Adrian Peterson suggests concerns linger after Wednesday meeting

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In the wake of his four-hour meeting with Vikings coach Mike Zimmer and G.M. Rick Spielman, running back Adrian Peterson has issued a statement that suggests his concerns were not resolved during the get-together.

“I appreciate Rick [Spielman] and Coach [Mike] Zimmer coming down to see me today,” Peterson said in a statement issued to Josina Anderson of ESPN.  “We had a great dialogue and they were able to understand where I was coming from and concerns my family and I still have.  We respect each other and hopefully the situation can pan out so that everyone involved is content.”

By using the phrase “still have,” Peterson’s statement suggests that Wednesday’s meeting failed to resolve them.

Zimmer has twice told PFT Live that, if Peterson is dead set on leaving the Vikings, Zimmer would accommodate the player.

Peterson’s father, Nelson, has confirmed that Adrian believes Vikings COO Kevin Warren worked with the NFL to keep Adrian off the field for the balance of the 2014 season.  The truth may be that the NFL was determined to keep Peterson from playing, with or without the team’s consent.  If so, the team’s best play would have been to cooperate with the league office.  Resistance wouldn’t have changed the outcome, and may have simply angered the powers-that-be.

123 responses to “Adrian Peterson suggests concerns linger after Wednesday meeting

  1. You’re post less than an hour ago was titled, “Adrian Peterson says meeting with Vikings went well.”

    I’m confused, Florio…

  2. I’m a huge AP fan but at some point enough is enough. Quit whining about the Vikings. AP is dealing with a situation AP put himself in. The Vikings are dealing with a situation AP but them in. Not the other way around.

    Quit releasing statements, quit whining about the Vikings. Play football like you’re under contract to do and thank the Vikings for their loyalty to you after you got yourself suspended all year.

    I do, however, believe AP has legitimate beef with the NFL and their atrocious handling of his situation.

  3. I believe the “still have” you are rwferring to is the concerns they still have up to today from the overall process. Not still havw after the meering.

  4. Looks like it’s another decade of last place finishes and no playoff wins for us again!!

  5. This is going to be one motivated dude next year. Someone is going to be getting one very angry running back!

    Hopefully, he’s now a better parent as well.

  6. They should trade him if anyone is willing to pay his ransom. I think the vikes have the leverage here. He is under contract.

    No one wants a player that doesn’t want to be there or could cause a distraction. Either AP plays for the vikes, or he can retire or play where ever he is traded to. The vikes have gone out of their way to show him the love. At this point I say the toss him out

    They should trade him to the Jets

  7. What a pitiful situation when the GM and Head Coach have to travel hundreds of miles to bow down and beg forgiveness from a child abuser. Vikings fans must be proud.

  8. The last paragraph = Florio telling the Vikings side of the story as his opinion. Didn’t Florio have an article about teams planting news with reporters recently?

  9. AP needs to suck it up, he did this to himself and he should kissing Ricks butt.

    I hope he stays with the Vikes and doesn’t get his way. Redo his contract for less money too.

  10. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending upon your perspective, he’s been gone for months, and now it’s finally clear. Not only does the statement make it clear, but the fact that his agent wasn’t around showed his decision is made. The statement today was a rush by his PR guys to beat anything the Vikes released, and now does nothing more than hurt the Vikings’ ability to trade him. I suspect this was designed by his agent to influence the market to the point that he gets released and can sign wherever he wants. Now it likely becomes a Mexican standoff. Shoulda traded him to Buffalo when we had the chance.

  11. Peterson doesn’t seem to realize the pickle that he put the team in with his situation. When you combine this with the whole Ray Rice fiasco, Both the Vikings and the NFL were faced with the prospect of losing sponsors. These players need to understand that they represent their teams as well as the NFL brand, whether they’re on the field or off of it. While their athletic talents on the field can make the League and themselves lost of money, their deviant conduct off the field can have the opposite effect…

  12. Petersen sounds like a girl trying to justify for the impending break up. Vikings are looking pretty bad right now, Id see if I could do a straight up trade Petersen like PHI did. Then they should go out and sign Murray they’d be saving 15 mil and say sign Murray for 8mil at most.

  13. Dude, you beat your 4 year old child with a switch and stuffed leaves into his mouth to muffle his screams of agony…you put the organization into the unenviable position of suspending you WITH full pay because they had to do something as a result of your gross misconduct and you think they disrespected you?

  14. Until something happens, beside a few words the media demands it’s just a bunch of hot air. To speculate is futile and even moronic when you have people saying how AP is great and happy it seems he’s staying in Minnesota, then bash him 10 minutes later because the exact same statement has some grey area if you’re a lawyer or sports writer.

  15. Does AP have any concerns in returning to the Vikings? I’m not sure, but I wish he would issue a statement everyday to let the public know if he has any.

  16. Vikings management needs to man up and tell him what’s happening.

    VM: You beat your child, you put yourself in this position, you’re under contract and camp starts on xxx. Don’t like it? Retire.

  17. Why is Adrian acting like he is the victim here? That is the part that blows my mind. He is 100% responsible for his actions that brought this upon the organization.

    If anything Adrian should be ‘uneasy’ and still feel ‘concerns’ with Roger Goodell and the NFL, rather than the Vikings. How is he blinded by the fact that the Vikings put millions into his pocket and still supported him? IMO the Vikings did what every other organization would have done. Even the Cowboys…

  18. Losing my patience with you Adrian ! The Vikings are not at fault here! I am be chased off your bandwagon by you alone.

  19. The truth is if the Vikings keep Peterson they will be dealing with this headcase ALL season long…if they try and trade him they will not get anything even close to his value in return, so they are really screwed.

  20. We’ll trade him alright, but only to the wolfs. With or without AP we will win Super Bowl doesn’t matter. I wonder if his wife had told him to switch his child too. What a loser, just say you on board or not and be done.

  21. Peterson sounds like a little crybaby who got his feelings hurt. Man up dude.

    Peterson has ZERO leverage. The Vikings hold all the cards.

  22. hi everyone, My name is AP and I just beat up my kid and admitted it. Now, my bosses wanted to sit my down to shelter me from the press- but I thought I would create some victimhood for myself. So, I decided to tell everyone on how bad you treated me.

  23. Get rid of this cancer. Trade him to Jerry Jones. Maybe we can flip their 1 and our 2. Call it a win. He is declining, and real bad character. I mean what did the Vikes do to alienate him? Try to bring him back? Pay him for nothing? Draft him with injury issues? So many kids, so many issues. Get something and let him end his career somewhere else. Bye Bye AD

  24. Yes the NFL was so awful in handling a child beater. Why are so many defending this child beater. Defending a person who beat his child with a switch? Its a shame Goodell didn’t banish him ala Pete Rose. Bet on baseball banned for life. Beat your child, suspended with pay

  25. This guy is a PR nightmare…….get rid of him and start fresh but I guess quality of character doesn’t matter as long as this criminal can help you win 8 games

  26. I saw a story where you’ll consider TB. Come on down. We’ll accept you with open arms

  27. The Vikings should cut Peterson and no team in the league should sign him. Guy beats the hell out of a 4 year old boy. 4 year old boy is his own son. And all people are worried about is how many yards Peterson will get after being shafted by Goodell and the Vikings? Really? Peterson should feel lucky that he still gets to play. Personally, I find that beating inexcusable, and if he worked for me I would have found a way to fire him. Then I’d have told anyone who called for a reference that he is a guy who likes to beat on his kid. I hope Peterson blows out his ACL, MCL, patellar tendon and his Achilles tendon on the first carry he gets if he plays this season. Hopefully it is career ending.

  28. First meeting went well, then still concerns…

    That could mean one of 2 things.

    Meeting went well…. For AP… as in Vikings will potentially honor trade request but still has concerns of trade doesn’t get done.

    Or meeting went well… Then Agent back peddled on AP’s comments. Suddenly it is “NO… Don’t say it went well, play hard to get so the ball is still in your court and you can control the directive”.

  29. Adrian, you haven’t really sounded like you want to come back. I would have concerns too.

  30. Love the fact that Peterson is playing the victim card here.
    And Spieldope/Zimmerman have to trot down to Texas to beg his forgiveness. Shows just how pathetic this organization has become.

    What’s next? Is Zimmer going to pick him up at the airport if the almighty decides to play for them again.

    Wake me up when Thompson and McCarthy wing on down to Florida to talk Guion into playing next year in Green Bay.


  31. Peterson did something to a four year old child that he should be in prison for. Lord knows how many other of his children have also been abused. I think Adrian needs to find a team south of the Mason-Dixon line, in a city that welcomes child abusers with open arms. That kind of behavior is just not tolerated in cities with a higher educated population. Thems are just the facts.

  32. What possible concerns does this child-beater have?! If the team wants him to play for them and pay him to do it, he should be GRATEFUL. If he doesn’t get that, then we should ALL have concerns about him playing for ANY team.

  33. He has said he understands the business, but I don’t think he does! Zimmer is a straight up dude that said he will let you go if that’s what you want, so why don’t you help him by keeping your mouth shut! (other than talking to Zimmer) Just shut your mouth A.P. (unless it’s to Zimmer or Rick)

  34. AP please go to Arizona. You would make that team elite! When Palmer is healthy he is a top 10 QB, they got a really good WR core and you have a very good complimentary back in Ellington.

  35. Bryans49: Really! He was facing a felony! If they didn’t let him plea and he lost in a jury trial, his career would have been over right there. He would be in prison. Does that make sense to you genius? How did the Viking stab anyone in the back? Beat your child, get arrested and face trial, and see if your employer wants you back!

  36. AP doesn’t get it. Perhaps a couple of seasons in the CFL will help him understand that there is NO justification in abusing a child. Period.

    Just go away.

  37. If the NFL takes an unjust action against a player that in turn also hurts the team…then a team with any self dignity at all should stand up to the NFL, regardless of whether it “upsets the powers that be” (as if “upsetting” them would make any difference at all). In this case, the team acted like a 1200 AD peasant pauper bowing before the NFL aristocracy. Peterson should have concerns…

  38. I for one really hope he stays. let get back to
    playing some football. Just put this behind us.
    I would tell Spilman he better spend some real money get some dam good Oline in here.
    then let’s go run over the Packers. cause it’s our time now.

  39. If he wants to leave…thats fine…If he wants to stay..that’s fine too..

  40. What sucks is that the Vikings have to come off as bending over backwards for Peterson even if they want to get rid of him simply in order to preserve some trade value. They may want to tell him to shove it in the worst way but can’t due to this concern.

  41. Leadership void. When a coach and a GM fly TO an athlete, in HIS environment, APOLOGIZE for their past treatment of him and BEG him to be happy and come back, it’s shameful. Have some cojones. As a Packers fan and admitted, I feel embarrassed for Vikings fans.

    Yes the Packers choked in the NFC Championship game (there, I said it) and it’s been a tough pill to swallow. But we’re grateful for our leadership in MM, TT, and MM in showing how a President, GM and Coach lead. GoPackGo. ‘Nuff said.

  42. I just don’t understand this….why is the focus on HIS reservations. Unreal. Sorry that Vikings fans have had our reservations about wanting a guy who did that to his kid. Enough already, let him go.

  43. He has been linked to the Cardinals more than a few times , even saying Arizona is one of the top teams he prefers playing for. Arizona GM Steve Keim was a scout back in 07 and wanted Peterson BADLY , and was straight pissed when AZ passed , Keim regards him as the one who got away so if he becomes available , Arizona will pursue him hard.

    Peterson likely easily has 3 solid seasons of high level play in his or more. Paired with Andre Ellington ( Who played with a torn ligament suffered in pre-season all season long which severely hampered his abilities) who is a excellent RB/WR with the ability to run excellent crisp routes, healthy is a 1500-2000 yards from scrimmage player , him and Peterson would make for a lethal RB duo and really open up Arizona’s passing game whom has one of the NFLs best WR units w/ a much improved much better TE rotation next season. The combo of Peterson/Ellington would add a dimension to AZs offense that would put it over the top making it one of the leagues top elite offenses. If Arizona could get Peterson around 7 million yearly which still makes him among the top paid RBs , that would be a deal to good to pass up. With Arizona a much better team than the Vikings ,on their way up turning into one of the NFCs top contenders ( healthy they would of been a SB contender last year likely playing the packers in the NFC game as they would of ran away with the NFC-W. Palmer had won every game he started n AZ had a 3 game lead in the NFC-W, AZs downfall was when Palmer went down) & with how the Vikings have treated Peterson the past year , wheter he goes n signs with Arizona or not he should cut ties with the Dogs who own the Vikings.

  44. Adrian, you brought this on yourself, the Vikings didn’t. Just MAN UP and say you want a change. Blaming someone else for your mistakes is disappointing, especially to someone I’ve looked up to and cheered for as my favorite athlete ever. The Vikings handled a difficult situation that YOU put them in the best they could, and putting the blame on the organization, while not accepting responsibility on your own, is a bitter pill to swallow.

  45. The only reason Rick and Zim went down there today is to make it seem like they still want him to play for the Vikings. They’ve been working on a trade for weeks, but they have to keep up the charade that there’s some chance they’ll keep him. I can’t wait for the day the trade is announced. I don’t care what they get now, I just want to move on.

  46. A Beast Mode AP and Teddy would of been nice to see.

    Guess AP just cannot see that all of the other 31 teams would of probably done just as the Vikings did if not worse (from his point of view.) Grass is always greener on the other side. Hope they can get something for him and trade him to a team like Tampa, Oakland or the Jets.

    Have fun downsizing your financial dreams. No one is going to pay you like the Vikings did.

  47. Am I the only one that realizes that Peterson’s “trade request” means nothing? He’s under contract until 2017. If he is traded it will be at the Vikings leisure, not his.

    It’s pretty pathetic that he needs to have his butt kissed because his feelings got hurt. Maybe don’t beat your son to the point where a Dr. is compelled to report the child’s wounds to the police.

  48. No other team is going to pay AP like his Vikings contract and no other team is going to give the Vikings anywhere near fair value in trade for him. I think they both just need to kiss and make up and move forward as they are joined by the hip.

  49. Go to Jerry World Adrian, that’s what you really are wanting to do anyway. Man up and say it!

  50. I don’t get where the Vikes did anything wrong and why he now gets a say. He hit the kid, the league suspended him and the Vikes paid him. He can’t forgive the Vikes? Wow he’s playing every angle of victim imaginable and he’s the guilty party.

  51. “Dear A.P. (a/k/a ‘All Day’), There’s a Super Bowl Ring waiting for you, here with New England.” Yours truly, Brandon LaFell & Darrelle Revis

  52. Peterson is a gullible man, and, frankly, he is not that bright — even for a jock. He thinks he should be surly with the Vikings organization.

    But the real reasons that he is (and should be) surly is that the NFL bent over backwards legally to keep him suspended and he didn’t like that deeply-personal hit-piece that the StarTrib put out on him.

  53. As the Vikings evaluate their company, they basically have to say either AP or Kevin Warren. We all know exactly how talented AP is, maybe everyone is underestimating this Kevin Warren individual. Don’t get me wrong this is comparing apples to oranges in regards to what they do, but if the Vikings are that confident in Kevin Warren to the point they will rid AP of the franchise then maybe we should all be looking into who the hell this Kevin guy is and what he’s doing that makes him more talented and coveted in his field than AP is on the field.

  54. Make more cap room, trade Peterson for picks(including a 1st rounder). Cut Greeway. Then sign Suh, he would make the Vikings a top 5 defense over night.

  55. Hahahahaha….. AD has 0 leverage , he is under contract for (2) more years … Bottom line , he is a child beater!! I know it’s standard operating procedure in da hood off the plantation , it’s not OK….. Either he plays for Master, or he can retire… Either way, the vikings have worked that horse enough!!

  56. If they’re somehow able to settle this and they have AP starting alongside Bridgewater Week 1, the Vikings will be an interesting team in 2015.

  57. NO PLAYER is worth all this grief. Vikings should trade him for a player or draft picks …just like the Eagles did to Mccoy. Vikings need to worry about the Vikings and NOT this pos.

  58. Show up and play, get paid…or don’t show up and don’t get paid. Pretty simple. Vikings own him for 3 more years..he can’t force anything.

  59. So at first i kinda thought it would be cool to see AP in Chip kellys offense once shady was traded, but the more and more i thought about what this guy did, i don’t think i could route for my own team. he literally beat his child with a stick so bad he ripped his ball sack. how am i supposed to route for this guy ?? Not only that, but he has faced no real punishment.

    Atleast with Vick, he had to pay a debt. He also has more than proved that he has remorse and fully undertands what he did was wrong. I dont get that from AP. At all.

    If i were the Vikings i would just cut the guy. It shows your fan base (who whether the owners like it or not represent city they play in ) that respect their image as people as well as your own. It also shows the players no one is bigger than the team.

    I imagine AP finds his way to Dallas some way some how. But i also think in getting it done dallas will hurt them selves either in cap hell or via draft picks they would have to trade.

  60. AP needs to get whacked… he’s trying to play the PR game, but he’s starting to look like a whiny jerk

  61. Adrian Peterson has admitted to making a mistake in disciplining his son. The court system with their ruling indicates that the NFL was in error with their discipline of Peterson. The problem with everyone now moving on is that the Vikings know they will not get the value they want in a trade for Peterson who is still under contract. Peterson also has animosity for the Vikings.

    The only positive thing from this mess is that the NFL and Goodell may actually realize how wrong they have been with their discipline policies. Well perhaps not!

  62. It just warms my heart to see how much he has learned and grown as a man and father from this situation. He really seems to be deeply concerned about his family and their misgivings. What a guy!

  63. It’s obvious whats happening here. AP and Vikings will have irreconcilable differences. Vikings will then trade AP to the Cowboys. Book it!

  64. At some point, Peterson needs to man up and realize that he’s the one who put himself into this situation, not the Vikings.

    When the Vikings attempted to keep him on the field after the allegations came out, their sponsors reaction forced them to reconsider, and the NFL (in light of the Ray Rice bungling by Roger Goodell) wasn’t willing to take the heat either.

    Peterson was the most valuable player on this team heading into last year. That’s not the case anymore. He should either quit whining and happily rejoin the Vikings, or politely request a trade.

    Did the NFL jam up Peterson unjustly last year? Yes, they did. Peterson’s beef is with the NFL, not the Vikings. If he wants out of Minnesota, he needs to request a trade instead of bashing the team in order to justify his exit.

  65. Why does everyone assume this has something to do with the team?

    I’m probably wrong, but I read this as Peterson being concerned on the local media and public perception of him, and how that may affect his family considering they would live in or near Minnesota during the season.

    A fresh start somewhere else could ease these problems, but I would be surprised if the Vikings traded him for anything less than a package containing multiple draft choices (or player equivalent), one of which being a 1st round selection this year.

    If no offer meeting those expectations comes in, then the Vikings should keep Peterson, with him understanding that they obviously value him higher than anyone else.

  66. I remember when Childress picked up Favre at the airport, I thought that a coach could not have made a bigger fool of himself till Zimmer went to Texas this week.

  67. Quit whining about the Vikings? You mean the team that has wasted the talents of one of the best RB’s of all time by surrounding him with poor talent and coaching his entire career? Well outside of that one year the Ol’ Gun-Slinger almost got them to the SB.

    If I were AP I’d want out too.


  68. AP has becomes the Hairbaughs of the North, whining all the time. His concerns for family, he already showed us his concerns with a big stick.

  69. I’m a Vikings fan…and have been a huge fan of Adrian Peterson. Before all this happened, I always thought Adrian was the role model athlete that we could show to our kids. Then all of this…not just the charges and the court case, but how he’s handling all of this. Did it ever occur to him that the Vikings also have lingering concerns about his judgement, and could again get into trouble off the field? What is HE doing to squash those concerns? HE should be the one apologizing and doing everything possible to get himself back on the Vikings roster, not the other way around.

  70. Quit whining about the Vikings? You mean the team that has wasted the talents of one of the best RB’s of all time by surrounding him with poor talent and coaching his entire career? Well outside of that one year the Ol’ Gun-Slinger almost got them to the SB.

    If I were AP I’d want out too.

    Quit whining about the Packers? You mean the team that has wasted the talents of one of the best QB’s of all time by surrounding him with poor talent and coaching his entire career? Fixed it for ya…

  71. I remember when Childress picked up Favre at the airport, I thought that a coach could not have made a bigger fool of himself till Zimmer went to Texas this week.

    BTW did Muffin achieve his 20 RB carries in the second half of the NFCC?

  72. I think you forgot to mention the two SB rings the Packers have received in the last 20 years. I’ll take that and so would every fan outside of New England.

    Poor Viking fans – don’t know what a winning franchise looks like. Maybe someday. Keep your head up.

  73. Those two Lombardi trophies from 1996 and 2010 that reside in Title Town, USA would beg to differ there Ross.

    Poor Viking fans have never felt what it’s like to root for a winning franchise. Maybe someday, but doubtful. Keep your head up.

  74. The Vikings are definitely on the rise. I predict that next year they will definitely be better than this past year. They weren’t too far from .500 this year at 7-9. Next year, they’re almost sure to go 8-8, maybe even 9-7.

    It will be great fun watching the Viking fans crow about their “great improvement.” And just watch what happens if they should go 10-6. Double digit wins! That could topple the Internets!

  75. Those two Lombardi trophies from 1996 and 2010 that reside in Title Town, USA would beg to differ there Ross.

    Poor Viking fans have never felt what it’s like to root for a winning franchise. Maybe someday, but doubtful. Keep your head up…

    Yes…2 in the last 50 years…”A Fart in the Wind” Ron Wolf

  76. That statement doesn’t suggest anything more than what we already knew. We knew he had concerns and you can justify saying he used the wrong word by saying “have” vs “had”. We can all read into it anything we want to. Hopefully we will all find out what’s going to happen soon and get rid of all the speculations.

  77. AD changed his Twitter background to MN Vikings. He’ssssssssssss Loose Green Bay! Welcome back AD!!!

  78. I’ve been a Peterson supporter, but his spoiled child act is getting old. He’s in this situation because of his own actions not anyone else, and he needs to stop blaming others. Granted, Goodell has screwed this up from day 1, but that has nothing to do with the Vikings.

    If I’m the Vikings, he either plays for us, or he sits out and doesn’t get paid. He really has no leverage in the situation. I’m confident the Vikings will improve from last year with or without him.

  79. Looks like Spielman has the situation in hand. Now he can trade AP and say “hey don’t blame me, he wanted to leave, we did everything we could but now were just going to have to settle on all those additional draft picks and try and stop from gigling a lot in public places.

  80. Wow. A lot of people here are still holding that bile for Adrian Peterson.

    Let it go. I’m thinking he may be reformed and never hit his kid again…..and yet some people are going to fume with hatred every time they hear his name. Find a different obsession people. There’s a lot more wrong in the world that it might be more productive to focus on……

  81. Just when you think AP can’t be any more of a jerk, he continues to show that he can. Don’t understand how any NFL fan can support his behavior or his actions, unless truly desperate. Right Zim.

  82. The Vikings will accommodate him. He was the face of the franchise. He won’t be traded unless he restructures his contract. I think if he does want out the to sides should work together to make sure both get something out it .

  83. Apparently, you can’t ask ‘how did the kids look?’………………………………………..

    The Plattville Press declined to mention that the child in question lives in Minnesota, and not with Adrian

  84. The funniest thing here is that a child beater looks at the Vikings and says “…yeah, no thanks.”…………………

    That is a good one. But obvious TT will say “No Thanks” to Terrance Knighton and Vince Wilfolk and welcome a drug dealer back to the team’s starting role in Guion…

  85. Do you realize the Ravens won 2 super bowls with a murderer, the Patriots have a serial killer and a host of cheaters and won 4 Super Bowls. Steelers have a rapist and won 2 Super Bowls. Kobe Bryant is a rapist and a major jerk and won 5 rings.

    If you self-righteous Vikings fans continue to get rid of every player who doesn’t meet your moral standards (Percy, Moss-twice, Adrian, etc) you will continue to never be in the Super Bowl.

    Every NFL (or person for that matter) has faults and it’s time you all got off your moral high horse. When you argue with fans of other teams who win trophies do you counter with morally upstanding your team is? Give me a break and focus more on winning and less on trying to fix players’ lives.

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