Franchise and transition tag numbers are in

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Teams should get final numbers soon on the 2015 salary cap, which is expected to come in around $143 million.

And based on that number, the teams that are playing tag by today’s deadline have a better idea of how much it is going to cost them.

Via Albert Breer of the NFL Network, the projections for the franchise tags are in:

Quarterbacks: $18.544 million

Running backs: $10.951 million

Wide receivers: $12.823 million

Tight ends: $8.347 million

Offensive linemen: $12.943 million

Defensive tackles: $11.193 million

Defensive ends: $14.813 million

Linebackers: $13.195 million

Cornerbacks: $13.075 million

Safeties: $9.618 million

Kickers/punters: $4.126 million.

The numbers are also in for the transition tag, which allows the teams to secure the right to match any deal a free agent finds, but offers no compensation if they don’t.

Quarterbacks: $16.155 million

Running backs: $9.037 million

Wide receivers: $10.971 million

Tight ends: $7.071 million

Offensive linemen: $11.096 million

Defensive tackles: $9.314 million

Defensive ends: $11.958 million

Linebackers: $11.058 million

Cornerbacks: $11.082 million

Safeties: $8.263 million

Kickers/punters: $3.716 million.

Those transition numbers also double as the fifth-year option numbers for the top 10 picks in the 2012 NFL Draft.

The numbers could still bump up a bit if the final cap calculation comes in above $143 million, but those are the numbers teams are working with at the moment.

UPDATE 3:49 p.m. ET: #asexpected, the numbers did creep up slightly when the cap was finalized. We’ve updated the numbers above to avoid confusion.

7 responses to “Franchise and transition tag numbers are in

  1. Just a couple of years as a franchised punter and I’d be livin’ on easy street with my two Camry garage and 42″ tv.

  2. Just get rid of the TE position already, just link them into the WR class as the only TE’s to get tagged are basically WR’s anyway. Lowest position class, except the kickers. LOL

  3. The argument of TE/WR is stupid. Blocking TE don’t get tagged. I can’t see how any TE wins those grievances. DE/LB is a little different due to 3-4 schemes.

  4. It is also stupid that all of the OL is linked together. They breakup DL, they break up DB’s, but if you want to keep your OG, you must pay them like an OT…ridiculous.

  5. How can kickers and punters be the same?

    One guy gives heart attacks while the other gets them. (think about it).

    What about kick off specialists?

    The audacity of it all…

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