Bucs haven’t asked Vincent Jackson to take a pay cut

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With so many veteran receivers in line for potential pay cuts, a myth has emerged that the Buccaneers have asked veteran receiver Vincent Jackson to take a pay cut.  Per a source with knowledge of the situation, they haven’t.

While that technically doesn’t preclude the Buccaneers from doing so in the not-so-distant future, consider this:  They really like Jackson, they consider him to be part of the team, they believe they need him in order to be successful this year, and they consider his $9.77-million salary to reflect current market value.

Things could get interesting if/when the veteran receiver market goes the way of the veteran running back market, with teams realizing young, cheap wideouts can now be expected to do more than ever before, making them reluctant to pay enormous amounts to players like Jeremy Maclin, Randall Cobb, and/or Michael Crabtree.

Some of the speculation regarding a looming request to take less surely comes from the trade chatter that emerged last season regarding Jackson.  But the Buccaneers, we’re told, never actually shopped him.  Instead, they listened to all offers for any players.  If a team like the Eagles made an offer for Jackson and the Bucs didn’t trade him, that says plenty about their desire to keep him around in 2015.

19 responses to “Bucs haven’t asked Vincent Jackson to take a pay cut

  1. Well I suppose this beats the usual Bucs article where someone demands to be in the Hall of Fame or catches a disease.

  2. You don’t draft your potential franchise qb, and give him nothing to work with his first few seasons. Put guys around him that will help him develop and minimize mistakes.

  3. The NFL. What a joke. The deal the owners sold veteran players was if they cap rookie salaries that would leave more money for veteran players. Haha jokes on you vets. All it did was make it easier for them to use cheaper rookie salaries to make veterans take a pay cut.

  4. Dude, there was one good receiver draft last year. You know what year was awful for receivers? 2013. The world hasn’t changed because of one good receiver draft.

  5. Who isn’t fed up with the NFL?? Sorry but this “Shield” represents a joke today…. Player are over paid but stick to the deals you signed with no more up front money’s…after the way the true fan was treated here in Phoenix for the Super Bowl it’s any wonder the NFL has any support

  6. VJ a is a class act and great reciever, always involved in the military stuff in the community ….good teammate,good role model …
    Pay the man what he wants, Bucs are on their way back …

  7. Whatever the contract says, you need to keep earning your money in this league or you’re not getting paid. This is the private sector, not the government.

  8. sportnut92 says:
    Feb 28, 2015 10:05 AM
    The media makes this guy out to be special, because he’s 6’5.

    He’s no Randy Moss, that’s for sure.
    I guess it was the media that gave him that $55 million contract too right?

  9. Great guy in the community and did drop more balls than his salary reflects. Bucs will keep him. He and Winston will make for a good tandum. Go Bucs!

  10. As a Bucs fan they need to keep Jackson. Him and Evans make for a great tandem and with a new rookie qb *cough Winston *cough it would be nice to have him around

  11. VJax has what a lot of wideouts (like Randy Moss) never had–good attitude and leader of the team. Yup he had a few drops, but he was still better than 50/50 in jump balls and was a 1,000 yard receiver last year. VJax was key in holding the team together through the Freeman-Shiano-Tedford debacle and was a superior mentor for Mike Evans. He will be good for either Jameis or Marcus, plus the one-year pros Evans and Austin Sefarian-Jenkins.

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