Adrian Peterson says meeting with Vikings went well


On Wednesday, Vikings G.M. Rick Spielman and coach Mike Zimmer traveled to Houston to meet with running back Adrian Peterson.  After the four-hour sit-down between the three men, Peterson said the session went well, according to

How well or why it went well isn’t known; Peterson opted not to share any of the details.

By agreeing to meet face-to-face with his head coach and by not cutting it off before four hours passed, that’s a very good sign for the continuation of Peterson’s career in Minnesota.  Coupled with the Vikings’ apparently willingness to pay Peterson the full $12.75 million he’s due to earn in 2015, it could be that Peterson will let bygones be bygones and return to the franchise with which he has spent his entire career.

One source with knowledge of the team’s thinking believes that’s exactly what will happen.  While it’s too early to call it a done deal, there’s suddenly some reason for optimism that Peterson will be wearing purple come Week One.

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  1. … there’s suddenly some reason for optimism that Peterson will be wearing purple come Week One.

    Book it.

  2. RS: Hi AD, we are going to pay you $12.75 million this year to play RB for the MN Vikings.

    AD : Sounds good Rick.

  3. I think they should trade him while his value is still perceived to be high.

    He’s old for a RB and has been getting nicked up in recent years.

  4. … there’s suddenly some reason for optimism that Peterson will be wearing purple come Week One.

    Book it.
    I’m confused? Should I remain optimistic, or do I book it?

  5. Does it even matter ? The Vikings will always be who we think they are.

    Not trying to stick it to Vikings fans but, it is what it is.

  6. AP will give Teddy 0.5 to 1.0 seconds extra per snap.
    That is HUGE for a developing QB. It is HUGE for any NFL QB. Has anyone asked Teddy what he thinks about having to carry the team by himself???

  7. Staying with the only team he has played for is the best way to help rebuild his reputation. Playing for any other team will leave his legacy with a feeling of having been shipped off out of town (even if it is his idea). Ad to that the fact that no other team will pay even close to what his current contract calls for and the fact that Zimmer & Teddy could be on the verge of building something great, staying in Minnesota is the best thing for him. what happened last year will follow him forever no matter where he plays. But a few good games and it will all be forgotten much sooner in Minnesota than it will be anywhere else.

  8. The Vikings could either take the draft pics, or keep Adrian and pair him with Teddy. Either way, the Vikings will be fine…

    The Vikings are still well below the cap (before the Cassel trade) and that is counting Adrian at a 15.4 cap hit.

  9. Jeff Fisher said all you need is a strong running game and a situational passer and a top 5 defense and you can make it to the final 4. The Vikings just need to keep improving their defense. They could easily restructure AD’s contract to give him a signing bonus and lower his salary cap hit. The Vikings have plenty of cap space, even paying AD 13 mil. Just keep building up the D and O-line.

  10. staffordsyear says:
    Mar 4, 2015 7:30 PM
    Doesn’t matter if he stays, they’ll still suck…

    And what will they do without their Suh…?

  11. $12.75M for Adrian, plus the crushed dreams of Vike fans everywhere who thought they were getting at least a1st round draft pick. Nice!!!………………………………………………………………

    I would thing it would be crushing to the interior of the Green Bay defense as well as crushing to the corners who hide behind the linebackers…ala Tramon Williams when Adrian runs at them…

  12. Peterson would look good in an Eagles uniform, which is not outside the realm of possibility now that McCoy has been traded…

    It would be pretty tough to do since Kelly is after Mariota like a bloodhound..

  13. I get that it takes much time and energy to become an NFL player as it takes a student to become a lawyer or MD but when will these players truly be grateful to make a “Premier” living? They lost their roots of where they came from the very minute the contract is signed. I hope Adrian and many others will someday understand this.

  14. For a possible 12 million dollars I would listen to anyone.

    If the Vikings are willing pay Adrian, all that money, he a would be a fool to leave. Best case scenario for Adrian. He tears it up this season, and next season the Vikings keep him around and he has another season with his huge contract. Sounds like a no brainer to me if I was him.

  15. “It would be pretty tough to do since Kelly is after Mariota like a bloodhound..”

    I’m not so sure about that. It may be a smokescreen. If he mortgages the farm for Mariota and it doesn’t work out, the Eagles will be screwed for years and Kelly will be back coaching college kids.

  16. vikings will be in the playoffs this year! personally thought if adrian peterson played last year minnesota woulda made the playoffs… dont care what anyone else thinks about that either 7-9 with a rookie QB

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