Dallas County D.A. has Wal-Mart police report

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Last week, former Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins said he had “no knowledge” of any incident at a Lancaster, Texas Wal-Mart on July 11, 2011 involving Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant.  As it turns out, someone in his office does and/or did.

In response to a Texas Public Information Act request sent by PFT to the Dallas County District Attorney’s office, Assistant D.A. Laura Anne Coats forwarded on Tuesday a copy of the same incident report that the Lancaster Police Department previously sent to Ian Rapoport of NFL Media.

There’s one key difference in the version obtained by NFL Media and the version sent to PFT.  The version obtained by NFL Media, transmitted with a cover letter dated February 17, 2015, indicates that it was printed by the Lancaster Police Department that same day.  The version submitted to PFT by the Dallas County District Attorney reveals that it was printed on August 7, 2012 by the Lancaster Police Department, more than a year after the incident but still more than two years ago — while Watkins was still the District Attorney.

“Because there was no arrest and no complainant, the incident never comes to the District Attorney’s office,” Watkins told Mike Fisher of 105.3 The Fan last week.

But the incident did indeed come to the Dallas County District Attorney, on or about August 7, 2012.  If it hadn’t, the District Attorney’s office never would have had a copy of the incident report from the Lancaster Police Department printed on that date.  The question becomes whether the District Attorney has anything else relating to the incident; a second request under the Texas Public Information Act for additional, specific information regarding the incident and any investigation has been prepared and sent to the Dallas County District Attorney.

For now, it’s clear the incident that appeared to be a faint, open-and-shut blip on the Lancaster, Texas radar screen somehow made its way to the ultimate law enforcement authority in all of Dallas County, which at last count had a population of 2.48 million.

While no video of the incident has emerged, it remains difficult to believe no video existed, especially since Wal-Mart routinely secures its many retail properties with surveillance cameras.  It also remains difficult to understand the decision of the responding officer not to immediately enter the Wal-Mart security office after someone reported that a woman was pulled and dragged from a car registered to Bryant but the alleged victim then claimed that she wasn’t “injured or assaulted in any way.”

23 responses to “Dallas County D.A. has Wal-Mart police report

  1. Man Dallas might be without Murray due to free agency and bryant suspension ahead if this is true. Looks like the rides over Dallas fans , romo can’t carry this team by himself …

  2. I’m just glad to learn that Dez also shops at Walmart. It’s usually my wife that has to drag and pull me into Walmart.

  3. you can’t charge him if you didn’t get him in the act. Can’t say for sure specifically what, if any, illegal substance was being consumed but not much else to do at a Walmart parking lot at that time. Cameras everywhere, Dez. Keep on the right path and get paid for you

  4. Who’s to say that the woman that came back with Dez is the same woman that was allegedly pulled and dragged from the one car to the other? Could it be that Dez brought back another woman, not involved in the incident, to say to the police that all was well, meanwhile the victim was someplace else?
    Seems very suspicious to me, and much too convenient that the woman, this woman, was fine. Where’s the original woman?

  5. As an attorney who’s sued Walmart I can tell you getting records or video from them is like getting into area 51. They will never, ever cooperate just for the sake of cooperation. This video will never be seen

  6. She was dragged from a car and then 3 more cars show up to the scene, one with Dez and the victim.

    Meaning the first 2 were called for help at some point or were notified there might be a problem.

    Its a very shady situation, even if theres no video or no official incident. It goes without saying you are who you hang with.

    Cowboys are in for a rude awakening regardless. Even if this blows over. This was a fluke year on a cupcake schedule and a playoff game had to be won by Jerry purchasing the refs.

    Next year = very difficult schedule. Players returning is up in the air. Maybe 10 wins. But of course it won’t stop their belligerent fans.

  7. I have no proof, but I think this is a cover up. It does not mean that Dez is guilty of this or that, but just that there was a cover up. I have heard a former Cowboys player mention on the radio how Jerry used to bail him out of trouble back in the Super Bowl years. This has been a standard practice for years and years for the Cowboys and for the NFL. It it just that the practice got exposed during the Ray Rice case last year and we finally got to see what the wizard was doing behind the curtain.

  8. I am not saying nothing happened, but if no one is willing to press a case, there is no need for the police, who investigate crime, to obtain a tape and send it to the district attorney’s, who prosecute the offenders. These are their stories…..

  9. It doesn’t matter anyway. The NFL can’t apply current penalty schedules to an event that happened 3-4 years BEFORE those penalties were created/modified. At worst he gets a 4 week suspension that gets lifted by Goodell (see the AJ Jefferson incident). That is based on a player that was ARRESTED for STRANGULATION!

  10. 2011? Are you kidding me? Boy I’ll tell ya, hard to get anything past the Dallas County DA, huh? What a joke.

  11. I love the new NFL policy for dealing with player or team issues. Drag each problem out for months trying to hide evidence while simultaneously rubbing said person’s face through the mud. The Patriots, Rice, AP, Greg Hardy, and now Dez. Guilty or not all of these people or teams were vilified by the media well before any evidence came out against them. The NFL just let’s each story soak in for a while now. If they wanted to get the tapes for these incidents the NFL could have had them at any time. They are a multi billion dollar corporation with friends in the highest of places so telling me that they don’t have access to whatever they want is simply garbage.

  12. “…it remains difficult to believe no video existed, especially since Wal-Mart routinely secures its many retail properties with surveillance cameras.”

    Most places have a policy to retain security camera recordings for 30 days, then record over them. It would be cost prohibitive to retain all camera footage in perpetuity.

  13. The problem with the X Files groups, the truth is out there, is that these cameras are frequently non operative. Many retailers save money by installing a few real cameras and several dummy cameras. These cameras also break down, get shot by kids with bb guns and are often not repaired.

  14. If everyone involved in the alleged incident deny anything happened why are we still reading about it. Seems to me the only ones keeping this non story alive is the media. It happened over 3 1/2 years ago and I doubt anyone involved is going to cooperate now. The media can’t let a day go by without smearing a player or a team and “no evidence” doesn’t even come into their thought process.

  15. There’s a pretty prominent rumor that most NFL fans know that there is a video of florio of hi,m doing things 5 times worse than the Marc Albert video. The video may or may not exist. But I hear it’s being shopped around local media outlets and it should be out soon. If so his career could be over.

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