Le’Veon Bell faces a maximum suspension of four games


The new substance-abuse policy imposes a two-game suspension for a first-offense DUI.  By landing on probation for a July 2014 DUI arrest arising from marijuana use, Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell is expected to be suspended for two games.

But there’s a catch that could result in a doubling of Bell’s expected punishment.  The new substance-abuse policy makes a two-game suspension the standard penalty for a DUI arising from alcohol use.  For violations of the law involving other substances of abuse, a first offense exposes the player to a suspension of “up to four” games.

It’s unclear whether the NFL will give Bell, who becomes the test case for the new substance-abuse policy, four games, three, two, or fewer.  The prior substance-abuse policy also exposed players to a suspension without pay of “up to four” games for violations of the law for substances other than alcohol.  Still, it would be a surprise if Bell gets less for DUI-marijuana under the new policy than he would get for DUI-alcohol under the new policy.

But don’t be surprised if he gets more, especially since alcohol is legal in Pennsylvania and marijuana currently isn’t.

Either way, the Steelers need to have a solid plan in place for replacing the team’s workhorse tailback for at least two and as many as four regular-season games in 2015.

44 responses to “Le’Veon Bell faces a maximum suspension of four games

  1. With Rooney being one of Goodell’s power elite, don’t be surprised if Bell doesn’t miss any games. Certainly wouldn’t be more than the two game suspension.

  2. My call: Reggie Bush.

    Bush is a lot more of a gamer than many people realize, and he has some gas left in the tank.

  3. Work Horse?

    Let’s see if they work him like last year? Doubt he will make it to the end of the season.

    Bell and Blount should have been splitting carries. Or at least give it to Blount on blow out games.

    Coach’s ego let Blount go.

  4. Nofoolnodrool says:
    Mar 1, 2015 5:18 PM
    So Goodell gave Rice two games Bell should miss six because he is a Steeler not a Raven….sounds about right.



  5. If Pittsburgh can pull off bringing in Reggie Bush… ill buy the jersey… lol Still Bells show tho.. Hes the man… and will be for many years to come!

  6. Bell and Blount were together. Why does Bell have to face a suspension when absolutely nothing is happening to Blount?

  7. Enough with the “what ifs” had they not cut Blount. He wasn’t producing for the Steelers. I don’t care what he did with the Patriots after the fact. He was essentially worthless for Pittsburgh and, according to other players, a bit of a trouble maker. He’s gone – get over it!

  8. Obviously nobody should drive under the influence of anything, but it would be ridiculous to get more games for DUI marijuana as opposed to alcohol. Driving drunk is much more dangerous.

  9. Max suspension and scheduling the Ravens and Patriots during it…book it. Has to help his two pet owners.

  10. maggiej1956 says:
    Mar 1, 2015 5:54 PM
    Bell and Blount were together. Why does Bell have to face a suspension when absolutely nothing is happening to Blount?

    Bell was driving the car and got the DUI. Blount had 50 or so hours of community service as his civil penalty and I believe not punishable under the NFL policy – not too sure, though.

  11. Anyone calling for Reggie Bush must not have paid much attention to his play, or lack thereof, last season. I’m so glad that we cut him.

  12. Squeeltown start practicing the excuses now. “We missed the playoffs because _______. But are still the best team in the world because of _______.” I can’t wait to read them.

  13. engymass2 says:
    Mar 1, 2015 5:40 PM
    I wonder if he played for the Seahawks or Broncos, would he still get fined ? Since blowin is legal…
    It may be legal to use in Wash./Col., but it isn’t legal to operate a vehicle on the roadway while under its influence. Still would result in the arrest and ultimate punishment by the NFL.

  14. Pittsburg gives all the carries to Bell, even in blowout games, and wonder why Blount was upset? Bell really worked out great in the playoffs didn’t he?

  15. Anything that happens to the Steelers (except success) is obviously a contempt based conspiracy by the league, other owners, other teams, and/or other fans.

    Everyone knows that, and that 15 minutes can save you 15% on car insurance.


  16. Once more the league office consistency or what is a bigger wrong is at question.

  17. He was driving a car, endangering the lives of of the public, should get 4 games! Josh Gordon got a year for second hand smoke. However, I agree that Goodell is Rooney’s property & will just get 2 games.

  18. I doubt he’ll ever be the same after that knee injury –

    Maybe a 4 game suspension will be the best thing for him so he can heal up as much as possible and be ready to take on 100% of the carries for the Steelers for the rest of the season (until he is injured again).

  19. I can live with 12-4. Though 16-0 could still be possible if our first 4 games are NE, Cin, Cle, and Bal. We could probably rest half our starters for 4 weeks then.

  20. Who is against ray Rice joining the Steelers? If he has passed all required classes for Domestic Violence etc, do we welcome him to Da Burgh? Think of how much gas is left in his tank, how he almost never fumbles, how much he has to prove to everyone….I would. Bush is done, DeMarco is too far of a reach. Rice could be a value in financial terms and playing terms. just saying…

  21. so leveon belle the steeler gets 4 games ,lagarette blount the patriot gets nothing……the steelers have the hardest schedule next season and the superbowl champion patriots have the 24th hardest schedule and roger goodell is fair with the patriots?????? heard anything on deflate gate lately??????

  22. He should have been suspended last year. But of course since the Rooneys are tight w Goodell, he let him play last year.

    Another example of preferential treatment for franchises Goodell is friends with.

    He arrest came BEFORE the season, thus he should have been suspended LAST year.

  23. He should have been suspended last season – Blount as well. But I suppose if your owner is big buddies with GODdell then your scummy players can do what they want.

  24. Always wonder why Green Bay fans get angry when Bell gets any attention.

  25. (1) Could not have been suspended last season. Case was not resolved until the offseason.
    (2) Bell’s injury was a fluke hit to the knee and had nothing to do with being overworked.
    (3) If Rooney gets special treatment from Goodell, then please explain Rothlisberger’s suspension in 2010 or the various bogus fines that Steelers players have gotten over the years.
    (4) If Goodell has his way, he will set an example and suspend Bell for 4 games with the chance for reduction to 2 if Bell blah blah blah.
    (5) Losing by 5 points to the Packers is not considered being humiliated in the Super Bowl.

  26. Was the new policy instituted after Le’Veon Bell’s incident? If so, wouldn’t that make a harsher penalty retroactive, which would likely not be enforceable?
    Either way, the Steelers absolutely can’t afford not to have a solid veteran RB behind Bell, and to not play Bell ‘until the wheels fall off’, as Tomlin did with Willie Parker.
    Guys like Shane Vereen and Roy Helu, maybe even Knowshon Moreno, wold be interesting possibilities…

  27. enoughofthatalready says: Mar 2, 2015 1:43 PM

    Bell’s injury was a fluke hit to the knee and had nothing to do with being overworked.
    If you are on the field for every single one of your team’s offensive plays, you may get hit in the knee more often. Of course when I accurately predicted this is what would happen right here on PFT after the Steelers cut Blount, the Steeler faithful told me that “Bell is young, he can handle the workload”. OK, sure, sounds like a good plan to try that approach again in 2015.

  28. The Division Champion Steelers know what they’re doing carlos – is there even starting RB on your roster yet? Or a DB that isn’t in trouble with the law?

    When your team’s playoff plans change from just voting for a 3rd wildcard team, come talk to us.

  29. I believe the NFL has officially given Bell a 2-game suspension. That was a few weeks ago – so nothing new here.

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