Report: Panthers are done with Greg Hardy


We don’t know at the moment whether Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy will or won’t be suspended.

And we can’t know until at least the March 10 start of free agency to know where he’ll play, whenever he’s eligible.

But it seems we know where he won’t be playing next season.

According to Bill Voth of Black and Blue Review, the Panthers are out of the running for last year’s franchise player, deciding to let him walk into the market, and willing to simply accept whatever 2016 compensatory pick comes their way.

While a number of players went to bat for Hardy with management after his domestic violence case was thrown out to create a glimmer of hope, “that slim possibility quickly cooled and eventually ended last week.”

It’s unclear what, if anything, happened within the last seven days to erase the last shred of hope that he’d return. But you could see the writing on the wall at the Scouting Combine, when General Manager Dave Gettleman was discussing the importance of evaluating character and said “Who wants a ticking time bomb?

The Panthers were already wary of him, unwilling to invest in a long-term deal last year. Then their $13.1-million franchise tag gamble backfired, when he played one game and spent the rest of the year on the commissioner’s exempt list.

Hardy’s lately been retweeting fans begging the team to bring him back, but it seems like he’s going to have to find another fanbase to do his passive-aggressive online panhandling for him.

If this was just a football decision, he’d be one of the most sought-after players in the market. He’s still 26, and had 15.0 sacks the last time he played a full season.

Teams such as the Falcons, Buccaneers, Bengals, Raiders and Jaguars have the means and needs to pursue him, but his market will be fascinating to watch since no one’s sure when or whether Roger Goodell will rule on his status.

44 responses to “Report: Panthers are done with Greg Hardy

  1. Goodell sure loves to drag things out doesn’t he? Hardy will probably go to a team like the Falcons, Jags or Raiders as soon as his suspension is over with, or hell maybe even before that.

  2. He is innocent of any crime in the eyes of the law.

    The NFL can’t prevent him from seeking employment, assuming someone wants to hire him.

  3. Get the league out of it, let the teams decide what to do with their criminals based on fan/sponsor reaction. The one concern is that it might give teams in Texas an unfair advantage.

  4. hardy should join the world champs for a year, then cash in with a different team. he’d play for belichick/win the SB then get paid.

    #worldchamps #theyhateuscausetheyaintus

  5. roseann894 says:
    Feb 28, 2015 3:10 PM
    Get the league out of it, let the teams decide what to do with their criminals based on fan/sponsor reaction. The one concern is that it might give teams in Texas an unfair advantage.

    might give the lions an advantage too with a bunch of cap space. most of the people left in detroit have gone walking dead with it. not many good people left.

  6. Another future Patriot. Belichick would allow him to put the past year completely behind him and just focus on playing football. He will probably accept less for the opportunity to play on a great team with a great coach.
    Haters will whine, but just kiss the rings…

  7. Their plan of applying the franchise tag backfired? Are you kidding? It worked perfectly! I’m sure they’re thrilled that they didn’t waste a huge stunning bonus on this guy.

    Exactly what the tag is for. No dead future money on this bum…

  8. Intead of suspending these guys the NFL should make an All-Discipline team, where everybody plays for no salary. The big downfall, of course, would be that they would win the Lombardi every year.

  9. Panthers defense was night and day with Hardy on and off the field. If we lose Suh I would take him on our D.

  10. There is no evidence that Greg Hardy committed any crime whatsoever. He may be an idiot but no more so than Rob Gronkowski. Greg Hardy is black so let’s throw the book at him.

  11. If Goodell tries to toy with Hardy more, then the NFL will have a bigger problem on their hands. This will irritate not only the owners, but EVERY employed individual. This will cause Congress to look into the anti-trust exemption and tax exempt status that the NFL enjoys.

    Roger is being penny wise and pound foolish. At what point does discipline become a detractor. Especially when it’s done with cloak and daggers.

  12. Well there goes him going to the Saints, cause he’ll make the punishment harsher if he does. Goodell has it out for the saints for some odd reason.

  13. Whatever the NFL decides to do with him Im OK with that, but please move fast on it. Things get dragged so long recently it takes credibility out of the process.

  14. I want to see one team just say to heck with it and get all the questionable character guys on one unit: Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, Greg Hardy, Richie Incognito, etc, and just see what happens.

  15. The eyes of the law and seeing reality are two different things. Hardy got away with it. It happens. The Panthers independent investigation must have found that Hardy did it, but got off the hook.

    Why not hold NFL players to a standard? If we, as fans, don’t beat out wife or kids, why would it be alright that these players do it? If you are sympathetic t these guys, does it mean you are abusive to your wife or kids?

    Personally, it disgusts me that a man would act out violently toward a woman or child. Cowardly behavior that should not be rewarded with a free pass. There is no excuse for it, and abusers almost always reoffend.

  16. riekki says:
    Feb 28, 2015 5:02 PM
    There is no evidence that Greg Hardy committed any crime whatsoever. He may be an idiot but no more so than Rob Gronkowski. Greg Hardy is black so let’s throw the book at him.


    Hardy was found guilty on two counts of assault on a female and communicating threats last July. Gronkowski, while undoubtedly a party animal and a bit of a dope, has never been arrested, let alone convicted.

    It’s not even apples and oranges. It’s like apples and Buicks.

  17. First, I think the NFL needs to go ahead and state whether or not Hardy will miss any games leading into the season. It is unfair to Hardy, as teams will be weary of signing him, and unfair to the teams what wish to pursue him not knowing if they will get a full season or 3/4 of the season whatever.

    Second, I’m glad the Panthers will not pursue him long term. He was great while he was here and I love the Kraken, but he was too huge a risk, exactly why the Panthers elected to take a $13M cap hit versus pursuing a more cap friendly, long term deal for the a team that was heavily cash strapped team, electing to get one more year out of him in his prime. The Panthers will be fine with Charles Johnson and Kony Ealy (and whoever they pick up in the draft/ FA). I wish Hardy the best of luck.

  18. Hardy was NEVER going to be a Panther this year and that was apparent well before his DV issue popped up. They drafted Kony Ealy last year as his replacement and hoped to get one more year out of him while Ealy learned. That didn’t happen and Ealy had to learn under fire. They already had cap issues that would finally clear up a little this year and they certainly weren’t going to strap themselves again with Hardy.

  19. So is he all squared away with the league? Or does he risk suspension going forward? That is all that matters at this point with these guys, Hardy/Rice/Peterson.

  20. Please put an * beside any comment regarding Hardy being “convicted” last July. I’m not defending him (good riddance) but under NC law, he was not “convicted” of anything. His situation and charges were approved in a preliminary hearing to proceed to trial. Whether the girl was payed off or she just got what she was looking for in the first place, is not relevant.

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