Justin Forsett: I don’t want to be a one-hit wonder

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After six years of bouncing around the league as a backup running back, Justin Forsett made the most of his extended shot in the top job for the Ravens in 2014.

Forsett ran for 1,266 yards, caught 44 passes and scored eight touchdowns as Baltimore advanced to the divisional round of the playoffs. He did all that on a one-year, $730,000 contract that will leave him as a free agent in a little more than a week if he doesn’t re-sign with the Ravens.

Staying put is Forsett’s top choice and he’s “praying that everything works out” with the Ravens. Wherever Forsett winds up, though, he plans more of the same in 2015.

“I want to build upon it,” Forsett said, via the Baltimore Sun. “I want to be great. I didn’t come in this league to be a one-year wonder. Every time I got an opportunity I was able to seize it and I want to continue to do that.”

There’s a fairly deep group of free agent running backs that will be joined by a fairly deep group of backs in the draft, something that won’t help Forsett’s chances of getting out of the “friend zone” of short-term commitments from teams. The six years of toil before breaking out in a running back-friendly offense could also be a deterrent since Forsett won’t be able to prove he’s more than a one-year wonder until he’s already signed a deal.

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  1. The Ravens will let him test the market and then give him a two year deal. With Taliaferro and Pierce, they are make a good trio. There are lots of little speedy guys available this year as FAs or in the draft.

  2. I think you’ll get some more good years out of him. Maybe not 1200 yards + but he’s always flashed ability. One of the few bright spots on Jim Mora’s awful 2009 Seahawks team.

  3. He’ll sign a 3-4 year deal and stay with the Ravens. For everyone who thinks running backs are a dime a dozen just look at how Bernard pierce played in that exact same system, and how the steelers offense changed when they lost bell or the bengals when they inserted hill.

    Moreover Ozzie stated that he loved forsett’s leadership in the past of talented running backs like Arian foster, marshawn, and mjd, so from a developmental standpoint I imagine the Ravens would like him to train thier running back of the future when they draft Melvin Gordon this April.

  4. I like JF, but he’s 30. Low mileage, but still 30. He’s played in zone blocking schemes before, so why did it take so long to break out? That is a question Ozzie needs to consider. That being said, I would like to see the Ravens resign him to a 2 year deal. Can’t go long on a 30 year old. I still think Taliaferro is the future in Baltimore.

  5. Dexy’s Midnight Runners and Bonnie Tyler feel Justin’s pain. Turn around bright eyes…

  6. Love this guy Forsett. Finally gets a chance at starting and does great in Baltimore. Seems like the team under appreciates what he did for them (quick runner also has power and can catch). Hope it works out for him and he continues to start and avoid being a “one hit wonder.”

  7. Don’t think he’s under appreciated…..its just that very few free agents are being signed just yet.

  8. Let’s see. Last 10 years you were either a #3 on a team or on their practice squad. It’s nice that you don’t want to be a one-hit wonder… but something tells me in the future you’ll only be able to speak of that one hit.

  9. If Demarco Murray leaves Dallas… He will get a decent Contract and no one else. Otherwise, Forsett is this years “Ben Tate”. Top performer of a boatload of the same talent. Credit the Ravens for a good Run Blocking scheme… It is literally plug-n-play. Sorry Justin, it’s just business.

  10. It’s understandable that now that he finally got a chance to show what he can do with full-time snaps… That he would like to be paid

    It’s also understandable that the Ravens have ran the ball no matter who is behind the line, so they shouldn’t pay him that much.

    What’s not understandable is a bad team thinking a guy who never really “broke out” until this late in his career due to going to a really good run blocking team… offering a big contract because they think he is the key.

    But that’s exactly what will happen. a bad team like the Falcons will pay him thinking he will revive their run game. But they can’t run block, and can’t play defense so forsetts numbers will be low and everyone will call him a 1 hit wonder.

  11. Considering how average he was his entire career before Baltimore, I’d bet safe money on him being a 1-year wonder. If he cares about his legacy he’ll work out a deal to stay a Raven because he’ll never come close to those numbers anywhere else.

  12. I’m confused, when exactly was his “one hit”. Hope he’s not talking about last year – he was about the 4th best rb in the afcn.

  13. crownofthehelmet finally almost made sense. AFCN is stacked with RB’s. But I don’t think Forsett was 4th. He was 5th in the NFL and had the best YPC. Why the Ravens need to draft a RB. This draft is better than last.

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