Dolphins use transition tag on Charles Clay


Last year, the Steelers pulled a surprise move just before the deadline to use franchise and transition tags by dusting off the rarely-used transition tag for linebacker Jason Worilds.

The Dolphins are taking a page from that book. They announced that they have placed the transition tag on tight end Charles Clay, who was set to become a free agent next week.

The transition tag differs from the non-exclusive franchise tag in that it offers teams a chance to match other offers for the player without any compensation coming their way in the event they choose not to match the offer. The tag pays the average of the top 10 at the position as opposed to the franchise tag, which is generated by a certain percentage of the overall cap number that is designated to each position group for its franchise figure.

For Clay, that salary would be $7.071 million although he’d have to sign the tag to eliminate the possibility that the Dolphins rescind it and move in a different direction. Clay had 58 catches for 605 yards in 2014 and was expected to be one of the top tight ends on the open market. Julius Thomas and Jordan Cameron now look like the best players at the position who will be set free on March 10.

24 responses to “Dolphins use transition tag on Charles Clay

  1. That’s a little over $11,600 a yard, or $122,000 a catch.

    With accounting like this it’s no wonder they paid so much for Mike Wallace.

  2. Is it just me or is that first sentence in this post something out of chapter one in The Sound and The Fury?

  3. Tough call on Clay but it’s of the team’s own doing. The spent too much on guys that didn’t offer much value during the season. Many of those guys have been cut already. Wallace is overpaid but he was at least productive. If he is moved it is due to attitude/professionalism, not play. They had to do this with Clay because they are creating additional holes and 1 more at a key position would be very difficult to recover from. Oleic is another problem. Neither are truly worth as much as they will get but tagging Clay at least lowers the bidding wars for multiple players. Tough call but probably the smartest one they could make. Now, if Philbin could learn to work with malcontents and those players could curb their me-first attitudes the Dolphins would be much better off.

  4. Did the fins just franchise Charles Clay? Really? SMH. Guess you can afford to do that when you have no other talent to pay.

  5. 58 catches for a guy who was hurt much of the season. He’s a little inconsistent but has put up elite TE numbers in more than a few games…

  6. They used the transition tag on him and for one year it’s a good deal. He hasn’t stayed healthy. He put up solid numbers last year despite being hurt all season. See how he plays this year and decide if you want to pay him or let him walk if he doesn’t play up to par. Pretty simple. Then again most Dolphins fans will complain either way he either stays and the Dolphins over payed or he leaves and the Dolphins are stupid for letting him walk. No win for the front office. Go Fins!

  7. I like the fact they want to keep him. I just feel like they could have saved a more money by locking him into a fake multi year deal. 7 seems a bit steep

  8. Love to continue reading lame comments by people that only play Madden, or don’t know anything about teams other then their own. “Ignorant” is a term that fits best. Clay is a complete TE and does everything well. Check out his 2013 stats when healthy, and that doesn’t show his blocking abilities.

  9. This is a horrible draft for TE, and there’s scare options on the open market. But even more, Clay showed a solid understanding of the system and had some chemistry with Tannehill.

    Miami needs to build an offense, and you don’t do that by letting one of the few real contributors go…

  10. I guess I need to play more Madden. I had no idea who this guy was. All three regional teams are NFC in my area. When we get get an AFC game it’s usually the Broncos, Steelers, or Colts, and the occasional Patriots game but can’t recall the last time I saw Miami on cable TV. Maybe I just need Direct TV.

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