Miami may emerge as the major player for Suh

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On Saturday, the three-day period opens for agent Jimmy Sexton to negotiate with teams other than the Lions on behalf of defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh.  It would be naive to assume negotiations haven’t already happened.

Some have linked teams like the Giants and Washington to Suh.  Many believe a team that currently has no national relevance will pursue Suh in an effort to transform the franchise, generate excitement, sell tickets, and ultimately hope that more games will be won.

There’s one team that remains somewhat nationally relevant thanks to a pair of Super Bowl trophies from the ’70s and the exploits of players like Dan Marino.  But with one playoff appearance since 2002, an annual sense of 8-8-at-best malaise, an owner who has wanted to recharge the franchise since getting the keys to it, and a new executive V.P. of football operations who may be looking to make a splash, keep a close eye on the Miami Dolphins as a potential destination for Suh.

There’s talk that the Dolphins will emerge as the leaders for Suh, and that teams like the Raiders, Jaguars, and Buccaneers are being floated not as serious candidates but as leverage.  Ultimately, it may come down to the Dolphins bidding against themselves as Suh and Sexton try to set the bar for defensive players as high as they can.

Owner Stephen Ross has tried unsuccessfully to land a big name over the last four years.  From Jim Harbaugh to Peyton Manning to Jeff Fisher, the Dolphins have yet to make anything happen.  With Suh quite possibly chasing the best offer he gets and getting a chance to head to a city with South Beach and a state with no income taxes, it’s not a stretch to see Suh wearing on his helmet a logo featuring a mammal that has no arms or legs on which to stomp.

If Suh ends up in South Florida, the AFC East would get only more interesting.  The Patriots continue to be the Patriots.  The Bills are poised to add running back LeSean McCoy, a move that suggests Rex Ryan and company have plenty more up their sleeves.  And the Jets seem to be serious about trying to upgrade through the kind of serious spending they haven’t done in recent years, with no secret being made of their desire to bring Darrelle Revis home.

Yes, the AFC East may not be the best division in the NFL.  But it’s the most interesting.  It got a lot more interesting with this Tuesday’s news of the LeSean McCoy trade.  It could get a whole lot more interesting if next Tuesday’s news includes Suh going to Miami.

90 responses to “Miami may emerge as the major player for Suh

  1. Suh’s going to make money no matter where he signs. Shame on him if his desire to get the biggest salary trumps his desire to actually win a ring. If I were Suh and an established winner (Giants, Steelers, Packers, etc) were interested in my services I’d make sure my agent was all over it.

    The only thing he’ll ever get in Miami is a lot of sand in his shorts.

  2. Here is another big name free agent that will not be going to Miami but is using the Dolphins as leverage. The title of this should be Stephen Ross’s deep pockets creates bidding wars. Miami would have to make at least 12.5 mil in cap space to sign Suh and then do nothing else in free agency or draft to afford him. Guess his agent is in good with the press to get all this publicity started.

  3. Great FA’s that want to win need to study the owners first and foremost. Miami, Oakland, Jets and a whole host of other teams have owners who simply don’t care about the product on the field just the revenue.

    I’m motivated by winning so I’d take a little less to play in Seattle, NE, NYG, Pit, et al. and go for a real chance of getting a ring.

  4. As much as I would love this move, we really cant afford it and if we could I would rather the 3 or 4 starter caliber FA’s we could get with his contract numbers filling some very glaring holes.

  5. As a Bills fan I would love for Suh to go to Miami. I’m tired of people thinking the AFC East is comprised of the Patriots and their stepping stones. I want teams to be afraid of the AFC East and not just the Patriots.

  6. Didn’t they learn anything from the all of the past free agent high dollar contract busts? I’m a life long dolphins fan & embarrassed to admit it these days. Hey Mr. Ross, just sell the team, PLEASE!

  7. wow this would make them the Free Agent season champs like 3 out of the last 4 years! Impressive!

  8. Suh is never going to live the stomp down. I think it’s kind of crazy how that one incident has become the defining moment of Suh’s career.

    The only way he could change it would be to have a 12 sack super bowl where he also runs both a fumble and an INT into the end zone. And even then I am not sure that would really do it.

  9. “…it’s not a stretch to see Suh wearing on his helmet a logo featuring a mammal that has no arms or legs on which to stomp.”

    No, but that statement sure was a stretch to make sure you got your stomp comment in.

  10. Well if you are going to blow a lot of money at least do it on a difference maker like SUH. Letting Odrick go in free agency and moving away from Stark’s contract gets you a good chunk of the capital to make the move.

    I wouldn’t put Jeff Fisher in the same sentence as Manning or Harbaugh.

  11. This is the time of year when a whole lot of things “may” happen. One thing that will definitely happen is clicks on pages that say something “may” happen.

  12. Hard to see the Redskins making a play when they have so many other needs. I can see the Miami team being a player for Suh with them being in Florida and having a half way decent team.

  13. Oh my that would be nice, we just don’t need all the suspensions and fines. That would level the playing field with the Bills!!

  14. Anywhere but my Giants. No sane person ever wakes up in the morning saying, “Gee, today I want to get cancer”. So why would the Giants want this disease?

  15. Pressure up the middle is the only thing that changes Brady from an all time great to merely very good.

    Suh can certainly provide that.

  16. He’s going to Washington with a contract that will blow Haynesworth’s out of the water. That’s how Snyder rolls.

  17. Pairing two of the most dominate pass Rusher’s on the same line, suh and wake, that would be scary. No more double teams for wake. Along with Vernon, Jenkins and if the dolphins coaches would get their heads out of their rear ends and put Jordan at lb, they could easily lead the league in sacks and int’s and have a top 5 defense.

  18. “The Patriots continue to be the Patriots.” Is that a comment towards their ability to continue to cheat because that’s how I read it.

  19. Typical Dolphins move get rid of a handful of essential players for one big name to sell tickets. It’s ok we get Suh we win the superbowl with Tannehill FIns up Haters!!!

  20. I think he goes to New York personally. If not there then why not Indy? They need toughness on the front 7 and they have the cap room.

  21. Well that would be three years in a row… high priced Wallace, check… high priced Albert, check… high priced Suh? If it’s only about money, the Dolphins and Ross have the deepest of pockets as has been proven.

  22. It’s interesting now, sure.

    By mid October, same old same old. Pats with 3 game lead as usual.

  23. IF Miami were to acquire Suh, then WTF did Joe Philbin get rid of Vontae Davis, Brandon Marshall, Richie Incognito etc etc?

    Philbin would be the biggest hypocrite in the league if he agreed to get Suh because he is constantly saying that he wants choir boys and Eagle Scouts on his team. The Dolphins are Joe Philbin’s butler preparatory academy.

  24. Its being reported that the Giants are going to make a serious run at Suh. I dont know how that’s possible being that they are only 13 mill under the cap, but it would be huge if they could pull it off.

  25. Chipwood, I’m surprised that you can read. You certainly have a hard time comprehending what you take in. But it doesn’t matter, because Patriot fans enjoy seeing you seethe over the Patriot’s successful record while your team continues to be mired in mediocrity. And all the while, the “fans” of that woeful franchise can’t even halfway fill their stadium and have to rely on the visiting team’ s fans to take up the slack for you.

  26. Why is everyone saying he has a chance to get a ring with the Giants? Last few years Eli has done nothing but make people laugh.

  27. “And who is going to run and catch the ball in Miami?”

    Lamar Miller 5.1yd average over 1000 yds

    Mike Wallace
    Jarvis Landry
    Need pickup

  28. The difference is Suh is the best player at his position. Vantae is good but lazy and drunk at practice. He’s not Sherman or Revis. Marshall was good but legal problems, personality disorder and a distraction. Not good for a young QB. Suh immediately transforms the defense.

  29. Go spend big on Suh and see where it lands you.

    The Giants need someone to find a way to fix the younger Manning. He has shown brief moments of turning it around the last few years while throwing away game after game….

    The Dolphins need receivers for their quarterback. Sure Suh can fix a hole in their line for a while but I see another Albert Haynesworth with the discipline issues Suh has had over the years and then he gets the big money contract and boom…..production falls off with the guaranteed money… we have never seen that before….

    There should be a big “Buyer Beware” sign on this guy…..But I see three or four teams willing to run up the cash and lose big here…..for years to come.

  30. January 13,1974

    Answer: Last time the Dolphins won the SB

    Happy 41st Fin fans. The race is on to the Silver Anniversary as the Jets have a 5 year lead.

    Sorry Bills fans, you chose not to play the game.

  31. The Dolphins are not one player away and it’s not like Suh make the Lions a perennial playoff team.

    For what it will cost to secure him, I would rather go and fill two or three positions. You get go get Randall Cobb, Iupati and a corner or another really good d-lineman for that money.

  32. Miami seems like a team that is looking for a few pieces here and there. Suh should go somewhere where he will be the final piece.

    Well, every free agent should… but you can’t have it all.

  33. Such is going to be Haynesworth mk2. He’ll get a huge payday and then disappear as he will no longer care what happens on the field

  34. As long as Tom Brady is playing football in the AFC East, it really does not matter what the other 3 teams in the division do.

    The Bills, Jets, and Dolphins can’t get out of their own way to avoid failure. It’ll be another division title for the Pats no matter what these 3 clown franchises try to do.

  35. Dolphins fans think Suh is going to magically make them better than the Pats. Did anyone watch Brady completely eviscerate the Lions defense last year with Suh? I think Miami already has the defense that gives Brady a hard time they need to fill gaps elsewhere with the money IMO. But they won’t, because well, they’re the Dolphins.

  36. Suh would transform the entire defense, LBs, DBs, and DEs could all benefit with his addition. With that being said, Id rather go after 3-5 quality starters instead. (ex: Kareem Jackson, Clint Boling, Mason Foster, Terrance Knighton)…depending on what position we miss out on in FA, with 14th pick aim for Devante Parker, Malcolm Brown, Scherf, or La’el Collins…alternate dream scenario: trade down to “justify” selecting DGB, Jaelen Strong, Cam Erving or Eddie Goldman..go from there with extra 2nd day picks from trade down. Just wishful thinking. What do my fellow fin fans think?

  37. He may play well for them, but those white pants won’t be doing him any favors….yikes.

  38. People who compare Suh to Fat Albert are clueless. Say what you want about his greatly exaggerated on-the-field antics, but Suh’s work ethic is unmatched, period. This is a guy who never, ever, lets up.

  39. No way they persue suh, go after docket, I say keeping knowshaun, sign Steven Jackson, miller all battle the rb spot, duke Johnson as 4th, now get houstons wr, draft Greene from fsu, biggest baddest lineman, find a vet cb, db, go bigger, stronger,faster, that’s smarter. Team

  40. The only people comparing Suh to Haynesworth, saying he’s not worth the $$ and calling him a disease have never seen him play outside of his personal foul highlights and have never read anything about him other than what stomp garbage is posted on this site.

  41. Somehow, the concept of Suh living in Miami with an endless supply of cash, seems like a recipe for big trouble.

  42. @finfan4lyfe

    I love my fellow miami fans but man does that sound like a horrible plan, like something out of Madden franchise mode. It’s one thing to want Knowshon back but then u want to add SJax too? Lol that’s makes no sense man. And as much as Andre Johnson may like to play in his hometown I don’t know if he views us as “close enough” and we need to DRAFT WRs instead anyway. Your last to suggestions look fine though as long as u mean getting Reshad Green in 3rd round or later.

  43. Makes no sense except for a splash name. Use that money to go after Demarco Murray and Lupati/or Franklin. That brings the offense to the next level. The Dolphins offense could not score or run out the clock to win games. They put to much pressure on the Defense. That is what the Dolphins need to fix in free agency.

  44. No idea why a team would pay $100 mil for a defensive tackle. His own team doesn’t want to pay that kind of money. Is he great? Yes. Will he take a 6-10 team to the playoffs? No. How many playoff wins did Detroit have with him? He’s not a QB. He’s no JJ Watt, and Watt can’t take Houston to the playoffs. Waste of money.

  45. You know the problem with being 8-8 and average to below average….. You also get average to below average trolls. This team needs to get better so we can finally get some smarter people trolling the team and have more fun.

  46. I think Suh and Cobb both end up in the dumpster fire that is the Raiders.

    Seeing that they are bringing back Charles Woodson for at least another go ’round in 2015, that defense will need all the help it can get.

    (I’m a big Woodson fan and have met him when he was a Packer and even have his some of his wine…..but his goose was cooked 2 years ago)

  47. Miami needs Suh

    If I am the dolphins, jets, and bills my main goal is not to get to the superbowl but to win the division and beating the Patriots. To do that a team needs to rush Brady

    Look at the Giants superbowl victories vs Brady but also look at Brady’s sixth superbowl. When the Seahawks got to Brady he threw interceptions.

    Bills have Rex and a top 5 defense (they have a chance to beat New England once)

    Jets have Todd Bowles and him teaching Richardson and Wilkerson (they’ll beat New England once)

    Miami with Suh, Cameron Wake, Randy Starks, and Jared Odrick are up there also.

    All the jets and bills need are quarterbacks and the Dolphins think they have theirs.

    Our Superbowl champions may not even win their division forget about the repeat

  48. As an extremely long time Fin fan I hope this does not happen, which means it probably will. The Fins are not 1 player away from the Playoffs. They have 4 or 5 glaring needs so cutting/releasing half the team to free up the $$$ for a DT does not make much sense, unless N Suh can play all those other positions as well.

  49. Makes sense. Miami is always poised to overspend.

    Suh is great, though. Brady’s feet are moving as we speak.

  50. “It would be naive to assume negotiations haven’t already happened.”

    Wha?!?! But that would be…. t-t-t-t-t-tampering!!!!

    But It wasn’t the Jets so I guess it’s okay.

  51. With the exception of a few good Jet teams under Rex, the AFC East hasn’t been interesting in a decade. It will remain uninteresting until the Jets, Bills or Fins get a real QB. That doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon.

  52. Suh in Miami would make players like Jelani Jenkins, Koa Misi, Jordan, and Cam Wake much better and so much more productive that really could change things for the Dolphins.

  53. Miami isn’t bad at all. They would be terrifying with Suh and Wake! Lamar Miller is stud (needs more touches)…

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