Tom Benson’s request for expedited review in battle over control of assets denied


On February 9, a judge in Bexar County, Texas ruled that Saints owner Tom Benson needed assistance in managing his assets and appointed two people to do that while Benson and members of his family continue their litigation in New Orleans over Benson’s decision to change his will to keep them from taking over the Saints.

Benson’s attorneys filed a request on Monday asking the Texas Fourth Court of Appeals in San Antonio to speed up the 60-day briefing process as they try to get the decision overturned. They cited the significant costs of nearly $20,000 a day being paid to the two men appointed to oversee the trust, ex-San Antonio Mayor Phil Hardberger and San Antonio lawyer Art Bayern, and a failure to consider other remedies in their argument.

That request was denied on Thursday by a panel of judges, although they said that requests to extend the timeline would be frowned upon.

“Any such motion must provide evidence of extraordinary circumstances justifying the extension,” the order said, via the New Orleans Advocate.

Three physicians were chosen Wednesday in Louisiana to do a court-mandated mental evaluation of Benson, whose daughter and grandchildren contend he is not in sound mind to be making a decision to make business decisions.

22 responses to “Tom Benson’s request for expedited review in battle over control of assets denied

  1. I side with billionaire NFL owners about once a decade, but it sure seems to me like Mr. Benson is getting the short end of the stick in this whole thing.

  2. Isn’t that last paragraph about the 3 physicians a separate case in New Orleans and not Texas?

  3. Look into the relationship between the Texas judge and Hardberger and ask yourself if there isn’t some serious corruption and back-door dealing going on here.

  4. Praying for you Tom, I can’t imagine having to go through this seeing as what you’ve done for all of them.

  5. 20g a day to watch over a trust, where absolutely nothing can happen until the case is resolved? I want that job. Tom is getting screwed. Hope he wins.

  6. Mr. B is not a young man. I am sure he is not as sharp as he was when he was 40. However, a vegetable could figure out that Rita would be a disaster if put in charge of a football team. The saints would be a bigger laughing stock than the raiders and Jaguars in two years. Coach Payton and Mickey loomis would probably both resign immediately after she took over. That woman be crazy.

  7. Although Benson has attempted to take away future ownership of the Saints and Pelicans, he nevertheless is leaving these ungrateful heirs hundreds of millions of dollars.

    The fact that they are costing him $20,000 per day needlessly ( none of his businesses were in financial trouble ) is clear evidence to me that these heirs should not be in charge of anything at all.

  8. The outcome of this is everything to Saints fans. This is more important than Bountygate ever was. His heirs have proven an inability to do what is right. They are ego maniacs, specifically Rita. If they are allowed to take over this franchise, they might as well sell them & move them. It will take her less than 5 years to strip away any competetiveness from this team & to run the whole organization into the ground.

  9. They won’t be happy until he’s broke or dead. Whichever comes first. Blood-sucking leeches….

  10. Just another example of an out of control government .
    Bankruptcy court is setup to pay the Trustee 10% of all collected money plus the lawyers get paid their fees , in this case two court appointed trustees will collect $20,000 per day, to do what? I’m sure Mr. Benson has business managers that handle most of his day to day affairs, 1,2 mil to trustees to manage his business when they a politically connected appointees

    The Benson Children and grandchildren should be proud.

  11. The man’s will is the man’s will.

    He probably has good reasons to legally prevent his family from taking ownership……..but even if he doesn’t, that’s his prerogative.

  12. Next will be the City of New Orleans getting involved due to the high impact of Employment & Local Revenue it will impact if he hands the team over to someone willing to move them to LA.

  13. If he didn’t object to random people being allowed a say in his business & paying them $20K a day for the privilege, then he would be mentally incompetent.

  14. So the Judge in Texas can appoint 2 buddies to a $600,000 gig each on Tom Benson’s dime? That’s awesome. No conflict of interest there.

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