NFL still waits for the Wells report

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Five weeks ago today, lawyer Ted Wells said that the #DeflateGate investigation, which launched six weeks ago today, will require “at least several more weeks.”

Currently, there’s no indication how many more days, weeks, or months will be required.

The topic was sparked by an image that has been floating around of what has been made to look like the cover page and a portion of the table of contents of the Ted Wells report.  But the headline “Executive Summary and Loss of Draft Pick Compensation” gives it away as a hoax, because Ted Wells won’t be determining any penalties to be imposed on the Patriots.

Looking at the situation more broadly, the notion that any penalties will be imposed seems to be a little far-fetched, absent a confession or smoking-gun proof.  It’s become more and more clear that the NFL doesn’t properly secure and handle footballs during games, as evidenced by the Combine week clusterfudge from ESPN, with competing reports from Kelly Naqi and Adam Schefter that required a psychic, a cartographer, and/or a Sherpa to harmonize.

Then there’s the possibility/reality that other teams may be tinkering with footballs.  As one source explained it to PFT last month, however, the Wells investigation won’t be considering whether and to what extent other teams have tampered with footballs.

No investigation is needed to determine that one or two teams have done it.  Recently.

Specifically, ball boys used sideline heaters to warm footballs during a late-November, 12-degree game between the Vikings and Panthers at the open-air stadium Minnesota is using until its new indoor facility opens.  Apparently, footballs used by both teams were being heated that way.

“Somebody told me [Carolina’s] ball boys were doing it,” coach Mike Zimmer said, via

So did NFL V.P. of game operations Mike Kensil swoop down on the sidelines with a meat thermometer as the first step in an extended inquisition?  Well, no.  Instead, the NFL acknowledged the situation, explained that it’s not permitted, and indicated an intent to remind other teams to not do this during the winter months.

“You can’t do anything with the footballs in terms of any artificial, whether you’re heating them up, whether it’s a regular game ball or kicking ball, you can’t do anything to the football,” NFL V.P. of officiating Dean Blandino said at the time.  “So that was noticed during the game, both teams were made aware of it during the game and we will certainly remind the clubs as we get into more cold weather games that you can’t do anything with the football in terms of heating them up with those sideline heaters.”

That seems like a fair and reasonable approach.  But shouldn’t teams already have known that?  And isn’t ignorance no excuse, anyway?

If the question of whether the Patriots tampered with footballs caused the Colts to complain to the league office and the league office to launch a full-blown investigation with the possibility of suspensions and lost draft picks, shouldn’t the Vikings and/or Panthers have faced swift and sudden justice from 345 Park Avenue for being caught literally red handed tampering with footballs by making them warmer?

While some Mona Lisa Vitos out there will say that heating the balls actually guards against natural deflation, the ball boys surely weren’t doing it to ensure that the footballs remained within the accepted range 12.5 to 13.5 PSI.  They were doing it because someone thought the balls would be easier to handle if they were warmer than the 12-degree ambient air.

Regardless, the league’s relative nonchalance when it comes to the warming of footballs in violation of the rules becomes the latest puddle of mud in a minefield that the NFL created — and that Commissioner Roger Goodell eventually will have to find a path out of.

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  1. Broncos haven’t won a Super Bowl since Capgate. Truth hurts. #ElwayCareerTainted.

  2. The NFL and their investigations are a joke. I believe nothing coming from the commissioner’s office.

  3. Remember that time Jerry Rice admitted to cheating his entire career, and nobody cared? If he’d ever had a Patriots helmet on his head at any point in his life, that would have been front page news for weeks.

  4. Teflon Roger will find a way to deflect this too. Why waste any more time on it?

  5. Aren’t we all still waiting for the punishment to be levied against the Ravens org for trying to manipulate law enforcement and all the Ray Rice shenanigans?

  6. No because no one is a jealous little baby in regards to vikings and panthers….

    Everyone is jealous little baby when it comes to the pats….

    Good article!!!


  7. Its called a double standard. Harbaugh, his toady Pagano, and ex Jets employees set this whole thing up and it has been a total fail.

    Meanwhile noone acts like the Vikings, Panthers or Green Bay with Rodgers admission bout submitting balls over the pressure level in hopes they get by the refs as “cheating”.

    Its very clear that the Colts or Kensil deflated the ball on the Colts sideline during the 20+ minutes they had it down there.

  8. Kraft owns Goodell … they’ll cover this up just like all the other times the Pats have been caught cheating.

  9. The Patriots cheated.
    And everybody knows it. You know it, I know it, old ladies and little kids know it.

    Illegally filming practices, turning in false injury reports every week, hiding concussions, tampering with players still playing for other clubs, messing with the equipment to gain an advantage, pushing the rules and running illegal plays to the point where you even take the refs out of the game.
    Everyone else outside of Boston can see the clear pattern here.
    Where there’s that much smoke you know there’s a fire…

  10. Instead of putting this on the league, the media needs to look at itself. The media made a GIGANTIC DEAL out of the deflated footballs. But they treated the heated footballs with nonchalance.

  11. So Goodell will kill players with penalties billy entire organizations are free do break rules, no repercussions. Seems fair…

  12. So now they are looking for a couple of small market teams to deflect the real issue. Sounds to me like the Vikings and Panthers were BOTH aware of this. Thus, giving no one an advantage. On the other hand, IF the Patriots were doing it, they were doing it without the other teams knowing and it DID give them an advantage.

    How about the NFL concentrate on the chief complaint here so they can deter it from happening again if in fact it did happen.

  13. It will be released quietly, on Good Friday, when half the country is away on spring break.
    Patriots will get a small slap on the wrist, and Rog will collect his $850k weekly paycheck.

  14. Goodell probably told Wells to keep digging until he finds something on the Pats, so he won’t have to apologize. If that’s the case we may never hear from Wells

  15. It’s really simple: the Patriots deflate footballs in order to make subpar WR’s capable of catching them and to prevent subpar RB’s from fumbling. Stats don’t lie. The problem is that the Patriots are untouchable and every fan with integrity has already placed an asterisk next to each of their SB wins and have moved on.

  16. I hope to god the report addresses the whole Mike Kensil issue as well as the NFL employee that was running a shell game with the game balls. I also hope they give creedance to the fact thAt the ONE ball that was seriously under inflated was in possession of the team that had the most to gain and the person ( Kensil) that had the biggest agenda.

    If anything is swept under the it is going to be a combination of Kensil, Irsay, the Colts sideline and the NKL employee handling and selling game balls.

  17. Why have Wells the verdict is already is: Patriots are Superbowl Champs and are driving for five!

    Go Pats 2015 – One for Brady’s Thumb!

  18. If Brady or Belichick had anything to do with deflating those balls… do you really think Brady would be thanking those who supported him and letting his Sister go out on a limb for him with what she said?

    And would Bill Belichick really go on the Dave Letterman show carrying the Vince Lombardi if he was involved in any way? Bill despises the media and the spotlight … he could have easily passed on Dave’s invitation.

    This is a defining moment for Mr. Goodell. After he puffed his chest out at the State of the League address and stressed the integrity of the game a hundred times, he now has to make good on his promises or he will be long gone. Heads are going to roll!!

  19. After all this if the Patriots are penalized if I were Kraft I would sue the NFL

  20. When its the Vikings and the Panthers nobody cares. It will be interesting to see the penalties for Woody Johnson tampering with Revis. Given the visibility of the player this should be a major issue… but its the Jets.

  21. I’d love to know why all the PatriotsHaters are so sure the league is going to downplay this whole episode…or sweep it under the rug etc.

    To date, the NFL has done little else other than allow gossips and rumormongers to have their way with this whole story – while the steady drip, drip, drip leaks from somewhere in the NFL establishment (hint: its rhymes with Fike Rensil).

    Yes, this is the behavior typical of an organisation that is hell bent on reducing the impact of this whole nonsense – especially when you compare it to the Atlanta, Cleveland, Minnesota, Carolina ‘scandals’.

    Ho hum.

  22. The delay is intentional to avoid the obvious – Colts manufactured Frame -Gate.

    The NFL does not want the Patriots getting any additional picks in this years Draft.

  23. Not even people who hate the Patriots care about this. Bottom line – The fans don’t care so nothing is going to happen. We (and I speak for all of us here) don’t care at all. Inflate the balls to a hundred pounds, heat them up, deflate them, color them purple, we don’t care. Just give us compelling football on Sunday.

  24. I’d love to know why all the PatriotsHaters are so sure the league is going to downplay this whole episode…or sweep it under the rug etc.

    To date, the NFL has done little else other than allow gossips and rumormongers to have their way with this whole story – while the steady drip, drip, drip leaks from somewhere in the NFL establishment (hint: its rhymes with Fike Rensil).

    Yes, this is the behavior typical of an organisation that is hell bent on reducing the impact of this whole nonsense – especially when you compare it to the Atlanta, Cleveland, Minnesota, Carolina ‘scandals’….

  25. Every team in the NFL has had some sort of “rules violation” in the last 20 years. You name it, the rule has probably been broken. The difference with the Patriots is that their violations have involved the entire organization. Not one rogue player, but the everyone from the ball boy to the quarterback to the owner. When people say that the Patriots are the best, they are. The best at cheating. They’ve taken it to a whole new level and we all need to bow down to them and their superior mastery of how to circumvent the rules book.

  26. Are we really going to compare putting the balls in front of a heater with willfully taking air pressure out of the balls?

    Come on man…

  27. What a lot of the chattering class fail to remember is when “Spygate” happened, Roger Goddell was in his first full year as NFL commissioner and was on a very pubic campaign to be much tougher than prior commissioners.

    It was a big topic of discussion at the time how he was being far more harsh on players and teams, etc than had been done in the past. When the Pats were given such a harsh penalty for doing something that literally every other team had been doing for years (and the Dolphins were busted for a year earlier against the pats without penalty), it was because Goodell was sending a statement that there was a new sheriff in town.

    All the people who have this warped view of the Pats as a “cheating” organization are just ignorant and/or blind with jealousy. They did not tape any practices, the tapes were made public (shown on a loop for hours to the media) before they were thrown out, and there was literally zero gain by the pats that other teams did not enjoy.

  28. Will you guys just please fire Goodell and get it over with? It seems inevitable for PR reasons alone. No one trusts the guy and no one cares what his “reports” turn up. This moron couldn’t even locate a surveillance tape that would’ve taken one phone call to get. Why should we trust him to get this one right? We don’t.


  29. This is what happens when an incompetent commish lets a situation spiral out of control.

  30. I love the ongoing “Cheater” remarks from the peanut gallery. It just shows how the Patriots have gotten under the skin of these particular losers while most respect the accomplishments of the Patriots these past 15 years.

  31. The Patriots cheated!!! And, that is the focus of the investigation as it should. They should never have been allowed to play in the Super Bowl!! It is a failure of the NFL to have allowed it!! They should be given significant and appropriate punishment as a result of this. Most teams would be stripped of their games, and penalized significantly for knowingly and intentionally cheating – the entire fan base, league, other teams, and the teams history!! Is the NFL trying to weaken their rankings so they are viewed no better than the WWF (who are also fakes).

  32. Due to the amount of time that it is taking for the NFL to release this report, I’m believing more and more that they are going to make some MAJOR changes in the way footballs are approved, secured and put in and out of play.

    I suspect that we won’t get anything from the NFL until they have a system that is fully ready to be unveiled at the same time as the report findings; and correctly so.

  33. The real question is whether Roger Dodger will apologize to Robert Kraft and the New England Patriots for this stupid witch hunt.
    If nothing else, at least this fake controversy put a chip on the Patriots’ collective shoulder when they played SB49, and for this, I say thank you to Roger Goodell.

  34. Not able to pin it on the Patriots, Roger needs this time to figure out who the scapegoat is going to be so that he can once again escape retribution for his own ineptitude. To do it though, he needs it to be someone least connected to the League office and him. Not easy to do!

  35. Make no mistake about it: The Pats didn’t need to “cheat” to win, whether or not we find out they actually did. If the allegations are true, then they indeed cheated and should pay the price.

    It’s important to remember that Goodell works for Kraft (and the owners), not the other way around. Suddenly we are getting all of these other stories out in the public to essentially dilute what crimes the Pats committed, if any. We’ve gotten the Falcons piping in crowd noise, Jerry Rice has used stickum, now the standard that all these other teams are “modifying” the balls in someway — all to lessen the impact of what the Patriots have allegedly done.

    One last thing: There is a big difference between the following.

    Rodgers stating he likes to overinflate the balls to see if the refs take notice, which they always do. He does NOT then go and have his ball boy run to the bathroom to pump them back up to what he likes over the legal limit. It’s not hard to understand wanting to push the limit, but it’s a different matter altogether actually altering the balls after the fact.

    As far as other teams using the heat on the sidelines to try and influence the pressure in the footballs, I would say that is also childish and stupid (should not be allowed), but it is not the same as taking the balls to a secret location and letting the air out. These two examples are not on par with one another.

    In the end, if the Pats (Brady) had instructed his ballboy to actively deflate their footballs, there should be a fine and a suspension. Given how much the Pats like to tote the line, they probably took enough precaution so they will be able to say the ball boy acted on his own accord and there is no proof to show otherwise. Other than common sense of course. Kraft has more pull than any other owner in the league — and we are seeing it on full display, for those of us that choose to see it.

  36. Wow still nothing shocking….
    What a waste of time, they should donate the cost of this investigation to a charity.

  37. ESPN was way out of line printing a random ball boy’s name, picture and home town. Especially considering the entire “meat” of the article was completely refuted by a different ESPN reporter that same day. I know the NFL doesn’t really have the ability to punish ESPN, but that was really low. I hope the Patriots refuse to deal with them going forward, to the extent that they can.


    Countless scores and thirteen years ago our football gods brought forth in this league a new dynasty, conceived in excellence, and dedicated to the proposition that all players do their job equally.

    Now the league is engaged in a great civil war, testing p.s.i. to see whether that dynasty, or any dynasty so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure. We are met on a great grid iron and battlefield of that war. We have come to dedicate a portion of that field, as a final resting place for those who would expend their season in vain that that the dynasty might die here. It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this.

    But, in a larger sense, we can not dedicate, we can not consecrate, we can not hallow this ground. The players, active and injured, who struggled here, have consecrated it, far above our poor power to add or detract. The league will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here. It is for us the fans, rather, to be dedicated to the unselfish and unfinished play which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. It is rather for us to be here to support the great task remaining before this dynasty–that in this honored team we take increased devotion to that entertainment for which they gave the last full measure of devotion–that we here highly resolve that this team shall not have struggled in vain–that this dynasty, shall have a new birth of excellence–and that domination of this league, by this dynasty and for this dynasty, shall not perish from the turf.

  39. The NFL should provide ball boys just like they provide the officiating crew to ensure proper handling. The investigation should be closed and everyone should move on.

  40. “As far as other teams using the heat on the sidelines to try and influence the pressure in the footballs, I would say that is also childish and stupid (should not be allowed), but it is not the same as taking the balls to a secret location and letting the air out. These two examples are not on par with one another.”


    Yes they are. Both are tampering with the balls. Both are a violation of the rules. Thing is, we have no evidence that the Pats tampered with any balls while we know for a fact that the Vikings and Panthers did it.

    Your move, Commissioner.

  41. How pitiful is this transparent charade? The NFL feigns interest in “really getting to the bottom of the facts,” as they stall, stall, stall and stall some more until this topic is a long dead horse far removed from the news cycle.

    The Goodell Era sux.

  42. Ted Wells is being well paid for this, and doesn’t want to derail the gravy train.

  43. By rights they should be investigating the Packers. Rodgers beat the Patriots at Lambeau by using illegally overinflated footballs. Once they got into the playoffs were it was more closely scrutinized, suddenly they’re going for FGs in the red zone and Aaron Rodgers is blaming the Bucs turf for injuring him somehow. How is it the Patriots are the only team in the league that gets better after each time they get caught “cheating”?

  44. Is Wells interviewing everyone who attended that game to see if they saw anything? There is really no reason for this investigation to take this long.

  45. Well, it is obvious they’ve got nothing on the Patriots… which would point the finger at Indy and the NFL. If Indy didn’t do anything wrong, then that leaves Goodell and his unorganized league with officials that apparently don’t do their job to the fullest extent. There is NO WAY Goodell is going to allow Wells to release a report that reflects poorly on the NFL and makes them look bad. Bottom line, what’s taking them so long is figuring out a believable way to clear both teams while making Goodell look competent.

  46. In this amount of time they could have interviewed everybody who had access to the stadium at the time the football were first inflated. It’s now just a delay tactic waiting until everybody has forgotten about it.

    We all know the details including the fact that since they didn’t keep any records of the original pressures it’s basically impossible to prove anything. Why not just admit they weren’t keeping track and get the individual teams out of the business of providing their own footballs?

  47. This is actually a very good logical post from Florio here. The handling of footballs has always been very lax by the league and the mass hysteria when the Patriots were (potentially) involved has been way over the top.

    With all that said, it was another beautiful Boston morning with the crisp scent of being WORLD CHAMPIONS once again in the air. Hi haters! The Patriots haven’t won a Super Bowl in over a month! Must make you feel so good inside. HAHAHA!

  48. don’t forget to mention that heating balls can increase PSI and those balls may have been over the legal limit, but the nfl doesn’t neet to test those balls, nor do they need to have an investigation since neither of those teams are named the PATRIOTS

    2 teams caught tampering with balls, no PSI tests, no investigation, no fines

    1 team accused of tampering with a ball while there is proof NFL employees were tampering with balls swapping out approved for non approved balls, kensil personally takes over at halftime and measures the balls himself, massive investigation, leaked rumors by the league, screams for fines and loss of draft picks, accusations of cheaters………

    it seems what’s good for the goose is definitely not good for the gander

  49. So when is Kensil getting fired for inflating the footballs, in clear violation of NFL rules around tampering with game balls…..

  50. The reason why nobody cares that footballs were clearly tampered with by the Vikings and Panthers is because…..they’re the Vikings and Panthers

  51. Godels’s boys will drag and drag they won’t point any fingers at any of the darlings of the East in Cheatsville.

  52. I keep posting this but I’m still flabbergasted by the fact a senior NFL executive actually took it on himself to conduct a sting operation at halftime, risk illegal footballs being played in a conference championship game and then blatantly tampering with game balls at halftime by inflating them in violation of NFL rules.

    It’s all good though. Us superior fans of the most superior football team in the NFL will still enjoy those 4 shiny Lombardis. How did your team do this year Patriot haters? 🙂 Maybe you should just admit that your team is garbage and bow down to kiss our ring.

    Pucker up buttercups! 🙂

  53. The NFL should never have fined the Patriots for the bogus Spygate non-scandal because EVERY team was videotaping and it was LEGAL. If you think a memo sent out by Goddell was going to stop teams from videotaping, then you are very naive. I’m sure the Patriots weren’t the only team that ignored that memo and they were specifically just trying to get back at the Jets, who were videotaping them.

    Same thing here, every team plays fast and loose with ball inflation, as Aaron Rodgers admitted, and the NFL doesn’t care. The NFL has never enforced the fine on the books for ball inflation because they know teams push the limits. So why is it such a big deal now? Could it be that the Colts and Ravens are trying to drag a proud franchise through the mud? I think so. I hope the Patriots sue the pants off of the Colts and Ravens when this joke is over.

  54. Minnesota and Carolina get friendly reminders. New England gets national headlines and a 6 week investigation.

    Yeah that’s fair.

  55. best sentence in the article:

    So did NFL V.P. of game operations Mike Kensil swoop down on the sidelines with a meat thermometer as the first step in an extended inquisition?

  56. Prediction: The blowback will overshadow the scandal.

    It’s already tarnished Jerry Rice and the entire ESPN panel (Mark Brunell, et al)

    Wells is no doubt investigating if there was any connection between/among Grigson, Irsay, and Kensil.

    We already know the “scandal” begin with an excited text message to Indianapolis reporter Bob Kravitz that read:

    “Call me now..Very important!!!!”

    Kelly Naqi had FOUR sources corroborating the half-truth that she published before Schefter corrected the report.

    I hope Mike Kensil is working on his resume…

  57. I expect that Wells will not go beyond a very strict definition of his mandate in this investigation, however, it would be nice if he addressed the real issue here:

    There are individuals within the NFL office – Kensil and perhaps Goodell among two – with ties to the Jets, and on the day that the Patriots filed tampering charges against the Jets owner, that JUST SO HAPPENS to be the day that Kensil takes a VERY different approach to ball tampering than the NFL did a few weeks before when heating and softening the balls was shown on NETWORK TV – and the NFL effectively did nothing.

    We now only have Kensil’s “word” that ONE ball was lower than what normal temperature change should do to a ball – and of course that was the ball that was outside the Patriots control.

    We also know that the NFL had no policies in place to ensure balls were not tampered with – meaning if it was such a big deal they’d secure the balls.

    It wasn’t, so they didn’t. It’s only become a big issue with the inception of the witch hunt. Kensil and Goodell should be fired for this incompetence.

  58. Its unreal… the Super Bowl champs possibly cheated… AGAIN! The NFL always is talking integrity, but this looks like a behind the scenes deal is being worked out, and that is bad. The Pats have to be punished and punished hard. No 2015 draft. Kraft – 4 games. Bellacheat – 8 games. Brady 4-6 games. No home pre-season games, and of caught cheating again – Kraft has to sell the team. True integrity is needed, not finding a scapegoat. Goodell… this is your Watergate and you look even worse than ever, you moron!

  59. All I can say is the NFL should be thanking its lucky stars for 2 things: (1) it was an entertaining SuperBowl (arguably the most entertaining ever) and (2) the Patriots won. Or (a) the public would be blaming the NFL for creating an uneven playing field and (b) Kraft would probably sue the league.

  60. Weasel nation (do not deserve the name patriots) waiting with all their excuses, cheat-shine trophy, Their fans deserve the Cheating Legacy! Defend the sad legacy.

  61. NFL has nothing. I love coming to the comment section and reading all the whining. One of the best parts of the Pats winning the SB is how many people it pissed off

  62. You think by calling the Pats names bother Pats fans? Actually, it makes it even better knowing how upset and butthurt you all get. Highly entertaining.

  63. I think we can all agree that everyone has made up their mind already.

    Even if the report says the Pats did nothing wrong and the Colts set them up we will still have a million people screaming that somehow the Pats did it or that there was a cover up. The actual report doesn’t matter because loonies have already convinced themselves the Pats are guilty.

    And the coverage of this story compared to other “cheating” stories is insane. Jerry Rice and Falcons crowd noise gets about 5 minutes of talk. Just the idea of an investigation into the Pats gets two weeks of media scrutiny before any facts are obtained. It’s because the Patriots are good and people don’t like them. It’s as simple as that. If deflate gate was about the titans it wouldn’t have a gate at the end and it wouldn’t have been discussed for more than a couple minutes on tv.

  64. Face it the NFL has zip on this so they are figuring out just how to spin it. Maybe the rumor that the one ball that was significantly under and was the one the colts had taken is causing a deflate gate investigation of the colts. Wouldn’t that be ironic. Regardless the PATS are SB champs and the rest of the league just can’t stand that. TOO BAD!!!!

  65. “the notion that any penalties will be imposed seems to be a little far-fetched, absent a confession or smoking-gun proof.”

    The 11 deflated balls ARE the “smoking gun proof”! The expected requirement of a “confession” from ‘he who pulled the trigger’ before a punishment is imposed is a foolish gesture. If that were the case, what would our criminal justice system look like? The Criminal’s (and Cheater’s) Rules #1, 2 & 3 are Deny, Deny, Deny! Everybody knew the lawyers & Patriots would try to perform a dazzling show of “Nothing to See Here” (fun game). But nothing, absolutely NOTHING will change the fact that the Patriots had 11 significantly Deflated balls. Any discussion outside of that is simply…smoke & mirrors!

    Patriots are Cheaters…plain, simple, undeniable!

  66. So the one ball that was noticably off was on the Colts sideline for a time. And it seems, at this point, there is no way to prove any ball was intentionally altered until half time. We are past plausible deniability and are now into reasonable doubt as far as this “scandal” goes. If there ends up being a smoking gun of some sort so be it, but for now all we can see is the ball the Colts had is the only one that looks like it was altered and no way to verify by whom.
    The problem for NE fans is the rubes will mistake inconclussive for swept under the rug.

  67. Any bets on if the Wells Report has been completed, but the NFL (who is well aware of what the report says) has not sat down with Wells to ‘finalize’ the report.

    The NFL is buying time as it decides how to respond to whatever the Wells report shows (which is probably nothing).

  68. The stink of this story really falls on Mike Kensil. Many media sources have suggested he has a distaste for Belichick from their time working together at the Jets. Some go a step further, and suggest the relationship has been completely poisoned since BB jilted the Jets to go work for NE. If truthful, this infers that The NFL VP of Game Day Operations has an agenda regarding a specific team… The New England Patriots.

    Multiple sources have asserted that Kensil took possession of a specific football in The Conference Championship with the specific intent to measure inflation level. Further, multiple sources have asserted that Kensil took possession of All of The Patriots Game Balls at Halftime.

    So, a man in a position of significant authority blatantly violates Game Day rules in search of inflation irregularities by taking possession of, measuring, and adjusting the air pressure in one teams Game Balls.

    Taken one step further… ‘An unnamed NFL Source’ leaked this story to Kravitz. Kensil?

    The only reason this nonsense is taking so long to be resolved is that The NFL Office is in damage control mode trying to figure out how to wipe the buckets of egg off of their faces.

  69. Missing the point. It’s not the Patriots who should be fined. Should be Goodell. Money over integrity ever since he got in the league shame on him if teams take advantage of him.

  70. I think it is premature to presume this will all end up as much ado about nothing (although I think it actually is).

    Starting from the excited “call me” text to Kravitz after the Indy game (if I were an Indy fan I’d prefer that my GM was re-writing his notes from the game at that time trying to remedy why they were just destroyed – versus worrying about embarrassing the Patriots) and the NFL VP of Game Operations personally measuring the psi of the footballs at half-time in an unprecedented manner, they were clearly a group who was out to get the Patriots. The question is how wide spread is this group within the league?

    When you’re really excited to get someone you can get sloppy and a lot of this looks like it could have been an over zealous Harbaugh/Pagano/Grigson/Kensil debacle. However I wouldn’t count on it. Kensil had a lot to lose. Also, how does Naqi get four sources? Why would four people put themselves at risk spreading a false story that’s under investigation?

    Finally, and I think critically, given everything that happened, if you are Goodell are you better off that the Patriots have done something wrong or that your VP conspired to embarrass them? I’d argue if you’re Goodell you are better off finding Patriot wrongdoing. So that’s why as a Patriots fan I’m not comfortable assuming the outcome will be a dud.

  71. Regardless of the outcome of the Wells investigation the Patriots will always be looked at as cheaters and none of their “accomplishments” will be considered legitimate by the general public. No matter what the NE Patriots will forever be known as cheaters to America. ****

  72. I agree with the Kensil angle, however, Kravitz is an Indianapolis reporter — his source was someone he knew and who’s number he had, which was most likely either Grigson or Irsay (or one of their reports).

    Kensil, I think, is in serious jeopardy over this. The reports seem to be distilling down to the fact that he was tipped off earlier by the Colts, and then he stormed down to the locker room at halftime, measuring all the balls himself … smacks of a one-man STING operation from someone with an agenda.

  73. The NFL is in a difficult predicament trying to stuff this ‘cat back in the bag’. On one hand, everything they talk about is “integrity” & “protecting the Shield”. On the other, everything the actually DO is the opposite. This one was too transparent. First, you have both the Colts & the Ravens teams complaining in the media about the Patriot’s Deflated balls prior to the end of the Season, then 11 of 12 Patriot’s balls are measured to be deflated by the referees in the AFCC game & announced to the world, then you have Brady in front of the cameras obviously lying (“liar, liar pants on fire” type of lying, I’m still befuddled by how terrible of a liar he is), then the Pat’s win the Super Bowl. Then, you have an investigation being completed by an NFL patsy Lawyer, whose report is coming out after weeks & weeks of propaganda spinning in the media, clearly designed to ‘brain wash’ susceptible minds into believing something other than the obvious…that the Patriots got caught Cheating AGAIN. How can the NFL formulate any semblance of a believable argument that the 2014 Super Bowl wasn’t a farce? They Can’t!

  74. So funny how in the wake of this faux scandal the Colt who INT’d the ball gets arrested, Jerry Rice is disgraced, Richard Sherman LOSES, and NBC Brian Williams (who announced the story as if the Patriots committed a bank heist) is now tainted.

  75. dumbaseinstien says:
    Mar 2, 2015 11:41 AM

    But nothing, absolutely NOTHING will change the fact that the Patriots had 11 significantly Deflated balls. Any discussion outside of that is simply…smoke & mirrors!


    You’re absolutely right, any discussion outside of that is simply smoke and mirror. So, EXACTLY what was the pressure of each of those 11 footballs? Because that IS the starting point of this discussion.

  76. 28-24.

    Don’t forget Patriots haters. We own you now.

    Know your place and bow to us superior fans of the most superior organization in football.


  77. PFT regarding heating footballs on the sidelines: NFL V.P. of officiating Dean Blandino said at the time. “So that was noticed during the game, both teams were made aware of it during the game.

    Funny that the Colts (per Grigson) alerted the NFL before the AFC Championship game about football concerns, yet the NFL did not make both teams aware of it….Instead, the NFL set up a sting operation on the Pats!

    Mr. Kraft – Goodell and the NFL intentionally tarnished your brand right before the Superbowl, time to dole out his punishment.

  78. Come, let us reason together. One thing we can all agree on: Roger Goodell is an incompetent doofus who must be fired immediately.

  79. There has yet to be a single fact that could lead you to believe the Patriots have done anything wrong here.

    This was a botched frame job by the Colts and Mike Kensil.

    The reason this is taking so long is that the truth makes the Colts and NFL look awful. So their just going to wait until no one cares anymore to release the report.

    Patriots fans will be waiting for this report and will be here to rightfully call out the NFL while we await a long overdue apology from Goodell to Robert Kraft.

  80. Mr. Kraft – Goodell and the NFL intentionally tarnished your brand right before the Superbowl, time to dole out his punishment.

    The thing is… they tarnished their own brand. THEY LET THEIR OWN conference championship game be played with footballs that could have been illegal…just so they could play a game of gotcha with the Patriots.

    That is why among many other reasons Goodell needs to follow Kensil out the door yesterday.

  81. “It’s really simple:”

    The Patriots are the 2014 Super Bowl Champions.

    The Patriots are favored to return to the Super Bowl in 2015 and repeat as Super Bowl Champions, a feat last done by the Patriots in 2010.

    We can look forward to living with this reality for the next 11 months, if not longer.

  82. Keep those asterisks coming – “one asterisk, two asterisks, three asterisks, four asterisks, five asterisks . . . . . .

    However, neither the NFL record book nor the banners hanging at Gillette will show them. So, as a life-time Patriots fan; we simply reply to all haters – “Up your asterisk!”

  83. What’s the only team in NFL history to have the reputation of being cheaters and has their championships rejected by the vast majority of fans?

    The NE Patriots.

  84. What I see by looking at the comments and amount of thumbs up and thumbs down is that most people are CLEARLY seeing that is it most likely that the Patriots didn’t cheat. That the situation was WAY overblown by the NFL and the media. That there are double standards… if the Patriots are even whispered as having possibly done anything wrong then burn them at the stake! Anyone else? Crickets…. It is nice to see that most people are being reasonable, though of course there are always going to be people out there that will never be convinced otherwise. To everyone who has an open mind about this, I thank you!

  85. As a Patriots fan I have to admit going to all those Super Bowls was getting a bit boring. This deflategate thing really added some spice to this year’s visit. The the way the game finished was awesome.

    All the haters from other teams makes it much more interesting, especially when they don’t get what they want. I can’t wait to see the Wells report. With all the ugliness that was drawn from media outlets and several noted reporters and sports figures, I think the spotlight has a good chance of being reversed here. It will be interesting to see how they try to wipe the egg off of their faces.

  86. “First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win”

    – Mahatma Gandhi

  87. The Wells report will come out on March 9 or 10, in conjunction with the start of free agency. The NFL is embarassed that they let the media go on a weeks-long witch hunt against the Patriots when there was nothing there, and this way they’ll be able to bury their non-findings as much as possible with most fans hyped up on free agency and the big contracts that always get signed on day 1.

    This strategy also gives an “out” to all the media who applied guilt to the Patriots from the start, because they will have plenty to focus on without having to spend any time eating the crow they deserve.

    It’s too bad, really, because all of these entities should be held accountable for their complete departure from journalistic integrity. But this scenario helps the NFL and their media allies, which means they’ll do it. No one will care that Bob Kraft got his apology when the Raiders sign Ndamukong Suh for $140 million the same day.

  88. Two wrongs (or a half dozen according to PFT) do not make a right. Do you really think the league is going to admit to incompetence. That’s what implied, but it’s not going to happen.

  89. What’s hilarious about these articles is that you still have SO many fans talking about things like “11 out of 12 balls were under-inflated… so that’s a smoking gun!”

    Ummm – well apparently if the NFL’s own reporter is correct ONLY ONE ball was under-inflated under what ambient air temperature would explain

    So for those too lazy to follow the actual latest facts, that means ONLY ONE ball appears to be in question and that’s the ONE BALL in possession of the Colts, and then former Jets President Mike Kensil

    So while that one ball might be a smoking gun, it’s the one that implicates the NFL Front Office or the Colts.

  90. VenerableAxiom says:
    Mar 2, 2015 3:11 PM
    Two wrongs (or a half dozen according to PFT) do not make a right. Do you really think the league is going to admit to incompetence. That’s what implied, but it’s not going to happen.
    I think Goodell is in a very bad spot here. On one hand he does not want to admit how screwed up this all is at the League level. On the other hand, once a guy like Kraft turns on him he is D-O-N-E. He would have lost his job during the Ray Rice thing if Kraft (and other less publically) hadn’t ignored the obvious buffoonery.

    If the Pats were innocent here (and it appears that way) AND if rough NFL employees (Kensil, the Colts GM, Harbaugh, etc.) were working together to unsuccessfully set them up at the expense of fair competion AND the League doesn’t address that, the he’s done because Kraft is not going to sit quiet and let his team’s reputation continue to be destroyed by NFL incompetence. It’s on thing when it’s Ray Rice, it’s another when the leauge is trying to take down a franchise.

  91. paulrevereshorse1775 says:Mar 2, 2015 12:25 PM

    dumbaseinstien says:
    Mar 2, 2015 11:41 AM

    But nothing, absolutely NOTHING will change the fact that the Patriots had 11 significantly Deflated balls. Any discussion outside of that is simply…smoke & mirrors!


    You’re absolutely right, any discussion outside of that is simply smoke and mirror. So, EXACTLY what was the pressure of each of those 11 footballs? Because that IS the starting point of this discussion.

    Not “exactly”. The “exact” pressure is irrelavent. The general calculation of “at least 2 lbs psi under the minimum” sounds pretty sufficient to anyone not desperately seeking a loophole. In fact, it leaves the question open to whether ALL 12 balls were sufficiently low to break the rules…just perhaps not ALL by AT LEAST 2 lbs psi…

  92. “Rodgers stating he likes to overinflate the balls to see if the refs take notice, which they always do.”

    No, corduroy, that is NOT what Rodgers said. But keep slinging it anyways.

  93. I think that the reason Grigson admitted that he told the NFL the week before the game that he suspected the Pats was because the Wells investigators showed up at his door and asked him if Kensil and he talked about deflated balls. Grigson, knowing the jig was up, made a statement at the combine to cover himself and I think Pagano was telling the truth about not knowing. This was between Grigson and Kensil; I think that’s why Grigson looked like he hadn’t slept in a week when he made that statement–maybe the Colts weren’t too happy with him at that point.

  94. Pats fans – enough with the overblown conspiracy theories. If you maintain that judgment regarding the Patriots should be withheld until the NFL’s investigation is complete, then you should apply that same standard to others who might be involved.

  95. If only the intercepted ball was 2 psi low and the rest just 1 psi or less low, then all eyes will obviously be on the Colts as they should be since that would be the only ball that could not be explained by atmospheric conditions.

  96. Hey joesixpack:

    Haters – and there are lots of them – are going to believe what they want to believe. It was the same with the overblown Spygate and the claim that John Thomase made and then had to retract on the front page of the Boston Herald that the Patriots filmed the Rams walk through.
    Why should they let the facts get in the way of their hatred. Fact, the Patriots are the most successful and consistent team in the salary cap era. Fact, the Patriots were the youngest team to win the Super Bowl.

  97. I don’t think the purpose – or the MAIN purpose – of the whole deflated football fiasco was to catch the Pats in a rules violation and slap them on the wrist.

    The main purpose of the actions of various former-Jets-employees-with-axes-to-grind was to create a HUGE distraction for the Pats in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl. Especially when it became clear that the Colts didn’t show up to play.

    Two weeks of nonstop allegations, ridiculous, hypocritical, sanctimonious finger pointing and answering dumb questions over and over (seriously, Brady’s presser must’ve had every halfwit moron reporter in the country there, babbling at him with nonsense questions) was a distraction and constant annoyance, I’m sure.

    Unfortunately for the ex-Jets (When you’re a Jet you’re a Jet all the way…) the Pats won. Darn. Oh, yeah, well, I guess we can still investigate the stupid balls…

    The whole thing has been an embarrassment – and not for the Pats, but for the Colts, Jets and the NFL front office (i.e. a much-less-astute version of The Keystone Cops).

  98. i think that there will be no penalties against pats an apology will be given and a behind the scenes blowjob between Kraft and goodell. I think there may even be a rule change for Brady stating he can inflate the balls to what ever he so chooses i mean isn’t that the Goodell standard kiss up to pats team not to take anything away from them but they do play in one of the easiest schedules every year now there’s no way colts would’ve won that game it is sad that a good qb would still have to stoop to cheating…… questions his actual skill

  99. wrlegrand says: Mar 2, 2015 9:42 AM

    Are we really going to compare putting the balls in front of a heater with willfully taking air pressure out of the balls?

    Come on man…


    Well, cheating is cheating. So far there is no proof that the Pats willfully tampered with the balls. But we have clear evidence of a situation where the NFL noticed a rule violation with the way the footballs were being handled and warned the teams.

    All they had to do, before the championship game, was warn both teams that the balls would be checked. Why all the secrecy and subterfuge? Why the attempt to “catch” NE?

  100. Im starting to think that the deflategate was set up by the pats so that they can make it appear that goodell isnt sweet on them

  101. It’s going to take a while longer for the league to complete the case against the Colts for trying to set up the Pats.

  102. Pretty clear that NFL is now burying this. World will probably only see a sin-summary along with officials taking control of all balls from beginning of game to end, as it always should of been. The botch attempt at a frame-up of the Patriots and corrupt NFL executives is too embarrassing for the league. Bad-dell is in damage control mode.

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