Rams release Kendall Langford

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The Rams joined some of their rivals around the league in creating more cap space on Thursday by parting ways with a veteran member of the club.

Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that the team has released defensive tackle Kendall Langford. Langford was set to make $6 million in the final year of a four-year contract that he signed before the start of the 2012 season and the Rams will now have that money to use in other ways this offseason.

Langford started the first 32 games he played for the Rams and had five sacks as an interior rusher during the 2013 season, but the drafting of Aaron Donald in the first round of last year’s draft moved him into a rotational role. Langford was also a longtime starter in Miami before joining the Rams and that experience should lead to interest in his services from other teams.

Tackle Jake Long, who is coming off a torn ACL, and quarterback Sam Bradford could provide further cap relief for the Rams through releases or restructurings before the start of the new league year.

17 responses to “Rams release Kendall Langford

  1. Langford could significantly upgrade depth for many teams and start for a few. The fact that the Rams can let him go speaks to how ridiculously deep that D-Line is… and calls into question all the more how so much talent can’t translate into more wins on the field.

  2. I wish Langford well. This guy probably starts for 75% of the teams in the league, but that Rams D line is up there with the very best.

    Some team is going to get a good player.

  3. Ex Dolphins players are getting cut left and right. Bush, Langford, Fasano. Long might be next, maybe marshall. Well we can use Langford

  4. Not to mention he’s fresher than a player who was on the field every snap. Probably received good coaching while In St Louis

  5. Two unpopular but important points. [1] I wish people would stop yelling “WOW! He signed for $XXX MILLION dollars!!”… because the players get CUT before most of that money comes through. If it ain’t guaranteed, it’s just NFL PR bullcrap. [2] People who diss Fisher might not appreciate that he has led a team WITHOUT A STARTING QB, in the NFC West, FOR THE PAST 25 GAMES. But I’m sure your coach could do better without a starting QB in the NFC West? Might want to check with Bruce Arians on that — hey Bruce, how’d last season without Carson Palmer turn out for you? Hmmm… 3-5 without your starting QB??

  6. It is a compliment that the ex-Miami Dolphins are out there. A team with a great great Eye for Talent and a half dozen former regimes who had no idea what to do with them. Maybe that’s why we were the Winningest Franchise in the NFL up to 2011. I wish all the guys continued success. I guess parting ways at the right time is key. My Phins never could do this right in recent years and this is why we are 8-8 for what seems like forever.

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