Andre Johnson not happy with idea of reduced role in Houston, still feels he’s a starter


One way or another, Andre Johnson’s time in Houston will soon come to an end.

The Texans granted the franchise’s all-time leading receiver the ability to seek a trade. If no deal can be struck, the Texans will release Johnson and allow him to move on.

According to John McClain of the Houston Chronicle, Johnson said he was told he would be given a significantly reduced role in 2015 if he remained on the roster.

“I don’t know how you tell a guy who catches 85 balls that he’ll only probably catch 40,” Johnson said. “I feel like the role they were trying to put me in I’d be held back from maximizing my talents. I feel like that was the best thing for both sides.”

Johnson caught 85 passes for 936 yards and three touchdowns last season for Houston. For his career, Johnson averaged 96 catches and 1,297 yards for every 16 games he played. Johnson feels like that production doesn’t warrant a reduced role.

“I don’t see why I wouldn’t be a starter in this league,” Johnson said. “It didn’t make sense to me. I’m pretty sure it won’t make sense to a lot of other people.”

That reduced role almost certainly would have come with a reduced paycheck as well. Johnson is scheduled to make $10.5 million next season on his current contract. That contract will also make it difficult for Johnson to find any teams willing to deal for him this offseason.

However, if (when) Johnson is released, he will surely get interest on the open market.

55 responses to “Andre Johnson not happy with idea of reduced role in Houston, still feels he’s a starter

  1. That’s why he will sign with Carolina, Philly, or San Fran. They will give him the role he desires along with a chance to win this year.

  2. He’s not going to want to go to New England then. You have to earn your playing time there.

  3. I don’t blame him. I am pretty sure he’ll accept a reduced role if it means playing for a winner, but why would he agree to that and a pay cut for a team he has carried for years?

  4. “I want to get paid if I play.” Okay I get that. “Starter in this league”. Translate to I would rather have the money than the wins. A better option for him is to go to [insert contender here] at a reduced rate and play for a ring. 5 million is enough money for a normal human to retire on. At a certain point the number is just a matter of respect.

  5. Johnson has really turned into a diva over the past 2 off seasons. Last year it was all about the hold out, now this year he wants a guarantee that he’s going to start. Couldn’t even top 1000 yards last year? 3 tds? Yeah, those aren’t starter stats.

  6. Texans just don’t want to spend the money. Cut ties & go play for someone who will pay him what he’s worth. I’m sure his fans will appreciate his production even if those who call the shots don’t.

    Signed: A non-Texans fan who appreciates good players in the NFL.

  7. So when he wanted to be extended and held out last season, Rick Smith didn’t want to hear it. Now the Texans want him to take a cap friendly cut and they’re blaming him for not returning their phone calls? Yeah, that sounds fair.

    Get outta there #80. I’d obviously prefer the Ravens to sign you with the money they’ll clear with Ngata and the possible departue of Torrey, but you’ve earned time with a serious competitor for the crown with an established QB.

  8. Large salaries come with the hot seat.

    Take less money, prove your worth and keep starting.

    They won’t play someone with less talent over you.

    Show time or Go time unfortunately.

  9. I cant see how Baltimore doesnt go after him. Andre and Smith Sr. could be the scrappiest veteran WR core EVER! Then Ozzie adds Finnegan for safety depth….Ravens would have a “fighting chance”…..too soon?

  10. Wow. He’s right. Andre Johnson not being a starter, especially for the Texans, does not sound right at all.

    Makes me feel a little better about being a Browns fan though. Heck, maybe we can even snag him.

  11. He is still productive but getting old for a receiver. Nobody wants that contract but several teams would bid for him on the open market. I would like him in Miami with Wallace and Landry but having 3 potentially disgruntled guys (not Landry) wanting the ball would be asking for problems and Philbin doesn’t have the skills to make it work. Johnson would be good for new England but there are money concerns if they keep Revis and McCourty. Not sure how much Seattle has but they need a receiver. Jets definitely need one.

  12. With Reggie Wayne strongly thinking about retirement Indy would be a fit and for a bargain price but a chance to win it all New England should be considered. He still has a lot of gas left in the tank.

  13. Embrace the opportunity Andre. Just make sure you pick a team with a star QB…the first time in your career with a stud QB and a chance for a Super Bowl.

  14. Last few years he’s had a revolving door at QB. Maybe with the right QB he does still have a little left in the tank.

    If all else fails Cortland Finnegan was cut. He could follow him around throwing haymakers at him.

  15. Yeah he will be cut, because no good team is going to spend that much money on him at this point and I hope he doesnt go to a bad team just for the money. At this point money shouldnt be an issue, it should be getting a ring or a chance at one!

  16. Although I don’t think anyone will trade for him, I think it’s a tad ridiculous that people are saying “at this point in his career” or “he’s not what he used to be”. I mean 1 “bad year” (by Johnson standards) with maybe the worst QBs in football and people are already writing him off as done? How soon people forget that just 15 games ago he was coming off a 1400 yard, 109 reception year. Give him a stable QB and I’d be confident he gets back to 90+ receptions and 1200+ yards.

    I mean he did have 85 and 936 with nobodies.

  17. I hate the way Rick Smith and the Texans played this….

    Just be honest… Tell him right up front, that he’s going to have to take a pay cut. He’s a man and he understands the business. If he’s not willing (and he’s already said he’s willing), then offer him the trade or being cut. But to say he’ll only catch 40 balls…. that’s just stupid and it’s an obvious poison pill…

    According to his agent, the Texans never even brought up his salary… just he would have a diminished role. It’s just stupid…. Sad day in Texans history… on Texas Independence Day to boot…..

  18. Name a top-tier receiver for the New England Patriots? Name a top-tier receiver for the Seattle Seahawks?

    There’s been a shift in thought and teams are now supplying their quarterbacks with a plethora of weapons instead of the convention #1, #2 and #3. Teams now have three #2’s or maybe a #1 and bunch of #2’s.

    Surely the New England Patriots have Rob Gronkowski but with Julian Edelman, Brandon Lafell and Danny Amendola, the team has capable receivers.

  19. Look, JJ Watt is only playing half of the game now. Let JJ punt and placekick and then you can afford to pay Johnson’s money.
    Then, when JJ’s not playing tight end, he could play QB and Andre would get his 100 catches.
    Hey, JJ, bring me some water when you get through with what you’re doing now, will ya?

  20. cliffpaul3 says: Mar 3, 2015 10:23 AM

    He signs with Colts. Colts also get Murray. Cowboys get AP. Those are your Super Bowl teams right there.

    Colts are NEVER EVER going to win a super bowl with Andrew Luck.. The guy can’t score The Patriots.. Colts are the most over rated team in The NFL. They play in the easiest division in NFL..Raiders or Browns could win that division if they were in it…Andrew Luck is awful in BIG games. Colts beat a Hurt Peyton Manning on a bad Broncos team that limped into the playoffs.. When it was time to play against The Patriots he world seen how bad LUCK is and how bad Colts are

  21. MIA just made big cuts to their WR staff and seems unhappy with what remains (Wallace)…A. Johnson is from Miami and went to the U…

    Pretty easy to connect those dots…

  22. What’s the logic, right now, for the Texans coaches/GM basing this guesstimate that Johnson will only catch 40 balls in a reduced role next year? Seems to me, the best players should get the most playing time.. And that wouldn’t be known until camp and the preseason.

  23. Wasn’t it just last year they refused to allow him to seek a trade? The Texans could have actually received something of value. But god forbid a player ask for a trade even if he is a 10 year veteran and the team is clearly rebuilding.

  24. I would like for him to play for the Panthers, but I just do not see it as a “great” fit at this point. He and Benjamin are very similar at the current states. The Panthers really need an influx of speed at the WR position. It would be an interesting pick up, but not a perfect match in my opinion.

  25. cliffpaul3 says:Mar 3, 2015 10:23 AM

    He signs with Colts. Colts also get Murray. Cowboys get AP. Those are your Super Bowl teams right there.

    I would like to know what the Cowboys traded the VIkings in your world? Last I checked, AP was under contract. If he doesnt show, the Vikings can put him on Reserve-Retired and still hold his option. 3 1sts and 3 2nds? Sounds familiar.

  26. starchybunker says: Mar 3, 2015 10:49 AM

    MIA just made big cuts to their WR staff and seems unhappy with what remains (Wallace)…A. Johnson is from Miami and went to the U…

    Pretty easy to connect those dots…

    Dre is not going to Miami….. he wants to win, not just a paycheck.

  27. He should have left Houston a while back. But he did that “loyalty” thing with a loser organization and you see where that got him?

    He should have looked at his situation and seen his situation was the same as Kevin Garnett’s situation was with the Timberwolves when he left the first time.

    If you want a ring, you can’t stay with a loser organization that is constantly rebuilding every 2nd year. Do you hear me Larry Fitzgerald??

    If you want loyalty, go buy a dog. I feel little sympathy for a guy who should have left a loser team at the least 3 years ago.

  28. BALTIMORE makes a lot of sense.

    They’re a contender, and they’re still running Kubiak’s offense, the same one Dre played in. We saw what Steve Smith did as the X receiver in that offense. But Dre is tailor-made for that position.

    Not a fan of any AFC North team, but the Ravens make a lot of sense.

  29. He deserves to go to a team with a halfway decent QB. That he was able to even get 85 catches was a miracle in itself.

  30. He will end up in New England and then fall off a cliff because he is not used to playing with illegally deflated footballs.

  31. bye bye Ann-dre bye bye Ann-dre it’s good to see you go! hey there’s still 2 min left in the game capt! what running out on your teammates captain?

  32. For anyone killing johnson for the lack of 1000 yrds. can you -please tell me who the QB he had who could throw the ball more than 20 yrds down the field ?? i watched acouple texans games to watch JJ and Johnson still looked fast and strong to me. id like to see him go to NE

  33. Last yr Johnson wanted a trade instead of trading maybe get a 2nd or 3 rd pick they got nothing and now have to get rid of him and get nothing back

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