Vikings want to keep Chad Greenway, but maybe not at $7 million

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Chad Greenway was the Vikings’ first-round draft pick in 2006 and has played his entire career in Minnesota, and the Vikings want to keep him in town this year. But maybe not at his current contract.

Vikings G.M. Rick Spielman told the Star Tribune that there’s no doubt on the team’s side that Greenway is still a valuable part of the franchise.

“We have a lot of things that we’ll be working through between now and before March 10 [when free agents can be signed], but we’d love to have Chad Greenway back and finish [his career] as a Minnesota Viking,” Spielman said.

The catch is that Greenway is due to make $7 million this season, and at age 32, coming off a season in which he missed time because of a broken hand and broken ribs, he may not be worth that kind of money anymore. When Spielman references “things that we’ll be working through,” he’s presumably talking about asking Greenway to take less than $7 million.

Greenway may be willing to do that, as he’s always been happy in Minnesota. But if he’s not willing to do that, he may have to finish his career elsewhere.

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  1. Chad’s great guy and a very good player that wants to stay in MN.

    He was on KFAN recently and fully acknowledged that his 2015 salary is not what he expects to get paid this season. He is very amenable to a revised salary. I think he stays for somewhere between $2.5 and 3.5 mil.

    The Vikings want him and he wants to stay – the deal will get done.

  2. Just release him. Hodges is younger faster and cheaper and has more of a knack getting to the play before it develops as opposed to Greenway who at this stage in his career is just a guy who comes in and mops up tackles.

  3. Greenway will come back and be the same as he always has been . Hes not the best OLB and never was but hes a fighter. He always seems to be where the ball is on the field. Id say he can still make like 2-4 million with the vikes.

  4. He will renegotiate. He was on P.A.’s show and acknowledged he would have to. We’ll just have to see if they can come to a number they all like.

  5. The problem with the Vikings asking anyone to take less money (cept Peterson) is that they will bring up paying Peterson to sit home almost all of last season.

    Possible convo —

    Spielman: We need you to restructure your contract for the overall good of the team.

    Most any Viking player: If you can pay millions to Peterson so he can take a paid vacation, you can certainly pay me to actually work (play)

  6. Chad wants one more year. I hope they restructure and let him finish up his career in Minnesota.

  7. Of course he’ll be back. He’s already told the club that he’d restructure in order to come back. The real problem for Chad is playing time. Hodges played pretty well late last year.


  8. Chad Greenway is a pro’s pro. Great veteran leader. Kept his nose clean, stayed loyal, & lead the team in tackles for a long time. (4th) all time. He’s slowed down now days, but he’s an under rated player. He should of had a ring in 09′-10′, if Peterson could take a handoff and walk 3 yards before half, oh and Favre….

  9. “Vikings want to keep Chad Greenway, but maybe not at $7 million”-How about $1.50-just kidding, Chad Greenway is an oustanding tackler and can lineup defenders in the correct position which is invaluable. However let’s not forget that Anthony Barr was calling defensive signals last year. Chad Greenway is “slow” and is terrible at covering tight ends especially downfield also keep in mind hi is definitely no edge rusher. I seriously wonder if the Vikings would even keep him this year?

  10. Why do my Vikings insist on trying to force players to stay with us their entire career?? We’ve only won 1 playoff game in the last decade. If we like these guys so much, shouldn’t we want them to go to a contender??

  11. O-V-E-R-R-A-T-E-D
    $7 million a year is over paying for him for what you get out of him. He’s the Vikings version of AJ Hawk. Where’s AJ at again?

  12. I think he has a lot left in the tank, but it also looks like Zimmer’s scheme needs fast linebackers and I am not sure Greenway is fast enough. I am no expert on NFL defense (has any poster ever admitted that?) but it looks like Zimmer wants his LBs to cover a lot of ground and Greenway, while a great player and a great team guy, may not fit.

  13. Greenway will sign an extension that will lower his cap hit and make sure he retires a Viking.

    But I’m not sure why the vikings want money for free agency. Didn’t they say they weren’t going to be big players in free agency this year?

  14. I would abseloutely hate to see this guy go… I know he’s not the player he was but he is still a solid linebacker and and would be huge in mentoring and leading a very young D. We gotta keep chad just not at 7 mil

  15. Greenway, Hawk, Posluzny…all are just about done…speed counts in the LB game now and they don’t have it. They can survive on the inside a little longer than on the outside in a 3-4 but their time has come.

  16. Always been overrated. Good locker room and community guy but below average as a LB. Don’t let leading in tackles fool you. Not many impact plays/tackles for loss for a guy with his salary. Routinely one of the leaders in missed tackles in the league and always rates poorly by reputable sites like Pro football focus.
    It’s nice to have these types of guys around but being a good guy and from the region doesn’t trump impact plays.
    I notice the thumbs down when something is said negatively about him but look at the facts.

  17. Last year Zimmer said he’d love to have 53 Chad Greenways on his team. That’s a lot of respect for a guy who has always been a very solid player, great leader, and great locker room presence. I think they’ll bring him back for a small salary because of the leadership he offers a young team, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he got caught up in a numbers game when it comes to final cuts. If they draft a linebacker high and/or pick up a guy in free agency, there may not be room for someone who doesn’t have a future with the team.

  18. Greenway will have to take a significant pay cut to stick around. If talks on renegotiating his contract don’t go well, the Vikings will cut him outright and let him test the market. If that happens, my guess is he still ends up back in Minnesota.

    Not sold on Greenway being finished yet. He was hurt quite a bit last year, but if he can stay healthy, I could see him playing three more years. However, the Vikings also need to look at some of the young talent they have at LB and find out whether these guys can play. Between Cole, Hodges, Mauti and Watts, I imagine they’ll find one or two starters or significant contributors on defense, IF these guys are given the chance to play.

  19. Ehhh, 3-4 years more for Greenway? Not too sure about that. If the talent around him was elite/above average maybe. Yet and still he was slow before last year’s injuries

  20. Zimmer is a defensive minded coach, and it should speak volumes that Greenway was on the field whenever he was healthy enough to suit up. Greenway doesn’t make many big “impact” plays, but he’s always around the ball. Maybe it says more about the weaknesses of the other Vikes LBs, but they haven’t been good enough yet to put Chad on the bench.

    Bring him back at a reduced rate for his swan song. Solid citizen and player…a credit to the Vikings in this day and age of “me first” and police blotter players.

  21. Hope they find a way to keep him if he feels he has more to contribute. All around class act guy!

  22. Being a solid citizen means absolutely nothing on the football field. I don’t think ball carriers give up because of his charity or not showing up on the police blotter. Describing him as solid paints a broad picture of him as a LB. 8-10 down field tackles isn’t exactly game changing. Whatever though, you guys can keep ignoring all the missed tackles and inefficiency in coverage all you want because he’s such a good guy. I’m not willing to sacrifice above-average, or even average, LB play for the good of the team. Pro Football Focus has consistently ranked him as one of the worse 4-3 OLBs for the last few years, not that they are omniscient, but you see it on the field.
    If we want to give him some plays here and there as the sun sets on his career fine but he is not and hasn’t been an every down LB for a while.

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