NFL to do market research in San Diego, Oakland, St. Louis

We noted a week ago that the NFL had sent out surveys to 185,000 fans in St. Louis.

As it turns out, that’s just the tip of their market research iceberg.

NFL senior vice president Eric Grubman told Sports Illustrated‘s Peter King that the league is commissioning detailed market studies in San Diego and Oakland as well, as they prepare the game of musical chairs involving the Los Angeles market.

The studies are important as they give the league a chance to take the temperature of the locals on a number of topics — primarily how much money they’re willing to fork over in exchange for football. There’s obviously more to it than that — such as the viability of PSLs, ticket price points, luxury suite demand — but giving the tree a shake and seeing how much money falls out seems the central issue.

The studies should be wrapped up in May, giving the league plenty of information as they try to gerrymander someone or several someones into L.A. while still proclaiming the viability of current markets.

Commissioner Roger Goodell said at the Super Bowl that the goal was to keep all 32 teams in their current spots, but it’s more clear than ever someone’s finally grabbing the brass ring that is L.A.

Asked how many teams would be playing there by 2020, Grubman made the league’s intentions clear.

“I don’t know the number,” Grubman said. “But the least probable of those numbers is zero. I would say we’ve gone above the 50 percent probability that we’ll have at least one team there. . . .

“You have to have some stomach to let the thing play out. I don’t know what’s going to happen. Right now, I don’t think anyone does. I do know this: Los Angeles has real momentum for the first time in 20 years.”

And with the league checking out the other markets, it seems the primary goal is to see who the better bridesmaid will be for anyone who isn’t able to get to L.A.

11 responses to “NFL to do market research in San Diego, Oakland, St. Louis

  1. “Commissioner Roger Goodell said at the Super Bowl that the goal was to keep all 32 teams in their current spots”
    He’s nuts and he’s one of the main reasons the NFL has been out of LA the last twenty years while focusing in on London. He’s just unqualified to be commissioner and has screwed up on every significant issue.

  2. This is dumb, these surveys will be off, for the Oakland Raider fans have had a losing team for 12 years and LA hasn’t had a team in 20. Of course these surveys will be in favor of LA. Hopefully they gave these surveys to season ticket holders and and people who actually care for the team. Ridiculous! Don’t take my team!

  3. Professional leagues are a joke in how they rob the fans of money. Stan Kroenke’s net worth is over $6 billion. He has basically said he’s moving the team and will build a stadium on his own in LA if he needs to. But if the team stays in St. Louis, it will fall onto the backs of the taxpayers and especially the middle class.

    Fans will have to fork over millions of dollars to keep the team in St. Louis, and the reward will be paying even more for PSLs and tickets so the rich can get richer yet again.

  4. If the Raiders move to LA, will you still be able to buy season tickets with your EBT card?

  5. @ fbfanman

    So, econ major, let me explain how the real world works. Stan has $6 billion, plus it’s HIS team. He didn’t get $6 million listening to ppl like you, so he can do what he thinks is best and most profitable with HIS team. If you want the rams to stay so bad, you pay for the stadium etc. Simple yes? The entire problem with the nfl is it’s run like the old soviet union, and fans finally believe the team belongs to them. So since it’s YOUR team, pay for the stadium and everything else, and stop whining about it

  6. Question 1) is your city desperate enough to pay for s billionaire’s office building?
    Questio 2) are you dumb enough to buy PSL’s?

    Those are the only two questions the NFL cares about.

  7. What is there to research in Oakland? Whether fans would travel to LA or not? I think the tarped off sections of Oakland’s stadium tells all you need to know about fan loyalty.

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