NFL Media releases 2011 Wal-Mart incident report involving Dez Bryant


In November, Ian Rapoport of NFL Media rattled off a laundry list of occasions when police were called to the home of Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant.  The raw number of incidents — six — was troubling.  But the content of each specific instance showed that, in isolation, they were nothing.

As mentioned last Friday, February 20, when I inadvertently let the cat out of the bag regarding the previously worst-kept secret among reporters covering the NFL, Rapoport’s overhyped Dez Bryant rap sheet was the result of a chase for a much bigger prize:  The long-rumored video of an incident involving Dez Bryant doing something he shouldn’t have been doing.

Since Friday, much has been written and said about the rumored Dez Bryant video.  As it turns out, the NFL was in possession of relevant evidence on the subject several days before I blurted out the existence of the rumor on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas.

In a letter dated February 17, the City of Lancaster, Texas police department produced to NFL Media via the Texas Public Information Act an incident/investigation report from July 2011 regarding a police response to the Lancaster Wal-Mart.

The report mentions that an unknown person called the police to explain that a black female was “being dragged from one vehicle to another vehicle” by a black male.  The vehicle the woman was dragged from was a Mercedes registered to Dez Bryant.

When a police officer responded, a Wal-Mart security guard explained that he arrived at the scene with the door to the Mercedes still open and a child’s toy on the ground, but that no one was present.  Then, two men pulled up in an Escalade registered to Dez Bryant.  The two men, Carl King and Christopher Mitchell, said they received a call from the alleged victim, asking them to pick up “her” Mercedes.

Then, a Bentley arrived in the parking lot, with the alleged victim and Dez Bryant inside.  The alleged victim claimed that she had an argument with a man named Alex Penson, that she was not assaulted or injured in any way, and that it was “just an argument” with Penson.  The alleged victim claimed she was dropped off at a friend’s house, and that she contacted Bryant to pick her up.

The responding officer determined after talking to all parties that there was no offense, and that everyone was free to go.

The report doesn’t mention the availability of Wal-Mart surveillance video, or the contents of it.  Instead, it appears that the responding officer accepted the version(s) supplied by King, Mitchell, Bryant, and the alleged victim, and closed the case.

Most if not all Wal-Mart stores have surveillance cameras blanketing the property.  Indeed, the longstanding rumor making the rounds among NFL reporters has been not just that an incident occurred at a Wal-Mart parking lot, but that there is video of it.

In digesting the report, keep this in mind:  The report makes no mention of the car to which the victim was allegedly dragged.  The video may show the other car.  The video may show the person doing the dragging, if dragging actually happened.  The video may show whatever preceded the dragging of the woman from “her” Mercedes to another car.  The video may show the other car driving away.

Eventually, the video is coming out.  In the interim, Bryant, Carl King, Christopher Mitchell, Alex Penson (whoever he is), and the alleged victim can expect to be pursued by members of the media for more details regarding what did and didn’t happen in that Wal-Mart parking lot.

202 responses to “NFL Media releases 2011 Wal-Mart incident report involving Dez Bryant

  1. Florio appreciate you releasing this information but you and media initial rumor mongering was/is pathetic. You owe Bryant an apology for insinuating he was some how involved in something “5 times” worse than the Ray Rice video. Pathetic.

  2. Wouldn’t it be great if the media had other tings to do? Focusing on something that happened 4 years ago, with no crime reported, just to slander a human being is a sign that someone is either bored or just plain sick.

  3. In response to the allegations of the existence of a video of these events and whether the NFL has seen the alleged video, Roger Goodell stated,
    “I like turtles.”

  4. This is flat out irresponsible “journalism.” He might be guilty of something, he might not. The fact that you’ve thrown this story out to the wolves without all the information means the guy is convicted regardless of what actually happened. Media needs to practice pumping the brakes.

  5. Wow… Drama queen on the sideline and an even bigger one off the field.. “How bout dem Cowboys?”

  6. Heard about this on the radio this AM. So far, there is literally NOTHING to fault Dex Bryant for in this story. Until that video comes out that shows it was actually DB dragging her out of the car, then they got NOTHING.

  7. I wonder how long Wal-Mart keeps their surveillance video for? If the responding officer determined there was no offence then he would not have asked for the video (unless that part of the report is not totally true). 3 to 4 years is a long time to keep video saved without a reason. Archiving video costs money and we all know that Wal-Mart is not about spending money.

  8. How bout dem cowboys? I sense a huge suspension coming for Dez. And i believe the Cowboys knew about it and thats why they haven’t resigned him to a new contract. Too risky.

  9. I wonder why Marshawn Lynch doesn’t trust the media? Doesn’t he realize the media is only there to let players communicate with the fans? They aren’t the bad guys.

  10. If this is an incriminating video, then how can the NFL choose to keep this under wraps for so long? Something is wrong there…

  11. so THIS is the off-field issue the cowboys have been worried about, not the six other no biggies

  12. Just from the listing of the cars alone in this report, if this incident keeps him from signing a lucrative deal, sounds like his spending habits will cause him to be broke in five years.

  13. So far it sounds like a woman was being dragged away from a Mercedes that she was claiming was hers when it wasn’t. Of course more facts will come out but so far sounds like thirsty NFL reporters trying to get a story out of a non story

  14. What I got out of this article is that Dez Bryant owns a Mercedes, an Escalade and a Bentley.

  15. Maybe I simply can’t comprehend, but the information provided here doesn’t make Bryant look like a bad man to me… until the video is released, there is no reason Bryant should be in trouble.

  16. “It’s gettin real in the Walmart Parkin lot, you know the deal with the little shoppin carts they got…”

  17. If the video shows something serious done by Bryant, you know for sure the NFL front office is really going to lay the hammer down on Bryant. This is ridiculous, first Rice, next Peterson, and maybe Bryant. The NFL would have no choice. Multiple game suspension or even more so if the video shows something more disgusting. Hello Dez, meet AD, AD meet Dez.

  18. It would be nice to see the NFL cleaned up already. We do not need talented athletes who are divas, th^gs and street dwellers in the league.

  19. The report/video seems odd, vague, and incomplete. But Bryant absolutely does not deserve the benefit of the doubt here, in my opinion, because he has misbehaved multiple times before. Could get ugly.

  20. Would like to see a photo/video of the Bentley in the Walmart parking lot. That’s like an image of a Polar Bear in the Mojave Desert. Something you should make a wish on if you see it.

  21. Isn’t this the reason he was assigned special monitoring by the team? I mean we are bringing up something 4 years old, doesn’t this show he has changed his life and grown up? Everyone has a different maturation process.

  22. The video will show that the tires of all cars were under-inflated (deflated), therefore it’s a Patriots problem (again).

  23. This is one time where Jerry Jones might actually step up and do the right thing. Let Dez walk, no extension.

    Then with the freed cap space, trade for Adrian Peterson.

  24. Funny how all this comes out during contract negotiations. I hope Dez leaves the Cowboys and signs with a rival to stick it to them.

  25. For all you folks jumping to criticize the reference to “5x worse”…
    I suspect that there are folks who already have SEEN the video and are (for legal reasons) not saying anything yet.
    I think everyone should just calm down about this until more is known.
    Might be the Dez story is true and he didn’t have anything to do with it. Or it’s quite possible that he was the main player in the incident and maybe struck the woman “5” times.
    The fact that so many “rumors” are floating around makes me think there is some fire related to this smoke.
    But really… making conclusions on guilt or innocence at this point is pretty silly.

  26. This isn’t the real world; How are you going to go back and punish someone for something back in 2011???

    Why is it punishable now, when it wasn’t worried about or punishable then???

  27. Probably the first time that an Escalade, Mercedes, and Bentley have ever simultaneously been in a Wal-Mart parking lot.

  28. The real question is, what exactly was Dez Bryant doing on December 23rd, 2004?? Come on, Ian, you’ve got some digging to do.

  29. Dez Bryant has been the most unfairly piled on guy in the NFL.

    He has been not just because of his background, but NFL Network has treated him terribly because he and Deion don’t get along. Rich Eisen has been on the record stating this.

    What’s wrong with he and Deion not getting along?

    Dez has matured. Just pay the guy!!!

  30. Mr. Madison, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  31. Sounds simple…if that’s what happened, why hasnt he just put out a statement saying it wasnt him in the video? Unless… you dont think someone would lie to the police do you??

  32. Wait! A 4 year old incident that the NFL knew about and clearly theorized that Dez did nothing wrong.

    What does this have to do with the present day? If there is no documented progression of bad behavior then it’s clear that the Cowboys intentionally leaked information about this video to leverage other teams against signing Bryant in order franchise tag him.

    Makes you wonder how people Jerry screwed over for his millions.

  33. There’s a lot of folks on here blaming the “media” for failing to use due diligence on this story. Sorry, but the people who make up “the internet” are largely to blame as well. Adam Schefter and others have been sitting on this story since November, and we’re just hearing about it this week? Sounds like lots of media types were pretty careful about keeping mum while the facts were gathered. It’s only been recently that the owner of the video created this frenzy by releasing teaser pics and offering the video to the highest bidder.

  34. When was the NFL aware of the incident? Did the league attempt to obtain the video? Has the league seen the video?

    Given the Ray Rice history, the potential implications of this go way, way beyond Dez Bryant and may jeopardize Goodell.

  35. People, you’re all missing the REAL question, and that is… Did Dez have CONTROL of the woman; two feet in-bounds, while making an “assault move” prior to dropping her? Was he down? Did his elbow or knee hit prior to the Escalade pulling up? These are the real questions!!!

  36. I’m not sure why anyone thinks that a video still exists. Usually those camera’s record on hard drives that get recorded over after a certain length of time, so it’s probably not available. Plus, if it’s been 4 yrs since then, even if a video surfaced, it would be basically a witch hunt for the NFL to punish Dez now, since the statute of limitations is over, and the cops deemed that there wasn’t anything to it at the time. None of the reports I’ve read have even said Dez was there until he arrived in the Bentley, so you are assuming that he is the person doing the dragging, and that’s just not right to assume it was him with no proof. This is something that probably should never have been reported at all if it wasn’t reported in 2011 or at least 2012, very irresponsible journalism in my opinion. Dez has had his share of issues, but recently seemed to have grown up some, and yet you want to drag him back down. SMH

  37. This just does not add up. If Wal-Mart surveillance video existed, if would have popped up prior to this point, much in the way the Ray Rice video did, when sent to the police. Highly unlikely that Wal-Mart or any employee who stole this tape is offering this tape up to the media for the highest bidder. More likely this video is a private video, that someone close to Bryant has and is using it for their pay day. Tape now has highest value, with contract negotiations ongoing and bids from Bryant/Cowboys and media outlets. Should Bryant be able to keep this tape from the public, he still has a problem with a person of this character, deciding they want another pay day some time down the road.

  38. This might explain alot of the Adrian Peterson deal. Everyone knows he wants to play in Dallas but they wouldn’t be able to afford him. Because of that he was publicly open to remaining a Viking but then his mood changed suddenly to not being comfortable which was then followed up with his dad saying the door isn’t closed. Now this comes out. Coincidence? I don’t know… something just doesn’t smell right. Seems like too much action/reaction from Peterson which might be swaying in the wind from the Cowboys. If Dez is implicated, suddenly there may be money.

  39. This happened in 2011. If there’s any wrong doing, and they are just now deciding to try to seek ” justice ” whoever sat on this for over 3 years should be brought up on charges of obstruction of justice.
    This has a very bad smell to it, and I sincerely hope the whole story comes out…especially why it’s taken this long to bring it to the light of day.

  40. I understand it’s his money and he can spend it anyway he sees fit but, but a Mercedes, an Escalade, and a Bentley (those are the only ones we know about); no wonder so many athletes are broke after their careers.

  41. clear as glass. the cowboys got the video from the local walmart (populated by cowboy fans) long ago. they have been waiting to drag this out for leverage against a longterm deal with big guarantees.

    but dez being dez that approach may end up backfiring on them.

  42. All I get from this so far is Dez spends his money on cars, and lets other people drive his cars under his insurance and to his enormous financial responsibility and liability, which is in no way weird…if they’re your wife or kids.

  43. Update – There is video of the responding officer exiting a Dallas Cowboys party bus a few months prior to this incident

  44. Well, this is non-issue. The Cowboys , through Stephen Jones have affirmed that they have never heard of a video for this event The NFL would never survive having another organization try to cover up and lie about a potential domestic abuse so soon after the Ray Rice situation. There can;t possibly be a video bc the Cowboys have asserted that there is not.

  45. For all the talk of him being a bad guy–there is no evidence of him actually doing anything. I know cops and state highway patrols that have dealt with him. In every case, they said he was calm, polite respectful–even when he was doing something boneheaded like driving without a license. He did not hit his mother–her shirt was torn while he was attempting to keep her from hitting him. All of you name calling, making up stuff, taking giant assumptive leaps–you all realize these are real people’s lives you are part of bringing down. I hope it happens to you. 99% of those who post on here would be crying for mama and screaming foul play over the very slightest of infractions. Lies, cowardice, loser behavior. That is what you are all about. I can only assume it is how you were raised to be.

  46. The alledged victim says no harm no foul. All the other people involved say no harm no foul and the police officer involved found no harm no foul.

    Hang ’em!!

  47. Video from four years ago of someone dragging a woman from one car owned by Bryant to another car owned by Bryant? Is Bryant the person doing the dragging? If so, is there footage of what took place prior to him dragging her? I have more questions now than I did before.

  48. You got to hand it to Jerry Jones & the Cowboys: their contracy negotiations involve the whole community.

  49. How convenient. Tape for 4 years and just when Dez Bryant is about to become possibly the highest paid wide receiver of all time, this comes out. What a coincidence.

  50. Ok so since the NFL knew this existed why did it not get brought up at the time it happened? Why is it that the NFL is allowed to get off when they’re obviously releasing this to make themselves look better in light of the Ray Rice thing.

  51. Looks like the previous concerns of more extortions cases with Goddells new policy are coming to light.

    Somebody is trying to get paid from this video.

    Even if this video is worse than the Rice there is no way Dez should be suspended unless this case re-opens and Dez is charged.

    If Goddell suspends Dez for something that happened years ago because it was an attack against a female then he should also suspend Peyton for his incident at Tennessee, Google Manning athletic trainer Tennessee.

  52. I feel bad for these kids coming out in the draft. Chances are, if they farted in the wrong direction growing up, someone’s gonna have a video of it. I’m glad I grew up when nobody had cellphones.

  53. This happened in 2011? It’s obviously a serious thing, but unless Dallas knew about it and covered it up, then it’s probably nothing. If a video shows up of him dragging the woman, he’s probably screwed.

  54. …and then a tank showed up, and then a boat, and then an 18-wheeler, and then Cedric Benson started fighting everybody.

    I’m calling movie rights. “Lot B Row 4: The Dez Bryant Story”

  55. This happened four years ago.
    This happened at a time when all of Dez’s actions were monitored and scrutinized by the media, ownership, and particularly Cowboys fans who did not want any more criminals signed on by Jerry.
    This also comes at a slow point in the off season, so it’s something the media can chew on.
    Oh, and it just happens to be a Dallas Cowboy, and everyone seems to love to hate on a good “controversial” Cowboys story every year (this is in large part due to Jerry).
    It also comes at a time during negotiations. Just in time for ownership to talk trust and value with Dez. Coincidence? I think not. In the world of money, there are no coincidences. This applies to sports, and the real world.

  56. Once the video comes out, we’ll know what happened. Until then, I will reserve judgement.

    FYI: There is no statute of limitations for domestic assault in Texas.

  57. You know that some how, some way, Belichick & the Patri*ts came up with a copy of the surveillance video.

    It’s probably Belichick’s diabolical plan to sign Bryant to an NFL minimum wage salary at some point in the future.

  58. He’s not getting a long term deal with any team. Not even the CFL. 6 police trips to the house. Bigger issue than something that happen 4 years ago.

  59. Yeah that sounds 5 times worse than punching your fiancée in the face. You’ve got some pair saying that without having any idea what happened. Unbelievable .

  60. If it was Dez Bryant who did the dragging since this was in 2011, that judge just ruled we must implement the NFL’s previous policy. So looking up my NFL handbook of what to do when a NFL player forcibly drags a woman across the floor of any public place … it says … to do absolutely nothing.

    There you have it, Dez shouldn’t miss any playing time! Whew, that was a close one!

  61. Well the original speculation and rumor told me that it was 5 times worse than Ray Rice. New information is not welcome, I’ll stick with this and assume he is guilty. I mean, he does have a “culture of interacting with police”.

  62. This sounds like something straight out of a Mob movie.

    “If the video does exist” Bryant could be in tons of trouble.

    Inferring from the information provided, it sounds like Dez sent them after her. She was dragged from on vehicle to another, which then fled the scene with said victim inside.

    Coincidentally, Bryant returned to the scene with in another vehicle with said victim in the car.

    At the end of the day, he should pray that the video doesn’t come to light. Because if this does by chance go to trial, and he gets a judge who doesn’t see things from his pov he could be facing kidnapping, coercion, or some other charges, depending on the statue of limitations.

  63. ocgunslinger says: Feb 26, 2015 9:05 AM

    And what part of this is 5X worse than the Ray Rice Video?


    I don’t know about 5x worse, but it would certainly be worse because dragging someone from one vehicle to another is likely KIDNAPPING

  64. Being “dragged” could have several meanings – like being dragged by the hair, or maybe just being dragged (pulled) by her elbow. There could have been little or no resistance, or she could have been screaming and yelling for help.

  65. There’s the “A priest , a rabbi and a minister walk into a bar” story… and then there’s the ” A Mercedes, a Bentley, and an Escalade drive into a Walmart parking lot” story….What are the punchlines?

  66. Just in time for his new contract negotiations. What a coincident.

    Behave responsibly, and timing becomes irrelevant.

  67. It would be interesting to know what would happen if people who made millions would make a conscious effort to stay out of compromising situations!

  68. You don’t see a Mercedes, a Bentley, and a Cadillac in a Wal-Mart parking lot very often………

  69. It’s amazing to me that noone has thought to wonder about the drug angle. Say for instance, Dez’s family is attempting to use drugs and is “dragged” away from the dealer. It’s not out of the realm of possibility and i say this as a diehard Redskins fan. Until someone accuses HIM of doing something wrong this just smacks of character assassination.

  70. I would never give Dez a max contract. He’s just too erratic that said you can’t suspend a guy for a fight that may or may not have happened 4 yrs ago.

  71. I’ve never heard so much talk of a video and there’s no video. Is this Yahoo? Video and media are going to make these college kids walk the straight and narrow. All because TMZ put out a video. I don’t see what the big deal is with Dez? It’s not like he killed anyone. Fascinating all of this happens after the Hernandez murders. I told you Goodell and the refs are in Kraft’s pocket. Biggest cheating garbage sports team in history. I’ve been saying it for years. Don’t forget to polish the mirror Patsy fans.

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