Eagles may have interest in Mark Ingram


So who will the Eagles turn to at running back after they’ve traded away LeSean McCoy? One option could be soon-to-be free agent Mark Ingram.

Ingram, who becomes a free agent when his rookie contract with the Saints expires on Tuesday, appears to be on the Eagles’ radar. Lyons Yellin of WWL-TV has heard rumblings about the Eagles being interested in Ingram, whose straight-ahead running style may be more to Chip Kelly’s liking.

If the Eagles were to sign Ingram, it would be the second straight season that they took a running back from New Orleans. Last year they acquired Darren Sproles in a trade with the Saints.

The Saints, however, don’t want Ingram to go, and coach Sean Payton has identified Ingram as a player he’d like to keep. That’s easier said than done because the Saints simply don’t have much cap space, and the Eagles have a lot of cap space. If it’s a matter of money, the Eagles can pay Ingram a lot more than the Saints can.

Ingram is the No. 3 running back and No. 38 player overall in our list of the Top 100 free agents.

51 responses to “Eagles may have interest in Mark Ingram

  1. Chip Kelly’s Draft Board:

    Marcus Mariota, QB, Oregon
    Arik Armstead, DT, Oregon
    Jake Fisher, OT, Oregon
    Hroniss Grasu, C, Oregon
    Ifo Ekpre-Olomu, CB, Oregon
    Erick Dargan, SS, Oregon
    Troy Hill, CB, Oregon
    Tony Washington, OLB, Oregon
    Derrick Malone, OLB, Oregon

  2. tvjules says:
    Mar 4, 2015 12:04 PM
    Is there a running back available that Chip coached in Oregon?

    We already have Kenjon Barner 😐

  3. He ran all over the Eagles in the playoffs in 2013. If the Saints have to get in a bidding war they will lose. If the Saints really wanted him, like they say they do, they would have picked up his 5th year option. Looks like running back by committee again for the Saints.

  4. Hey remember when the Eagles went crazy in Free Agency a few years ago and were dubbed the dream team?

    Then they bomb in the regular season and Andy Reid lost his job a year later?

    Cause apparently Chip Kelly doesn’t.

  5. Screw this..
    Chip, after 2 seasons of letting go of some of our best players, Desean and Lesean & trent cole, You better be bringing home Lombardi. There will be a public shaming if you don’t . and you’ll be lucky if Philly doesn’t snowball you.. or throw batteries.. or flatten your tires in the parking lot. it’ll be season #3. you have this season, that’s it.

  6. Buying in to Chip’s philosophy is like buying a luxury ticket for the Titanic’s last voyage. Lurie made a serious mistake by gutting his general manager’s ability to keep Kelly in check. Kelly will be back in the college ranks by 2017.

  7. I can’t think of a back at Oregon that was remotely similar to Ingram except for LeGarette Blount. Chip Kelly was the coach who let him get away with punching a Boise St. Linebacker in the face by the way, so that must only be a glimpse into the same RB that was arrested the day before a game with weed.

    Chip Kelly – Too Smart for his own good

  8. How did Philadelphia happen to get so unlucky as to house the two grandest experiments in pro sports history, Chip Kelly and Sam Hinkie? Both guys will be gone in 2 years. Blow my brains out as a fan…

  9. Why don’t all you guys stop rooting for the philly teams then if you’re so sure of them failing? Otherwise I have 2 suggestions….1) quit complaining or 2) submit your resume to the proper people to become the next coach/gm/or whatever other position you think you are more qualified for than the already employed person.

  10. Take a hike Ingram. Saints don’t need him. P. Thomas and k. Robinson will handle the load just fine. He is a good player but not for how much we run the ball.

  11. Hey…we’ll trade you Paysinger (Oregon) for, wait, nevermind, you just traded the only player that would be an upgrade on our 7-9 team.

  12. Chip Kelly has a set of plays he took from the Saints, trying to get our RBs too. Hey Chip, would you like Drew Brees, too? You chunky turd.

  13. CJ Spiller would be a cheap replacement for the Eagles with the RB market cratering.

    Remember folks, no one offered the Eagles more than the Bills (an injured young LB that may never be the same) did for Shady

  14. I’m a big time Saints fan. So, I may be bias. But, Ingram just doesn’t make sense to me. for the Eagles. I don’t want to lose him but even if he bolts I just don’t see him in the eagles system.

  15. Detroit already had a former Saints backfield last year. PHI looks like it will this year.

  16. Ingram has turned the corner in the NFL. He runs with a lot more confidence and decisiveness. He’s been healthier and can be a top 7 back in the league give a 16 game healthy season. It will be a decent loss for the Saints if he leaves. Khiry is a capable runner but lacks in pass blocking and possible durable due to his physical style. PT is great in a limited role and 2nd to none in the screen game. Capable blocker in the backfield. After that, we would be in much need of fresh talent at the position.

  17. paulz624 says:
    Mar 4, 2015 12:29 PM
    Makes sense, our O-line coach worked with him when he was at Alabama

    Exactly right Paulz. I would add that ed marynowitz was also director of player personnel at Alabama during the same timeframe ingram was drafted.

  18. So if Alonso stays healthy how does this deal look? I would do it 10 times a day. The kid is a tremendous 3 down linebacker.
    Health is the issue. 6’4′ 242lbs 159 tackles in his first and only year. Defensive rookie of the year that included Richardson.
    The Eagles need this guy to stay healthy and if he does and they add 2 cornerbacks and possibly an OLB & Safety (which they have the $$$ for) that defense would be outstanding.
    Then Chip runs the offense 1st in 2013 & 4th in 2014 with Sanchez.
    Kelly thinks outside the box! Doesn’t mean it will work but obviously he looked at two 10 & 6 years and said we need to change to get to the big game.
    Most of the league 20 teams would love to have back to back 10 & 6 years. That is reality.

  19. The Saints can be $15 million under the cap easily with a few simple restructures and cutting 3 dead weight players in Bunkley, Hawthorne and Grubbs.

    If they want to keep Ingram, they will.

  20. The best special teams in the nfl is manned by Oregon players none of which START for the birds..McCoy is gone for dollar reasons and his east-west running flaw..I like the Ingram interest.

  21. I was seriously pissed bc of his pac12 oregon bias last year, and I believe it is real and hurts the team. But I don’t believe the kiko trade is part of it. That was just a great young prospect that was available for a highly payed aging superstar. I don’t think his bias was apart of this one. I believe that deal was done bc of the contracts, mccoy butting heads with chip, the ability to replace rbs, and the impact that Alonso could have on the Eagles defense for years to come.

    Unlike the signing of bair Huff Hart or the trade for barnes all guys who wouldn’t have been drafted where they were, payed what they were, or traded for what they were traded for if not for his bias.

    I look at it like this. Kiko showed in 2013 how great he could be and greatly out played his 2nd Rd draft position, and was easily worth a 1 in a trade. But then he got injured and hurt his stock. So that puts his value around a 2. McCoy was a superstar but had a lot of mileage on him with a huge contract. That makes him worth about a 2. But then take into account his decline in all areas last year. Also remember you can get a guy whose only a little bit worse for half the money in free agency like ingram or a guy just as good or better who is younger for the same money like murray. With all that I doubt the Eagles could have even got a 3rd for him. They couldn’t even get a 7th for Jackson.

    So for the eagles this was more of a value move then a bias move imo.

  22. After we sign mccourty maxwell worlds gore and iupati, we’ll see who’s laughing at chip kelly then…54 mil in cap space…eagles move from 20-1 to 7-1 to win the Super Bowl by wed night…that’s 4 probowl players and 4 that have played in 10 NFC-AFC championships in the last 4 years…be very afraid…

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