Rosenhaus: Eagles say no LeSean trade yet

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In response to the report that the Eagles will ship running back LeSean McCoy to the Bills for linebacker Kiko Alonso, agent Drew Rosenhaus contends that the deal isn’t done yet.

“I just spoke with the Eagles organization and there is no trade for LeSean at this time,” Rosenhaus said on Twitter.  “There have been discussions but nothing finalized.”

Nothing can be finalized until Tuesday, March 10 at 4:00 p.m. ET.  So the information the Eagles provided to Rosenhaus is correct, even if the two teams have struck a deal in principle.

Even if an agreement has been reached between the two teams, either side can back out.  If McCoy makes it clear that he’s not on board with the deal, the Bills may not want him.  So, basically, stay tuned.

118 responses to “Rosenhaus: Eagles say no LeSean trade yet

  1. Translation: My man is getting traded, but I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to get my name in the headlines again…

  2. If I’m McCoy, I go to Buffalo. The defense, even without Alonso, is really, really good. They have a good WR and now possibly an answer at RB. Don’t underestimate the Bills this year. With flex scheduling, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Buffalo play more national TV games than Philly.

  3. This is what you get when guys like Mortenson et. al. chase stories. They’re so obsessed with being first with the story that they will compromise their integrity and anything else for the sake of being first. Do your minds a favor and avoid these hacks.

  4. Yup, Chippy, tuck rule was, in fact a rule. Spygate was a matter of location on the field and not illegal, and deflategate will come out as having been committed by The Colts. Thanks for playing.

  5. jchipwood says:
    Mar 3, 2015 7:02 PM
    For all the patriot fans getting ready to post:

    Tuck rule, spygate, deflategate……****
    Miami Dolphins: Stolen Brady audio tapes, tampering to acquire Don Shula, and having Don Shula be cozy with the NFL officials for soft schedules. Glass houses jchipwood glass houses. As for the deal not being done yet of course it isn’t there’s probably more to it.

  6. The joke is on Buffalo…the Iggles are going to cut him…why bail them out of a dead money cap hit + give them a good young player?

  7. Philly is up to something. I’m guessing they go for Suh both barrels, or they really go outside the box and make a run on Houston. The way Chip runs the defense down throughout a game, I’m guessing Houston. Give up the 20 this year and most likely a late next year for a stud pass rusher who is just now entering his prime.

  8. @skiier4384: Who cares where he plays? You are right, he should go to Buffalo. As I posted on the Murray feed. Always go where the Money takes you! Especially if you’re a Halfback!! God, why can’t people get this simple fact in their heads!!! It’s not about, who, what, where, when, how, winning, losing! It’s about the Money, as it should be!

  9. I love Shady but he’s a 27 year old RB with tons of carries, a high salary, and unfortunately for him RB is a easy position to replace.

  10. The problem here is a leSean McCoy is not Adrian Peterson or even a Demarco Murray . McCoy needs space and in order to get that you better have a QB with a Big arm who will keep the defense honest in not LOADING up the box.

    The reason McCoy did so well with the eagles when Vick was there, is that teams had to respect Vick BIG ARM.And so you couldn’t load up the box …which give McCoy the space he needed . He is NOT going to run you over like a Peterson since he is not a big and bruising Back. In some ways he is like a Reggie Bush.

    If you have a average QB, then teams just have to load up that box and he will be caught running around in his backfield with nowhere to go.

  11. Now let me explain this as I sorta had a feeling this was coming.
    2009 – McCoy 2nd round. Note: RB class was deep that year.
    2010 – Nate Allen 2nd round. Note: S class was deep that year.
    2011 – bust year.
    2012 – Mychal Kendricks 2nd round. Note: LB class was deep that year.
    2013 – Zack Ertz – 2nd Round. tight End class was deep that year.
    2014 – Jordan Matthews – WR class was deep that year.

    What does all of this tell you? Is that the Eagles always target the deepest part of the draft in the second round and every single season it has worked out for them, except for Nate Allen.

    So here i am thinking: HOw the heck are the eagles going to draft a RB in the second round when we have 3 RB’s? I figured somoene had to move: Polk – no one wants him, and Chip loves a bruiser. Sproles – Eagles were going to keep him and I figured he had the most likely chance to be moved for like a 3rd or 4th round pick.

    I didn’t exactly expect it to be McCoy but the return we are getting for him is basically gold. Alonso is an animal.

    If my prediction is correct, Eagles like always will target a position of Need in the first round: Safety or CB & in the second round we will go Runningback in a class that is extremely deep.

    I also believes this puts to rest the move for Mariota. You can’t draft a RB if you go after Mariota.

  12. Does Chip Kelly realize this is a “professional” team and he is not recruiting for a college team. Maybe we should just change the name to the “Philadelphia Ducks”. Unfreakin believable! A sad and horrible day for Philadelphia sports fans.

  13. This deal (if it goes) has made me think we may have a Chip Kelicheck. Seems like chipper is more like Billy than expected. Who needs star players (except at QB?)

  14. Many quality RBs are available in free agency. There are very few high quality LBs with a rookie contract intact.

  15. win win for both teams, Kiko is a stud people just forget because he was out last year…next signing for Chip is gonna be…wait for it… LaMichael James…

  16. jonnnyfive says: Mar 3, 2015 7:32 PM

    Bills just got better. 9-7 last year. If they can get a decent QB they could challenge for the division.
    Buffalo let Oakland eliminate them from playoff contention last season. The immediate challenge should be to not let such things happen.

  17. When you trade a player you do not shed any remaining bonus money, in fact you take the hit immediately. That being said, this move only cost the Eagles about $3.2 million in dead cap money this year.

    LeSean has six years of service on him AND he has raised a few behavior questions (although nothing to get in trouble). Eagles are selling high. Great move for them in my opinion.

  18. I’m a saints fan and I’m regretting losing Darren Sprouse but he obviously not a number 1 back. I think chip likes Maclin but who is there at running back. Chip says he wants a north and south runner so maybe Demarco or Ingram for them in free agency. Maybe Todd Gurley in draft. But if I’m foles or mariota (if eagles draft him) I have to be thinking where are my weapons (no DeSean or McCoy. Remember just 1 year ago they won the division and made the playoffs. If this doesn’t work then chip Kelly might be gone after this year

  19. This is not a good deal for Buffalo. Kiko is a stud. 1st round talent stolen in the 2nd round. McCoy is not Buffalo’s answer. We need Kiko in Spikes spot this year.

  20. Cost is a huge issue for McCoy. His contract is prohibitive for a back that does not go north/south like Chip’s offense requires.

  21. Bills and eagles may not be done nick foles could be going to buffalo if eagles still interested in mariota

  22. Hard to believe Rex is giving up any defensive player with tremendous upside.

    If Rexy is willing to trade young defensive players it is a good bet they really aren’t that good and probably. overrated.

    Ryan is a buffoon and a poss poor HC but he is a tremendous DC and evaluator of defensive talent.

  23. Here we go, the same “fans” calling him the greatest back on Earth and wearing his jersey will now call him a bum and boast about what a robbery Kelly just committed.

  24. @ Dickshotdogs
    “Spygate was a matter of location on field and not illegal”

    Why were the patriots fined a first round pick again? SMH…patriot fans?!?!?!?!?

  25. For the dumb assessment that say Rex is an idiot

    Rex is a genius on defense in drafting and in training

    Kiki is a great player but not irreplaceable

    Rex is going to make up for it

    Bills 10-6 and 6th seed

  26. Say No McCoy, and that you want to come to Detroit for our 2nd round pick!!

  27. Maybe the Eagles realized things went downhill after they took the ball out of Sproles hands.

  28. As a Dolphins fan I hate this move. Buffalo already runs my Fins over in the trenches every single time we play. Give them Shady and they’ll bust 150 yards on us twice a game. Did not want to see this. And Rex as their HC will only make that dangerous defense that much better. As soon as they get a real QB, this Buffalo team is a contender.

  29. A good GM couldnt make a trade this bad if he actually tried. Whoever engineered this debacle on the Buffalo side should be tarred and feathered. What a total clown move.

  30. Chippy, why are you, a Dolphins fan, on a thread about a Bills-Eagles trade, talking trash about the Patriots? The only answer that makes sense: it’s a school girl crush.

  31. All you eagles fans loved number 25 now you hate him. You can have Kiko! Will love shady him in wing town scoring tds

  32. Rex is going to cash strap the Bills and run them into the ground like he did the Jets. McCoy is past his prime, isn’t a north/south runner and Eagles are getting a young stud of a defensive player.

  33. Maybe I’m crazy but I don’t like this trade from a Bills perspective and think its great from an Eagles viewpoint (probably the opposite of the fan reaction of both teams).

    Rex plans to run the ball and play tough D but you don’t need a shifty back getting paid $10MM a year. One of the things Belichick excels at on defense is shutting down the running game and forcing teams to throw the rock. That said, McCoy is young and has some size and it is a bold trade.

  34. This is a horrible trade for the Bills and further proof that Whaley needs to be fired before anymore damage is done. Alonso has a good 10 years of difference making ability. McCoy has three at a position that isn’t valued highly anymore. Owners can’t let these short term thinking “me first” football people run the roost. They are only playing for the next contract, which means they can make deals like this that are bad for the team four years from now. Also, McCoy was likely going to be cut.

  35. 1898newman says:
    Mar 3, 2015 7:58 PM
    For the dumb assessment that say Rex is an idiot

    Rex is a genius on defense in drafting and in training

    Kiki is a great player but not irreplaceable

    Rex is going to make up for it

    Bills 10-6 and 6th seed

    Vernon Gholston at 6 genius lol

  36. Why wouldn’t he be on board? He’s not likely to get close to that contract as a free agent, RB salaries have dropped off pretty significantly recently.

  37. Won’t know who wins in this trade for awhile since it effects the rest of FA and the draft so much for both teams.
    I think the Eagles will come out ahead whwn it is all said and done.

    Funny to watch the fan bases on both teams, reaction seems pretty split On both sides.

  38. hey bemho

    Sheldon Richardson was picked by Rex as was Muhammad Wilkerson

    You know who wasn’t Vernon Gholston. That was not Rex Ryan but Eric Mangini

  39. This is a done deal because Philly will not pay Shady what he is due this year and my guess is Rex Ryan and the Bills will,I am sure Shady would like to stay in Philly and as a season ticket holder I have always liked him but he will play for less if he were to stay in Philly this year

  40. Rosenhaus has never steered us wrong!

    Oh… DREW Rosenhaus. Yeah, I wouldn’t believed his tongue if it were notarized.

  41. Field goal kickers are more valuable in today’s NFL than running backs. Giving up more than a 4th rounder (and I’d only do that for an “elite” RB) is foolish.

  42. This is a great trade for both teams. I am a long time Eagles fan. Shady is a tremendous back. He is a little high maintenance but…
    Kiko looked like a Pro Bowl starter in year 1.
    Every trade has risks. Shady has run the ball a lot for 7 years but he will still be outstanding if the offensive line gives him time to cut… If not he dances but still to 1300 yards plus a good screen pass receiver and good blocker.
    Kiko Alonso is a future All Pro every bit as good as Luke Kuechly(???) The big question is he must stay healthy. ACL injuries on both knees in last year…
    Risk for both and great reward for both!

  43. McCoy owed $10 mil. LB under a mil on rookie deal. With all recent cuts Eagles are like 40 mil under the cap. We are absolutely positively going to win the cap bowl again

  44. the only eagles jersey that makes sense buying right now is DAWKINS 20!!

    go “eagles”…

  45. I like Rex but he has no learning curve. He needs a QB, not a running back making $10MM a year that the Eagles were either going to restructure or cut.

    The Patriots are a tough team to match up with in the AFC East but the three other teams keep shooting themselves in the foot trying to make bold moves to compete.

  46. This is the worst move Buffalo’s made since they wasted a first round pick on Watkins instead of getting the better player, Bryant, in a later round.

    What is that front office thinking?

  47. Chip Kelly is desperately trying get all of his college players on this roster now

  48. Consensus was “Mesean” was overrated and danced too much last year. Now Bills’ fans are calling him the best RB in the league. Hypocrites!!!!

  49. As an Eagles fan, I’m okay with the trade. It’s clear Chip Kelly wants to win his way so I say let him go all out. Either it’s going to work and hopefully there’s a Superbowl to go along with it. If it doesn’t, then he can get out of Philly and the Eagles can move on quicker. Better than tying one arm behind a coaches back and expecting results like some of the more dysfunctional teams in the league. I’m tired of Division championships. I want a Superbowl.

  50. FYI: Chip you and Toto ain’t in Kansas no more; I mean Eugene….Philly suffers the fool lightly. Bekins reserving a truck for Kelly as you read this.

  51. “Philly suffers the fool lightly.”

    Are you sure about that . . . I like the city and have had some great times there but Philly has a statue of a fictional white prizefighter as a major attraction.

    Not Joe Frazier. Not Dr.J. Not Mike Schmidt.

  52. Hey 1898– – Rex’s best years were with Mangini’s players. Rex can coach, but he can’t develop. You’ll be 16-0 in press conferences & 8-8 in wins & loses + capped out soon enough.

  53. Chip likes to save money, that doesn’t necessarily translate to wins. Getting rid of Jackson and McCoy in back to back season is questionable.

  54. kingcarlbanks says:
    Mar 3, 2015 7:32 PM
    As a Giants fan, I say good riddance!

    You could say that again!!!! I’m still mad he let DJax stay in our conference. I was there for the Miracle at the Meadowlands II and I’ll never forget it!!!

  55. Awful deal for the Bills. How long is a 7th year running back who has torn his knee up before going to last? Kiko has nothing but upside and a long NFL career ahead of him. Great deal for the Eagles.

  56. Now they just need to trade Marcel Darius for Percy Harvin and the Buffalo offseason will be complete.

  57. Buffalo definitely won this trade!!!

    I don’t care what anyone says, one guy coming off a torn ACL is not = Shady McCoy!!!

    Plus Buffalo’s defense was ranked like #4 last season without Alonso so……..

    Eagles without Shady?

    You don’t just pick up a guy with his skill set at his age normally.

    Darren Sproles is a good change of pace back, he is not a bell cow!!! Sorry but apparently you guys are about to be RB by committee. Unless ofcourse they grab Gurley/Gordon? I don’t know what the rationale is but it seems plain out IDIOTIC from my Giants Fan perspective!! You can’t argue with his durability and production(most yards since 2011) so I don’t wanna hear the salary cap nonsense! He’s earned his $$$ you can’t tell the guy who’s #1 in production he’s not worth the contract you willingly signed him to. I know Reese would NEVER be on the losing end of any trade like that!! Haha

  58. The Eagle locker room has to be in turmoil with what has happened these last few days.

    Pretty much who can feel safe. One thing is to refresh a roster and another is to destroy the team chemistry.

    A lot of players who game their all to the organization are uncerimoniously being shown the door.

    Kelly better be getting this right, or he is out of the job in 2 years.

  59. Kiko is no Kuechly. The legend doesn’t completely pan out on film imo. Solid talent but Luke was never poor against the run in stretches. A couple of which cost the Bills games his rookie year.

    Preston Brown and Nigel Bradham are studs in the making and will constitute a legend of their own next year. Manny Lawson can play with his hand in the turf and was rated one of the best LB’s in coverage under Pettine. Will Spikes be back? Harris? A thumper, which Kiko is not, as yet unidentified?

    The biggest ability is availability. Rumor has it Kiko wanted out of Buffalo and let’s be honest, off-season training injuries are usually not a good indicator of future availability.

    We didn’t know you long…. Go Bills!

  60. ‘Awful deal for the Bills. How long is a 7th year running back who has torn his knee up before going to last? Kiko has nothing but upside and a long NFL career ahead of him. Great deal for the Eagles.’

    Honestly can’t tell if this is sarcasm. Evidently you aren’t aware of the part where Kiko has already blown out the same ACL twice in addition to major hip surgery, all in the last 4 years. That’s far from a guaranteed ‘long NFL career ahead of him’ if he’s getting seriously injured when his body is this young.

    If he does stay healthy, he is probably just as good as Luke Kuechly… Seriously.

  61. I don’t see how any Eagles fan can say they won on this trade yet. Guy (Kiko) is coming off ACL surgery and there is no guarantee when it comes to those. Yeah, they free up cap room, but we’re talking about arguably the best player on the roster (Shady). Maybe Chip has a deal in the making for Demarco Murray or there are draft picks involved. No way Chip does this deal without a backup plan at RB.

  62. Also, How did the bills do with the Bryce Brown trade and much more importantly on the real life NFL scale, how about that Jason Peters Trade. Bills got owned 3 times by the Eagles.

  63. McCoy is not the best RB in football, he is mediocre now. He won’t finish a 16 game season with the Bills.

    Bills will regret this trade. Should have kept Alonso. He is going to be a stud LB with tons of Pro Bowls.

  64. Shouldn’t the Bills be trying to get a top flight QB instead of another RB? No wonder why they are always 7-9

  65. Buffalo – good for you, get a top flight RB that Rex can abuse.

    Eagles – good for “us”, we get a young stud LB to pair w/ Kendricks, and watch them fly and attack like Chip wants the D to play.

    Believe with all the moves Eagles have made, it’s something like $50m+ in cap room. Watch out. Mark Ingram to Eagles, or Antone Smith (Mr. 40+ yard TD from Falcons)…PLUS McCourty. Rahim Moore. Maybe even Revis. PLUS Mariota. PLUS Worilds or re-sign Graham. $50m+ – there’s room…

    I like it. Failing anything else, it’s aggressive. We shall see.

  66. To make this a fair trade the Bills should have thrown in their starting QB. I realize that that is a player to be named later, but at least it is something.

  67. Such a pleasure to have something else to discuss besides how the Patriots deflated the 11 of 12 balls. They say Bill Bellichek is a stickler for details, but I think he has a quality control problem. He had about a 10% error rate in his process.

  68. Looks like the Sixers won’t be the only Philly team that is tanking – LOL. You just gave up your best offensive player! Please don’t tell me that Sproles is his replacement.

  69. Either way, McCoy is finished in Philly. But if he forces the Eagles to release him, they’ll get nothing, like they did with DeSean Jackson. I’m not sure why they didn’t wait until the 10th to announce it so that they could make the trade official, instead of giving McCoy time to screw the whole thing up.

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