DeMarco Murray may give the Cowboys a small hometown discount

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The Cowboys don’t necessarily have to top every other team’s offer if they want to keep soon-to-be free agent running back DeMarco Murray.

In fact, as long as the Cowboys come close to what other teams are offering, Murray will stay in Dallas, according to Ed Werder of ESPN.

In other words, Murray is willing to give the Cowboys a hometown discount. But it would only be a small hometown discount: If some other team is offering significantly more money, Murray will jump. If other teams’ offers are only a little more than the Cowboys’ offer, that’s when Murray would decide to stay in Dallas.

It’s unclear how much money Murray can command in free agency, as the running back position has been seriously devalued in recent years. But Murray is the reigning Offensive Player of the Year in the NFL, and all it takes is one team willing to break the bank for him.

If some team will break the bank, Murray will go. But if the best offer gets is only a little better than the offer the Cowboys make, then Murray will stay put.

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  1. It would be smart for his career to stay in Dallas. He could look forward to running behind a VERY good, young Offensive Line. Having a great career, would likely be worth shaving a couple million off a 40 million dollar contract.

  2. There is no state income tax in Texas so the cowboys can offer less which could equal another team’s higher offer.

  3. Break the bank? The Cowboys only offered ~4 million a year for 4 years.

    What is the hometown discount he’ll give Dallas, if Dallas is only offering ~4 mill a year?

    Someone could easily offer 4 years, 25 million, and not be breaking the bank, and that’s almost 10 million more then Dallas offered.

    Then Jerrah will have to remember he HAD to offer Beasley just 2 million less then he offered DeMarco.

  4. Sorry but Murray isn’t anywhere close to getting top money at his position. He fumbles the ball a ton and is too much of an injury risk. The Cowboys O-Line definitely helped his production as well.

  5. Players have to learn to factor in the money they make do advertising spots. He’ll make more money overall if he stay with a big name team and puts up huge stats. See Greg Jennings as an example. Remember him in all those ads when he was with a winner. He took a couple bucks more from a bottom dweller and all those ad dollars dried up. This is also why players should have only one agent doing both football contracts and ad contracts. No conflict of interest that way.

  6. “My offer to you is this: nothing. Not even the fee for your jersey license, which I would appreciate if you would put up personally.” — Don Belichick

  7. In other words, Murray understands no other O-line in the league will help his career as much as the one in Dallas.
    Smart man.

  8. Dallas has that Oline.

    Murray isn’t dumb.

    He knows that running behind a good Oline, he will take fewer hits from Dlinemen and LBs.

    That means he gets fewer bumps and bruises. That means he stays healthier.

    He ran behind the lines in 2011, 2012, and 2013 and averaged 180carries/year.

    Behind this oline he more than doubled that AND finished the year relatively healthy (healthiest for him).

    It’d benefit him to stay in Dallas, take a bit less money, and ensure the Oline he needs is secured.

  9. Can we please stop using the term “Hometown Discount” when its not a players hometown please? His home town is Las Vegas……not Dallas therefore making it only a discount

  10. stop assuming u know whats going on in murrays head about money!!! we are all just speculating just because another team offers more doesnt mean he’s gone, highly doubt him going to the Jags or the Raiders just cause of money when he made it clear he wants to win!!! only team i could see really making serious offer that he would consider is the Colts but in my opinion I dont think they will offer much more than Dallas so looks like he’s staying!!!!

  11. A bunch of Cowboys fans that think its a good idea for Murray to leave millions on the table to sign with their team…

    Dude is a RB…they have one of, if not THE shortest average in the game.

    Get your money, this is probably your last and best shot to cash in on your peak talents.

  12. @jmc8888: Absolutely agree with you 100%! If I were a Professional football player? There would be no such thing as a “Home Town Discount” I always laugh to myself when I hear people say “Home Town Discount!” Sorry folks, this is a Business! So when one is In a business type setting, and you, and your skills, are your business? You sign with any team that’s going to pay you the most $$$$$ that you can possibly make! Always follow the Money, always! Because when you get right down to it? It’s all about feeding your Family! So when I hear peeps talking about Revis taking less for a ring, WHAT??? Are you kidding me?? That’s an absolute joke! Because when the lights go out and his career is over! No one is going to even remember Revis let alone think about him or his Family! He has the ring, now it’s all about setting himself up and his Family for the rest of their lives! With any luck, for the rest of his kids lives, and his Grandchildren’s lives! So Murray my man, go where the Money leads you to go! Always follow the Money Bro, always!

  13. He is getting 100M most likely, there is little difference between his offensive impact and age in comparison to Megastron at the time of his deal. It would blow my mind if he got less than 50M guaranteed. If with the injury risk there is little doubt he cannot provide 50M in value over the course of 6 years. Regardless, DAL has but 6M in cap space which is before replacing the departed and adding the draft picks so there is zero chance of him returning in my opinion. I cannot foresee how they could free up enough space to field a team and pay AP or Murray. Which I don’t necessarily think is a monster problem given the line is still intact and Randle looks legit. With 12.8M in dead money and no contracts to cut that would make sense or save much money looks like it just is what it is. That is 6.8M of space despite the losses of Carter, Spencer, Free, Dunbar, Durant, Melton…etc.

  14. Daro, you don’t think a team with Denard Robinson and Toby Gerhart as their top 2 RB’s and about 50 million to spend will offer more than that pathetic offer the Cowboys (reportedly) made…?

    With all due respect…and remember I’m saying with ALL due respect, that line of thinking isn’t worth a velvet painting of a whale and a dolphin gettin’ it on…

  15. Players are such idiots for taking home town discounts. Especially running backs. Jarrah is laughing all the way to the bank.

  16. Why advertise that kind of stuff? Get an offer, don’t sign immediately, call team you would rather play for and ask what their best offer is. Take the one you want. I see nothing wrong with that. Going through full negotiations and using teams to bump the price is not negotiating in good faith and is a bit shady to me. Being up front about looking at other offers is fine.

  17. I think the entire “home town discount” thing is crap. It is a plow by the teams to make the players seem like they are greedy for leaving.

    No team has ever given a player some sort of benefit for staying on their team. If a player starts underperforming they will be quick to get rid of them. If the team devalues a player they will cut them or trade them…Andre Johnson. He has been with the same team his entire career and they basically told him he wasn’t in their plans anymore. He has been loyal to them his entire career and basically just pushed aside.

    So why on earth would any play give the team they’re on a discount? If he signs with the Cowboys and two years down the road he is playing terrible the Cowboys won’t’ be like “well, he gave us a discount so we will continue to let him play”. They will get rid of him.

    He had a great year, he deserves to get paid. NFL careers especially for RB don’t last long.

  18. Carl Gerbschmidt says:
    Mar 3, 2015 5:15 PM

    “Mr. Spielman, Adrian Peterson is on line 1. He ‘s wondering when he should come pick up his check for $12.75M. What shall I tell him?”

    “Tell him Jerry Jones has it. And tell him he can go to bed early the first day of the NFL draft.”

  19. Take a home town discount over the announced deal but a larger guaranteed deal with total years. This way your not cut after 2 years.

  20. Between the lack of state income tax in Texas, the excellent O line and an effective QB-WR tandem that keeps extra defenders out of the box, Murray has a good thing going with the Cowboys. In addition, he has plenty of exposure & marketability what with Dallas playing in prime time a handful of times per year. DeMarco ought to stay put.

  21. DeMarco please, please for your Family’s sake. Take the most Money that any team offers you and run! Run right to the Bank, sock it away! Then go buy a Manson somewhere, where the weather is warm and enjoy the rest of your life! Your young and in your prime! Go get it, while the gettin is good!! Ring?? Forget the ring and think Benjamin’s! Do you really think, winning over, leaving Millions on the table will help you and your family in the long run? Go ask all those HOF winning players, what they would rather have? Then ask yourself? 4 Million= winning or 6 Million= feed my family! There is no choice! Also make sure you sign for as much guaranteed money as you can get! Because, God knows, with your Rag-Tag Union! They’ll leave you hanging out to dry! It’s a shame too, because out of any Professional sport. Pro-Football players contracts should be all guaranteed to the last Penny for as many years! But, givin the fact that the NFLPA is the weakest Union in the business, that we’ll never happen! To bad, the NFLPA isn’t like the MLBPA, as it should be! Greedy owners will cut you in a NY min, should you get hurt! Also another thing, all this nonsense about staying in Dallas and endorsements! Is just that, complete and utter nonsense! You’re not James, or Jordan! How many commercials do you see Emmet Smith in? I don’t see any Smith sneakers or cleats?

  22. bigdbaby says:
    Mar 3, 2015 4:49 PM

    There is no state income tax in Texas so the cowboys can offer less which could equal another team’s higher offer.
    And every car dealership will want his face on billboards. Lots of hidden cash in Dallas.

  23. Smart teams take care of their great players for life. The Cowboys connection is paying off for a great many men in North Texas today, and has for many years.

  24. He’d better give them more than that to keep playing behind that line. Otherwise he’s out of the league faster than c2k or whatever his stupid nickname was.

  25. The Cowboys have a quality running back in Murray – they only did well this season because they had a running threat they never had in the last decade – Dez benefited greatly – if Murray leaves, Dez becomes an over paid whiner that will eat that team alive with his cancer.

    Book it. Pay Murray and the offense can withstand another year of Romo as QB. If Murray leaves, Romo will be injured and out as no one will respect the Cowboy running game and the secret to beating them is get to Romo and take away Bryant.

  26. There was a day when men played for the RING. Now! It all about that $$$$$. That’s why you give these guy these large sums of $$$$, and then they tank. That’s the way of the world. DeMarco is a quality back. And he should be paid. But I can tell you this! He want find another O Line like mine.

  27. I’m a huge cowboy fan but I still say he left yards on the field with his lack of speed. Great blocker for Tony but when it comes to running the ball I could pick several other players that could have done just as well if not better


  29. Who really thinks this guy CAN’T stay healthy for another whole year…probably the same ones that didn’t think he would make it through last year

  30. Pros of staying in Dallas:

    – Playoff team
    – One of the best offensive lines in the NFL
    – Popularity of team translates to potential corporate offers
    – Texas has no state income tax
    – Texas has one of the lowest costs of living in the U.S. when it comes to housing, food costs, energy costs, autos, etc…
    – His family already lives in the Dallas metroplex
    – DeMarco attended college at nearby Oklahoma — which maintains a large fan base for Dallas/Murray
    – Dallas is one of just a handful of “super fan” communities that bends over backward for local team players. According to SI, Dallas is similar to places like Green Bay, Denver and Boston where teams enjoy perks and luxuries from local businesses at a higher rate than many other teams. Local player sponsorship is big money and always pouring in for short term gigs.
    – DeMarco says that he really “loves” the Dallas area

    – May receive higher salary elsewhere

    The question is whether or not his salary increase in a different state would be offset by the state income tax (which can reach 10-12% at this bracket in other states). In other words, a salary of $5 Million per year in Oakland would be “lower” (in the bank) to $4.5 Million per year in Dallas.

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