49ers haven’t asked Stevie Johnson to take a pay cut, yet


As the veteran receiver market grows via the release of multiple veteran receivers under contract, more and more receivers will be facing a take-a-pay-cut-or-take-a-hike ultimatum.

The group of veteran receivers facing that dilemma includes 49ers receiver Stevie Johnson.  Acquired via trade in 2014, Johnson never became fully engaged in the San Fran offense, resulting in only one start, 35 catches, 435 yards, and three touchdowns.

With a new coaching staff, a base salary of $5.5 million, a $275,000 workout bonus, and a $250,000 roster bonus due in March, the 49ers want Johnson to take a pay cut, per a league source.  According to another source, however, a request to accept less has not yet been made.

Diana Russini of NBC 4 in Washington reports that the 49ers are expected to release Johnson.  It’s possible he’ll simply be cut without any discussion about taking less.  Chances are, however, that a cut would be preceded by a negotiation.  Eventually, Johnson most likely will be asked to take less in order to stay.

Any analysis regarding a reduced offer includes gauging the market elsewhere.  It’s tampering for other teams to tell Johnson’s agents what they’d pay for him, but it’s prudent for the agents of any players facing this Let’s Make A Deal conundrum to try to peek behind Door No. 2 before rejecting Door No. 1.

The growing glut of veteran receivers coupled with the instant impact made by rookies likely means Johnson won’t be getting $6.05 million from the 49ers (or likely from anyone else) in 2015.  Look for something to be finalized before the roster bonus comes due on the fifth day of the new league year.

23 responses to “49ers haven’t asked Stevie Johnson to take a pay cut, yet

  1. 5.5 mil for this clown? Yes, think it is say to say the 49ers (or any other team in any league in the world, now or at any time in human history) would never pay him that much.

  2. He made some nice catches in 2014. Just wasn’t included in the game plan enough, and then he got injured and basically was on the sidelines the last 2 games or so.
    Overall, I would have to say he became another symbol of the Niners’ offensive dysfunction under Harbaugh/Roman/Kap.
    Baalke gives up a 4th rounder, and takes on a $6 mil contract, and then the offensive coaches don’t know what to do with him. He should have been another safe option for a struggling Kap to find his game again. Part of the problem: Johnson was too much like the other receivers we had like Boldin/Crab (big target, but not a deep threat to stretch defenses).
    Johnson can still play, but will have to take a hefty pay cut.

  3. With Crabtree hitting the road as a FA, I feel Johnson would be a solid #2 / slot receiver. If the Niner adress a speedster WR to stretch the field during the draft, Stevie & Anquon are two great vets to mold the new kid. I feel we’re set at the position with Dial as a fill-in #4.

    I hope the Niner FO can make it work with Johnson…unlike the Harbaugh mess they we’re involved with last season!

  4. Don’t cut him. Restructure. Give him the opportunities that Crabtree had and you would see similar production. Draft a WR in round 1. Then let him walk next year. Enough said.

  5. The 49ers have no speed at receiver and have drafted guys that have made zero impact on the team in Jenkins, Patton, and Ellington.

    49ers need speed but are in salary cap hell, so we can kiss goodbye any optimism that Baalke will sign a legit free agent to help Kaep progress instead of regress.

  6. The WR market is getting crowded. I can not see why Stevie and the Niners can not work out a deal that works for both sides. Maybe a 3 year extension worth 9-10 mill or so. He will probably only get 3-3.5 per year on the open market anyway.

  7. He’s the best WR the 49ers have.

    He consistently owned Darrelle Revis, “the best cornerback ever in the NFL.”

    $5.5 mill for a #2 WR is nothing today, not when you have Mike Wallace making $9-$10 million, matching SJ’s production.

    He had 3-4 consecutive 1,000 yard receiving seasons in Buffalo, with no WR opposite him and Ryan Fitzpatrick at QB…the only Buffalo Bill WR to do that, and there’s been a lot of good ones throughout the years, including two hall of famers who didn’t accomplish that with a hall of fame QB throwing them the football and a hall of game RB opening it up too.

    Stevie Johnson is a good WR, sorry folks.

  8. udkidd says:

    Don’t cut him. Restructure. Give him the opportunities that Crabtree had and you would see similar production. Draft a WR in round 1. Then let him walk next year. Enough said.

    You want similar production? That is why the 49ers are letting Crab walk, he better be able to do much better than Crabs, especially from last years production.

  9. Watch as the NFL implodes on itself…Sign players cut players good players bad players… Guys who should be in jail are being hailed as saviors to certain teams…

  10. What is the point of these big contracts when 90% of the time the owners either restructure or cut – makes very little sense. Exposes both sides as idiots.

  11. Restructure Stevie !!
    There’s no snow in SF
    Buffalo is winter HELL
    You and Anquan as starters this year with a #1 pick for a speed WR and lets see what you and Kaep can do !!

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