Brian Hartline to visit Browns on Tuesday

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Last week, Browns safety Donte Whitner banged the drum for the return of wide receiver Ted Ginn to the state he called home through the end of his college career at Ohio State.

The Browns were said to be considering that option, but that’s not the only homecoming possibility for the receiving corps. PFT has learned, via a league source, that Brian Hartline will visit the Browns on Tuesday.

Hartline was born in Canton and spent some time in Columbus with Ginn before heading to the NFL as a 2009 fourth-round pick of the Dolphins. Hartline had 150 catches over the 2012 and 2013 seasons while topping 1,000 yards in each season, but dropped to 39 catches for 474 yards with the Dolphins last year.

The Dolphins cut Hartline as part of their cap tightening last week, but there’s still interest in Miami about a possible return for the right price. Hartline has also garnered interest from other teams in addition to the Browns, though, so the chances of coming back to South Florida may not be great.

28 responses to “Brian Hartline to visit Browns on Tuesday

  1. Now the browns are finally starting to think. If you can’t put a good product on the field as least put some buckeyes on the field to keep the interest of the locals.

  2. Many potential homecomings happening……Whitner & Ginn played together at Clevelands Glenville high school. There are also strong rumors that suggest mutual interest between the Browns & Cecil Shorts who went to Collinwood high school on Clevelands east side.

  3. Browns thought McCown was worth $14 mil over 3 years, then Hartline will probably get a Calvin Johnson type deal.

  4. I think it is a good move ….. he’s a sure handed receiver and an upgrade…… a positive move.
    I always laugh at the people who are always so negative…. disgruntled Steeler fans I guess…..

  5. Good to see him interested in coming back to his roots, and to the roots of all things football.

    Let the haters hate. You are all too young to know better. Payback is…


  6. As a Dolphins fan and a HUGE Brian Hartline fan I really hope the Browns can work out a deal with him. He’s always been a Cleveland boy at heart, even working at his drive-thru convenience store days after signing that big deal with the fins.

    I’m gonna miss him though. When it comes to just the ability to catch the ball, he might have the best hands in the league. He’s made some ridiculous catches over the years. Definitely has the potential to get back to those 2012-2013 numbers in Cleveland.

  7. tralfaz1127 says:
    Mar 3, 2015 9:03 AM
    Browns thought McCown was worth $14 mil over 3 years, then Hartline will probably get a Calvin Johnson type deal.


    I think it’s funny that you believe that’s a lot of money for a QB. $6.5M guaranteed pro-rated over three years is $2.1/year. Yeah, that’s real big money in today’s NFL….[/sarcasm]

  8. Been a great possession receiver for us since being drafted but the Lazor system is about midrange passing to set up yards after the catch. That just isn’t Brian’s game.

    That said I would still like to see him in Miami just at a better cap # that better reflects his contributions to the offense as a possession receiver.

  9. Good luck going to Cleveland, maybe he can hold on to the ball a little better than last season. He dropped some very important catches.

  10. buffal0s0ldier: Feb 27, 2015, 2:20 PM EST
    “He’ll go to Cleveland with Ted Ginn and Donte Whitner…washed-up OSU alums.”

    Huh, isn’t that weird? Lol. I’m right again.

  11. Gonna miss him in Florida. Met him a couple of times too, good dude. But it’s well known he prefers Columbus to Miami {why else would you live in Ohio in the winter?} and there are 5 teams within 200 miles of his home. Can’t see him coming back to the Dolphins no matter how much the fans want him.

  12. Hartline would be a good fit with the Browns, having just signed McCown.

    This way they can go 2-14 and get draft a franchise QB in 2016. (yet again)

  13. Hartline will fall down after catching the pen he’ll use to sign his contract.

  14. Cleveland would be getting a hell of a WR with him!!! My Fins will be missing him!!! Philbin is already getting rid of talent to ensure we ar going to have a losing season!!! FIRE PHILBIN & ROSS PLEASE SELL THIS TEAM!!!

  15. Solid addition to the Brownies if this happens. Although the last receiver from Miami didn’t work out too well for us. Anyone knows where Bess is?

  16. He’s good as a WR#3 since he’s got sure-hands and can make some moves for the ball. I don’t think he gets enough separation or YAC to be a #2, he practically tackles himself a lot of times.
    He was getting paid big-time thanks to Ireland, and Miami was smart to let that go — too many other needs to fill to be spending so much cap there.

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