Falcons interested in Orakpo


Washington, despite having a new G.M., would like to extend its relationship with pass-rusher Brian Orakpo.  Unlike last year, however, Scot McCloughan will have competition when it comes to keeping Orakpo around.

Per a league source, at least four teams are interested in Orakpo.  For now, the leaders are believed to be Washington and the Falcons.

The Falcons desperately need help on the edge of the defensive line, a year after former coach Mike Smith successfully lobbied for the investment of offseason funds on interior defensive linemen.  New coach Dan Quinn is emphasizing speed in all phases of the game.

Orakpo had 10 sacks in 2013.  Last year, had managed only 0.5 sacks in seven starts under the franchise tag in D.C.

28 responses to “Falcons interested in Orakpo

  1. i’d give him 4 yr deal 20 mill 15 guaranteed..let someone else over pay him..

  2. Washington’s “interest” in him seems like more of a courteous goodbye than actual intent to re-sign him. He’s a good player and a hard worker, and whoever gets him should be excited, I just don’t expect it to be DC.

  3. Despite his injuries he’s had a very almost Charles Mann type career, never super dominant but when healthy can give you 10-11 sacks per year.

  4. With him experiencing the same injury multiple times, I would give him low garunteed money but a per game started bonus where he can make it up. Too risky

  5. I like Orakpo a lot. He showed severe beastly capabilities in his rookie year, but unfortunately had a hard time staying healthy. As a Skins fan, I say let him go in free agency if he gets a better deal. If he doesn’t get one, then keep him at bargain basement price. No need to overspend again.

  6. I like dude but he’s hurt alot. He also gets held alot. I’m on the fence.

  7. Hype-po is gutless, uncoachable, unwilling to improve and apparently lazy. He had a chance to show he was worth keeping and all he did was underachieve at every turn – he’s always undisciplined and has poor technique. He was outplayed by a rookie this year when he took over Hype’s spot.

    Get rid of him and be done with the defense’s equivalent of Ginger Rogers Griffin.

  8. Don’t know why the falcons would be interested in this guy…. 1/2 a sack last year…can’t stay healthy…..what a stupid pick ….and I hope thy don’t go after Sue he is to dirty, I don’t think Blank would allow him to play for Atlanta,,,,, cone on there are to many healthy pass rushers out there to go after this guy

  9. He has good stats on paper (when not injured) but is largely invisible when it comes to game changing plays. Whatever team signs him will quickly see this. Skins seem to have a love affair with this guy and I really don’t get it, and I’m a Skins fan.

  10. The Falcons have needed a pass rusher since (and well before, since Patrick Kerney. Dust off the NFL history books for a bio) John Abraham left. But the pass rusher will come with the #8 (or higher?) pick & a high day 2 pick (the one not stolen away by the NFL for the Beatles-on-Ed-Sullivan-like crowd noise). The Orakponator is too expensive. A lower priced free agent DE is the ones surely to be focused on, unless Greg Hardy becomes Arthur Blank’s love interest since the ATL was unable to steal away Charles Johnson a few years ago.

  11. Wish him success where he goes.

    From the Redskins perspective, played his best ball in meaningless games, and he was never able to inspire those around him to play better. Just never saw offenses that had to strategize for him.

    A new start will hopefully produce better results.

  12. I like the guy but won’t mind the Redskins letting him go.
    He hits hard but is not good at making a tackle.
    That is when he is on the field.

  13. Has a knack for making big plays in little games and disappearing during the big moments of most any games. Fare thee well.

  14. As a Cowboys fan, I’m OK with him leaving the division. He was the only Washington defensive player that warranted being accounted for. At least until Washington’s next batch of free agents arrive.

  15. If not for last years injury I could see the Redskins bringing him back but he will probably end up with the Atlanta team that really needs to beef up their defense.

  16. Good luck Falcons, signings from desperation never work out and that is what this will be. Orakpo would be great on a team that doesn’t rely on him for much. He has one move, that’s great that he can bench press 1,000 lbs but that doesn’t translate to every sunday when he just bullrushes on every play. Good riddance, see you later. Can’t wait to face him and run at him to his side every time.

  17. All any time had to do to account for him was to put one player on him that’s it. Not sure what games you were watching aside from his rookie season teams dont have to double team him at all. As a Redskins fan it would be the best news ever if he doesn’t come back to the team.
    pftony says: Mar 3, 2015 6:44 AM

    As a Cowboys fan, I’m OK with him leaving the division. He was the only Washington defensive player that warranted being accounted for. At least until Washington’s next batch of free agents arrive.

  18. If Atlanta (or any team) is expecting an A level pass rusher they will be disappointed. Orakpo is a C+ level 3-4 pass rusher. He is stout against the run, when healthy will be around the QB, but as far as getting big sack numbers he isn’t worth the money he will probably sign for IMO.

  19. Orakpo is a great 4-3 end. He is a good but not great 3-4 OLB. If he gets into a 4-3 scheme with a solid DT next to him he can be very good.

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