him and Peterson does whatever he does when sitting at home being paid.

    If the NFL loses, no harm. There are no economic damages because Peterson is being paid.
    So is Peterson’s lawyer.

    Just watch the attorneys for the NFL run lots of clock with many motions and hearing dates on the motions. It will be a thing of beauty.

  28. And, while Peterson’s career is ruined, the NFL continues to defend its pathetically poor model of a “conduct policy,” and the lawyers all go home with wads of cash in their pockets. Mr. Goodell, is it THAT necessary to prove yourself right?

  29. I’m 100% behind the NFL. It was a great league long before buffoons like Adrian Peterson came along. I don’t think people are following what the NFL is trying to do here. Adrian is a sick man and needs help.

  30. Kinda makes one wonder if there is some ulterior motive for the NFL in doing EVERYTHING in their power to keep Peterson off the team? Maybe Jerruh thinks he can swoop in and get him for free if the league helps keep AD off the Vikes . It sure seems very suspicious that they are going after him like this . I mean hell they let players come back after murdering people more than once . I think Hernandez has a better chance of playing before Peterson does .

  31. The NFL has a clock running on this situation, but I’m not sure they realize it.

    Failure to get this resolved prior to the start of the league year will have many repercussions, and none of them will be good for the NFL.

    I have defended Goodell in the past many times for doing what was best for the NFL.

    I think at this time he’s following an improper course, much to the detriment of the NFL.

  32. The league is WRONG!!!!!! The policies were not put in place until after the incident. Goodell and his legal team are out of their minds. It’s a ploy to keep this going and give them a reason to wait.

    I personally don’t give a frog’s fat rear end what happens to Peterson. But as a Vikings fan, it is not fair to the organization not being able to do what they need to for preparation of free agency. The team did what they were supposed to do, why should they be punished? GOODELL NEEDS TO GO!!!!!

  33. Let me ask this, if AP was on one of the bigger market teams would the NFL have appealed? I don’t think so.

    Goodell plays favoritism and it’s so freaking blatant it’s ridiculous.

  34. It’s a really hard case to make that anyone should be punished retroactively for a new rule.

    That just isn’t logical nor is it standard practice anywhere that I know of.

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