Sean Payton: Saints “want to keep” Mark Ingram

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The Saints have been in contact with tailback Mark Ingram as free agency nears and would reportedly like to work out a deal.

During an interview at the Pelicans-Mavericks game Monday night in Dallas, Saints head coach Sean Payton indicated the club wanted to re-sign Ingram.

“Obviously he’s someone that we want to keep,” Payton told Fox Sports’s Jennifer Hale, according to Nick Underhill of the New Orleans Advocate. “Hopefully we can do that.”

According to the Advocate, Payton told Hale he had spoken with Ingram on Monday and that the club had a good working relationship with the tailback’s agent, Joel Segal.

The 25-year-old Ingram rushed for a career-best 964 yards and nine touchdowns in 2014. He ranks 38th among PFT’s prospective free agents in the Class of 2015.

16 responses to “Sean Payton: Saints “want to keep” Mark Ingram

  1. Sheesh!
    How in the world can they afford him?
    Over the cap by massive amounts already.
    Unquestionably tight cap space this year.
    They’re already gonna have to cut guys.
    Of course, there’s plenty of dead weight.
    Ugly contracts like Byrd and Grubbs.
    Though we’ll have to wait and see.

    For real though, they’ve bungled contracts.
    Really poor at showing restraint in FA.
    Ozzie Newsome rarely splurges like NO.
    That’s a wise decision.
    Only your own deserve the big bucks.
    Otherwise you get bloated outsiders.
    No longer anxious to perform after payday.
    2 easy to kick feet back and collect checks.

  2. Why not? The AFC North isn’t on the schedule again until 2018….Atlanta and Tampa Bay’s defenses leave a lot to be desired, and the defenses in the AFC South and NFC East don’t make anyone lose sleep…Ingram could be a 1,000 yard back in 2015…provided Payton and Brees don’t chuck the ball 50-60 times a game.

  3. Maybe mention in the article that the saints are so far over the cap that it’s borderline impossible to keep him?
    Maybe because every year the ‘experts’ predict doom and gloom for the Saints salary cap and every year we make a splash in free agency like last year signing Byrd….. That’s how you’re supposed to manipulate the cap and most teams are pretty bad at doing so…

  4. The Saints should hire some of the posters on this page, they seem like salary cap experts!

  5. Outside of Peterson, Lynch, and Murray I don’t think any back is worth breaking the bank for.

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