Report: Kyle Wilson not expected back with Jets


Kyle Wilson has largely been a disappointment for the New York Jets since being selected in the first round out of Boise State in the 2010 NFL Draft.

The Jets seem to be ready to move on from Wilson this offseason.

According to Kimberley A. Martin of Newsday, Wilson isn’t expected to return to the Jets next season.

Despite his draft status, Wilson only spent one season as full-time starter in New York. In five seasons with the Jets, Wilson managed just three interceptions and never developed into a replacement option for the departed Darrelle Revis or Antonio Cromartie.

Wilson appeared in every game over the last five years for New York with 28 starts. He recorded 162 tackles, a sack and a forced fumble.

21 responses to “Report: Kyle Wilson not expected back with Jets

  1. 5 years is long enough, he has not improved. I’m not sure if it’s total lack of talent or coaches inability to develop him. He was Rex’s boy, now he’s Rex’s bust. Careful what you wish for Buffalo.

  2. Not as bad as my fellow Jets fans would say but certainly did not live up to the first round pick status.

    Could have 10+ picks with all the balls that hit him in the back, head, shoulder or even square in the chest one time. But he literally has no ball awareness. Never turns his head and if it happens to be turned he never sees the ball in the air.

    His cover skills are below average to average on the outside. Average to above average in the slot. He’ll catch on somewhere.

  3. He’s not a huge disappointment, he’s one of the top 500 corner backs in the world, thats pretty good.

    Not a bust by any means.
    He’s at least worth the veterans minimum to a team desperate for a nickle back.
    What more can you expect from a 1st round pick.
    Whats that?
    Rob Gronkowski was drafted in the same year (in the 2nd round).

    I’d rather have Kyle Wilson than Rob Gronkowski, Gronk is a terrible Corner Back.

  4. REX isn’t drafting for Buffalo, Whaley is.

    And looking at players like Alonso, Woods and Glenn in the 2nd round, and Seantrel Henderson in the 7th, and Robey undrafted…Whaley is doing a fine job.

    Much better than Idzik could ever dream.

  5. Devin McCourty? The same McCourty I have seen beaten like a drum as a CB, hence the switch to S? Sure he has caught on after the switch, but he was no better than Kyle at CB. I’m no advocate for Wilson because I’ve known for a long time that he stinks and I don’t know what delusional Jets fans you were listening to. Wilson was one of the best rated corners coming out that year so over drafted or reach doesn’t really apply. What applies is that he never turned out to be what plenty thought he would be. This Jets fan has been ready to move on for about 3 yrs now!!!

  6. Buffalo Soldier – it won’t be too long until you hear Rex saying things like “Bills decision” + “competition at every position” and the always popular “we’ll just have to see how it pans out”

    Good defensive coach of good defensive players. Nobody ever overachieves.

    Whaley doesn’t win press conferences, Rex does. I think that’s why he was hired.

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