Texans stadium needs $50 million in upgrades for Super Bowl LI

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Houston will host its third Super Bowl in February 2017 when Super Bowl LI is played at NRG Stadium.

However, the stadium itself requires some significant upgrades over the next two years before the AFC and NFC Champions line up for kickoff.

According to John McClain of the Houston Chronicle, the upgrades required for NRG Stadium could cost upwards of $50 million. The money would go toward installing Wi-Fi in the stadium and upgraded the club and suite areas of the building.

The improvements to the stadium were promised as a part of Houston’s Super Bowl bid.

“There are investments that need to be made to have that special Super Bowl experience – those commitments that were made within the bid when Houston was awarded the Super Bowl,” said Peter O’Reilly, the NFL’s senior vice president of events.

The majority – if not all – of the money for those upgrades are expected to come from Harris County.

“Some of those (expenses) may be the responsibility of the county, and some may not be,” said Edgar Colon, chairman of the Harris County Sports and Convention Corp. “We’re analyzing all that and going through the contracts and the documents and having conversations with our major tenants to resolve all of these contractual obligations. I’m sure all are going to be resolved in time.”

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  1. Of course the citizens have to subsidize the overhead for the billionaires. It’s the American way. It’s too bad Americans are perfectly fine with it as long as the taps are flowing and the lights are glowing.

    How could we possibly expect the NFL and its teams to be self sufficient?

  2. Wasteful spending. People go to the most high-profile sporting event in the USA and they need Wi-Fi to take their attention away from the event they came to see. Probably the same inconsiderate fools browsing the Internet while at the movies.

  3. Kinda sounds like a dump. But then again, New Orleans seems to get big events, no dump bigger than Superdome.. Houston should just blow 40 million on big screens, the remanding 10 million on WiFi. Seeing that all people do at these big venues is stare at screens and phones anyway.

  4. Ha ha, get ready Harris county residents to fork over the money to upgrade the suites and club sections of a billionaires office building so ur boss at work and his clients have a more enjoyable game day experience while ur shoe horned into the economy seating sections.

  5. The county will reap some reward with the economic impact, but the team should put up most of the money. It’s time we get the debt of sports teams off the backs of the people while the owners continue to make millions.

  6. Typical Goodell, upgrade WiFi and luxury suites, but don’t spend any of the 50 million on improving the playing surface, which is one of the worst in the league.

    Goodell is the best commissioner in history at Protecting the Shield, and increasing revenue. In all other aspects, he is terrible.

    He was a great right hand man, but a terrible, terrible leader.

  7. Houston is a fun city to see a Super Bowl in. However, in addition to the upgrades to the Stadium (50 million for wifi? I’m thinking most of the money will be poured into the suites) the Super Bowl committee needs to get working on a better mass transit system. Anyone who used mass transit for Super Bowl XXXVIII can tell you it was a mess post game.

  8. Must be nice to have the public pay $50m for your building upgrades for a one day affair. No wonder the NFL and the owners are so rich.

  9. I’ve been to about half of the stadiums around the league, and Reliant Stadium is easily one of the best. A cathedral.

    The notion that $50,000,000 in taxpayer funded upgrades is needed for the benefit of the 0.05% who will not only attend a Super Bowl but be sitting in the freaking LUXURY SUITES is maybe the most brazen and outrageous thing I’ve heard yet.

  10. Awesome! Hurry and get it done so my Tennessee Titans can win it there in 2017! That should be about how longbit takes for dick lebaeu to build his super bowl caliber defense with leonard williams and jurrel casey as his anchors!

  11. Start at 50 MM? That means closer to 100MM.

    I have a great idea!

    It should be done at tax payer expense. Just issue some bonds and never pay it down, raising taxes forever.

  12. Another NFL money grab at taxpayers expense. 99.9999% won’t be able to attend the game. Nice job Goodell. You need a raise.

  13. I need to upgrayedd my house can I please get $50 million from everyone so can benefit financially and anyone who helps me they can then pay higher admissions and $20 for 16oz budlights. Trust me it makes sense

  14. This is what our country has become…a requirement of Wi-Fi installation so everyone in attendance who paid thousands can not watch the game and be on their phones.

  15. As someone who lives in Houston who has been to the stadium, I can understand the need for WiFi. You can’t get a phone signal inside the stadium at all. However, $50M in upgrades needed??? Where exactly? Unless they mean outside to knock down the Astrodome, which would cost much more than that apparently based on previous failed measured. It’s still a great stadium compared to other run down dumps that other cities can’t afford to replace them or just won’t. I just don’t see the need for $50M to be put into the stadium.

  16. The price of doing business. The taxpayers of Cincinnati just forked over $$$$ for a new scoreboard and state of the art wifi. That’s all standard procedure for teams fortunate enough to have NFL franchises. So if Cincy did it a much larger market like Houston can. Houston will make millions off the event and millions from regular season games like all cities so it will cost taxpayers nothing. On the flip side I Doubt Lambeau is state of the art but they’ll never host a SB. Just like Detroit, just like the Pro a Bowl the SB should be in a warm weather venue dome or no dome. No one wants to go to Detroit in February or for some folks right or wrong they don’t want to visit Detroit ANYTIME.

  17. Yes, let’s spend $50 mil at the taxpayer’s expense to upgrade the section that the rich people watch the game from. Nevermind the field needs an overhaul so it doesn’t keep injuring players….

  18. Look at Houston and St. Louis. Two fairly new stadiums who’s owners are already begging for money. It’s coming for your city, too, so remember that before you call other cities “cheap” for not blindly fronting the money.

  19. I hate the be the lame one of the bunch, but I lost a $50 gift card to this bit of trivia so it’s been ingrained into my head.

    NRG Stadium is owned by Harris County (actually a committee owned and operated by H.C.). Harris County receives a share the profits for all events hosted inside the stadium. Therefore it’s understandable that Harris County is the one to pay for an upgrade to its own stadium.
    Unfortunately, any profit gained by H.C. does not go to reimburse the taxes charged to the citizens. Such is life.

  20. I wish the NFLPA was stronger… I love the games, and the product on the field, as much as anyone. But the BS
    of the NFL being a non-profit (not taxed), and the owners
    ridiculousness, needs to be put in check.

    Teams like Oakland, and San Diego, playing in REALLY bad stadiums, and Houston must “upgrade” theirs?
    What is that building 10.. 12 years old at most?

    Biggest cash cow… and biggest scam on the public I can think of. Oh.. and it’s great for the players too… till you
    tear that ACL, or get “old” at 27!

  21. Why is anyone here blaming the Texans, rich team owners, or even the NFL? Only ones to blame are Houston Sports Authority and the elected officials in this town. First, the Texans don’t really benefit from the SuperBowl, outside it is good to show off their home stadium. Although an upgraded stadium will probably allow them to increase ticket prices in the luxury level in the future. Second, the other owners of NFL teams have no value in an upgrade in Houston, and truthfully, neither does the NFL. Lastly, let the NFL ask for anything, the GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES that own and run the stadium are the ones that bent over backwards to get the SuperBowl to show off HOUSTON! It is the elected officials and their hired employees that offered up the upgrades!!

  22. I live in Harris County. I do not support spending any tax dollars on any stadiums, including this one. I voted against it.

  23. Instead of spending millions of dollars on wi-fi and club suites, how about we first upgrade that playing surface. You know, that terrible playing surface that led to the injury of #1 draft pick Jadeveon Clowney in the Texans’ very first game of the season, limiting him to less than 2 games overall? The poor condition of the playing surface at Reliant Stadium has also contributed to the tearing of Wes Welker’s ACL and MCL and a career-ending torn ACL for former Texan’s punter Brett Hartmann.

  24. dwntwnbadboy19: Guess what? The superdome has wi-fi. I can’t believe this newer stadium doesn’t have it installed.

    >The money would go toward installing Wi-Fi in the stadium<

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