Eagles can trade picks into 2018 draft, once the 2015 draft opens

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With Eagles coach Chip Kelly further putting his imprint upon the Eagles while also subtly twisting the team’s beak into a duckbill, the notion that he’ll try to trade up from No. 20 in the draft to secure the player he see as the surest of sure things becomes stronger.  But there’s an important thing to remember regarding the potential all-in-and-then-some effort to slide up into the top five, the top two, or all the way to No. 1.

There’s a limit to how many picks the Eagles can trade.

According the the league office, trades conducted before the draft begins can include draft picks in 2015, 2016, and 2017. Once the draft starts (i.e., the moment the Commissioner declares the draft to be open and places the team with the first pick on the clock), trades can include picks from 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018.

With the Eagles having a long way to go to get in position to select quarterback Marcus Mariota, the message is clear:  Waiting until the draft commences provides even more flexibility.

It’s unclear what it would take to get the Eagles from No. 20 to wherever they’d need to go to reunite Kelly with Mariota.  Three years ago, Washington gave up the sixth pick, a 2013 first-rounder, a 2014 first-rounder, and a 2012 second-rounder to move up only four spots for quarterback Robert Griffin III.  If a fourth first-round pick is necessary to get the Eagles where they need to be, they can throw the 2018 selection onto the pile, if they wait until the draft begins.

62 responses to “Eagles can trade picks into 2018 draft, once the 2015 draft opens

  1. “If a fourth first-round pick is necessary to get the Eagles where they need to be, they can throw the 2018 selection onto the pile”
    God this is getting frightening. Please DO NOT sell the farm for this guy!

  2. The fact that a 2018 first round pick is being discussed shows how idiotic the thought of this trade is. That is 4 1st rounders plus more!! Not worth it.

  3. Is it reasonable to use the Griffin trade as a benchmark? Yes, it sets a precedent, but by all measures it was a horrible deal for the Skins–they paid way too much and everybody knows it. (Even if RG was as good as billed it would have been too much). So why build upon a flawed example?

  4. How did that trade work out for the Redskins? How about Mike Ditka punting a year and a half’s worth of draft picks to get Ricky Williams in 1999? Hopefully the Beagles will learn a lesson from stupid trades like that.

  5. “With Eagles coach Chip Kelly further putting his imprint upon the Eagles while also subtly twisting the team’s beak into a duckbill, the notion that he’ll try to trade up from No. 20 in the draft to secure the player he see as the surest of sure things becomes stronger”

    This is nonsense. There is no connection between Kelly trading a veteran running back with a giant cap number for a possible 10 year starter making peanuts and the idea that he will mortgage the future of the franchise by trading away all his picks for the next 100 years for a QB.

    If anything, the opposite is true. The McCoy trade is about the future, getting younger and saving money. How does that jibe with your notion that he will trade away years of future progress for one player?

  6. Difference between Eagles vs wash scenario is that Eagles are a winning team with not many holes to fill ( according to kelly atleast). Not only are Eagles in a better position in terms of salary cap but they have keys players that kelly actually wants.

    Jeremy Maclin deal with secondary help in FA leaves very few holes to fill. Draft is deep for a RB. We have a solid Dline, now LB group w/Kiko.

    So trading up for Mariota is not all that bad that people make it out to be. It won’t cripple Eagles as badly as it did Washingto.

  7. Not excited about trading pics past 2016 or 2017 but it’s Chip’s teams now. If bringing in MM is what he thinks will get us to the next level and a SB, I’m all in. Now let’s hit FA hard and take care of Maclin…Hopefully

  8. Idc long as they dnt trade the young and upcoming players already on the roster. They suck at drafting, im willing to take ah shot at getting Marcus Mariota, expectially after losing McCoy. We need ah face and ah face for the futhre, chip get his QB and lets waut and see if chip kelly is an genuis or the worst coach to ever coach in the NFL, time well shortly, i hope it works out.

  9. Eagles fans have to be in turmoil. Lurie has handed over the keys to a ego-driven head coach that may destroy the team for years.

  10. Anybody willing to trade multiple first rounders, especially more than two, for a single first rounder is a moron. As proven by, among others Washington being terrible and Atlanta’s fall from contender to irrelevance. Sure you have a chance to get a great player, but you need 11 great players on the field at a time and trading 4 first round draft picks for one is a good way to increase the odds that you’re 3 great players short.

  11. I think history shows that it rarely works out when a team trades a lot of picks to move up to get one player. Julio Jones is the only example I can think of where it worked out.

  12. the mccoy trade is actually shrewdly smart. its only stunning bc know one has ever thought of it being viable as an option.

  13. It’s not being discussed. This article is just pointing out the fact that once the draft opens an extra years draft picks are in play.

  14. Three 1sts and a 2nd wrecked Washington for years to come. Same thing would happen to Philly. NFC East would be a wasteland.

  15. Idc long as they dnt trade the young and upcoming players already on the roster. They suck at drafting

    They suck at drafting? Eagles have drafted quite well aside from Roseman’s botch of a pick Marcus Smith. We’ve hit over 60% of a success rate in drafting as of the past few years. I don’t think you know what You’re talking about. You can’t get top players in every round, just hope for reliable players that make an impact and help the team more than hurt it.

  16. Why not wait two years til he washes out as the Jet’s starting QB? You can pick him up for a 7th round pick and keep your own picks between now and then…

  17. No way Lurie will approve giving up more years’ worth of picks than Chip has years on his contract. Eventually, there has to be a point when he steps in and tells Chip that enough is enough.

  18. Well, I hope Chip gets MM. If he does, he won’t have any excuse in regards to ‘getting his guy’ to man the offense. And for my fellow Eagles fans who complaining about the plan, I have to ask, what plan has worked in the past? Last time I checked, this city still hasn’t experienced a Super Bowl parade.

  19. I am still of the opinion that Tampa Bay will pass on a quarterback in the 1st round as neither is really a fit. Tennessee MAY draft but they say they are happy with Mettenberger. Given their other needs they will most likely pass on QB in the first round. but want a veteran backup. IF and I mean IF Jets pull for a QB they will go with Winston but even then I do not see them taking a QB in the first round and then the real possibility of Mariota falling to 20 (the Eagles fixed pick spot) without a trade up. Mariota is a great QB bit not in every offence. Winston is not as accurate and comes with uncertainties. If I was Kelly I would wait it out and let Mariota fall to 20 and take him then. Eagles have to many open needs to waste good picks on trying to move up to get one QB no matter how great he can be in Philly. If Kelly reads the needs of the other teams qwell he will not have to trade up and all this speculation will have been a gigantic waste of time and of considerable angst for every Eagle fan. Let the chips (not pun intended) fall where they may. Most philly fans would have a lot more respect and will fight less in this scenario even though every eagles fan knows we need Cornerbacks Desperately we will accept Mariota as first round pick at number 20.

  20. On behalf of the Raiders, I’d like to invite Chip Kelly to enter into talks with Reggie McKenzie for the Raider’s pick at #4. Please bring those #1’s along with you. Mariota’s a sure thing. Best of luck to you and the Birds!

  21. I am o.k. either way but why is RG3 and Ricky Williams the way it has to end up? If the Colts traded away everything Washington did to get Peyton Manning, would it have been worth it? Because Williams and RG3 were just o.k, is what made the deals bad. If Mariota turns out to be a stud, then whatever you give up is worth it. Ask Jacksonville or Oakland or about 20 other teams what they give right now for a stud QB. So the question isn’t how much are they giving up…the question is, how good is Mariota, which is a question nobody knows the answer to.

  22. There’s no freakin way!!!
    That sounds like stupidest insight I’ve ever heard….maybe in fantasy land!!!!

  23. Offer Tennessee Foles, pick 20, 2nd rd pick, 2016 1st and 2nd rd pick for #2 pick. that gives Tennesse Foles plus 4 picks in the first 2 rds for next 2 years.

    they have plenty of money to sign two corners and a safety in free agency. find a RB and rebuild OL with mid rd picks in the draft.

  24. Wow..typical Philadelphia ignorance.

    I’d rather Chip make a bold move within 1-5 years,
    than spend 10 + years watching that fat azz Reid
    and Donavon McChoke disappoint us again and again and again.

    In Chip I trust.
    Let him set his winning system up
    in Philly!!!

  25. The Titans will take the Eagles first rounder for the next 4 years plus a few 2nd-3rd rounders. Guarantees they get their guy at #2. (If Winston goes #1 as expected) Heck,if the Titans can get 2 firsts, a 2nd-3rd or two and McDouble with cheese, they better take it! No coach in their right mind would trade away 4 firsts. Especially after the RG3 fiasco.

  26. Funny how we football fans have devalued the Halfback position to the point. We say now, they are worth a Dime a dozen. Meanwhile the last 3 Super Bowl winning teams, where superior running teams? Unreal, Baltimore, Seattle and the Patriots. But really Seattle was the better team and it should have been Seattle 2 in a row! But yet, we for some reason? We devalue the Halfback position? I don’t get it, I really don’t? Good luck Shady in Buffalo! No worries Brother, Rex loves to run the ball! Loves it! Rex, would careless if he had Brady, Montana, Manning, Bradshaw he would still RUN IT!! Go get it Shady!! Good luck to you man! You deserve every Penny you make!

  27. The NYJ are praying Mariota is on the Board at 6.
    Chip offers Foles and a truckload of Picks to NY.


    Chip will spend his bank of Cap money in FA, to offset the need for Draftees this year, maybe next.

  28. I’m a die hard bird’s fan, and pac12 alum so I have been a huge Kelly supporter. That being said, for the love of all that’s holy, DO NOT sell the farm for Marcus. Hell if anything draft Hundley (rumor has it they are actually high on him) and let him sit behind Foles for a year, or allow him to compete for the job. This is going be a wild ride.

  29. I am not advocating either way, for the Eagles to trade up for Mariota or stay at 20, doesn’t matter to me. But as a hypothetical, would this situation make more sense:

    If they are set on trading up for Mariota, then they will no longer need Foles. Why not use Foles in a trade with a team picking higher in the 1st round, like the Browns or Rams, and swap 1st round picks? This would move the Eagles from 20 to 10 (Rams) or 12 (Browns) while giving up Foles and 20. Then they could move up somewhere in the 2-5 range and the price would be significantly lower by starting the offer with 10 or 12 rather than 20.

    This is obviously all dependent on the Rams or Browns being willing to move down to 20. I don’t know about the Rams, but the Browns might do it if Amari Cooper, Kevin White, DeVante Parker and Danny Shelton were very likely to be gone by 12. But there would be no way of knowing this prior to pick 12 in the draft and the trade would have to be made by pick 2, 3, 4 or 5, so not sure if it would work out, but I think it is something to consider.

  30. If the Eagles called the Bucs and offered 4 1st rd picks for the #1 pick, I’d take that deal if I were the Bucs. That’s a big if but I wouldn’t turn it down. They could then swing some draft picks for AP and possibly make the playoffs. If AP can get Ponder a playoff game surely he could do the same with Glennon and a much improved Bucs D.

  31. Marcus Mariota- 41% career completion percentage in the redzone. That’s not going to get better in the NFL where windows are even tighter.

    If Chip does this trade it will set the franchise back 5 years or more. We’ll get stuck watching garbage while a new coach tries to clean up the mess after Chip runs back to college.

  32. Is there anyone but me that sees this Mariota talk as crazy? Four 1st round picks for 1 player??? Really…think about it!

  33. Giants fan here.
    Please trade away all future drafts for this kid, who we all know isn’t going to be a good NFL QB.
    Give Chip the farm and the crops will die lmao.

    GO BIG BLUE!!!

  34. For any large business entity (such as an NFL franchise) to be successful there has to a system of checks and balances in place. I don’t know how he did it, but Chip Kelly has managed to destroy that system in Philly since it appears he answers to no one. He’d better not miss on his strategy or the Eagles will be bottom feeders for a long time.

    This will be an interesting story to follow…..

  35. Not many of these draft picks turn out to be productive anyway…when the redskins gave up the farm for RGIII, the rams didn’t exactly make out like bandits with all those extra picks (haven’t made playoffs). Look at last years pick, Marcus Smith, sitting on the bench all season, not one tackle…would you rather them hang in the high teens and low 20’s and keep making picks like that? I’m not saying Mariota is a sure thing, but I’m going the “can’t win big unless you bet big” mentality here and say pull the trigger if he is there at 6. Package foles, a couple first rounders and maybe a mid round pick and get a QB. It’s a QB league and right now the eagles don’t have one that can produce consistently or stay healthy.

  36. I love the fact people always mention the RG3 trade and how horrible it’s turned out for them. Lets remember RG3 was rookie of the year for a reason, also set NFL records for a rookie. He got hurt and now he’s recovering from it. Maybe it will work out, maybe it wont.

    Also, the Redskins were docked 30 million in caps space which means they were unable to resign players they wanted to keep or get the free agents they needed for two seasons. Had to rely on a lot of un-drafted free agents or old veterans.

  37. The Philadelphia team would have to give up a lot more than the Redskins did, it’s not worth it.

  38. Eagles fan here. If Chip gotta do, what Chips got to do to WIN us a Super Bowl, I’m all IN. We have’nt had a championship in Philadelphia since 1960. 55 years is long enough !

  39. hell as a jets fan i would gladly give up drafting mariota for 4 first rounders. pass em over chip

  40. Bears or Falcons may make the deal with the Birds for switch of their first round picks. Birds throw in second and third round picks. Moving McCoy and Cole and Herrmans lets Kelly use free agent market to sacrifice picks to get his QB.

  41. Running QB = Injury besides Russell Wilson…

    Let’s see what Chippy does…

  42. Honestly…I really hope this is media driven on giving up all these picks for Mariotta.

    Can’t see the future and don’t know how he will pan out but the cost doesn’t equal the production.

    If you trade multiple high picks over multiple years you’re really relying on free agency and late draft picks. The eagles haven’t exactly banged it out of the park with either recently.

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